Why does liberal billionaire George Soros back so-called independent Al Gross?


Alaska, your country needs you now more than ever. Our nation’s cold civil war is raging. The next major battle in the conflict comes November 3, when Americans will choose between a freedom-loving, free market based, capitalist country or one controlled and micromanaged by special interest-oriented, power-hungry Leftists. 

What would a Joe Biden run country look like? Look at how much damage the hard-left mayor of Anchorage has done to Alaska’s most populated city in the past five and a half years. 

Today’s Democrat Party has been highjacked by the hard Left. The days of John F. Kennedy and Tip O’Neill are gone. Today’s Democrats are so crazy and radical, they bring swift destruction anywhere they’re given power. Look at most of the Democrat-run cities in America today. Can you imagine handing over an entire country to this crowd? 

It’s highly unlikely Alaskans would choose Biden over Donald Trump in November considering he’s done more for the state than any president in recent history. Trump’s signed legislation opening ANWR, boosted Alaska’s military presence, and put an end to the anti-development ways of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. 

But Trump’s victory is one of three major battles we must win in November if our nation is to avoid going the way of Venezuela where most of us are forced to scavenge for food out of garbage dumpsters. Alaskans will play a crucial role in the second and third battles.  

Republicans must retain control of the Senate. The anti-America, anti-cop, anti-capitalist Left in the Lower-48 see Alaska as a cheap Senate seat. They’ve poured millions into the campaign of so-called independent candidate Al Gross in an attempt to take out incumbent Dan Sullivan.  

Gross is not an independent. Not even close. His contributors include one of the wealthiest financiers of the hard-Left movement sweeping the nation, billionaire George Soros. If there’s a move to negate capitalism and usher in anarchy in the country, Soros’ cash is behind it.  

The Anchorage Daily News would never in a million years report Gross’ connection to Soros. It’s no small irony that the ADN is also Soros funded, as ProPublica, a Soros-supported organization, funnels money to the state’s largest newspaper to underwrite reporting.

The media also won’t tell you more than 90% of the money Gross has contributed to other candidates has gone to Leftist Democrats. And did you know Gross has changed his party affiliation six times in the past 20 years? Gross is whatever he needs to be to get elected. This go around, he’s pretending to be an independent. Don’t be fooled by this chameleon. 

Gross claims he’s pro-Second Amendment but has publicly supported universal background checks. And he claims to oppose Medicare for all but has written several opinion columns favoring the idea. He’s also tweeted in favor of Medicare for all. 

Republicans currently hold a three-seat edge in the Senate.  Several Republicans are in tough races across the country, including longtime incumbent Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Incumbent Republicans Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Martha McSally of Arizona are both behind in the polls in their respective races. Democrats will lose a seat as Alabama Sen. Doug Jones is expected to lose his race against Republican Tommy Tuberville.   

Montana, North Carolina, Iowa, and Georgia all have what are considered toss-up races for the Senate. 

The bottom line is Soros and his fellow hard-core Leftists wouldn’t dump millions into Alaska’s Senate race if they didn’t believe Gross could fool enough voters to unseat Sullivan.

Soros and crew must have faith in Alaskan’s proclivity to send Leftists to the Senate. Voters have repeatedly re-elected Leftist Lisa Murkowski and even sent a Democrat, Mark Begich, to the Senate.

Unfortunately, those two played a pivotal role in giving the nation the disaster that is Obamacare. Begich was the deciding vote that gave us Obamacare and Murkowski cast the deciding vote that saved it when Trump attempted to repeal the legislation. 

If Gross can use his millions in out-of-state contributions and trick enough Alaskans to support him, it would be a disaster for the state and the nation. Can you imagine Alaska sending two Leftwing, anti-Trumpers, Murkowski and Gross to the Senate? Talk about economic suicide. 

The third crucial November battle we must win to maintain the survival of our nation comes with the Republican’s ability to win back control of the House. Once again, Alaskans play a key role. They must send the most senior member of the House, Republican Don Young back to the capitol.  

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has endorsed Young’s opponent, Leftist Alyse Galvin. What more do you really need to know in that race? 

Republicans need to pick up 17-seats to win back the House. It would be 18 if Galvin defeats Young. 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive radio show on Newsradio 650, KENI, weekdays between 5:30 and 8 am. 


  1. I didn’t think this read like a Suzanne Downing piece. With Dan Fagan’s pic there, I get it. I like the phrase “cold civil war raging”, because clearly there is a takeover of America in progress. Whether we will break free from the Globalist-Left takeover remains to be seen. Fagan frames the conflict along traditional party lines, even if the Dems are no longer traditional. Certainly this war for America is going to be fought on more than one front. The extension of a so-called crisis or emergency over the Corona Virus is being fueled by false science and an over zealous Mainstream Media. Their purpose is to extend the Mandates that are crippling our society, our public life, and our economy. The ultimate aim of the Global-Left movement is to bring down the United States of America. George Soros is aptly named as one of key players trying to accomplish that aim. This is no longer a New World Order conspiracy theory. They have made their purpose known, and have shown how much power they have already. Regaining control of our Country, and our Constitutional Rights, is now the goal of Americans everywhere. When a new president is not declared on November 3rd, we can expect the Left to rachet up its activities, since they have vowed to not let Trump return to Office. We need to end the so-called medical Mandates as soon as possible, and get our country back to the real normal…

  2. Dan is so correct. While Berkowitz has been mayor, look what’s happened to Anchorage. Compare our city with conservatively run Fairbanks. Since 2015 Fairbanks has had a booming economy, with many new business popping up in the downtown area. Some are calling it Silicon Valley North because Tesla and other tech companies are opening facilities there. I heard there may soon be a new Trump Hotel in the building formerly occupied by the Polaris Hotel. Unlike Anchorage, Fairbanks is a very conservative city with a bright future.

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