Jamie Heinz chosen as next city clerk to administer Anchorage elections


Jamie Heinz has been appointed as the acting Anchorage Municipal Clerk following the retirement of Clerk Barbara Jones, who retires at the end of June. The decision was made by the Anchorage Assembly, who cited Heinz’s experience in municipal administration and elections as the basis for their selection. The formal approval of Heinz’s appointment, scheduled for the Assembly’s regular meeting on June 23, is all but certain.

Heinz’s responsibilities as the Anchorage Municipal Clerk will encompass overseeing the Anchorage Assembly and managing the administration of the city’s primarily mail-in ballot elections. The importance of these duties directly impact the fairness and transparency of the electoral process, as well as the efficiency of local government operations.

Assembly Chair Christopher Constant, who nominated Heinz for the position, highlighted her supposed track record of leadership in public service within the Municipality and other Alaskan jurisdictions. In a written statement, Constant said Heinz will carry on the traditions of Jones.

According to Constant, a national search was conducted before settling on Heinz as the next Municipal Clerk. The vote will be taken in the absence of Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, who has disappeared for an extended period that she described as medical leave. But the vote is likely to be unanimous for Heinz.


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    • Interestingly, other Americans share your view.
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  2. Quote – “In a written statement, Constant said Heinz will carry on the traditions of Jones.” Nothing more need be said. More of same.

  3. If I was on the Assembly I’d put a little Christian flag in front of me. Heheheheheh. And! If we are lucky Barbara will retire out of state like all other former leaders do go.

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  5. Anyone the Assembly hires, votes in, I wouldn’t trust to be honest in elections, Only if Mayor Bronson is behind her.. we’ll just have to see what/how she’ll really handle the voting.

  6. “Constant said Heinz will carry on the traditions of Jones.”
    In other words, she will continue to blindly support the leftist/statist agenda of the marxist 9 (or is it 10 now?) without regard to the wishes of the city’s population.

  7. As long as mail-in ballots and RCV exist in Alaska, you will never see another honest election. Stop voter fraud now! Prevent Alaska from turning into another cesspool like California or Washington State. Both of these States have now passed bills that will illegally take your child if you do not allow them to mutilate their bodies in transition surgery. Do not allow your State to become the next dictatorship in America.

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