Peltola votes ‘no’ with losing-side Democrats, but U.S. House passes separation-of-powers bill


On Thursday, Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola voted with all Democrats against the Separation of Powers Restoration Act, a bill aimed at reinforcing the separation of powers in the United States government. The legislation, also known as SOPRA, passed in the U.S. House of Representatives with a mostly party-line vote of 220-211.

H.R. 288 addresses a long-standing concern regarding the ballooning power of the executive branch in relation to federal regulatory authority.

SOPRA would shift some of the authority back to Congress, curtailing what some conservatives see as excessive regulation by the White House that costs American citizens greatly.

At the core of the issue is a 1984 Supreme Court case, Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, which introduced the concept of “Chevron deference.”

This so-called Chevron defense suggests that courts should defer to federal agencies’ interpretations of statutes, as long as those interpretations are considered reasonable. Over the years, this doctrine has given federal agencies enormous power to put their boots on the throats of Americans and American businesses.

Rep. Scott Fitzgerald, a Republican from Wisconsin and the sponsor of SOPRA, argued that the Chevron ruling had granted the executive branch undue authority to regulate without proper checks and balances, often conflicting with Congress’s original intentions of legislation passed.

The passage of SOPRA represents a difference between Democrats, who long for more regulation and shutdown of American business, and Republicans, who have long sought to rein in the powers of federal agencies and restore legislative authority.

By taking steps to limit the ability of executive agencies to impose regulations unilaterally, proponents of the bill aim to ensure the laws made by the legislative branch are not expanded on incrementally by the White House and its agencies.

Rep. Peltola’s decision to vote against the bill draws attention to how she is wedded to Democrats and the Biden Administration, and the role of Big Government in the lives of Americans.


  1. Look at all of those Biden-loving, ultra-extremist, liberal Democrat women in the photo. These are the radical women that currently control our country. Joe Biden does whatever they tell him to do because Joe Biden has not a brain remaining cell in his head. These are nasty women who hate traditional American values, and despise Christian values.

    • Very true, Naomi. Most of radical women in Congress have been in the making for decades, taking their cues from NOW and the drug culture of the 60’s. These women have intended to take over American culture and dilute a strong national defense by arresting power from the men who have protected women for centuries. What we have now are a bunch of sissy boys from the LGBTQ world who side with the radical feminists. eg… Joe Biden. Trump has a strong male presence and they hate him for it. If you examine where most of the hate and transformationists come from, you will see it’s mostly radical feminists, lesbians, homosexuals and weak men. This is the largest group obstacle Trump must overcome. Our civilation, country, and traditional culture must be restored.

      • I feel sorry for the men who are stuck in marriage to these types of women; they are shackled and chained to a bunch of power-hungry screaming little Marxists ruining our great country. No wonder the Communist Chinese are on the move, building listening posts and rapidly expanding their military operations. With these miserable women in charge, the USA is a sitting duck to rapid invasion by our enemy. Good men can no longer stand idly by and watch this destruction being perpetrated by lesbians in Congress. Time to ACT!

  2. The Chevron doctrine is a major cause of why we are where we are.

    It allows Congress not to do their jobs (House most of all) and gives nearly unaccountable power to the apparatchiks in the Swamp.

    It’s basically Soviet style government. The ruling few set the agenda and the apparatchiks run our lives.

    Of course Mary would object to this.

  3. She only votes one way. She is lead around by her nose hitch and told when to jump and how high. What a puppet of the power group.

  4. The Same concern of ballooning executive branch powers was a major concern among Democrats under Little Bushy Jo-Jo Jr, and now the tide has turned. The Republicans even have the front running anti-war candidate. Amazing times.

  5. Again, Suzanne, all you really needed to do here was repetition #178 of the statement “Mary Peltola votes once again to support the globalist establishment and deep state party line.”
    With her, it’s the same thing over, and over, and over.

  6. To be fair, she did vote w/ the conservatives on 2 issues, a gun rights issue & gas stoves (how silly is that BS?)
    But of course she still needs to go, she’s no Don Young.
    WE need ONE good candidate to oust her. ONE!!!!!
    Perhaps AK needs “a Wall” …. to keep S. Palin out.

    • Peltola voted no on the gas stove legislation and which gun rights issue did she vote in support of?

      • She sided with Conservatives to pass a bill stating that Congress did not intend for “stabilizing braces” to be considered equivalent to stocks when interpreting the definition of “short-barreled rifle” per the National Firearms Act (NFA).

        It still needs to pass in the Senate and Biden will most definitely veto the bill if it does pass in both houses, so it will never become law. However, even after Biden vetoes the bill, when the courts start hearing criminal and civil cases resulting from the pistol brace ban, it will be really, really hard for the ATF to argue that Congress intended to prohibit braced AR and AK pistols with the NFA when Congress itself passed a bill explicitly saying that Congress actually intended no such thing.

      • Perhaps she voted Yes on the silly gas stove rule …. idn how they worded it.
        She voted w/ conservatives to ban future bans on gas appliances.
        In Bethel & bush AK almost everybody has a propane fueled kitchen stove.

  7. I saw that picture at the Museum of Modern Art.
    It’s called A Mob of Thieves and Grifters in White.

  8. I don’t know how any of you can say for certain if there are any women in that photo above. I think most of them identify as swamp creatures, and I’m not sure if swamp creatures have women at all.

  9. Is Mary a registered Republicaton? Why can’t we censure her and kick her out of the party? Would it make any difference? Would she win again anyway? At least it would lessen her deception.

      • No.
        2 time, 3rd place loser faux conservative Begich brought us here.
        Oh yeah, he shot a gun in his campaign ads – so he must be conservative.

        • Done with it, Correction, it was not the young, cerebral, successful, hard working, conservative named Nick that brought you Mary Mary, quite constitutionally contrary. It was the Palinbots adoration of Sarah the unstable screecher that insured Mary of many names victory, (along with Sarah’s and Mary’s cozy friendship…) I mean it wasn’t like Sarah didn’t already have a long history of screwing Alaska over, her endorsement of Billy Walker alone should have made her toxic to her fan base, but it didn’t.
          You were had, but maybe you like it?

  10. “H.R. 288 addresses a long-standing concern regarding the ballooning power of the executive branch in relation to federal regulatory authority.”
    Had this been brought to the house during the Trump administration, the Democrats would be 100% behind it.

  11. On the other hand Peltola broke with Democrats on gas stove and pistol brace issues. It seems like whoever decides on which news to report on this website has an agenda. Any chance of that?

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