In defense of Alex Jones



Let me first make it clear: I’m not an Alex Jones podcast listener or follower of his InfoWars website. And yet, this much I know: A court penalty of $49.3 million against the broadcaster is a bridge too far.

Defamation, in this case, has been given a new meaning, which should disturb all Americans who cherish their First Amendment rights to free expression.

Jones said many times that the Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax set up by the government to push for gun control laws. The parents of the dead children said that hurt their feelings and subjected them to ridicule. They have been doxed and harassed by Jones’ followers. Instead of arresting the harassers, the government is using this as an excuse to shut down Alex Jones.

Where Jones went wrong was in saying that the families of the dead were somehow complicit in the plot by the government. That is where Jones stepped on the hornet’s nest, although the claim does not presume the families did anything unlawful since the so-called actions were in imagined coordination with the government. Where he also went wrong is not producing documents the government demanded, and failing to appear for depositions. I’m simplifying the case components here because the basic premise of this commentary is that free speech is free speech.

Jones has offered other wild theories in the past. He called the 9-11 terrorist attack on America an inside job by the government, for example.

Critics say he is harmful and dangerous. Now, a court says he must pay $49.3 million for offering mistruths about Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn., where a 20-year-old man shot and killed 26 people, including 20 children.

Let this be a warning: If you offer an alternative theory to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, including theories about alternate gunmen, nations that may have been involved, or the killing of Jack Ruby, are you harmful and dangerous?

If you offer alternate theories about the Covid virus origins in China, Big Pharma-driven policies, and treatments, are you harmful and dangerous?

If you write or talk publicly about Area 51, where the U.S. government may or may not be involved in research on extraterrestrials, are you harmful and dangerous?

What about this: The climate change narrative that is promulgated by the current administration is a hoax. The reason the southern border is undefended is to change the electoral makeup of the border states of Arizona and Texas by bringing in new likely Democrat voters. Jan. 6 was not an insurrection. The election was stolen. Joe Biden has a body double. Uvalde, Texas police were cowardly.

Have I gone too far for the courts with my wild-eyed, unproven theories? Am I over the target of the hornet’s nest?

In Anchorage, there is a lot of name calling. There are any number of leftists who have called some conservatives in this city Nazis because they opposed vaccine mandates. Calling someone a Nazi used to be considered defamation, but these days, the Left regularly uses references to the Holocaust when it’s describing conservatives, and no penalty is ever pursued. This writer has been called a Nazi sympathizer by members of the Alaska Democratic Party or its subset socialist units. Think about what that actually means

During the past two years, Americans saw what happened to those who questioned the Covid narrative: Their avenues for expression were shut down by the major Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Doctors who disagreed with the government narrative were sanctioned by their professions. Anyone refusing a vaccine was called a nut, or worse.

Here in Alaska, a group of doctors signed a letter asking the State Medical Board to sanction doctors for supporting the use of off-label treatments for Covid to prevent hospitalization. Medical professionals who dared to question the mainstream narrative on forced vaccinations were driven underground or shunned by their colleagues. Some lost patients and some lost medical partners because of their viewpoints. Many nurses and medical assistants lost their jobs for refusing the Covid vaccine. The government had to bring in nurses from out of state, at great expense, because of this manmade disaster.

The chilling effect of the Jones verdicts and the penalties is real on freedom of expression and builds on what some of us have been saying about the encroachment into our constitutional rights. It makes Americans fear their government.

Meanwhile, Alex Jones, who may have some off-label brain wiring or could be a genius for all we know, has put his InfoWars organization into Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization as a result of the lawsuits against him.

Where does this lead? The next conspiracy theory deemed legally false could be the very tenets of your religious faith: That Jesus died for your sins and came back from the dead to ascend and live in heaven forever. Another “conspiracy theory” may be the Hindu belief in karma and reincarnation, which some woke people may interpret as insensitive to those who are less fortunate.

This writer still doesn’t know much about the actual Sandy Hook Elementary School events of 2012. This writer presumes it was a mass murder by a disturbed young man; we’ve seen these events before and since. This writer doesn’t believe anything much that comes from the mouth of Alex Jones.

But this writer will, like the writer Evelyn Beatrice Hall, defend to the death his right to say it, so long as it doesn’t commercially or otherwise actually hurt others, and so long as those tales do not rise to the level of falsely yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

The $49.3 million penalty cannot stand or the republic as we know it will fall into tyranny. If the government can put Americans on notice that what they say may subject them to a fine or jail, then that’s the death blow to the Constitution and the rights it says we are endowed by our creator.

