Trump tweets: ‘No politics in Pebble decision’


President Donald Trump has finally spoken, and he has said unequivocally that he’ll do what’s right for Alaska, and there will be no politics in the decision on the Pebble Project mine record of decision — the environmental document that will govern whether or not the mine can proceed.

In recent weeks, environmental groups and their surrogates in the media have posted widely that the Trump Administration has killed the mining project, which is controversial both in and out of Alaska.

Headlines in Politico, The Washington Post, and the Anchorage Daily News said that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had purposely set such a high bar for the Pebble Project that the mine would never be able to meet the environmental mitigation standard. And Donald Trump Jr. came out against development of the mine.

“Trump set to block controversial Alaska gold mine,” said the headline at Politico, which broke that story on Aug. 22. “The about-face by the administration likely signals more issues with this specific mine than a sea change in Trump’s overall support for big development projects.”

Later, the corps sent a letter stating that the process described in explosive terms by the media was really just part of the usual mitigation process that is now being defined — how will the Pebble Partnership make up for lost wetlands at its proposed mine in Western Alaska? How will it protect the valuable fisheries in Bristol Bay? The environmental process laid out is very specific and typically requires millions of dollars of work to complete.

The Pebble Partnership responded to the president’s surprise tweet: “We thank President Trump for keeping his word. All Pebble has asked for is a fair shake and we look forward to getting our Record of Decision this Fall.


  1. You can’t trust Trump on anything. Where is the wall? Where is the new health plan? Where is the infrastructure he promised?

    This is a desperate attempt to save the Senate seat for Dan Sullivan. It means’s he knows Sullivan’s in trouble.

    • Sullivan and Trump are both safe. Where have you been? Take a drive down to Texas border way and you’ll see hundreds of miles of new wall. why not try working with the president instead of nipping at his heels like pelosi does? Little yipper!

    • Why don’t you just stick to your own pitiful blog instead of trying to hijack this one? You know that Trump has been on the radical liberals hit list since before he was elected. With the pitiful house trying to block every thing he’s trying to accomplish, you mentioned just a few of the many things that he hasn’t followed through on yet.. what about making NATO countries pay for their own protection? What about the peace agreement? He’s built much of the wall and it continues to be constructed so we won’t even go there again. Mexico has paid for the wall with trade agreements and tariffs. All you losers want to do is try to tear a good man and a good country down but you’re never successful. Good will always prevail over the bad unless the bad is very very lucky. Just look at Hillary.

  2. Very happy to hear Trump is finally going to support more mining here in Alaska. This mine in particular got a lot of bad negative press, but if you do the research, they are building it nowhere near where the salmon spawn. The Army of Engineers already stated that the mine seemed to meet all the environmental requirements.

  3. We all know that for the process in the law for any Alaska development – mine, ANWR, timber sale, road access, etc. – to be followed President Trump must remain in office. It’s very easy to see what the Green New Deal says they will do with Alaska should they win the White House.

  4. Great news. Now if we can only get Tucker Carlson to present both sides of the argument on his nightly show…….

    He had the founder of Bass Pro Shops and a lodge owner on in Aug and last Fri to rail against Pebble. Multiple attempts by Alaskans to discuss the other side have been ignored. Sadly, Tucker is well on his way to becoming that which he deigns to hate the most. Cheers –

    • You might not know that Fox news is controlled by a liberal Democratic media. They offer a rebuttal source for conservatives to watch but it’s all about the ratings. The upper echelons are just as bad as fake news on CNN.

    • I’m glad you brought that Tucker problem up. I was so mad when he had those interviews without the other side. I usually like most of what he discusses but to just fall for the BS without someone from the mine to comment was wrong. I guess you were saying people had tried to contact the show and didn’t get a reply? Very sad.

      • Yes, many of us sat up and yelled at the screen when Tucker pulled that one. I never thought he would believe the “Greenies” over real Alaskans. I’m not sure how to contact someone like him but I wish we could figure it out. I tried and have been ignored. Donald, Jr., the great white hunter, has also come out with negatives. Of course Jr. has probably paid $20,000 for a private hunting experience from some elitist lodge owner.

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