Trump’s Tuesday: Arraignment in Miami, Cuban bakery birthday singing, and speech in the evening in N.J.


While the Biden crime syndicate scandal is being ignored by the mainstream media, former President Donald Trump was arraigned today in a Miami court, where he pleaded not guilty to 37 counts relating to classified documents that were in his possession at Mar-a-Lago after he left the White House in 2021.

Three thousand people showed up outside the Miami courthouse to rally for Trump; an anti-Trump protester dressed in a black-and-white striped prison costume was arrested for blocking the Trump motorcade.

After his arraignment, Trump and his caravan of black SUVs left the courthouse and went to the Versailles Cuban bakery in the Little Havana neighborhood, where a crowd gathered to greet him, and support him. A rabbi placed his hands on Trump and prayed for him. They broke into song, singing “Happy Birthday to You,” for the former president, who turns 77 on Wednesday.

“Some birthday!” he said in response, “We’ve got a government that’s out of control.” He promised bakery treats for everyone there.

On Tuesday night, Trump will be back in Bedminster, N.J. to deliver a speech.

An NBC poll released on Tuesday from June 7-10 timeframe, shows likely Republican voters still support him, with Trump gaining a bump of five percentage points:


  1. Trump’s days as an un-convicted criminal are numbered. You all know that, and no amount of happy talk will change it.

    • These ridiculous charges are a distraction for the Biden crimes.
      No mainstream media reports the truth of the Bidens (our joke of a paper just reports orange man bad), this is top cover for the biden crime syndicate.
      Lets speak truth here, Trump was a president who took his records with him pist presidency, LIKE EVERY PRESIDENT BEFORE HIM.
      Get real people, Trump is being framed so the Bidens and their minions (deep state and george/alex soros) can get away with all our money. How much more will go to Ukraine? Bailing out sudent loans?

      • Dear Whidbey TDS,
        This all so much bigger than your narrow minded desire for a former President to be destroyed, and you know it. Do you think that your exuberance in defense of those who seek to destroy this nation will buy you latitude in the eyes of those psychotic few that will take control? Do you think that you, your family, and/or those you care about will be spared when finally the French Revolution style tumult and the purges come? When might you actually realize that you working in defense of the law of the land as defined by the U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights is the highest and best form of service to those that you care about, and even those that you don’t, that you could offer? You are burning daylight, Whidbey old boy.

  2. It is sad that we have been reduced to arresting political opposition. In communist China, or Africa this is the normal. And all the while, agreeables with the administration have been given a license to steal, lie, and cheat. Accountability should be for everyone. At least, did not see any charges of selling information to our enemies….

  3. There are no both sidesing this issue. Stealing classified documents = long-term prison sentence. Lock him up!

    • You know Biden pilfered secret documents that he had no power to declassify serving as VP and Senator, unlike Trump and Bill Clinton did as President did, right?

      And that Hillary Clinton illegally destroyed classified email records she neither had no right to have on her private computer or to destroy, as Secretary of State?

      You necessarily expect Biden and Hillary to be locked up since we are a nation of laws under an equal standard of justice whether you are in power or not, right?


  4. And the circus/jihad continues.
    Country be damned.

    Gotta get the mean Orange Man. How dare he beat Hilary.

      • You are correct. He chose Jesus after he killed a boy. He chose Moses after he committed murder. Aaron who built the golden calf was honored as a priest. Moses actually went against God and used Aaron’s staff to make a well even after God told him not to. Definitely not perfect men that did the job.

        • Jesus did not kill a boy. He had no blood guilt. When he completes his conquest before our eyes he will completely vanquish his foes.

      • If you really believe God chose someone as flawed as Trump to do His work, you are really out of touch with reality. And Scriptures.

        I suppose he chose Hitler to suppress Communism in Europe?

        The Church often uses flawed men, but in the course of said usage they become better men. Trump has shown no hint of this.

        In your opinion does Trump sit on the right hand of God, or does God sit on the right hand of Trump?

        Idolatry is a sin.

        • Trump is not perfect. Not even close. Denying that God could do as he as pleases… that is unwise.

          Hitler did watch the Bolshevists eliminate 6-8 million Ukrainians in 1932-1933. That sort of thing happening directly in one’s field of view does leave a lasting impression.

          Inserting Church where God should be is one of the most common mistakes made. Is the Pope flawed? Is he becoming better?

        • If God can use Moses and David, both of whom committed murderer, and a talking donkey to accomplish His purposes, then surely He can use other flawed individuals. After all, those are His only choices.

  5. It’s okay, Trump and his followers can believe in the polls like they did not during the last two election. What is apparent is that the Legacy Media Complex would like to demoralize non-Trump supporters so that Trump is a shoo-in for GOP primary and thus defeated in the general election. Making way for Brandon’s second term. Not falling for it.