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska and has never heard an Alex Jones show.


  1. Amen to that Suzanne. If somebody spouts what you believe to be nonsense, as some humans have done for centuries, simply ignore them. We’re living in troubling times.
    David Manzer

  2. I hope Alex Jones appeals to the Supreme Court and they rule justly. If journalists are going to be punished for what they publish, then I hope someone steps up soon to sue all the publications who have lied about not finding any fraud in the 2020 elections or the “safe and effective vaccines – the complicity in these crimes by the media is destroying this country and is doing a lot more than hurting our feelings.

  3. At the risk of being sued for religious expression… I SAY AMEN Suzanne, AAA-MEN and well said. This country is on a very slippery slope right now and I believe the average citizen is right to mistrust and fear the government does not have their best interests in mind…

  4. Or, how about the Democrat-backed major media that constantly refers to the 2020 presidential election fraud allegations as the Big Lie, or false narrative, or untruth? How do they get away with that in light of evidence showing that fraud did exist in 2020? Can the major media be sued for spinning their own theory that election fraud didn’t exist, thereby calling everyone else a liar? Is this another brainwashing technique by the media to get everyone in line with them?
    Where’s the parity and fairness in reporting the Truth?

    • There is always a handful of fraud cases in most elections but there is no “evidence” of fraud that would have altered any elections in 2020. If you have this “evidence” you speak of it would have been welcomed during the several court cases brought that showed no “evidence.”
      Put up or shut up!

  5. Alex Jones is a political commentator, not a journalist. He is an avid reader with many informants “on the inside” of government. He questions many things and states his opinions or possible conclusions. He’s been right more often than he’s been wrong.

    This recent court case in Austin, TX was ruled by a Soros-backed Democrat judge whose Facebook photos show her with the telling bright blue hair of a “social justice warrior.” The court only allowed short, extremely edited portions of things Jones said on his podcasts as proof of their arguments. Had they allowed the full context of the videos, the court would have seen the opposite of what they were portraying. Alex Jones maintains that he never said the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax and never named any of the people involved.

    The legacy media want Jones and every other independent commentator taken off the air so no one who disagrees with the “official narrative” will ever be heard again. TOTAL miscarriage of Justice, which is par for the course in America (and around the World) these days (in my opinion).

    • Emily,

      I fully agree with most of what you say, except Alex definitely believed and said Sandy Hook was a hoax, over and over, in part to defend the 2nd Amendment, because we know for sure that some of the shootings were designed by the powers that be to rally the people so they’ll be willing to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

      Alex had Wolfgang Halbig on many times, who brought up example after example of how the school wasn’t even open at the time, which is ridiculous. But because Halbig seemed so sincere, and claimed to be an expert, Alex believed him without looking at the source documents that overwhelmingly prove that everything happened as claimed.

      Had Alex said SH really happened, his attorney would have showed video where Alex said that, but Alex didn’t say that until much later, maybe years later, before his first trial on SH.

      I don’t agree with Alex’s attorney’s defense that because such a small percentage of the actual hours of what Alex actually said on-air about SH was shown to the jury that this misrepresents what Alex actually said.

      Alex pushed the hoax hard, because he thought he was right, and thought he was defending the Constitution; though, he ended up doing so much harm. Not only was he deplatformed as a result, but this started a whole series of people losing their sites, and a huge crackdown on free speech online.

      The truth is that the FBI is so corrupt now that they actually do create false narratives through many means to take down people like Trump and try to destroy parts of our Constitution.

      And I’ve said for almost 10 years that Alex can’t be trusted, because I’ve seen him lie about many things in order to stay on as many radio stations as possible, and maybe to be as popular as possible to make as much money as possible.

      But with SH, I’m convinced he fully believed SH was a hoax, because he didn’t look at ANY of the police tapes, etc. that proved SH happened exactly as officially stated.

      There is a lot of evidence that that one government agency groomed the shooter, so was involved.

      The powers that be need the US taken out so they can implement the New World Order, and it seems they’re very close now with so many Americans fooled by the propaganda the MSM repeats over and over.

      They’re dedicated to stop free speech so all Americans hear is what they want us to hear.

      This trial appears to be a big part in further silencing those who have been trying to tell the truth about what’s really going on for decades now.

