Candidate development workshops offered


The Alaska Family Council and the Leadership Institute offer workshops for candidates this week.

The Candidate Development Workshop is designed to build on the Campaign Management Workshop. The program helps current and prospective candidates identify the steps needed to run a successful campaign. 

The workshop focuses on personal and political preparation for future service as an elected official and community leader. Additional on-demand content, which complements this material, is available to program enrollees. 

Ideal attendees for the Candidate Development Workshop are individuals who are looking to become more politically active. Candidates, campaign staff, and volunteers involved at any level should attend.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Organize a campaign staff and structure
• Raise funds
• Work with the media
• Communicate with voters

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  1. This ad actually says that conservatives don’t have the strength to use a dull ax, suggesting also that democrats do. Interesting.

    • Using that line of logic, you are suggesting Democrats are far too ignorant to use the proper tool for the job, while conservatives are not.

  2. A quick search on Alaska Family Council’s website shows some very interesting content.
    First was a pop up that states Alaska is a “Red state, saddled with a Blue horse”?
    Not sure what that means?
    Next was pro life, pro marriage and pro religious liberties statements regarding their organization?
    Does not seem like this organization is really in touch with 2020 and the issues that modern voters find important these days?
    It is interesting that the GOP still stands behind the wording of “conservative” when they are leading us to the largest national debt in the history of this nation…there is nothing “conservative” about Trillion dollar bail outs to national corporations.

    • Steve, I agree with you about the debit issue but how is ‘modern’ antithetical to marriage, Religious liberty, sanctity of life? I would say the pummeling of these institutions are part, if not predominantly, why our country is in such a mess.

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