Interior truckers are planning Freedom Convoy in Fairbanks on Feb. 6


Truckers in Alaska’s Interior are joining in with those in Southcentral Alaska for a “Freedom Convoy” on Feb. 6 in support of Canadian and American truckers who are against forced Covid vaccines.

Organized by a group known as Interior Patriots, the convoy will end at the parking lot of the Carlson Center in Fairbanks, and will bring in truckers from Delta Junction, Healy, and surrounding areas, who will join together at the Carlson at 3 pm. The routes will be announced later. Truckers have RSVP’d from the Ice Road, sources told Must Read Alaska.

The convoy is in support of U.S. and Canadian truckers who have been staging massive truck protests along the U.S.-Canada border and in the Canadian capital of Ottawa aimed at dismantling the policies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who decreed that all truckers crossing the border into Canada, including Canadians, must show proof of a Covid vaccination. American and Canadian trucks are now blockading the U.S. Alberta border crossing, according to Canadian press.

“With RCMP warnings unheeded, more than 100 vehicles remain lined up on a southern Alberta highway blocking access to the border and a small village for the third day in a row Monday,” the Calgary Herald reported.

“Semi-trucks, cars and farm equipment filled Highway 4 south of Lethbridge on Saturday, in support of a national convoy to Ottawa with a stated goal of repealing a federal mandate requiring unvaccinated Canadian truckers re-entering Canada from the United States to get tested for COVID-19 and to quarantine. Some participating in both protests have expanded that goal, demonstrating against health orders and the federal government as a whole,” the newspaper reported.

The premier of Alberta calls the action illegal and demanded it end, but the blockade was still in place on Monday.

Many mainstream media outlets in the U.S. have created a news blackout about the major protest. The New York Times and Washington Post all but ignored it in Monday editions, with no mention of the growing trucker protests, but Twitter users have been successful in getting the word out.

Other Alaskans have been inspired by the anti-mandate protest. On Saturday, a 2.5-mile-long truck convoy in Juneau surprised capital city residents, who are not used to having conservatives organize events in their city. Some Democrats, such as Sen. Scott Kawasaki, were triggered by the strength of the protest because they could not easily reach their favorite cafes for lunch.

“Uh…great job Juneau convoy,” Kawasaki wrote. “Stop patrons from going to lunch and spending money at local small businesses that have had a heck of a year w/tourism losses-to whine about Canada?!” he wrote on Twitter.

In Anchorage, the convoy will gather along C Street and end up at the Eagle River Lion’s Club on Sunday, where there will be pizza, music, and speakers. Anchorage Assemblywoman Jamie Allard is helping to organize the event.


  1. By nature conservatives play their cards close to the chest. But we’re getting tired of the pushing by progressives. Expect the shrill voices of progressives to go an octave higher, disruptions are coming.

  2. I think the organizers have the route all wrong….they ought to be headed for 3600 Denali street in Anchorage……

    • Homo, are they supposed to be good little servants and eat their dodo sandwiches? Are they not supposed to have an opinion? You certainly express your opinions on an hourly basis here on Must Read. I am in awe of how incredibly silly and dimwitted most of your remarks are, but then that’s your right of expression.

      • Wow, kind of beneath you, to insult people like that dontcha think? Unless of course you don’t actually believe that and are just running your mouth out of desperation.

      • It’s 2022. Are you still hung up on something that happened in 2020? By the way, thousands of criminals were arrested from those riots. I didn’t see anyone trying to pardon them though. So don’t pretend you actually care about crime. Not when your leader is promising pardons for those who beat police officers with fire extinguishers.