  6. Well said!:

    “Defamation, in this case, has been given a new meaning, which should disturb all Americans who cherish their First Amendment rights to free expression. … Instead of arresting the harassers, the government is using this as an excuse to shut down Alex Jones.”

    Alex’s defense was not even allowed to bring up the First Amendment and “free speech” during the trial.

    I’ve also heard that the judge said that Alex was guilty almost 20 times.

    Alex’s theory was clearly wrong, but thought he was telling the truth at the time, foolishly trusting Wolfgang Halbig and Peiczenik, and not researching what really happened himself.

    This is setting a dangerous precedent that really is in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    It’s possible there will be a retrial, because of the judge’s obvious extreme bias. She even continued to ask a witness a question after the prosecution attorney was done questioning.

    The U.S. Constitution is hanging by a thread. Many people are so unprincipled and anti-truth that they even want the Constitution to die. Many people are rebelling against our own country!

    “WITHOUT VIRTUE there can be NO LIBERTY.” – Benjamin Rush

    “Perfect FREEDOM consists in OBEYING the dictates of RIGHT REASON … where licentiousness begins, LIBERTY ENDS.” – Samuel West

    “History fails to record a single precedent in which NATIONS SUBJECT TO MORAL DECAY have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING to overcome the moral lapse, OR a PROGRESSIVE DETERIORATION leading to ultimate national disaster.” – Douglas MacArthur

  7. It is important to note that this litigation occurred in Travis County, Texas. That means Austin. The political climate in Austin rivals that of Portland, Seattle, Berkeley and Havana. Corporations and individuals should take measures to avoid being subject to suit in Austin. Alex Jones is unworthy but an appeal is necessary. Voters should understand that the Superior court judges in Anchorage aren’t much better.

  8. “…….Where Jones went wrong was in saying that the families of the dead were somehow complicit in the plot by the government…….”
    He’s crazy. The First Amendment saved him from the insane asylum.
    “………A court penalty of $49.3 million against the broadcaster is a bridge too far……..”
    Anybody who thinks that he’ll pay that or that the Sandy Hook families will share anything close to that is as crazy as Jones.

  9. It is no surprise that MRAK would protest the award of such a large sum to a media figure charged with defamation. After all, MRAK is pretty good at it themselves (to wit: Lisa Murkowski, Sarah Palin, Dr. Anne Zink, Alice Rogoff, Ethan Berkowitz, and many others). Perhaps MRAK is feeling a little exposed…

    What journalism should be about is fairness, truth, and common decency.

    Alex Jones exhibits none of these characteristics, and as far as I’m concerned $49.3 million isn’t nearly enough to cover the damage he has done to Sandy Hook parents, or to the national discourse.

    Sadly, he will probably pay only a small portion of this amount, and will happily carry on with his insane programs, selling his BS products to those he has suckered in to his deranged orbit.

    • It’s curious you don’t address the merits of her point. Just your distaste for Jones and Suzanne’s politics.

      Jones is a disgusting person happy to dance on the graves of children. But his personal morality isn’t the issue here. It’s the Constitution right to hold an unpopular opinion.

      If this stands as is, it could easily be open season on every reporter on MSNBC, CNN, etc. Do you want that? It’s what your position leads to.

    • Dawg, I see that you have at long last stumbled into making sense about something with one of your comments. I consider you an expert 😉 when it comes to the subject of ” deranged orbits”.

    • Defamation has nothing to do with journalism, fairness, decency. It has everything to do with harm caused by the words spoken/written.
      The reality is Jones lost because he made statements that were demonstrated to be damaging to the Sandy Hook parents/families. And, those statements were not able to be backed up by facts. Additionally, Jones reasonably knew his statements would be harmful. Those three things add up to his loss.
      Just because you do not like the guy is no reason celebrate his loss in this suit. There are plenty of people across the political spectrum that damage national discourse, and push insane BS. Have you watched an episode of The View? Anything on MSNBC? Don Lemon? There are plenty of things they all say that is potentially damaging to individuals/institutions, but they get away with it because the people they are disparaging are adults, and do not use lawfare as a way to silence their opponents.

    • Jones did nothing to parents. If he did I have heard nothing about it. Nothing. So since he DID nothing why are they trying to take his funds. Authors like Zbigniew Brzesinski in his many terse books reported on the motivation for offshore actions against American interests. But what did he know.

