Sullivan puts Navy secretary on hot seat for dabbling in climate change while ignoring military lethality


Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan blasted the Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro and Assistant Navy Secretary Meredith Berger last week for prioritizing climate change over shipbuilding and military readiness. The senator was asking why the Navy is not focusing on its shipbuilding plan — which is required by statute — but instead released its climate action plan.

“The Chinese military is not worried about climate change. It is worried about shipbuilding, hypersonics, and conducting a successful military invasion of Taiwan. Russia is not worried about climate change, it is worried about pushing its aggression deeper into Ukraine. And yet we have a secretary who’s releasing his climate action plan before it does anything on shipping. It’s remarkable. It’s outrageous. The only ones who are excited about it are Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin,” Sen Sullivan said.

Del Toro said it was his responsibility to “not waste taxpayer money on vessels that will never see the light of day.”

Although the Navy has been given procurement authority for amphibious vessels for three years in a row, Sullivan pointed out that for the third year in a row, the Navy has not procured the amphibs. He then said he wants Del Toro to come back to the committee soon and explain how he intends to follow the law.

“That’s your only option, Mr. Secretary.”

The shipbuilding plan that the Secretary of the Navy eventually released, after finishing its climate change plan, violates federal law because it doesn’t maintain the required minimum of 31 operational amphibious warships, as required by Congress in an amendment authored by Sullivan and passed last year.

Sullivan asked Berger why she thought the Navy can violate the law. Sullivan read from the Navy’s climate change plan, which includes “getting to 100% zero emission vehicles by 2035, including 100% zero emission light duty vehicle acquisition by 2027.” He then asked, “Is that remotely possible?”

Berger responded that “climate change is a threat to our installations and the investments that we make.”

Sullivan cut her short: “Do you think it was smart to get the climate action plan out before the 30-year shipbuilding plan out for the U.S. Navy? Was that a good use of priorities?”

Berger looked lost, mead, and dodged his question, instead saying that amphibious ships are used to provide humanitarian assistance in disaster relief.

The criticism comes at a time when the Navy is also being criticized for highlighting “nonbinary” members of the Navy in the social media accounts that the branch of military maintains, rather than focusing on projecting strength as a lethal fighting force.


  1. When our woke green military takes the field the opposition will laugh us of the field. We are a world joke right now and our Allie’s are looking for better leadership.

  2. Dan said something.
    Dan’s people called a few days ago and let me know that the covid shot was no longer required in the military. I had called his office when they were mandated and recommended that he stand against a experimental chemical being injected into every soldier. Dan didn’t even pitch for choice in the mandate and was complicit.
    I made the same call to Don Young and he sent me a letter recommending the covid cancer and clot boosters.
    The science coming in on the effects and aftermath of the injections is looking disastrous. ☠

    • Sullivan lead the charge on an amendment to eliminate the vaccine mandate for the military in the NDAA bill. The Democrats killed the amendment. Know your facts before you start whining on social media.

  3. He’s such a tough old butch when there is nothing on the line for him.

    When it actually matters he’s all “mother may I” to Princess.

  4. This article and similar coverage would benefit from some context regarding the threat that climate change poses to our military operations. The Navy and other branches have to respond to this threat along with others. This article seems to be unbalanced. The US military can’t afford to be.
    More complete coverage would be both helpful and responsible. The DOD’s analysis of the threats posed by climate change is at ‘

    • and covid was gonna wipe out Sweden if they didn’t lockdown. alarmists and charlatans always over exaggerate

    • We are in the process of moving the Overton Window to having everyone identify as Transclimate.

      Time for you to get on board, bruh.

    • The article seems unbalanced? LOL! More like our leaders, sir. They’re trying to stop the earth from breathing naturally, and Mother Nature will win. This is a natural cycle. Adapt.

    • Grow a pair and wake up, as this climate change has gone on for as long as the earth has existed and will continue forever. No matter how much we spend it isn’t going to matter. Look how Fire Island wind farm is so inefficient at 35% and solar is just as bad. Alaska and most of the world can’t survive on wind or solar power for every day living. This is a complete waste of tax payers money and a shifting of wealth to liberal establishments.

    • I’ll tell you what the level of threat to our military from so-called “climate change” actually is, David: zero.
      And I’ll further tell you the relevance of any supposed climate change to the putative defense posture and mission of our military: zero.
      You can take your ‘woke’, George Soros-paid, pro-globalist propaganda and shove it.

  5. I wish Swampy Dan (or Ohio Dan) would advocate for service-disabled veterans in Alaska who are unable to access their earned benefits at the Anchorage VA Outpatient Clinic. I fully support our active duty members and providing what they need, but what about veterans who were injured while on active duty and now need VA services? I spoke with him at a fundraiser, as this is the only place we can actually speak with him, and he told me he would invite me to meet with the VA secretary “next month” when, he said, he would bring McDonough to Alaska. That was 18 months ago and from Swampy Dan, and his sidekick Chad, there has been nothing but “crickets”.

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