Jamie Allard: Our flag unites us as Americans, embracing our differences



On Flag Day we pay tribute to a symbol of freedom that is known the world over as a beacon of hope and justice, that sweet Old Glory, our American Flag.

The Stars and Stripes were adopted by the Continental Congress in 1777. Red for valor, white for purity, and blue for loyalty. Stars for a new constellation. Congress knew this great experiment of democracy, representation, and equality deserved an emblem worthy of the allegiance of a new nation as monumental as new stars in the sky.

Nearly 250 years later, the flag of the United States of America still stands for liberty. She has painted history red, white, and blue as she blazed a path against tyranny in all its forms. She is a formidable foe to all those who threaten freedom and a fierce friend to the oppressed and downtrodden. She has inspired poems and songs and is the shroud of honor for our fallen heroes, who gave their all in service to the ideals for which she stands. There is no greater love than to lay your life down for your friends.

I wonder if that first Congress could ever fathom just how far their flag has flown. From humble beginnings, they dared to dream of a new world where we all have a voice. The Stars and Stripes have carried that vision forward on the shoulders of the courageous men and women who dare to dream of a more perfect Union.

Embodied by those American pioneers, Old Glory has transcended new frontiers and is firmly planted in the depths of the human spirit. From the shores of Tripoli to the top of Mount Everest, from Eagle River, Alaska, to the surface of the moon, she waves in honor of those who have built her legacy and those who will carry her values into the future.

Flag Day is a time to pay tribute to the extraordinary journey of the American people, remembering our moments of triumph and our strength in adversity.

Flag Day reminds us that the responsibility to carry the values of the flag into the future rests on each and every one of us. Her success depends on our willingness to engage in our government, invest in our communities, and diligently teach our children the power of freedom.

Our flag unites us as Americans, embracing our differences and reminding us that we are a nation of individuals, as equal and unique as the 50 stars. The stripes remind us of the struggle for independence, that freedom isn’t free.

Our flag is a powerful symbol that brings together people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and walks of life under a common purpose. As we celebrate Flag Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to the principles that our flag embodies: red for valor, white for purity, and blue for loyalty both to freedom and to each other.

Let us also remember the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our flag and the freedoms it represents. We honor our soldiers and acknowledge that we owe the safety and liberty of our shores to their loyalty and service. Their dedication and courage inspires us to live up to the ideals of the Stars and Stripes and to never take our freedom for granted.

Let us take a moment to reflect on the powerful symbolism of our flag. Let us recognize its role as a unifying force and a faithful reminder of the values that make our nation strong. May we always cherish and protect the freedoms it represents, and may we be inspired to work together to build a brighter and more prosperous future, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Thank you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Rep. Jamie Allard serves in the Alaska House of Representatives for Eagle River. These were her remarks for the Elks Club in Eagle River Sunday.


  1. That’s a military flag. The civilian flag looks a lot different. It was like the old Coast Guard flag except it had stars instead of an eagle. The Coast Guard flag used to fly over Eagle Alaska by the Yukon River in the old days. I have a black and white picture of it. Are we civilians or are we all military?

    • Just simply be honest and state that you’re not proud of your flag and country. Sure, we can all say that the civilian flag isn’t adorned with a gold fringe border and an eagle on the top of the pole but, this article isn’t about that. It’s about the meaning of our flag which, coincidentally allows you the freedom to be honest.

    • Every country in the world has a flag representing the people of its nation.
      In this case, We the People of America, including you and your negativity and hatred. You are free to speak out due to those of us that served, those that are serving and, most importantly, those that have given their lives in support of Our Nation and your and my rights.
      Thank you Jamie, well said.

  2. The US military has decided to stop promoting White men until they are less than 40% of all enlisted officers. Not because more qualified minority candidates were rejected, but because not enough minority candidates achieve the predetermined qualifications.

    A tiny subset of the population is exclusively given officer command positions of the USAF nuclear missile command, no questions asked.

    Why would any sane White man continue serving in the US military under these conditions?

    • To represent our nation, to fight for your and my rights. To stand up when called to action by the nation. That said, maybe not so much for THIS president, Lets go brandon. When the dust settles, and the bidens are in handcuffs, it will be time to sign up to support our nation.
      Till then, support our flag and support those that are serving under other than the best of circumstances.
      We must all fight to preserve our freedoms, that includes voting against ALL democrats and ALL rinos as they are representative of the global elites trying to destroy our freedoms.

