Linda Boyle: Top 10 Covid disclosures of the past year



There are many to choose from, but here are the top 10 disclosures learned in 2023 concerning Covid decisions, which I’ve gleaned from various sources. 

1. FDA and CDC found more Covid vaccine adverse events, including stroke and myocarditis

The Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a joint statement about the increased risk for strokes in older population with people who took the Pfizer bivalent booster. 

If you took the jab along with the flu vaccine at the same time, there was a higher risk of stroke. For some reason, the government’s  public service announcements are still touting you can take them together.  

There is an increased risk of myocarditis from the Covid shot. The CDC drafted a vaccine warning in 2021 but failed to send it. Dr. Joel Wallskog, who is co-chair of the vaccine-injured advocacy group React19, stated that this was an example of how our government wanted to censor information that opposed the narrative that the Covid-19 vaccinations are ”safe and effective.” 

2.  Vaccines cannot “effectively” control Covid, despite Dr. Anthony Fauci’s statements to the contrary. 

Fauci, Former Chief Medical Advisor to the President of United States, was frequently on the air telling us if you get vaccinated, you’ll be safe from getting this disease. Unvaccinated?  You are at risk. This was specifically during the Delta variant wave when he was working so hard to get those jabs into people’s arms.  

Somehow after his resignation or retirement, Dr. Fauci and two others published an article in which he stated “SARS-CoV-2, endemic coronaviruses, RSV, and many other ‘common cold’ viruses … have not to date been effectively controlled by licensed or experimental vaccines,”  The authors further stated these vaccines only provided short term  and incomplete protection. 

3.  Review found uncertain evidence of masking effectiveness.   

A review by The Cochrane Library,  which is considered the gold standard for systematic reviews, did not find conclusive evidence masking does anything for respiratory illnesses.  This review was published in 2023. 

“The low to moderate certainty of evidence means our confidence in the effect estimate is limited, and that the true effect may be different from the observed estimate of the effect,” the authors concluded.

Yet many people are still unable to give them up, as you can see when in stores and in airports.  

4.  The immune system is weakened by repeated vaccinations

Getting multiple jabs leads to higher levels of antibodies called IgG4. This was seen after the third dose of mRNA vaccine.  The IgG4 antibodies are a response to depress your immune system to prevent it from over-activation. A study by the Cleveland Clinic showed the more doses a person received of the jab, the more likely the person is to get infected.

5.  Contamination with DNA seen in mRNA vaccines

Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines had DNA fragments within them, meaning DNA could enter cells and possibly be integrated into the “cells genome.” 

The Simian virus 40 (SV40) DNA is a monkey virus that was found in vaccines.    

While there is debate concerning what SV40 might do to humans, this virus “associated at high prevalence with specific tumor types such as brain and bone tumors, mesotheliomas and lymphomas and with kidney diseases, and at lower prevalence in blood samples from healthy donors.” 

More research is being done to determine what effect SV40 may have on us. Pfizer  stated SV40 is common practice when developing vaccines. FDA says it stands behind its findings of quality, safety, and efficacy for the mRNA vaccines.” No surprise there.

6.  Covid vaccine-injured people are being compensated.  

That’s significant from a government and Big Pharma, which said all these jabs were good with minimal side effects. Under the Counter-measures Injury Compensation Program (CICP)—within an agency run by the Department of Health and Human Services—if you survive an injury from the jab you can get money for lost work and unpaid medical expenses.

As of December 2023,10 people received a measly amount totaling about $37,000. But it is a start.

7. Wow!  Doctors can prescribe Ivermectin.  

In its response to a lawsuit, the FDA  said, yes, doctors can treat Covid with Ivermectin. That’s a far cry than its stance just a few years ago when it was almost impossible to get Ivermectin to treat this virus. How many people died?  

8.  Masks were back in style in August 2023 and new “vaccine” jabs were available.  

No federal agency reinstated masks at that time, but hospitals started mandating them. However, this time people pushed back, and many hospitals had to back down. But jabs were back—and pushed by the CDC for adults and children. Even though approved, the CDC admitted the new jab’s ability to prevent hospitalization and death was low for adults and extremely low for children.  

9.  FDA finally released the last batch of Pfizer vaccine documents.  

You remember in 2021 a FOIA request was made and at that time the FDA said it would release 500 pages each month—thereby it would take 75 years to get all the information.  In a lawsuit the judge mandated the FDA would have to release 5,000 documents a month.

One of the significant points that came out was that there was a myriad of manufacturing problems—several were flagged “for deviating from quality standards” but were still released to the public for inoculation. If you took any of the jabs, please go to  You can see how bad your batch was. Some batches had more serious side-effects than others.  