    • I have no knowledge of Sandy Hook. Not my bailiwick. One forms opinions based upon what one believes and values strictly inculcated (in my case by my very strict mother). Your single sentence, second paragraph needs dithering.

  10. Freedom of speech! Thanks ! We seem too be losing that! Alex Jones! He’s amazing! Rough! But! Amazing with talking? It’s all bullish crap!

  11. Some of the founders wrote candidly under a nom de plume without which this friendly republic would not exist. There are those who seek guidance from olliegarchs and monarchs who are not content with 99 percent more of life’s bounties. They would like all others off the planet at their command and within the time frame demanded. They don’t want any sass about it. The media is carefully curated for the television entranced. The acting is beneath minimum quality and hoodwinking is the sport of our day. Truth resonates with truth lovers.

  12. Well said Suzanne! His mistake was calling it a hoax. As far as I can tell it really happened. If he meant that he thinks the government did it he should have just said that. You gotta stand on the Real truth, not something similar. And for those who side with the government, they are the ones complicit in Nazi’ism. How can you be a Nazi and a Revolutionist at the same time? On one hand they claim you to be a Nazi, and in the same breath they proclaim you a Revolutionist? Those people have no idea what they are talking about. Or more precisely, those people have no idea.

  13. If this is the game, play it. Trump should go after every talking head on television. Especially MSNBC.

    Locally, there are a lot of people who could sue Chris Constant.

  14. All this and no mention of the Las Vegas MGM shooting of 2017? If that wasn’t a government set-up, then Joe Biden isn’t losing his mind. The FBI and the CIA, etc., are so corrupt they must be dismantled.

  15. What good has ever come from Alex Jones spreading his disinformation? That’s right – none.

    In fact, he’s done damage by debasing the national discourse, poisoning minds, and leading his disciples into depravity. He abuses both his victims and his listeners for the sake of financial gain. And the worst part? He appears to have absolutely no shame about any of it. Does this remind you of anyone else?

  16. Well, I agree that the harassers themselves should be prosecuted. But the man who incited them also bears responsibility and therefore needs to be brought to justice.

    And the same can be said for the events of 6 January. Go get ’em Ms. Cheney.

    • There is no point in debating you people. I no longer feel compelled to debate disingenuous, authoritarian lunatics, and I really hope we can go our own separate ways without any undue hardship. This country cannot be unified.

      • Are you a flat earther Bobby Boy?
        Likely the “flat earthers” are the first bunch to sign on to Suzanne’s tossing of this red meat to her readers. Of course there are a few other likely groups but this is just the first to come to mind. Heheh!

        • William Yankee, Flat Earthers are individuals who think the Earth is flat, they reject the notion of a spherical geometric shape of Earth and also deny the existence of a Heliocentric Solar System. Obviously these folks don’t “follow the science”.

          There is another larger and dangerous group in our midst that have an equally unscientific bent. This group pushed an injection which was supposed to be 97.8% effective in keeping one from catching Covid-19. They further demanded that everyone also take their “JAB”. Surprisingly this injection failed miserably at performing it’s intended purpose and has undoubtedly caused a spike in “unexplained deaths” and a myriad of new cases of illness, and yet there are many amongst us who still believe in the efficacy of this “Vaccine”. Billy, could not the Jabbers be held in the same derision as the Flat Earthers?

          • Hardly Bobby!
            First of all the vaccines were that effective against the original strain of Covid-And likely the next bunch of vaccines will be effective against these latest strains. Anyway, the vaccines were originally pushed because they were effective against that original strain so they were very scientific.
            You, for whatever reason, don’t understand the science or rather discount it because it differs with your political ideology.

  17. I don’t agree. First, what Alex Jones did was intentionally lie about Sandy Hook because his brand is to say outrageous and controversial things, in order to attract a certain segment of the population to his website that thrives on ridiculous conspiracy theories (think Q-Anon or the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen). Then, when he was sued by the parents of the slain school children, he thumbed his nose at the court and ended up with a default judgment entered against him. I don’t think the civil judgments against Jones in this case pose a threat to journalists who report on the news, or political commentators who express political opinions. And since the punitive damages award will be reduced under Texas laws to 1.5 million, they won’t be a serious finanacial hit to Jones, who has made hundreds of millions of dollars peddling his hateful lies over the years. In my opinion, the $6 million he will have to pay is not a bad thing, it’s just a good start. I hope others who peddle lies in order to draw viewers to their websites and radio shows are next in line.

