‘Feasting’ Planned Parenthood endorses in Juneau, Fairbanks local races for assembly, school board


Planned Parenthood has made its pick for Juneau and Fairbanks candidates. The organization is deeply involved in gender transition services, as well as abortion on demand through the ninth month of an unborn baby’s life. Gender transition services, however, is a new profit center for the pro-abortion group.

Local elections in Juneau and Fairbanks will end Oct. 3. Juneau votes exclusively by mail and ballots were mailed earlier this month to voters in the Capital City. Fairbanks has a blended voting system, both by mail and in person.

Find out more about all the candidates running in Juneau at this link.

Find out more about all the candidates in Fairbanks at this link.

An email note from the Alaska State Director for the leftist organization, Rose O’Hara-Jolley, says this election is going to be all about LGBTQ+ education and “fighting extremists,” and they/them Jolley wants you to “feast your eyes” on the group’s chosen candidates:

“We need leadership in key positions in Juneau and Fairbanks. Leadership that supports sex education and consent education in schools. Leadership that will support the LGBTQ+ community in the face of unrelenting attacks from extremists in our state. Leadership that isn’t afraid to say that abortion is legal and constitutionally protected – shouldn’t be hard since those are just the facts, but you would be surprised.  So feast your eyes and prepare your ballots for our endorsed candidates in these 2023 elections,” she writes.


Assembly at-large:

Ella Adkison

Paul Kelly

Laura Martinson McDonnell

Assembly District 1:

Alicia Hughes-Skandijs

Assembly District 2:

Christine Woll

School Board:

Brittney Cioni-Haywood

David Noon



Scott Crass

Liz Reeves-Ramos

School Board:

Bobby Burgess

Meredith Maple

Tim Doran

City Council:

Shoshana Kun


  1. A person with a modicum of still lively integrity might want very much to have nothing to do with this now degenerated political “system”.

  2. Let me just say with all my heart. Steer clear of everyone of these pp supported candidates
    All of these people are trouble and you will be selling your community down the drain if you vote for anyone of them

    Planned parenthood is federally subsidized with your tax money to kill humans

  3. Infanticide and cannibalism?
    The worst of human filth parading themselves with impunity
    …or not if decent human beings decide they don’t want to see or hear it
    …and potential jurors look the other way.

    • The only meat the greenies will let us eat… Serious mental illness.
      “The wicked strut about freely when what is vile is honored among men.” Psalm 12:8

  4. It makes sense that a group that advocates abortion up to birth would welcome the sexually deviant and mentally ill into their ranks while accusing normal people of being extremists. In truth the extreme position is that a person can choose his or her own gender at will. Wish, wish, wish as you might XX doesn’t transform to XY or vice versa. Men who are sexually attracted to other men and women who are sexually attracted to other women are homosexuals…sexually deviant by any natural measure. Those imagining that they’re one gender trapped inside the body of the other gender are simply mentally ill. Those who think there’s more than male or female are both mentally ill and stupid.

  5. “We need leadership in key positions in Juneau and Fairbanks. Leadership that supports sex education and consent education in schools. Leadership that will support the LGBTQ+ community in the face of unrelenting attacks from extremists in our state. Leadership that isn’t afraid to say that abortion is legal and constitutionally protected – shouldn’t be hard since those are just the facts, but you would be surprised. So feast your eyes and prepare your ballots for our endorsed candidates in these 2023 elections,” she writes.

    So speaks the TRUE extremist within this, or any other State within this Nation.

    It is far beyond time to shut down these extremist individuals and their positions as unto the absolutely wrong stance unto normality, within the given sense of reality, of which these extremist individuals have no concept of.

    The time of live and let live has far passed, as those such as this individual chooses not to live as let lived, but to force their perverted and mental illness beliefs upon the rest of the populace.

    The time has come to not only turn upon the back of said beliefs, but to expose them for what they are.

    Prophets of a religion that denigrates not only the human condition, but of its existence, within reality, as well.

  6. Kinda pointless in Juneau. Those endorsements are a Dunleavy special. See who/what is likely to have traction and say I’m in.

  7. That the Democratic Party has adopted all of these sick organizations in order to gain power is slowly eroding their support of normal people. Even now, to vote for anyone in their party is to pledge allegiance to a demented society that has no traditional values and is bound to self destruction. One must be careful of their choices for partners. Despite their loud voices, these groups actually represent only a small minority group of Americans. They have to import supporters, often paid, from other areas, in order to give the impression of a popular local movement. The majority of local participants are bored sheep without convictions, only seeking a free party. If they were to hold an event without outside help and organizers it would backfire. For this same reason, all public testimony on issues needs to be done by actual voting citizens of our state and verified. We really don’t need to import opinions from other states. Even the media no longer asks participants to these staged events where they are from. THEY are not Alaskans. Not even 907s.

  8. When voters send reps like Forrest Dunbar Andrew Grey Loki Tobin Jenny Armstrong Calvin Schrage etc. to Juneau to legislate and vote for policy changes as they see fit one can fully expect to see this type of response in communities knowing they have full support from their reps in Juneau to back up any wild ideas or gender bender rules they want to apply.
    It is no different than the scene in Washington where the powers in the white house (and Martha’s Vineyard) appoint the most extreme cabinet members they can possibly come up with to take America the direction they want it to go. From Leftist appointed judges to woke liberal Soros funded prosecutors with catch and release no penalties including corrupt infiltrated FBI CIA DOJ Secret Service all working to protect “their chiefs” at all costs.(Even if caught DOJ wont prosecute)
    Regardless of who is elected President or Governor in each state the broad base of filth infiltrated into the local governments makes it impossible for any one person elected governor to rid the system of the appointed infitrated filth that is present.
    The legislative bodies have become much more powerful due to long term no limit elected terms than any 2 term limit Governor who comes along and everyone expects miracles to happen overnight. Not happening.
    Anybody can call the governor names and blame whoever they want but a corrupt disfunctional legislative body has become much more in control due to long term positions.
    Look at what happened to Ken Paxton in Texas with a conservative Governor but a corrupt “republican” legislative body who tried impeachment of an effective AG.

    I always have to remind myself what the weather would look like if Willy Walker or Les Gara were piloting the ship.(It would look more like DC)

    • That would be the easiest solution, because they will always vote with their caucus. But watching the campaign contributions will make you aware of turncoats as well. Nobody gets in trouble for lying these days.

  9. This is all top down stuff, from the U.N. Guess which “right-wing extremist group” has been trying to get the U.S. out of the United Nations for the last 50+ years. But hey, “consent is sexy” but illegal if you’re under 16.

  10. Isn’t it absolutely sick that this country has taken up murdering babies, and mutilating children’s genitalia and the conservatives let this go on.?? It’s hard to comprehend. Unless this is brought under control this country will spiral even faster downward.

    Planned parenthood has declared war on this nation’s children. Sickening

  11. What’s sick is they openly admit to cannibalism, eating dead babies.
    We’ll never unsee that, will we?
    So, what should be done with this mob?

  12. Many commenters on here contend the mockers of truth have mental illness. The mockers are neither stupid nor mentally ill. Rather their problem is that of moral deficiency. They know perfectly well transgenderism is simply homosexuality taken to a zealous level. They know that abortion is genocide for convenience. There is no mental illness involved in their reprehensible ideologies. It is immorality plain and symple.

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