Nortenos gang member sentenced in murder of beloved Libertarian activist

Keenan Wegener handing out food to the needy at a Students for Liberty event, and Daniel Rocero, who murdered him in Anchorage on March 20, 2022.

Daniel Alex Rocero, a member of the Norteños gang, was sentenced for second-degree murder in the killing of Libertarian activist Keenan Wegener, 27, whose body Rocero stuffed into a tote on Kalgin Street on March 20, 2022.

The evidence at trial showed Wegener sustained serious physical injuries and that Rocero had placed his foot across Wegener’s chest and neck, strangling him to death before hiding his body, the Department of Law said.

Wegener, an Alaskan from the Kenai Peninsula, was a member of a Libertarian civic group called Students For Liberty.

“Keenan was the friendliest person you’d ever have known. I don’t truly know what the last couple of years were like for him, but he deserved a long full life, and I’m heartbroken for his family and friends,” the group wrote in March of 2022, upon learning of his death.

“He was there with us at our regional conferences, top leadership retreats, ISFLCs, and LibertyCons. We remember when he first came to ISFLC in Washington D.C., totally new to SFL, and a group of us were preparing to go outside monument hopping. We saw him there and, being the very outgoing guy we’d soon come to know, he approached us and started a friendly chat asking about how he could become a part of Students For Liberty. We were excited to have an eager recruit. He joined a few months later in the summer of 2016,” the group wrote in its memorial. “Keenan was a big personality that we will forever miss.”

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Peter Ramgren said it was among the most serious of second-degree murders and that Rocero cannot be rehabilitated. Rocero was sentenced to 50 years for the murder and two years for tampering with evidence. Another man allegedly involved with the murder, Adam D. Pringle, 39, was also arrested in connection with the case and indicted by a jury.

The Norteños gang’s membership is made up of primarily Mexican-Americans, and its base is in central California, as well as in prisons. It has a long-standing war with another Mexican-American gang, the Sureños, of Southern California.

The Norteños are known for their extreme brutality. On Feb. 3, 2023, two alleged Norteño gang members were arrested for the Jan. 16 murders of six people in Goshen, Calif. The victims included a 16-year-old mother, and her 10-month old baby, both who were shot in the head after the mother ran to escape the gang members and tried to protect her baby by dropping him over a fence and then jumping over the fence herself, only to be executed with her baby.


    • True, diversity may not come easily Jefferson, nor is it without its problems. But without it we end up with something worse. Just ask anyone from the former Yugoslavia.

      And by the way, Jefferson, why do you hide behind a nom de plume here on MRAK? Me, I’m out of place here here and would certainly be physically threatened if I used my real name. You, on the other hand, fit right in. Outing yourself would both endear you to your fellow radical right-wing extremists, and give you the notoriety and affirmation that you apparently crave. Go ahead. Triple Dog Dare.

      • Stooping to “Frank” level? While hypothetically maintaining you can’t out yourself?

        And “triple dog dare”? Did you go back to grace school?

        Once upon a time you occasionally made comments worth considering. Now you do the very most base trolling. And you’re not any good at it.

      • Whitney, what do your handlers want us to say? Maxims of Law? The depravity of kings and sovereignty of the people like in the Continental Congress of 1774 “We want independence!”yet THEY STILL COULDN’T SAY IT OPENLY? – the sentiments of the people though at the time pamphleteers by 1775 convinced almost every colony to have a resolution of Independence. To which “order makers” would your handlers order us to submit? What was Sam Adam’s pen name. I know; do you?

      • So, Whidbey, you are a coward calling out another nom de plume, no?

        If your stance is not honest enough to use your true name, how can you accuse another of said same?

        You advance that you believe that you would be somehow physically threatened if you used your true name. Why? Because you are not confident enough within your own stance to allow your true name to be associated with your true thoughts.

        I use mine own name, and do not worry one whit about being threatened by the likes of you, as the coward that you are, or any other individual that is inclined to do so. You are either representative of who you truly are, or you are not.

        I suspect that many nom de plumes here are recognizable names, and I challenge each and every one of them to self-identify who they really are, especially those who challenge others to reveal their true identity, ESPECIALLY assembly members and those who support them.

        I am Randy Lee Harkins.

        Come after me if you dare to do so.

        Within your actual name.

    • So what are you trying to say exactly? We should all be one race or something? Scumbags like this guy aren’t unique to one class or race of people.

      • “……..Scumbags like this guy aren’t unique to one class or race of people.”
        Does that mean we must have an equal number of each race in prison for crimes? Do you deny FBI crime statistics that gave shown, as ling as records have been kept, if uneven ratios if crimes committed by racial breakdown? Must we have an “equal opportunity” style program for criminal convictions? Convict a white for every black or Hispanic conviction? (Actually, not a bad idea…….at least if there were two whites for every black/Hispanic, the whites would be safer from the other prison gangs)…….oh, gee…….it looks like whites DO make up the majority of the prison population……..

        • I’m not calling for equity in the prison population. FBI stats are pretty clear, for instance, that African Americans (who make up about 14% of the population) are responsible for 50% of the murders.

          However, that has nothing to do with my comment. The idea that diversity is a bad thing is preposterous. Genetic diversity, for instance, is a must for long term survival.