  18. Here’s what’s wrong with your analogies. If I question the official stories of the JFK assassination, or suggest that 9-11 was a government plot, or say that climate change is a hoax, or say that Joe Biden is senile and a double is being used to give his speeches, that doesn’t HURT anyone. But this guy Jones said that these people WHOSE CHILDREN HAD BEEN MURDERED were lying, and added to their terrible pain by causing them to suffer all kinds of harassment and misery. He hurt them. AND he did it to earn money–to sell stuff on his show–when he knew it was a lie. And this isn’t the government getting back at him for his opinions about the best way to deal with school shootings. It is private citizens suing him for the harm he caused them.

  19. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Full stop.

    These were flat-out lies from the beginning. He new it and cashed the peace of others (his neighbors) for his own gain. Mr. Jones will get what he deserves – now, and in the ultimate courtroom.

    • Hunter, I disagree about Alex “knowing it;” though he definitely has serious character issues. Alex fully believed Wolfgang Halbig, Steve Pieczenik, and probably former professor Jim Fetzer too, without vetting what they said. He just pushed forward his infowar without being careful enough. He really believed the event didn’t happen.

      There must have been some point where someone tried to show Alex the evidence that proved the official story to be true, but Alex refused to listen, a common trait among people in general, both on the right and the left: *confirmation bias*.

      Alex is not analytical by nature, not a cautious, careful thinking. He’s a master of persuasion, extremely gifted at speaking; probably has a photographic memory. He should have hired staffers who thoroughly enough vetted what they reported, but didn’t.

      And when Alex did make mistakes, and did hurt people, he rarely admitted he was wrong. He wouldn’t fully get right with the people he hurt. He would just press on as if nothing would happen, and went through a lot of staffers that way.

      Many people are like this, even many pastors. They just ignore their guilty conscience and keep bulldozing.

      Alex was able to get away with this financially for many years, until he was sued for Sandy Hook.

      Sadly, the powers that be used Alex’s carelessness as the excuse to de-platform and ban many others too, and this made it easier for Big Pharma to censor people from telling the truth during Covid.

      Now they want to use Alex to destroy the First Amendment further, for everyone!

      You mention Alex getting judged in “the ultimate courtroom.” Alex believes the false doctrine of “once saved always saved,” which is taught almost universally now by pastors, which I believe is the main reason for America going down.

      This is why Alex thinks he doesn’t have to get right with those he’s hurt. He doesn’t have to maintain a clear conscience. The Infowar must go on, and he probably fears losing face if he would admit he’s wrong.

      Well, now he’s really lost face! And his lack of obedience to God is affecting our entire nation. They’re using Alex’s bad fruit as the excuse to put fear into those who before just told the truth as they saw it without fear of consequences.

      People admired Alex for his lack of fear, which has now cost us big-time.

  20. I read that a retired FBI agent was in contact with one of the shooters in Texas and he somehow had a expensive AR-15 with all the amo but was broke.

    I believe the corrupt FBI is grooming unstable individuals to commit some of these mass shootings to have an excuse to take our second amendment.

    • That’s exactly what is happening, and is what many believe happened at Sandy Hook too. Sadly, the ‘nobody died’ theory was pushed without truthers looking at the massive amount of evidence that it all happened as reported.

      Alex should have had his people fact check Halbig, but instead, believed probably his every word, which now has discredited the truther community, as has Qanon and ‘flat earth,’ which gives the FBI cover to keep initiating these false flag events. Alex has fallen for and pushed some of the Qanon theories too.

      On January 6th, agent provocateurs were the main instigators of the bad that happened, and were never arrested or jailed, and the MSM says nothing, except maybe Tucker and OAN.

      Paul Craig Roberts, who was President Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, wrote this way back in 2010. I probably can’t include the link here, but this is my extended title that sums it up:

      Paul Craig Roberts: Fabricating Terror — Why does the FBI orchestrate fake terror plots? “Could it be that the US government needs terrorist events in order to completely destroy the US Constitution?”

  21. When I first saw 911 on TV, I knew immediately it was controlled demolition. Then I saw Silverstein on video saying building 7 was
    “pulled”. That’s a demolition term. And I know they lied about the USS Liberty. Survivors have come forward telling the truth on that one. Why would anyone believe anything those corporations, governmental service providers, subcontractors and their agents say anymore? I don’t blame Alex for presuming anything. Their courts use presumptions on us all the time. Alex has a right to say whatever he thinks even if it’s questionable.