The FDA in a memo concerning the licensing application for Pfizer said Pfizer’s data “exceeded FDA’s expectations.” The FDA went on to say that the cardiac problems that occurred in the trial probably weren’t related to the vaccination. We have learned differently since then.  

10.  Vaccines form aberrant proteins—not messenger RNA but modified RNA.  

mRNA occurs naturally in the body.  Documents from both Pfizer and Moderna showed they used modified RNA or modRNA.  This modRNA made the vaccines “hardier” and more “resistant to immune degradation.”

The sequence was also changed to get a faster reading of the mRNA that can affect the final protein produced. Why is this important?  Prior research found that by altering the reading speed of how a protein “unfolds” could cause the formation of “new, non-spike, aberrant proteins.” This finding by researchers makes the vaccine more “error-prone.”  

Even more information is forthcoming in 2024. Of interest, most of the healthcare professionals involved in our “pandemic” response have retired, resigned, or been replaced. But the new faces tout the old news. Fortunately, we have good doctors and some lawyers who are willing to file the lawsuits needed to get to the truth.

The truth will set you free but first it will “piss” you off.  Let’s move beyond the latter and prepare for the next round. 

Thanks to Epoch Times for providing material for this column.

Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently, she served as Director for Central Alabama VA Healthcare System. She is the director of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


    • I do have regret for my friends that got talked into/ badgered/ threatened/ shamed/ scared into getting the jab … and now are gone too early from blood clots that killed them via stroke, aneurysm and heart failure. The Fauci cult, folks like Anne Zink, have blood on their hands.

    • And no “forgiveness” for those who tried to destroy the lives of those of us who refused to be injected with their serum of lies…

    • I got it, and don’t regret getting it. I had a long term doctor who I trusted which thought it worth the risk.

      I hit a few high risk categories.

      However, what I really regret is my staff was forced to get the damn shot and they were well outside primary risk categories. They should have been able to choose for themselves.

      I did not, and will not, get any of the 6000 boosters which came out since.

      By the time the boosters were out it was obvious they weren’t worth wet paper.

  1. 2.5 million people die each year in the US. Old people do this. It’s called the mortality rate. And this death rate did not change during the scamdemic. The ‘million deaths by Covid’ was actually a million checkboxes on death certificates that were checked so hospitals could get more than $100,000 per corpse from the government, no questions asked. The scamdemic was very profitable to many.

    • They murdered my father with their filthy “vaccine” which was nothing of the kind. Do not fool yourself. They murdered people and should have to answer for that, but instead they got filthy rich and laugh at the deaths they caused.

  2. I recently purchased Tom Woods new book, “Dairy of a Psychosis: How Public Health Disgraced Itself During Covid Mania”.

    I heartily recommend it.

    Also, how many regrets do I have from not taking the jab? Less then zero.

    • If the classic book “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” were being written today, there would undoubtedly be a very prominent chapter on the entire insane Covidian episode.

  3. One benefit from the governments mis- dis- mal information regarding covid but now applicable to all subjects is now more people have learned that the government is not to be trusted ever. Assume BS until proven true.

  4. In all matters political, legal, academic, economic, social, health, etc, the first question to be asked should be as follows. Do you trust your government? If you answer yes, then seek advice outside your current circles.

    • And Steve-O, covidian defender: -40

      Ironically, he is STILL defending the establishment’s narratives surrounding the Wuhan Virus, and was just doing so yesterday in another thread here.

      One thing that neither he, nor any other stalwart shill for Big Pharma and the corrupt political establishment, can dare even try to rationalize is the absolutely HYSTERICAL demonization and censorship of any mention of Ivermectin back in 2020 and 2021, and the incredible lengths to which the powers-that-be went to suppress knowledge of, and access to, Ivermectin at that time. Of course, those of us who are not establishment lackeys know the reason why: because the availability of even a semi-effective treatment for the virus would have prevented the emergency use authorization (EUA) for the untested, unsafe and purely experimental mRNA (so-called) “vaccines” (sic).

      No, Steve-O, I am never going to let you live down your damnable complicity in spreading the establishment’s lies about the Wuhan Virus and the dangerous and destructive mRNA clot shots.

      • Jeff,

        Why are you so obsessed with me and what I think and why do you continue to misrepresent what I wrote in black and white and have repeatedly demonstrated to you? It’s troubling that you refuse to accept basic facts and definitions. Speaking of which, please provide the studies that you claim exist that support your beliefs and I’ve been asking for since I can’t find them, certainly you should want to actual correct where I am wrong if you are capable of doing so. What you fail to acknowledge is that I dare question something which you simply accept without a shred of evidence, you are doing the exact thing you claim to despise.

        • Steve o / deer in head lights.
          Jefferson is shining the light on you because you were a government shill who is proven wrong again and again.
          Steve your misinformation is associated with people getting sick and dying.
          You walked hand and hand to propagandize every thing covid.

