Judge rules Alaska must hand over voter roll data from ERIC system


Alaska must disclose data from the voter-roll maintenance group known as the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, according to a judge’s order issued on Wednesday. The news was first reported by The Federalist.

Update: Lt. Gov. Nancy issued a statement: ““Our agreement with the public interest, legal foundation (PILF) avoids costly litigation and complies with state and federal law and our obligation to ERIC. I am a strong advocate for following the law and protecting the information of Alaskans. It is important to understand that the information on individuals, such as their voter identification number, and dates of birth, were not, and will not be released as a result of this order. Alaskans can remain confident that their personal information was protected.”

Federal District Judge Sharon Gleason penned the agreement that determined Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom must turn over ERIC data reports concerning potentially dead individuals on Alaska’s voter registration lists to the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a law firm that works to uphold election integrity throughout the country. The records are considered part of the public record, the judge determined, subject to Alaska’s open records laws.

ERIC was founded by a leftist activist and serves several states, but increasingly, Republican-led states are pulling out of the consortium.

Read the story at The Federalist.


  1. This is the system the Anchorage Assembly has been using to send mail ballots out of state to inelligible voters, illegally. They know they are breaking laws, it’s intentional. That’s why Weddleton always made a point to bring up ERIC and insist they aren’t using it. His impulse was a tell, he is a compulsive liar but you can tell what the truth is by what he brings up when he is lying.

    • Agreed 100%.
      This new Rank Choice Voting system is a system designed to be easy to cheat as well as confuse people as much as possible.

      They attacked all groups that tried to revert back to the original form of voting. Which is how it should be. The Anchorage Assembly is a group of radical democrats trying to change the way we live and operate our cities & Elections. Ever since they took control, Anchorage crime has skyrocketed, homelessness is rampant and we cant get a grip on our City.

      SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! Investigate those members and get them to answer for all the crime they’ve created.

  2. Because he has subject matter and personal jurisdiction over the conduct of elections? Because he has all political power resting in his hands as expressed within the US Constitution? I didn’t think so either.

  3. It’s about time we find a judge with some backbone ! If this isn’t killed on appeal or just plain burried by Alaska’s dirty political machine we will see these bloated voter rolls are one key to why this whole Country DOES NOT have free and fair elections. It’s simple. If you have an unlimited cache of supposed voters names to use to produce fake ballots you can appoint whoever you want to office. Specially with mail in ballots and machines and ballots that can not be audited (RANK CHOICE VOTING).
    All Alaskans need to DEMAND :

    • I agree! I also think that those states that are issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants (without having some kind of identification on them at least to show they are NOT a citizen…and therefore illegal to vote in elections…even local ones) should have some consequences of their actions.

  4. Must have been the same database that Charlie Chang used who worked with Anchorage Republican Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, to get those 7 dead people to ask for absentee ballots from the grave!

    SEE ‘https://www.juneauempire.com/news/dead-alaskans-attempt-to-vote-in-anchorage/

  5. So … maybe Anchorage isn’t so left-dominated after all?

    “I’m shocked, shocked, to learn that VOTER FRAUD is going on here!”

    “Here are the results of the election, Monsieur.”

    “Oh, thank you very much.”

  6. ERIC was originally funded by the Pew Charitable Trust and costs Alaska about $26,000/year. Of the millions of voters in the data base election deniers will probably find one or two that voted twice. In Florida, 4 voters in the Villages Trump stronghold pleaded guilty to voting twice.

    • Do you have a point?
      State elections officials claim that ERIC is an obstruction to removing ineligible voters from voter rolls. There is a system that ties property tax databases to voter databases to DMV databases that does so much more to clean voter rolls and to identify fraudulent registrations. Why wouldn’t we want that?

    • When you have 20% more voters registered than the AK adult population eligible to vote, and the state sends 20% out of state, and doesn’t verify signatures, its a problem. And its also how Peltola got elected.

  7. Good it is about time. NOW, Governor Dunleavy get rid of this horrid system that essentially locks in the ability to purge the rolls. There are far better programs available that will match addresses to registrations and exposes obviously fraudulent registrations.