    • Sharon,

      You’re right about 9/11 and the USS Liberty. A few thoughts:

      Many don’t know the truth about 9/11, because there’s been a media blackout on truth that exists to this day. MSM, including Fox News focused everyone’s eyes on bin Laden to convince the people we must regime-change Afghanistan.

      The truth is Larry Silverstein had just bought the Twin Towers two months earlier, after already owning Building 7, fully insuring them. Then on 9/11, he deviated from his fixed habit of having breakfast at a restaurant in the WTC; had a dermatologist appointment instead.

      Silverstein is on video tape saying he told the fire department the smartest thing is to “pull it,” pull Building 7, which they then did. “Then we watched the building collapse” into its own footprint at near-free-fall speed. Building 7 was 2/3rds the height of the Towers, and had small fires in it from the debris that shot out sideways from WTC 1 as it exploded during its collapse, earlier.

      The WTC buildings were condemned to be slowly taken apart, because they contained 5,000 tons of asbestos materials (see: “The Asbestos Towers), which would have cost $billions, which Silverstein knew when he bought WTC 1 & 2.

      Instead, the buildings fell on 9/11, after which Silverstein collected $4.5 billion from the insurance policy.

      HOW CONVENIENT, but the MSM was mum, instead, focusing the people only on our “enemies,” so regime-changing Iraq could be justified too, and demonizing anyone who dared question the official story, one of whom was Alex Jones.

      Most Americans haven’t even heard of the USS Liberty, machine gunned, torpedoed, and nearly sunk. They even shot at the soldiers preparing the life rafts. LBJ and the media covered it up. The US Navy survivors were told to tell no one, and got their purple hearts in the boatyard, instead of from the president in a public ceremony where they should have been recognized for their sacrifice and valor.

      The BBC did a documentary film on it that can be watched online for free. And recently, a full length film was made, but most don’t know about it because of the censorship.

      Much of the history we’ve been taught is not real history, only part of the picture — so Americans can easily be manipulated.

      Truth Matters — To Be Free!

  22. Suzanne, I’ll let Jones do his own bidding: he is an accomplished rhetorician! Frankly, I’m neither a do-gooder nor a bleeding heart: I could care less what happens to him, and I sure as hell won’t be sending him my condolences for his stupidity! Maybe the ACLU will join you in coming to his aid–you know, for the greater good of the country! (Certainly stranger things have happen.) But if you are truly incensed by the “injustice” done to him, toss in the big bucks and help him pay for better legal counsel; everything else is hot air!

  23. Thank you Jeff for that information. I’m a common sense woman, and many things have not made sense to me for a very long time now. I will try to find that documentary on the USS Liberty.

  24. Alex Jones businesses have been valued at well over $200 million, he has declared bankruptcy to avoid financial penalties. The purpose of punitive judgement is to make him stop lying and hurting innocent people. As of this week he has not stopped lying. I am not sure $49 million is enough to make him stop.

  25. Suzanne, regarding ALEX JONES’ THEORY THAT “9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB”:

    First, I’m glad that Dan Fagan is saying he’s open to questioning everything now, since he’s found out how corrupt the FBI and Big Pharma are. I grew up watching “The FBI” on TV, with Efrem Zimbalis Jr. looking so trustworthy. “Marcus Welby, MD (who looks a bit like Fauci) also convinced many to trust Big Pharma. Many of us were duped then, but the corruption is much worse now.

    Alex Jones’ lack of integrity and reckless journalism is well known now, which the powers that be have been using to crack down on free speech, sadly, but Alex has told a lot of truth too, especially early in his career, which is why he became so popular. Much of what he said about 9/11 20 years ago has been proven to be true, even by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, which I’ll go into.

    Alex popularized the slogan “9/11 was an inside job,” which he shouted with his bullhorn at Bilderberg meetings and other events. “Inside job” means the deep state did 9/11, including our own CIA, but foreign intelligence agencies were also involved.

    Osama bin Laden was the fall guy, the patsy. Someone had to be blamed, and the Taliban had shut down opium production in Afghanistan, so they were target #1. Poppy production exploded after our regime change. So the MSM rallied the American people to invade and regime-change the country of Afghanistan, resulting in a 20-year war and occupation; even though, the country of Afghanistan didn’t take down the towers. None of the hijackers were from Afghanistan. If bin Laden was involved, it was minimal. Two other countries were involved, including one we’re not supposed to name.