          I stumbled onto an interesting statement from Steve-o on another site.
          Steve said when confronted with one of his multitude of mistakes-
          “Im never wrong” – steve o

          Eat crow Bud

          • “American”,

            Care to add a link to that quote, or did you just make that up? You are familiar with how quotes work right, you can’t just put quotation marks around something and claim someone said it. Well you can if you are comfortable being known for lying, which seems to be the case. By the way, the punctuation gives your lie away.

            How about you provide any information on your “many large studies” with proven facts? Still don’t have that either huh?

        • Jeff, don’t flatter yourself; I am hardly obsessed with you. Nevertheless, you were (and still are) one of the most persistent, and disingenuous, supporters of the establishment’s entire Covidian fearmongering and propaganda campaign, most especially in regards to the unsafe, experimental and proven ineffective mRNA non-vaccines, which have killed thousands or tens of thousands of people, and almost certainly have injured millions more.

          That insidious and malevolent campaign of pure propaganda and coercion was one of the greatest crimes against humanity in recorded history, and yet you STILL support it! Moreover, you continually try to weasel out of your history on that score by making comments that hint, insinuate and mock those who rightly challenge the establishment narratives and fearmongering programs, without having the courage of your convictions and unequivocally stating your REAL opinions regarding the Covidian agendas. Your unbridled and undying arrogance while doing all of this has just been the bitter icing on the cake.

          As I have said here before, I have been involved in online forums for many years, and have interacted with many hundreds if not thousands of individuals in the course of all that, and I have rarely, if ever, encountered somebody as duplicitous and disingenuous as you. THAT is why I will not forgive nor forget your consistent lies and your diehard shilling for a corrupt and sociopathic medical and political establishment.

          • Jeff (that’s you, I’m Steve-O),

            You are most certainly obsessed with me and what I think, why else would you bring me up by name on an article that has nothing to do with me? There’s absolutely no reason for it and this isn’t the first time you’ve done it, it’s bordering upon pathological with you.

            We’ve been over this before numerous times now and I’ve proven you wrong each time using actual quotes and date stamps of what was written and you’ve chosen to deny reality each time. The bout with long covid that you are suffering from apparently prevents you from remembering conversations let alone even understanding the conversation at hand.

            If you want to discuss the issue at hand, then please provide the studies that show what you claim. Otherwise please sir, stop bringing my name up. Please sir, stop obsessing with me. Either way please sir, do inform yourself.

          • There are many others that need to proof-read their comments before hitting the final key. I have found I take longer to make a statement, just because I have to read, read and correct those “oops-ed” statements.(And I still find mistakes after I’ve hit the “enter button”. and those using smartphones. double check.

  5. This unsuspecting oldster (of 1952) lined up for dose #1 of the Pfizer vax at the Alaska Air Center in January 2021, and again for dose #2. “I am saved from the Wuhan pestilence!,” I cheerfully thought, as I swept aside several doubts. Plus, didn’t we all want to travel to Hawaii in 2021 – even if we were required to wear those wretched face masks – without having to endure a lengthy, draconian quarantine in some tropical hotel cell?

    But by the time that Pfizer came out with its so-called ‘booster’ I had seen enough – way too much to stomach. The brainless Biden tirades, and Justin Trudeau’s invoking the Emergency Act, and countless good people fired from their employment… one could clearly see that the Covid-19 virus and vaccination had become a medical/scientific scandal and an excuse for all sorts of political mischief. Meanwhile, several of my vaccinated and boostered acquaintances fell ill with Covid and died, while others suffered from vaccine adverse events. Nope – no booster for this ol’ Alaskan!

    Eventually, in January 2023, I fell ill and got tested for Covid. Positive – dang. My good MD (may God bless him) prescribed hydroxychloroquine, and after the second dose the symptoms subsided. By day 3 all symptoms were gone!

    The evidence for the origin of Covid-19 points strongly to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and to certain government and virology actors in the USA who supplied science and research grant monies to that CCP lab. The big scandal lies there, and this world-wide crime is too damning of officialdom for the full truth to be sought out and revealed by the culpable federal government.

    “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. “Let it be so, and quickly,” prays me.

  6. There’s only one conclusion – The US government is royally screwed up. But, anyone with at least one-half of a salamander brain already knows that.

  7. My favorite is seeing people still running around with masks on, especially when they’re in their car alone. We get it, you’re special. No need to broadcast how special you are by always wearing a mask.

  8. Thank you Linda Boyle in summarizing this information to help identified how the American people were mislead like sheep. What is a travesty is how the CDC, FDA and Big Pharma had taking away our Freedom for our self and for the sake of Safety.
    Informing the Hospital industries to fire their Medical and Nursing staff if you don’t take the injection to keep the Patient safe.

