Breaking: Alyse Galvin sues Division of Elections over transparency ballot


Candidate for U.S. Alyse Galvin has filed a lawsuit against the Division of Elections because, although she sought the nomination of the Democratic Party, she wants the Division of Elections to tell voters that she is an independent on the General Election ballots.

The Division has decided that those “independents” who run on the Democrat primary ballot will be labeled as … yes … winners of the Democrat primary.

Galvin has not been completely authentic with Alaskans. She has run against Congressman Don Young with the blessing and endorsement of the Democratic Party, and with Democrat resources, donors, and tools, such as ActBlue.

Now she is trying to run away from the party and has filed a lawsuit to force the Division of Elections to sanction her shapeshifting candidacy.

More details as they become available. Related story below.


  1. Well, “Alyse”.. If you’re running on a independent ticket and you’re getting a recommendation from none other than “we’ll have to pass it to see what’s inside” Pelosi, you are most likely a communist -er democrat. Covering up your political views with “independent” does not make you anymore appealing.

      • Actually, that gas-bag doc is worse. What a pile of manure he is. Biggest phoney to ever run for office in Alaska. All Sullivan has to do is put recordings of Gross’ voice on the radio and Sullivan will get votes.

        • Trash talk from you Paul. If half of what Dr Gross says about himself on his very impressive Tv ads is true he has accomplished more than you or I put together!! He is by all acclaims an accomplished Alaskan. I am a staunch but reasonable Alaskan Republican!!

  2. You run in the Democrat Primary you are a Democrat I don’t care what you say. She needs to be heckled if she does any public appearances

    • Exactly! Cannot agree more.

      In order for your name to appear on the Party’s primary ballot, you should be a card carrying registered member of that Party. Bernie Sanders should not have been allowed on the Debate stage with the Democrats, Al Gross and Alyse Galvin should not have appeared on the Dem Primary Ballot in Alaska.

      Either own up, and declare you are a member of the party, or sit down.

      Besides, I have yet to meet an “independent” that is not a dyed in the wool full blown Democrat. Simple test, ask them when they last voted for a Republican. Do not be surprised if they cannot answer.

    • Careful with the all inclusive labeling Greg, this is a fellow Alaskan. I’m not her supporter but realize that politics involves give and take. Nobody’s politics are 100% bad as you seem to imply!!

  3. Folks needs to keep in mind that the matter now goes in front of a judge who is very likely to HATE everyone and everything remotely conservative. To reach the desired outcome, the judge will contort the statutes and case law beyond recognition. Much of it will have a “the words say this but that isn’t what they mean here” flow. And this is my point: So much of what the Left does is based on explaining – lying – that “yes” really means “no.”. Time and time again I have seen people of the Left tell absolute lies about the nature of things to obtain a desired result. Ms. Galvin’s candidacy is of the same stripe — she is running as an independent but that actually means democrat. (wink-wink). I predict that Ms. Galvin will win her legal fight. That said, the public needs to put an end to accepting the lies of the Left. We may have very little time remaining.

    • Spot on JMARK! I could not agree more. The Alaska judiciary has gone far left. Probably 3/4 of the judges are quite liberal, many appointed by Walker. If Galvin’s case gets assigned to a judge that will decide the case on the merits and not the political party they favor, all she will do is exercise her peremptory challenge and the case will be reassigned. And very very likely to a strong left leaning judge.

    • JMARK, we were both correct about the likelihood of Galvan getting an Alaska judge to side with her. Judge Jennifer Henderson just ruled in her favor. And, yes, she was appointed by Walker. She ordered the state to stop
      Printing ballots. This after the State has already printed around 3/4 million of them.

  4. Marna Sanford is running as an Independent for State Senate in John Coghill’s district. Sanford is another Democrat who wants to Recall Dunleavy. Another liar, hoping to fool the public.

  5. It’s called a coalition, people. Not everyone has to belong to a single group. Sometimes interests overlap. Like the KKK and the GOP. Lots of KKK members vote GOP, but their heart belongs to National Socialism or Christian Identity parties. You get that, right? And lots of GOP die-hards attend KKK rallies, but they’re Republicans first.

    • Uh, KKK is a democratic organization. Always has been. It wasn’t republicans standing against civil rights,, it was Southern Democrats until LBJ decided to mutate it to their benefit. Eisenhauer sent in the National Guard to integrate schools. You should study real history instead of espousing ignorance.