    • I’ve heard the theory the communists are promoting Trump as controlled opposition. Its a big gamble on their part. People are seeing the corrupt communists are attacking Trump with their corrupt judicial system. The people may very well turn against the communist corruption–even the majority of those 22-million illegal aliens they ushered in may turn for Trump. The winds of fate are never predictable.

      • ………and “Democrats are like wild animals in a three-ring circus. They are easily trained with the expectation of a small reward.” Attributed to….

  6. Trump looks like a few billion bucks, and ready to take on the deep state and the goons who run it. Joe Biden looks like a run-down, worn-out, old POS who can’t even stand up on his own. Typical Democrat…….they physically age-out so quick. All of the bad living catches up with them.

    • Evil is showing its face… see diane feinstein lately? Fetterman? NAdler (who sh*t himself on tv)?

      • Yes, Molly. Don’t forget Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, both Hillary and Bill, etc.
        Democrats just age quicker than Republicans. Bad vibes and soulless lives make for ugly latter years. Trump…….looks fantastic, as do most Republicans.

  7. Democrats are the biggest sissy’s on the planet. No wonder LGBTQ+ runs to them and uses their children as pedophile fodder. They will gladly surrender their children to the cesspools of the homosexual world. Republicans take note: target practice season is approaching.

    • Democrats are the wimps? Half of the GOP electorate can’t even admit defeat in the 2020 and 2022 elections. Talk about snowflakes and whiners.

      • GOPers think in terms of “fair” and “kind” and are slow to realize they must fight and stand up against this attack on we the people. Biden and the entire Democrat party, elites around the world (people and countries) want what all us American citizens have.
        We Americans have a constitution and amendments that give us all freedoms that do not exist in 90% of the world.
        Only America and Israel are considered to be free countries and isn’t it interesting how these global elites are trying to destroy both countries? Global elites like schwab, soros, john kerry, al gore, greta thunberg (child abuse at best), biden, zuckerberg et al to bring us, America, into the fold of fascism (think north korea, china, russia, cuba).
        When you are an honest person, it is difficult to realize that our own government is completely dishonest. It is hard to embrace the depth of the corruption. Everyupper manager must be fired in most of the government, local included. Fair elections? Get real, time to use every legal method available GOPers!

        • Only America and Israel are free countries? Are you really being serious? All of Western Europe (save for European Russia) are free countries, as are most Asian countries (except for the obvious ones like China and North Korea). To claim otherwise is just silly. What, you think Canadians are somehow living in chains, for instance?

          • Not a single country you named allows citizens to freedom to criticize their government or carry personal weapons.

          • In Sweden people ride bikes because they have to ride them. Not everyone is allowed to own a vehicle only the elites. Very advanced toward communism.

      • Insisting on acceptance of a lie, and even actual acceptance of a lie, does not turn lies into the truth, cman. If you lack the ability to perceive the truth, that speaks to whom it is that you are, and of the gifts and blessings that you may look forward to should you finally repent. Until then, you shall remain clearly and unabashedly unrepentant. We see.

      • Classic democrat response. Remember that what trolls like this say is a reading of their playbook. It is so funny to see the standard cman response to addressing the real criminal issues is government today, BUT TRUMP…..

          • Merely intended to drag down the people’s choice for President. HE STANDS UP FOR THE REPUBLIC AND DEMOCRATS HATE HIM FOR THAT.

      • That would be a lie. Satan and his kids want everyone in fear of immediate violent death so they will compromise and lie like they do -liking and carrying on lies.

  8. We have to get out the vote earlier and more than democrats.. Most voters are conservative if they get the real story, not the fake news versions. We need max participation to out vote their cheating we can no longer wait till the last day. We need a big turn out to vote effort and that means foot soldiers.

    • No, don’t bother to vote, as all of it is rigged and controlled by Soros and the deep state. Don’t waste your time.

  9. I didn’t realize just how scared Biden and co are of Trump until this.

    The fear and hysteria are staggering.

    Trump will never serve a day in jail.

      • Based on Trump’s inability to control himself, it’s not hard to imagine he could well have been showing off to guests.

        He’s probably not innocent, but he’s not guilty of what they’re after.

        This is a mix of political sideshow and fever dream of the anti Trump jihadis. Nothing more.

  10. Beware! If the corrupt Biden regime fails to win a conviction of Trump, I fear they will literally go nuclear in Ukraine, the ultimate diversion. As that moron on Morning Joe is fond of saying, “the walls are closing in” only it is on Sloppy Joe & his crackhead son, not Trump! Like a cornered rabid animal the Bidens and their handlers will lash out at anyone and everyone rather than be tried for treason and hanged.

  11. Did the Rabbi and other preachers who prayed with Trump know that Jesus’ advice was to love your enemies, and pray for those who despitefully use you? God on them if they did, but I somehow doubt it.

    • Cute when people who don’t understand Scripture try to use it for political points.

      Ineffective and stupid, but still cute.

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