LeDoux’s felony problem: Facing voters Aug. 18, then pre-indictment hearing


All candidates in contested races have worries going into Tuesday’s primary. Will the voters find them acceptable to represent them? Will their supporters turn out?

But only one candidate faces felony charges and has a court date two days after the primary: Gabrielle LeDoux, who represents House District 15. Her court date is one week from today for a pre-indictment hearing for a felony charge. The hearing is at 2 pm at the Nesbett Courthouse on Aug. 20.

An email from former Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock to District 15 voters outlined the problem for LeDoux, with links to newspaper clippings and the charging documents:


LeDoux is believed to have falsified absentee ballot applications in 2018, taking advantage of the Hmong community in Muldoon.

That might explain why the president of the Hmong Community in Alaska, Pastert Lee, has endorsed David Nelson, who is challenging LeDoux in the Tuesday primary, Babcock wrote.

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Although she has not been convicted, LeDoux was notified of the charges by the Alaska Department of Law in March. She could have been removed at that point by the House, but was protected by House Rules Chairman Chuck Kopp, who is in charge of all the offices and the staff.

“All of us need a new State Representative that we can trust. That’s why I’m endorsing David Nelson for the Republican nomination in House District 15.
Please join your neighbors in the Hmong Community in voting for David Nelson in the Primary Election on August 18,” said Pasert Lee, quoted in the letter from District 30.


  1. Maybe she can get a job with the Muni working for the Mayor…..with her record and attitude she will fit right in…

  2. Who is surprised that we have opportunistic 3rd World candidates attempting to exploit refugees from 3rd World countries in an attempt to get their hands on Alaska’s Permanent Fund?

    But don’t get your hopes up about justice in our court system; they are all in cahoots…

  3. Years ago, my friend Claude said, “Every politician should serve two terms: one in office and one in prision”.

  4. Wow, another example of a liberal democrat engaged in voter fraud. Trump has warned us about this. I’ll bet that this whole scam was Berkowitz’s idea. The mayor will not stop until the legislature has 58 radicals plus Lance Pruitt and David Eastman. Before Berkowitz was mayor I got a full PFD check, so I blame him for the reduction.

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