Former Golden Lion Hotel room catches fire


One room at the former Golden Lion Hotel caught fire on Thursday, and multiple units of the Anchorage Fire Department responded. The fire was contained to one room on the third floor, which was unoccupied. The fire was started in an electrical heating unit, Must Read Alaska has learned.

The former hotel has been converted into low income housing at the insistence of the leftist Anchorage Assembly. It was purchased by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz for use as a drug rehabilitation center and has been at the center of controversy ever since, as the neighbors in the area of 36th Ave., Geneva Woods, and Rogers Park were not welcoming the addition of a possible criminal element to the family neighborhoods adjacent to the hotel.

The fire was reported at about 3:13 pm and declared under control by 3:41 pm. The sprinkler system in the building was effective in containing the fire, and smoke detectors warned residents to evacuate.


  1. See! The homeless is trashing that lovely little hotel that once used to be a workplace for Front Desk guest agents, housekeepers, maintenance, servers, bartenders, laundry attendants, a General manager. It’ll be far better as an apartment housing for working tenants looking for affordable simple housing between 650-800 in a nice neighborhood.

    • Did you read the article? The fire started in an unoccupied room due to an electrical issue.

      Where is that Christian love you profess so often on these comments? Some homeless people cause some issues, I will not argue that, but you cannot blame them for something they didn’t do because it fits your narative.

      • So working folk in need of housing (so they don’t become homeless) deserve less consideration than non-working itinerants?

        Charity used to be that you allowed the needy to walk your fields and glean from the soil any fruits the harvesters missed.

        It didn’t mean that you provided bread.

        Somehow even then, in those far “harsher” times, they had more faith in humanity’s resilience and more respect for an individual’s ability to choose a better path for themselves than choosing one for them out of “charity.”

        • My comment was on who Jen was blaming for the fire when there is information in the article regarding the cause, and it wasn’t homeless folks who are to blame

      • “…….Did you read the article? The fire started in an unoccupied room due to an electrical issue……..”
        Did you read the article? It did NOT say that it was “due to an electrical issue”. It specifically said that “The fire was started in an electrical heating unit………”
        Ws this a unit that was part of the hotel heating system, or was it a plugged in electrical radiant heater purchased at a box store? The article doesn’t say, leaving the populace free to play with propaganda all the more.
        Ever stay in these Anchorage hotels? The room heat is NOT electric radiant, but they DO have electric fan blowers.
        Do you think we’ll ever be given the whole truth on this story? My bet is no.

  2. Also those fire trucks and ambulances they can not be parking on the 36th road and blocking traffic. I am telling you it’s only a matter time a car will crash into the emergency service vehicle’s rear end. Earlier today where the last fure truck was parked, it was parked right around the bend in the blind spot of the right turning traffic on to 36th from north old Seward.

    • So your solution? Let it burn and possibly spread to nearby buildings?

      Do you ever think before you post?

  3. C’mon Man!! How could anybody think something nefarious was going on there that would cause a fire? They’re just poor homeless people. Probably cooking a hamburger. Yeah, that’s what started the fire. An electrical heating unit could be a George Foreman, couldn’t it?

  4. Just one of an incoming mountain of calls to emergency responders at that location. We’ll be paying for this slum for decades.

  5. Does anyone wonder if it was not a “electrical fire” would it really be a electrical fire reported?

    • Well you can never believe what the government says as they twist the answer to mean nothing and lie all they can so I don’t believe anything coming out of government.

  6. We were are off to a good start. Maybe the homeless will burn it down this winter then we could make it a park. Good job assembly.

    • “…….Maybe the homeless will burn it down this winter then we could make it a park…….”
      If you want the homeless to stay there, you’d better make it “a wooded area”. A park just won’t do.

  7. Let’s just throw them all in jail, teach them nothing, and hope to maintain all of the good paying criminal justice jobs as a result.

    • Create a “wooded area” just for them out of town. We already have a Dept. of Corrections farm in the Pt. MacKenzie area near the Goose Creek prison. Let them “camp”.Providing tents is cheaper than providing walls. Stock a small liquor/weed store on site, and provide firewood. Keep them stoned, which might keep them on site.
      Isn’t this what the Assembly and the homeless is demanding? Why not give it to them? Or is it true that they’re demanding the public to provide them with a condo or single family home?

  8. Please try to follow up on this Suzanne. Were there residents in “the empty” room or was this do to a construction/remodel issue? There may be stuff going on that our young, lefty journalists would rather not report. BUT reported today in the ADN, we will spend $3000 per month, per person, to house our derilect class in local hotels …..such a deal!

  9. Because local government should compete with private investors to transmute corporate private property rights into the thrilling, dramatic, alternative values of the communist committee and not the private, capitalist segment of Anchorage society (aka the bogeyman) that already no longer possesses any influence on the communist committee of Anchorage assembly hedonists.

  10. “Oh, arrested devopment permanent teenagers just want to have fu – un” – signed the permanent recreationists department, Peter Pan.

  11. Like, is there some reason why these guys just can’t grow up? Licensed clinicians I’m looking at you. Let your degreed lights shine. Thanks per se.

    • Both, plus helpless to the utmost power. Thus, if they don’t like it, they’d better get with the program and get busy with recovery.

  12. More evidence that regardless of whether you leave them in the woods or put them in a heated room, they’ll eventually set it on fire.

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