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Transparency? Assembly’s controversial meeting disappears from YouTube


The recording of the public meeting on Tuesday night, when the Anchorage Assembly voted to spend tens of millions of federal dollars on controversial projects, has been removed from YouTube.

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On the night of the meeting, hundreds watched the proceedings on the new audio-visual system the Municipality is using, which interfaces with YouTube.

When the clock struck midnight and the meeting ended, the video disappeared, with only the message that it had been removed “by the uploader.” That would have been the Municipality.

Then, on Wednesday morning, the video was available again, but the public has no way of knowing if it has been edited from the original version.

Then, the video has been removed again, for being too long.

Thursday morning, the video was reposted on YouTube. There’s no way to know if it has been edited in the meantime.

The public was not allowed in the meeting, but a gathering of angry Anchorage residents were outside the Loussac Library, demanding entry and declaring their rights to observe public proceedings. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz has forbidden the public from witnessing the spending of the CARES Act $156 million that was transferred to the city.

The use of that money — to roll out a massive program for street people — is being questioned by the federal government after complaints were made to the Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. In the assembly meeting which was closed to the public and only broadcast live, what reasonable accommodations were provided for the hearing impaired? Will there be a full transcript made public? This in regards to the meeting on 8/12 which by the municipal code of ordinances must be a public meeting and must not discriminate.

    • In addition, holding a closed council meeting or denying public access. Did the mayor and assembly violate the American Disability Act?

  2. Since when do elected officials have the right to exclude any member of the general voting public from the arbitration of public policy, no matter what the medium.
    Further, someone please investigate the actions of this Mayor, today.

  3. So, correct me if I erred, but does that mean all actions taken in the non-public meetings are nullified?

  4. I suppose one long video could be a technical issue. However, surely it could have been divided into segments.

    • I’ve posted videos that are 1 1/2 hours long, no idea what the upper limit is. I cut the Indy 500 in parts to make it easier but I think it would load all of it if I tried.

  5. Thank you for keeping us abreast of ongoing shenanigans. I won’t be surprised to see a sign hung outside the next meeting stating, ‘For your safety, no admittance and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

  6. When is someone going to research any and all financial ties between the Assembly, the administration, and the owners of the involved properties?

    • Randy,
      Ditto. I have said this from the start. Democrat investors are being bailed out. It’s not so much about the homeless but the parties involved. African’s have a saying which describes the situation perfectly, “Watch the hummingbird while the rhino runs up your a- -!

  7. There are videos on youtube that are 10, 11, and 12 hours long, so their claim that the video was too long is a blatant lie. But we expect no less from the Berky regime.

    • Just a thought: Did anybody DVR the meeting? I watched it live and was so disgusted I shut it down and went to bed after hours of condescension and the final vote.

  8. It is called an Open Meetings laws for a reason! Only evil exists in the dark and this governmental body 100% evil!!! Don’t do as I do! Do as I say do should be on the Muni Seal of Anchorage!

  9. Things have been disappearing from the media for some time now. Since the public is being banned from attending such meetings, we have no clue what was said and are supposed to rely on the electronic media for information. And electronic voting gizmos that any 12 year old can hack. Funny how the local news reported on the protest the other day. Good thing attendence was not taken, everyone would be on the big man Mayors hit list.

  10. Look, let’s face it, we don’t need to muck up an important public meeting with your ignorant and hateful commentary! Why, even the sight of you stupid knuckle dragging throwbacks is a distraction. Thankfully the Mayor and his Heroic enlightened troop passed important humane ordinance’s that will destabilize his political opposition and benefit his Party. Those selfish slobbering mobsters that chased after the Mayor prior to the meeting should be disciplined and sent to a reeducation camp in Bethel. Anyone opposed to the Mayor’s plan is a heartless , moronic boob. Conform Comrade, assume an obsequious position, wear your mask and cower in fear, for that is the only way out of this mess. Be thankful that we have such anointed ones who so generously have given up their valuable time to lead us out of darkness into a bright shining Future!

  11. Just another day at the office for leftists. I can’t be sure because I don’t use you tube, but if the video of the meeting was available to be recorded by citizens, surely someone did. Speak up if you are the one(s) with that recording and face castigation, accusation of ‘doctoring’ the recording, frequent ‘drive-bys’ by the 5-oh, boycotts if you own a business, and any harassment the little guy and his minions can think up. It’s called intimidation and the leftists are infamous for their use and attempted use of it. Not only are their “politics” hidden from the people they ‘represent’, persecution of any questioners is foregone. If you don’t go for their ‘administrating’, you are the bad guy. Same the Country over. This radical minority thinks they can coerce their way into absolute power. How about that Alaskans? You going to go for it without fighting back? I’m not. It will be a November to remember this year.

  12. Make the mayor obey the law. No secret meetings. Decisions taken therein are void. Recall the mayor and his cronies. Like the Inspector General I say, ‘NO Way’ on the ‘Berkowitz Hotel Plan’. Buy an island 10 miles off the mainland Alaska. Provide them accommodations there. Feed them one good meal daily. Encourage them to work for whatever else they need.

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