      • Yes, a one-party system sounds very democratic and just what the Founders envisioned. You’re a real freedom fighter.

        • we live under a one party system right now the fighting between 95% of the dems & repubs is simply pro wrestelling kfabe

  3. A well written reminder of what our flag represents to most of us. It makes me proud when I see a properly displayed flag. My father, a WW2 veteran, would stop at public buildings where the flag was not being displayed with respect and offer an informational pamphlet on its proper display. Intentional misuse of our flag was not tolerated by that generation, they knew what our flag represented as did anyone who had served our country. But to my father, who visited most of his wartime friends in the cemetery, it held special meaning. As it should.

  4. Thank you Jamie, well said.
    Our family has served in all wars since WWI until 2004. The next generations are in ROTC as well as scouting and 4h programs.
    We serve our nation best when we support our nation and her citizens.
    Happy birthday President Trump.

    • A lot of military welfare recipients in your family? And more to come I see.

      Make service to America manditory for all citizens.

      • Hi Maureen. Can you explain the connection between being in the military and being on welfare? Do you mean that in order to serve in the military, you’ll have to go on welfare in order to make ends meet? Or are you implying that simply being in the military is being ‘on welfare’?

        As to mandatory service for all citizens, not sure of the legality but I wouldn’t be opposed if found legal. Just insure that there are various programs besides the military. I personally like the idea of the Peace Corps or what Americorps started out as. Service to our country is not a bad thing after all.

  5. Spot on Trig. My Father as well as numerous Uncles also served and paid a heavy price and Their Flag was the only symbol of their service.

    When the flag burning started many years ago my Father as well as all other servicemen were kicked in the gut by the ignorant thankless fools who desecrated the only symbol they cherished so deeply. That public display (all protected under the umbrella of freedom) was the start of the division of our nation.

    I am sure they would all roll face down in their grave if they saw the White House display!

  6. I retired from the military for the simple fact that I live in the most incredible country in human history. And to be a part of this grand experiment, I felt that I should not simply exist here, but that I needed to repay, at least in some small portion, all of the sweat, toil, and blood that has brought us to this point. So, if you are an American citizen and you support a free and independent society, then please join the rest of us, your fellow citizens, in being thankful for the circumstances that have us all living here, at this time.

    And remember that if you salute the flag, as I do, or pledge allegiance to the flag, we are paying respect, NOT to a piece of cloth, but for an idea. The idea that all of US can live together, regardless of skin color, religion, economic situation, or even politics.

    For the rest of you, may I recommend Canada . . . .

  7. In the sixties when the “Hippies” and war protestors started wearing the flag as an article of clothing and using it as picnic blankets for their drug fueled orgies in Golden Gate Park in SF that was a bad sign of where we were headed.

    Then when the servicemen returning from Nam were insulted as well as kicked and spit upon by this same group was another sign of the future if America.

    Scary to think where and when we hit bottom?
    My guess it will be very ugly and bloody just as the civil war was and that was only about slavery for the stubborn democrats refusal to give up on.

    History will repeat itself in some way.

  8. Today is also a good day to change out your worn and faded flags. The local posts can dispose of them properly. American ?? made flags are available. Lowes for one has them, many others. Kind of like changing your battery in the smoke detector. Sharen, the flag in the picture is a ceremonial flag, commonly used as a backdrop for speakers of high office. But you can google it. Nothing to do with the military, necessarily.

  9. Beautifully written, Jamie!

    The problem, of course, according to our Nation hating brethren, shall be that you are referring to Old Glory as ‘She’, as it should be, rather than some moronic ‘Transgender She’ which has no bearing unto the actual strength within that symbol of National strength and Unified endurance that is that Shining City on the Hill as was espoused by then President Ronald Reagan.

    Said Nation hating brethren have no concept of what Old Glory truly stands for, as they stand for everything that is the antithesis of that stance, and yet, are given that opportunity of that stance by the very freedom that Old Glory allows them.

    Ironic, is it not, that those pitiful haters, utilize the very freedom of Old Glory so as to denounce said freedom.

    Or should the term be pathetic?

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