        • John, I did not realize that the statute of limitations on felonies, particularly mass felonies, was only 18 months.
          Aside from your dishonest and disingenuous dismissal of the massive hypocrisy and injustice committed by the lack of law enforcement in the widespread BLM riots of 2020, you once again play the disingenuous fool in trying to claim that “thousands were arrested in those riots”. In point of fact, not more than 300 or so people were ever arrested as a result of those “mostly peaceful protests” (which included wholesale arson and looting), with less than a handful of them receiving any actual sentencing or punishment for those coordinated crimes.
          Once again, countering your nonsense, lies and BS is like shooting radical leftist fish in a barrel. Please do try to give me something more challenging to refute the next time.

  3. Getting the lowboy and gravel haulers all ready for next Sunday. Anyone need a load of snow? I’ve got extra dump trucks standing by.

    • I’d suggest the front yards and driveways of any of the Anchorage assembly’s Marxist Nine, but since like all neo-Marxists they hate all things white, maybe not the best choice.
      Well, on second thought, maybe they ARE the best choice after all.

      • Just got all the addresses on the dirty members. Dumptruck loads of snow coming in to help tidy up the ugly ones. And I mean……lots of snow.

        • Maverick, I hope that you are not just joking here!
          But if you are in fact serious, please give us here at MRAK a brief heads-up before your ‘delivery’ of snow to those locations — I would LOVE to be on hand when it is ‘delivered’ to any driveway or yard of any of the Marxist Nine!

        • I love this movement, and I love how we are all working together. BUT-please do not act like the BLM nut jobs. We need to be as peaceful as Martin Luther King, and as effective as George Washington ??

  4. The greasy professional politicians , Big Pharma healthcare shills and corrupt legacy media have got to be losing sleep over these spontaneous grassroots protests! It is just the beginning. The official Covid narrative has collapsed under the overwhelming evidence from we, the people and courageous, independent doctors & researchers.

  5. Canadian Trucker will win and changes made and the Alaska Highway will soon be OPEN with no restrictions.
    It’s time for change, fast change!

    Marxist inoculations and illegal mandates are finished.

  6. Literally everyone has to be vaccinated to cross the border. Why should truckers be given exception here? Any ideas?

    • I read that truckers had been considered essential workers and for that reason they were able to cross the border without vaccinations. Evidently that is no longer the case with 90% of them vaccinated. Tough noogies to those still holding out-they get to honk their horns though.

    • Oh clueless one, once again you entirely miss the point, or outright lie in the attempt to pretend that you are missing the point.
      The point is to protest the unscientific and irrational insanity, inhumanity and authoritarianism of the corporate-medical fascism surrounding a very mild pandemic. Sure, the truckers justifiably do not want to be forcibly injected with an unsafe, ineffective and experimental clot shot that has already proven itself dangerous and mostly useless, but fundamentally the truckers are protesting on behalf of ALL of us, yes, even including clueless and/or servile shills and lackeys for the power establishment, such as you.

    • Yes, how brazen and emboldened all these ‘deplorables’ are becoming, daring to stand up for fundamental freedom from governmental overreach and tyranny! Why can’t they just do as they’re told and obey? That is what the globalist “Great Reset” is all about!
      Oldman, you demonstrate your inherent arrogance, classism and elitism with your comment, as well as your profound cluelessness to the growing rage that we who are not servile bootlickers to the power establishment are feeling in regards to the continual abrogations of our rights by a political-corporate cabal bent on total domination and control.

  7. Let the Honking continue, until freedoms improve!!! Let freedom Honk.

    I can’t wait to see rights restored to we the people again. Bar owners should again have their right restored to allow smoking in their bars if they choose.

  8. i am disabled and cannot drive. the FNSB MACS bus is my only means of daily transportation. the bus called the state troopers to trespass me from the bus for refusing to wear their political mask. please focus one of these convoys in downtown fairbanks to blockade the bus station until they stop politically oppressing disabled people. i want to sue them, but i cannot afford a lawyer. the bus company is a borough entity, so the borough can also be blockaded and held accountable. they do not have to wear masks in the borough building, by the way; yet they force it on poor and disabled people. please help me. i really appreciate it.

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