    I mentioned American Larry Silverstein’s involvement above.

    US Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta testified before the 9/11 Commission that he watched Vice President Dick Cheney refuse to order the 757 that hit the Pentagon to be shot down. Cheney was involved, on record. Fact.

    Here in Alaska, Professor Leroy Hulsey was asked by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to do a study on how Building 7 came down, the 52 floor skyscraper across the street from WTC Tower 1, which was 94 floors. Building 7 was 2/3rds the height of the Twin Towers. Towers 1 and 2 came down in the morning. Building 7 collapsed in the afternoon, which Larry Silverstein said on video that they “pulled it.”

    The official story is that debris from WTC 1 flew into Building 7, which started fires that caused its collapse.

    No steel tower in history had ever collapsed from fire before or after 9/11, when three towers “collapsed from fire.”

    At first, Professor Hulsey declined to investigate what caused Building 7 to collapse, but then decided to do it, because if steel towers can come down by fire architectural design has to be changed, so this never happens again.

    UAF did a four year, peer reviewed study that PROVED beyond shadow of doubt that Building 7 did NOT come down because of the fires on some floors, as NIST claimed, the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

    Building 7 collapsed into its own footprint at nearly free fall speed, which NIST claimed happened when a horizontal beam expanded because of the fires, and pulled the building down. UAF couldn’t replicate that happening with their state-of-the-art computer modeling. And even when they pulled out more material, the building did not come down at near free fall speed, and tipped drastically sideways.

    The only way UAF could replicate what they saw happen in the videos was for all 80 vertical steel columns to near-simultaneously collapse. Leroy Hulsey concluded Building 7 did not collapse from fires, like NIST said.

    So how could at least 10 floors be near-simultaneously collapsed with all 80 vertical steel beams destroyed at the same time? Controlled demolition, which Osama bin Laden could not do, hiding in a cave in Afghanistan.

    9/11 had to be at least in part an inside job, like Alex said — which UAF has proven, peer reviewed! Praise God! TRUTH MATTERS; even though, many don’t want to hear the truth, even now at this late hour, sadly.

    Did the media report UAF’s finding? Locally, the ADN did a small report early in the study, but said nothing when UAF’s findings proved that NIST had lied.

    On Sept. 18, 2019, just after UAF’s draft report came out, Anchorage’s KTVA (since bought out by KTUU, to become a monopoly) aired a 1 min. 40 sec. segment which included Professor Hulsey explaining how UAF’s study could not duplicate NIST’s results. They didn’t air Hulsey saying Building 7 did not come down by fire, which he’s said multiple times, but credit to them for airing this much! The video is online. Look up: “KTVA: Fire did not cause World Trade Center Building 7 collapse, UAF study suggests”

    Interestingly, the BBC reported Building 7 collapsing 20 minutes before it fell. Building 7 can still be seen behind the reporter.

    The official story is full of holes, and I didn’t even get into what really took down the Towers.

    Richard Gage, head of Architects for 9/11 Truth did a 40 minute presentation on C-SPAN in 2014, was able to tell the truth about how the Twin Towers came down. Gage says it’s C-SPAN’s most watched video, but still most Americans haven’t seen it.

    Because the media did almost a complete blackout of 9/11 truth, Alex was able to flourish, because he had the biggest platform that covered 9/11, etc..

    Lying MSM is the main problem. Had they told the truth, we wouldn’t have launched our post-9/11 wars, and would be much better for it.

    9/11 was at least in part an inside job. Bin Laden could not have brought down Building 7 at near free fall speed, landing into its own footprint — since Alaska’s UAF proved the fires didn’t do it.

    Thank you, Professor Hulsey and his team of engineers and UAF! Bless you!

    It’s so sad that your great work has been ignored.

    There is a motion picture on UAF’s study, called “Seven.”

  26. This information should make us question everything. They said they sent the steal girders to China. I wonder if they really did. Are we even sure our government of, by and for the people is really involved in any of this? I don’t think that one was reconstructed after the Civil War. Dr. Hall found THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LIMITED in Edinburgh, Scotland. The address even includes the White House. It’s a British operated corporation. Wouldn’t that make the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA a foreign STATE?

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