  9. Thank you Linda for exposing this information and sticking to your principals regardless. I am a vet, and have deep respect for the facts you have exposed.

  10. I hasten to point out to all on this page that your political savior (DJT) was still as late as 2023 bragging about that “Operation Warp Speed” program he ramrodded through in 2020 and how “he” saved 100 million lives by so doing.

    Wayne Coogan posed the question above regarding “trust” in or of Government. The issue of trust especially as it relates to Public Health Mandates looms large to this commenter and may also to others, accordingly for whom should one then vote?

    Unfortunately, debate surrounding the unmitigated tyranny of our Government during the COVID debacle isn’t even on the agenda in this election cycle, why? Do Republicans think the tyranny of the last 3 years was just a one off? I wonder. I’m inclined to vote Trump, but I have serious reservations, how about you? Wayne, got any suggestions for me?

    • Robert, what you highlight here about Trump’s steadfast and unabashed defense of the unsafe, experimental and ineffective gene therapy clot shots remains perhaps my single greatest reservation regarding him. How he can persist in defending the now-proven and grave negative consequences of that foolish and psychopathic program continues to baffle me, particularly in the face of all the booing that he consistently receives for it at his rallies.

      Even with that, Trump is infinitely preferable as president to the current meat-puppet cadaver occupying the White House.

      • Jefferson,
        I agree that Trump is an infinitely better candidate than the corrupt hallow corpse now holding office, but that is a pretty low standard isn’t it?

        Bidum appears to be controlled by the Chi-Com’s, Hamas, Iran, Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett,( ok, listing Jarrett is being redundant since I already mentioned Iran). Bidum appears to be controlled by any number of WEF America Hating nut jobs and or the NEO-CON/ Military Industrial Complex UNI-PARTY folks doing their best to start WWIII in Ukraine. Evidently their Jab and Lock-down thing along with their Green programs are not killing enough people.

        Given the above, it fills me with wonder that Bidum and T are our only real choices. I’ve considered Bobby jr, even donated to his campaign but it turns out that the Media hates him almost as much as they loathe Trump so he remains on the periphery. So yeah, looks like we better get behind T.

    • Robert and Jefferson, I will speak metaphorically. This presidential race is not akin to a horse race in which the participants are disciplined thoroughbreds. It is more akin to a rat race; or perhaps a hog race, in which the participants are undiciplined, scoundrels. Which do we choose? The dirty sewer rat who’s life purpose, like all vermin, has only been to diminish, destroy and spoil anything positive or productive within his reach. Or, the loud-mouthed, sweat-hog with a juvenile temperament but also a proven ability to accomplish tangible positive results? Its a simple choice for anyone capable of clear thought.

  11. I worked for ANTHC for 10 years. When they made the Wuhan/Covid-19 vaccine an ultimatum, it was either take it or we ‘voluntarily quit’. I tried to submit a religion exemption but they replied to my email saying that since it’s the native hospital, they don’t comply with the human rights act.

    Despite the protest outside the hospital, they didn’t budge and many employees ‘voluntarily quit’ against their will. I begged to be fired for fear of being unable to take care of my family, so I got a termination letter.

    Still, when I sought for unemployment, the hospital said I quit which made me ineligible. I tried to sign up for assistance, but there was a discrepancy with unemployment since I originally said I was fired but changed my story when I learned that ANTHC said I quit. My letter of termination didn’t help. It was a nightmare finding a new job as an unvaccinated person and I went through very scary times.

    My mental health, physical health, etc has become worse and I feel withdrawn from society due to disillusionment. I did however find a new job and we are doing well, but I just feel so distrustful now.

  12. Sadly, Covid Derangement Syndrome is still alive for some neocons. Get over it. Move on with your lives, instead of trying to raise cash like an Unholy Trump Bible salesman. The Trump vaccine saved millions of lives.

    • You are correct about the Covidian Derangement Syndrome, Earth, but you are incorrect as to the actual sufferers of that particular psychosis. To see an example of one, your handy bathroom mirror will suffice.

      The unsafe, experimental and ineffective gene therapy clot shots undoubtedly took FAR more lives than they saved (if they saved any at all, which is unlikely).

    • Got something to back up your statement about the vaccine saving lives?
      Because, frankly, this panicdemic played out like everyone before it. Initially, those succeptible got sick or died, then the virus mutated and less and less people got sick and/or died.
      The “vaccines” showed up right at the time those who were going to die from it, had already died. Those that needed hospitalization, were already hospitalized, or cured.
      In fact, I see zero evidence that the vaccine saved a single life.

  13. I would consider the fact that excess deaths around the world have inexplicably increased in tandem with the increase in Covid vaccination rates to be the Number One troubling piece of data we have learned this year about the clot shot!

  14. Watch the psychopaths give a presentation! They will never escape the wrath of God!



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