Sullivan blasts Navy over failure to provide warship buildout plan


A group of U.S. senators, led by Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan, sent a letter to Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro, demanding he fulfill a commitment he made to provide a 30-year shipbuilding plan that meets the legal requirement for maintaining at least 31 amphibious warfare ships.

The letter, signed by senators from both sides of the aisle, including 13 members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, highlights concerns that the Navy has failed to meet the requirement and emphasizes the potential consequences for national security.

The issue stems from Secretary Del Toro’s presentation of a shipbuilding plan before the SASC in April, which did not reach the statutory minimum mandated by Congress.

The bill states, “The amphibious warfare ship force structure of the Navy must be maintained at 31, composed of 10 amphibious assault ships general-purpose and multi-purpose, and 21 amphibious transport dock types, in order to meet global commitments.” But the Biden Administration has turned the Navy’s focus to climate change and LGBTQ+ issues, not warfare readiness.

During a subsequent questioning session led by Sen. Sullivan earlier this year, the Navy Secretary committed to providing the required plan. But Del Toro never did.

The senators, in their formal letter to Del Toro, reminded him that the requirement is not a mere suggestion. The Navy’s violation of the law also poses a threat to the future effectiveness of the Joint Force, particularly in light of the national security threats in the Indo-Pacific region.

In their letter, senators request Secretary Del Toro asked that the updated plan be handed over by June 19.

Adding weight to the senators’ concerns, Gen. Eric Smith, the nominee to be the commandant of the Marine Corps, testified before the committee, stressing that the Corps cannot fulfill its global response mission without the minimum number of amphibious ships.

The provision requiring a minimum of 31 amphibious warships was originally authored by Sen. Sullivan and received unanimous support from both Democrats and Republicans on the SASC. It was subsequently signed into law as part of the FY 2023 National Defense Authorization Act.

Sullivan has been vocal about the Department of Defense’s failure to comply with Congress on this matter. In May, he argued on the Senate floor that the DOD’s defiance sets a dangerous precedent, erodes the rule of law, and undermines the authority of the American people’s elected representatives.


  1. good ole MIC Dan. maybe worry about getting us out of the Ukraine border disputes then perhaps they can focus

  2. The plan is simple! Spend lots of money with whatever contractor offers the biggest kickbacks its the Lisa Plan

  3. Maybe if he was allowed to name them after drag queens he might be more motivated.

    There’s a reason China and Russia are so aggressive these days. We’re not to be taken seriously.

    • There is a potential genius strategy. If the Chinese are laughing so hard they can’t fight, golden.

      Sadly, it’s an unhappy accident.

  4. Maybe, just Maybe(?), the US military leadership has higher priorities (ie: pronouns, drag shows, inclusivity, equity, diversity, and all things non-productive)???
    Maybe, just Maybe(?), Del Toro and Austin and Miley need to confer with their counterparts at the CCP, just to make sure it’s okay and non-confrontational and, not upsetting their feelings and emotions???
    Maybe, just Maybe(?), the US military leadership has a new fighting strategy based on overwhelming the potential enemies with kindness and affection?
    Maybe, just Maybe(?), the US military leadership plans to buy the enemies respect?

    With this current Administration and US military leadership, it seems as if they have a new strategy at winning potential conflicts and enemies. There must be something in the water (eg: estrogen) that’s affecting critical thought within the US military leadership?

  5. 31 amphibious warfare ships for what… ferrying illegal aliens across the Rio Grande?
    It’s a big world out there, but 21 amphibious transport dock types oughtta cover it.
    Port of Seattle shuts down for a dock strike, 21 amphibious transport dock types oughtta handle it, right?
    Taiwan, we have a problem. China Bill Walker’s people just found out American Marines are completely useless without 31 amphibious warfare ships.
    All China Bill Walker’s people have to do is make 52 more RBB’s and problem solved?
    What if there’s not enough pronouns to name all these vessels, or not enough woke sailors to person them,
    … or not enough Americans outside the military-industrial complex who give a damn because they don’t care to die in foreign wars they’re not allowed to win?
    Something’s wrong with this picture.

    • One thing wrong with Morrigan’s picture is that it is unfocused and seemingly based on fantastic lack of knowlege.

      • What a great, but sadly missed, opportunity to clear up the picture, educate the masses with cogent answers from a Master Strategist, no?

  6. I generally support the Senator on this but would be an enthusiastic supporter if Lockheed, Huntington Ingalls and General Dynamics had a presence in Alaska. The same could be said about the US Navy, actually. Kinda curious: Largest US coastal state – by far – directly facing Russia, China and North Korea. No naval bases. How does that work, exactly?

  7. They’re busy! Geez, don’t ya know it’s pride month! I live on a navy base & it’s insane to see the amount of resources invested into a topic that is allegedly criminal to talk about in the work place be endorsed by the government, though not entirely surprising. I seriously don’t care what people do but I do care about it being shoved in my face at the cost of not only morale of the force but a focused effort on National Defense! Imagine what the navy could do if it took the staggering amounts of money & other resources invested in political agendas & actually did their job!

  8. We have indeed become a banana “democracy” – the hair sniffer in chief gives away our equipment, our ammo, and refuses to buy more and his military “leaders” flip off the laws demanding they restock… We are tree-ripe for picking, peeling, and being eaten.

  9. He’s probably jockeying for a nomination to be the luggage-toting Veep candidate with Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, or Chris Christie.

  10. The insurrection is complete, rule of law is out, Democrat cartel rules will be enforced with Soviet style show trials, Sullivan will continue to pretend everything is normal. You have not even begun to suffer folks, just keep doing the same old same old. It is coming, it is coming for you, and no one is going to save you. Just sit there and enjoy what you have, because it will soon all be takin from you and most of you are too stupid too lazy and too cowardly to do a damn thing about it. And that is how we got here. Thanks for nothing.

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