  1. The lefts culture of crime has wrecked havoc on our people from loss of life to driving businesses into having to close to where theft is a spectators sport in a nation that was founded on law and order., third world, foreign, a shame, a giant leap backward for mankind.
    This murderer Rocero will be free to roam the streets again.

  2. Typical bullcrap reporting, and journalists wonder why we don’t trust them.

    OK. This ‘beloved activist’ I’ve never heard of got stomped out by some gang members.
    Why was he hanging around with gang members?
    He wasn’t just grabbed off the street by strangers and murdered for his Yeezys and his Iphone 12.

    This wasn’t ‘random’ – like the old man on the bicycle that was intentionally run down by feral blacks while they laughed and videotaped the event.

    Hundreds of identical news stories – not one detail about what ‘actually’ happened.
    Its left out of the article – but homeboys’ body was located due to an unmoving ankle monitor.
    So victim was also a criminal? Drug deal gone wrong? B&E?

    We don’t need fluff pieces about how ‘great’ the victim was, and how ‘bad’ the perps were.
    Just say Mexican gang members – we can already safely assume they are violent subhumans that shouldn’t be tolerated in Alaska, let alone interacted with unless you have them at gunpoint.

    Just give us some facts and explain why Wegener was partying with them before we move straight to sainthood.

    • Yep. He was wearing an ankle monitor as a result of an open burglary investigation he was a suspect in at the time. It doesn’t mean he deserved to be murdered but he also wasn’t some innocent virgin either.

      • So he was just innocently “hanging out” with a California gang member while wearing an ankle bracelet? How dod you know this?

    • Aren’t you nice.

      You make several assumptions based on what? Personal preference in your own heart?

      Why do nuns work with whores?
      Why do ex cons work with current cons?
      Why do retired military go into law enforcement?

      You may or may not know many things, but journalism 101 isn’t among them.

        • Pretty sure he got his panties in a bunch over what I said, cman.
          But no, I don’t think Wegener ‘deserved’ to get murdered, but its an expected outcome when you associate with vile individuals and engage in criminal activity. ‘Scumbag kills Scumbag’ doesn’t really move my outrage meter.

          I also have low tolerance for deceptive reporting, whether on the left or right.
          Tiring to have to guess about what is being omitted from the story to elicit a response, especially after the ‘Old man had a bike accident’ story went viral in Las Vegas.

    • Don’t mention HIAS directing catholic social services or lutheran social services in the immigration miasma. Your comments get denied if you point out the source of the problem.

  3. Why? Rocero Just killed him to be a Meany? Seems like a senseless way to going through court and going to jail. Why was Rocero in Alaska from the first place? drug trafficking is the only reason I can think of bringing him to our boring state?

    • It’s anything but boring with its wide open mining town public servants and lack of law enforcement policies. A place where you can get away with anything if you’re big enough.

  4. The state of Alabama just passed a law making it illegal to engage in gang activity. Alaska should look into this.

  5. I expect this conviction to to be overturned by a “higher” court. Remember Thomas Cottom who murdered Esteban Garcia the berry farmer from the butte? Left wing judges love freeing murderers and violent criminal so can kill more people. And nearly all of our judges are left wingers.

  6. Give him a back pack full of food, appropriate clothing, and drop him off between Kaktovik and Nuiqsut. Some time next week would be most humane…..

    • “Give him a back pack full of food, appropriate clothing, and drop him off between Kaktovik and Nuiqsut……….”
      Buldir Island would be a better choice.

    • Important issue raised. Euphemistically to anyone interested: who has stated they want Alaskans replaced? Nobody? Somebody? Did they publish their international goals internationally? Was it the corporate UN? Who privately owns that corporation? What is that families very old religion? They don’t practice this old heathen religion in Alaska; do they? What is it? Do adherents fervently believe they will continue in the tiny one percent of the world if they obey their hateful old “Dad”? Live and learn if you can take a moment of clarity (from constant motion which you engage in so to preclude the serious business of learning anything at all).

  7. These new illegals do not know our history and have much to learn to highly value our 1776 US Constitution as it is written. These supposed replacements of us are sapping resources at a rate not ratified by Americans. Whomever is organizing this invasion from afar is not America’s friend. Yet they openly facilitate this danger toward American constituents. Very perplexing.

  8. I lived in the area between the Nuestra Familia(norteno) and Mexican Mafia(sureno) back during the peak wartime of the late70s. They didn’t need a reason to kill someone. “because I was told to” and “he looked at me wrong” was more than enough

  9. First time I ever heard of this murder happening last year. So I do a little google search see if APD reported anything else and it did say the victim was heard and seen by the woman of the building he was arguing with Pringle and Rocero. If you ever seen men arguing their arguments do get heated. And three single men without a special good woman in their lives nor does he have no children that gives him someone to think about, well! The men wouldn’t know when is a good time to quit arguing until one is unconscious.
    This is why I don’t read ADN nor any other sources . I don’t need to constantly be informed about this community nor state’s drama. I hope he returned back to Jesus at the end, sorry for what about him placed him in an ankle monitor, an adulterous relationship, and an angry argument. There are lots of Christians who struggled in this life going back and forth between temptation and salvation but they were a strong believer in Christ. Johnny Cash was one of those believers, if anyone is interested in his life story “Johnny Cash: the redemption of an American icon (2022).

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