Letter: Alaska businesses cannot afford the PRO Act


After the past year and a half, Congress should be working overtime to support and strengthen local businesses like mine (Roundtable Pizza). Instead, some Washington politicians are more focused on passing policies that will give an unfair advantage to Big Labor bosses. 

The “PRO Act”—short for Protecting the Right to Organize—would give unions more power to force unionization on Alaska workers and businesses by overturning or rewriting decades of existing labor laws.

As a result, local businesses like mine could face an increased threat of picketing and boycotting while also being saddled with massive new costs and liabilities as well as the constant threat of excessively punitive penalties for even the smallest violations that have nothing to do with labor or working conditions.

Alaska businesses cannot afford policies like the PRO Act, plain and simple. I am confident that Senator Murkowski will help ensure it does not pass in any form, including through the budget reconciliation process in the U.S. Senate.

— Liz Ashlock, Anchorage


  1. Stated well. Do you really think Murkowski, Sullivan and Young will protect Alaska against the Pro Act?

  2. What a joke! If you cannot afford to pay your employees a living wage, you should not be in business! The days of business owners screwing over workers to increase profits is OVER!!!

    • The purpose of a business is to make money for its owner, not provide a job/wage to workers.

      That’s a side benefit for all.

      Your comment shows a grossly profound lack of the most basic understanding of economics.

      I’m curious: when is the last time you got a job from an out of business venture or an unemployed person?

    • Laborers union leadership fully supports the illegitimate Biden Junta,. Pipelines, ANWR, Willow all shut down. The irony are so many union members who think their leadership protects their jobs! It’s so funny, the laughter hurts. Or the union for AK Air employees, now there is an example of incestuous relations between management and union at expense of members!

    • Susan, could you please reference this act so we can read it? References are so useful and important for people wanting to educate themselves. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. But their commercial sounds so great! Workers Unite! From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!
    I grew up in a union family and believe in protection for workers, but unions today are nothing but socialist/communist fronts for the elites at the expense of workers.

  4. Confident in Murkowski is an oxymoron.
    She will vote for where her BIG donations come from.
    TRUST me , that ain’t Alaskans!

  5. Counting on Murkowski and Sullivan to represent common citizens and small business is not realistic. Our congressional delegation are corrupt, spineless and are Democrats self identifying as Republicans.

  6. The PRO act is Union take over. No more right to work. This is another step towards central control of your jobs.

  7. Your confidence in Princess Lisa is misguided. She owes her political life and her earthly soul to Big Labor. I would be stunned. Stunned! I tell you, if she comes out in any way opposed to the Politicians Ripping Off Workers act. O

  8. The commercials in support of the PRO act are borderline hilarious…”Unions Built Alaska!” Strange, I don’t recall a contract wherein 959 (or 1281 or 367 or 23 or xxx…..) agreed to undertake a project for a fixed fee and, in turn, faced all the risks inherent in that project. Similarly, I don’t recall any union being on the hook for employment taxes, property taxes (except at the hall), or the other aspects of running a for profit business…in fact the unions simply skim $$ from the (admittedly largely productive) workers who are employed by the businesses that actually take the risk.

    I don’t hold much hope in Ms. Murkowski, but perhaps Sullivan and Young will oppose the PRO Act.

  9. If the Pro Act passes independent businesses are doomed. Corporate Amerika will swallow us all up before they go down in flames as they eventually must. Fascism and socialism are the evolutionary kin that are slowly devouring us before our eyes. I only hope we can work through this in our lifetime before our kids are completely doomed. They have been taught to ignore the necessity of a physical economy and to rely on the government to support them. Let’s hope it’s not too late to turn it around.

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