      • Ha. Between 1860 and 1936 the Southern Democrats and the Republicans engaged in an ideological shift that was cemented with Republican opposition to the new deal in 1936. It’s pretty clear none of you have a connection with the deep South, because no one that does would connect the Klan with today’s Democratic party. So you can BS all you want, but I’m right. It’s a well documented, if not slightly baffling, piece of US political history that hinges in large part on Williams Jennings Bryan’s break from standard 1800’s Democratic dogma when he broke party ranks and advocated for social justice reforms (vis-a-vis ending segregation). Surprising the Democrats followed him into this antithetical territory instead of booting him. For a while, both party fought for federal expansion and the social justice high ground, but after a few decades Republicans started pandering states rights as a means to garner a new electorate in the South. And voila, today’s racist political party of Redumblicans was born.

        • Why you’re right there, Bubba. I remember those great new democrat fighters for racial justice, George Wallace and Bull Connor. And who could forget Lester Maddox and the way he welcomed everyone to his restaurant long before integration became mainstream. Those generous folks in Georgia rewarded his calls for racial tolerance by electing him governor (and those nasty people at the NYT called him an “archsegregationist,” so unfair). Why if people had just listened to those ‘new’ democrats think of how great we could be today and everyone could just gather and sing Kumbaya instead of rioting in the streets.

          • When you’re right you’re right. Those guys were definitely racist dirt bags and Democratic leaders in their states. But as you also probably know those guys were on the opposite spectrum from Lyndon Johnson, also a Southern Democrat, whose policies forced Southern Democrat segregationists over to the Republican Party. Which is why the Rep party dominates in southern states today, 60 years later.

    • You mean like Richard Spencer, a renowned “American neo-Nazi, antisemitic conspiracy theorist and white supremacist who is known for his activism on behalf of the alt-right movement in 2016 and 2017” (per Wikipedia) that has endorsed Harris/Biden because their socialist and segregation proposals?
      The real issue is that most voters don’t really pay attention to who they’re voting for. Most voters just blindly look for the R or D after their name and then get upset when the politician isn’t what the voters expected. This is problematic in both the Republican and Democrat parties.

      • Beth, I think you’ve cherry picked a single example and tried to extrapolate it onto a large population, which is a big statistical no-no and generally meaningless. But I will agree wholeheartedly with your second paragraph.

    • B:
      The KKK was started in the Deep South by dEMOCRATS. You keep coming to MRAK with your lies. You are so predictable. Did you donate to MRAK to justify posting your bs comments?

      • To expand on it a bit. The Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democrat party after the Civil War. That idea has rolled forward a bit today with BLM & AntiFa filling those roles. Same idea. Different names. Same party being supported. Cheers –

      • Judy, you’re a muddy swamp of an intellect. And no, I still didn’t pay for my comments. SD can delete them if she is charging admission. But to her credit, she often lets me have my say anyway.

    • B, you mean the Democrat Party? The Party of the Klan? Your statements are a lie, and you must either be stupid or a liar. Republicans are the party of emancipation and pushed through the voting rights act of 1964.

    • Johnson was probably the most avowed racist of all, an absolutely despicable human being. But he was a great politician with no moral compass whatsoever, willing to hold a finger to the wind to pick his stance for the moment. Much like Joe Biden, Al Gross and Alyse, they all make the story fit the political wind. Unfortunately today, for them, history is much more accessible in media and speeches once made return to haunt.

  6. Alyse quit hiding and come out of the closet. Look at everybody that has the courage to admit who they are. Your a phoney.

    • Okay, Mark… um… wait, that’s Mark who? Feels like you’re hiding buddy. And yes, I’m a phony B. Way less genuine than the real B’s out there.

  7. Manipulation of our election system for her personal benefit is what she is doing. Plus trying to deceive Alaska voters. Right there is why I would not vote for her even if I agreed with her politics. She is being deceptive as to her political positions. Trying to get people to believe she is someone she is not.

  8. Using deception to boost your candidacy shows a certain level of deviancy. Same with Al Gross. If you listen to his ads, he complains about Sullivan voting with Republicans most of the time. That’s a plus for me! Galvin’s perky little ads attempt to show her as a normal person, but just remember where she comes from.

  9. North Pole Patriot is correct. Marna Sanford -at the Lio office contorted herself as someone spoke about LGBTQ discussions. She says she cares about our community-she does not (my opinion of course). She appears in a closed video at Chief Isaac hospital to tell all natives that they need to recall Dunleavy (a friend sent me the audio of it). But then tries to worm herself into the conservatives grace by saying we are more alike than we realize. Nope-it sounds like a big fatty lie (again-my opinion) -Robb Meyers is the choice (my opinion) to fill Coghills boots

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