Judge orders state to stop printing ballots. Too late.


Although the Division of Elections has already printed all the ballots for the General Election, Alaska Superior Court Judge Jennifer Henderson today ordered the state to stop the presses, as a result of congressional candidate Alyse Galvin suing the Division over the ballot language.

Galvin is running as the Democratic nominee for U.S. House. She wants voters to believe that she is an independent nonpartisan candidate, even though she won the Democrats’ primary and was endorsed and funded by the Alaska Democratic Party, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and other Democrat groups. She is also endorsed by Nancy Pelosi, who is currently the highest-ranked elected Democrat.

The Division of Elections is scheduled to mail ballots to overseas voters on Friday, but this throws a monkey wrench into that schedule. By law, ballots must be mailed to overseas voters no later than Saturday.

Read the restraining order by the judge here:

At play are the actual ever-changing voter identifications of Democrat candidates who are masquerading as nonpartisans or undeclareds. Those who win the Democrats’ primary are now, per the Division of Elections, simply identified as the “Democratic nominee.” They don’t get to be both the Democrats’ nominee and nonpartisan.

Galvin is now registered as a nonpartisan.

Henderson will hold another hearing on Friday to continue deciding whether the courts will interfere in the General Election process.

The crux of the lawsuit is the state statute that says the party affiliation will be placed next to the candidate’s name. Galvin is affiliating with the Democratic Party, even though she wants people to accept her as nonpartisan. She didn’t get to the General Election ballot via petition, without the use of a party.


  1. No surprise here. Judge Henderson was appointed by Walker and is well known for her liberal views. Don’t bet against her trying to manipulate the election. Just because there have been so many ballots already printed will not deter her. Nor will it deter our liberal State Supreme Court from also messing with the election.

    • Shirley, I mentally corrected your word enforced to “endorsed”…but then realized that “enforced by Pelosi” was more accurate. :0)

  2. Galvin and Gross are Democrats but think being honest with voters about that will hurt their chances of being elected so they seek to deceive us by pretending to be independents. That’s nice.

  3. Galvin is a bit late to the party. Maybe she can try again in 2022, 2024, 2026……. By then, she should have most of her children signed up with Antifa, BLM, Communist Party,…….

  4. As I predicted. In the end, the judges will do essentially everything the Left wants. They might throw the Administration a bone, but almost all Alaskan judges are “woke” and will do whatever is necessary to further the Left’s agenda. “Equal Justice Under Law” is a complete joke for these people.

  5. George McLaughlin, author of our judicial selection process, claimed that if adopted, ours would be “the most modern, most liberal, most workable judiciary article of all the constitutions of all the 49 states”. Seems prophetic.

  6. Why are Democrats afraid of putting their name on a candidate’s ballot? Weird. Maybe it’s because they want to appeal to a wider market of voters? Funny thing is that marketing has its limitations, you actually have to be independent with fresh original ideas to be considered an independent in this market.

    Leftist Judges can only do so much to help their political allies. This silly woman is doomed to get her butt handed to her, again… We need to have more faith in the voting public.

  7. Galvin is a cry baby. She ran on the Democrat ticket is funded by Democrat Groups she is a Dam Democrat and not an undeclared. She will be defeated again and go home crying.

  8. So, if one wants to delay, postpone or just confuse an election, simply file a suit and the entire election process grinds to a halt? The election schedule has been widely known for some time. If the ‘lawsuit’ is filed late in the run-up to the election (like now), with a questionable excuse, at best, and given the authority to halt or modify the election, the election process itself is in question. Only with a liberal, leftist judiciary to support the disadvantaged liberal, leftist candidate, is this possible. A fracture in Alaska’s and America’s Constitution. I am quite sure a conservative candidate would receive slightly to extremely different treatment under the same circumstances. Timing is crucial to the end game for the left. Delay, confuse, any mayhem available is being thrown out by them to hinder a fair election. Worse to come. We must stay on our toes with watchful eyes and alert ears.
    Voting is good for your health. Do it as often as possible.

  9. It’s because they want to hide who they really are! If candidates like Ms. Galvin spelled out their real agenda, they would never win. Even she knows she’s toxic.

    • Wildlupine, you are correct. Also, both Gross and Galvin could have skipped the primary altogether and just waited to run on the general election ballot truly as “I”, “N” or “U”. But, the aware public still would know their real affiliation because of where their campaign funds come from and their rhetoric.

  10. The election laws in Alaska are detailed and easy to read. This idiot candidate, that couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel, KNEW she was going to be the Democratic candidate when she started running. She also KNEW she was getting , and is getting, financial support form the Democratic Party. The judge is an idiot to fail to identify these salient points in this case. If these judges continue to impose their political will on the public, they are failing in the separate but equal branches of government the republic is based on, where the judicial branch is supposed to be impartial, basing their decisions on the law.

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