  8. Where is the legislature with any meaningful election integrity measures. They spend the entire session s l o w l y bargaining the PFD away and have no time left for safeguarding our elections.

  9. The real question is why has the SOA not pulled out of the ERIC program yet. And why would Lt. Gov. Dahlstrom balk at turning these records over. There is plenty enough precedent for such action that this never should have gone to a judge. Yes, its time is over, certainly here in MY home!

  10. Everyone and anyone should have access to State voter rolls, not just corrupt Democrats & RINOs! The more eyes on it, the better. The Public Interest Legal Foundation must be over the target if they are getting flak from Dahlstrom!

  11. A federal judge has to order Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor to “…disclose data reports from the leftist-controlled voter-roll “maintenance” group known as ERIC”?
    What’s ERIC again? From the “Federalist”: “The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) was started by far-left political activist David Becker, who dedicated his life to attacking conservatives and advancing left-wing policies. Becker also started the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), one of two leftist groups that funneled $419M in grants from Mark Zuckerberg to mostly blue counties of swing states, funding Democratic get-out-the-vote operations from government election offices in 2020. ERIC shares voter roll data – including records of unregistered citizens – with CEIR, which then reportedly creates targeted mailing lists for unregistered but likely Democrat voters and sends them back to the states for voter registration outreach.
    …per government watchdog Verity Vote, ERIC doesn’t actually clean states’ voter rolls, but rather inflates them.”
    Recall the last Lieutenant Governor, the Conoco Phillips guy, who said not to believe misinformation about elections? (mustreadalaska.com/kevin-meyer-dont-believe-misinformation-about-elections)
    This is “misinformation” too, or did Kev bail just in time?
    In the MRAK article, the last Lieutenant Governor, the Conoco Phillips guy, seemingly excused voter roll corruption by saying he couldn’t do anything about it because of federal law so, according to him, no one’s to blame just because dead people vote.
    Voter registration data for 113K Alaskans hacked but no one tells them until after the election was certified, dead voters voting, Dominion vote tabulation gear running on proprietary software, uncontrolled mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, secretive lieutenant governors, it’s hard to say what inspires the most confidence in Alaska’s election system.
    Could this debacle be a run up to the possibility that Alaskan voters were stuck with ranked-choice voting only because a small majority of dead voters approved it?
    Now that inspires confidence in Alaska’s election system and the morons runnng it, yes?
    What do you think, Lt. Guv Nancy, are you bailing too, or are Alaskans not allowed to know that either?

  12. Having worked in the Election System for the State the last couple elections in Prudhoe Bay, I found this last election process very bad. In Prudhoe Bay, we asked for extra election ballots and folders and we were told that there were no more available that we could get from anywhere. That was 3 days before the final election day. We were told to copy blank ballots and make sleeves for those ballots. We were to indicate what ballots were copied ballots when sending them out! We were also told to not worry about it. However; I felt that if these ballots were to go through a machine, they would be kicked out and not counted. I was told not to worry about that issue either. So, I guess it is alright to make copies of ballots? In the 2020 election, I was sent a ballot to vote with to my home, we actually got two each, my wife and I. I called the Elections office and they said to just tear up one set. However; when I got back from Prudhoe and checked to see if they got my ballot, the information indicated that I voted, however my name was showing differently on the data. Called the Election person in Anchorage, when she pulled up the information, she noted the discrepancy and after a few minutes corrected the data? Notified the Mayor’s office at that time. So, something/someone/ or group / in my opinion is/are messing with our Alaska election system. Let’s get the roles cleaned up which is a start.

  13. Great news Suzanne! We all need to ask Lt. gov Nancy Dahlstrom (and Dunleavy) why she has stonewalled election reform measures like this one.

  14. If the state wasn’t spying on its
    Citizens then we would not have to hand over any personal data. Way to go dunlevy your useless.

  15. Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka did a 110 page document regarding elections. All but approximately 4 pages have been redacted. I’ve been trying to get a copy of this document without redactions for about a year. Alaskans need to know what is written in the 110 pages in its entirety.

    2022 Legislative Session
    SB 39 Sponsored by Senator Shower. An act relating to elections…


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