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Fact check: Palin tells Steve Bannon and CPAC that Alaska has gone to mail-in-only elections and that the third-place voter getter could win for Congress

Most voters in Alaska know they won’t be getting ballots in the mail for the Aug. 16 primary and special general election — not unless they requested absentee ballots be sent to them. Sarah Palin doesn’t know, however. And her voters may not know, because Palin is telling people their ballots will come in the mail.

Palin, Alaska’s reality TV ex-governor who is running for Congress, repeated the claim this week that Alaskans have a mail-in-only election.

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At CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas this week, Palin is one of the featured celebrities. During her time on stage at on the opening day of the conference, she told the audience Alaska’s new ranked choice voting also means voters only vote by mail.

The primary election and special general election is still a traditional at-the-polls election, unless voters go to the trouble to apply for an absentee ballot, the directions of which are below. Early voting is already underway and thousands of Alaskans have already cast their ballots, many of them in person.

In fact, during the first three days of voting, Monday through Wednesday, 4,086 in-person ballots were cast for the Aug. 16 election that has a regular primary on one side of the ballot and a special general election for Congress on the other side. The number of absentee ballots returned as of now is 2,890, for a total of 7,376 ballots cast from the 598,000 registered voters in Alaska.

Watch the CSPAN video of Palin talking about issues, including Alaska’s voting system, at this link.

Later, Palin repeated the mail-in-only election claim to Steve Bannon, who interviewed her on the Rumble platform. Palin said, “Screw that freshman stuff, let me get right in there with all the other congressmen, or congresswomen, call me congressman….drill baby drill, freedom, stopping the RINOs, stopping the Democrats.”

“This new fangled weirdo voting system,” Palin said, speaking of the ranked choice voting method being practiced in Alaska’s general elections, as a result of Ballot Measure 2.

Then she said: “With this ranked choice voting, the third most popular candidate can actually win the thing,” she said.

Bannon said that Alaska has gone to “no paper ballots,” and Palin nodded her head in agreement and continued. The truth is that Alaskans vote with paper ballots. Palin was basically correct when she said there can be no hand count of a ranked choice voting result. There can be, but it would be extremely labor intensive.

Here’s that clip with Palin’s claims on Rumble:

It’s a mathematically impossibility for the third-place candidate to win on the three-candidate ballot. It is also nearly impossible for the third-place voter getter to win even if there are four candidates on the ranked choice ballot.

Palin is running both for the temporary fill-in seat for Congress and for the general election two-year seat. Her Republican Party endorsed opponent is Nick Begich, and she also faces Mary Peltola, a Democrat Party endorsed. Palin has not been endorsed by Alaska Republicans. She has the endorsement of Donald Trump and took the most votes on the 48-candidate special primary ballot for the temporary seat on Congress, with 27%. But 73% of voters picked someone else.

Palin, who is a political fixture in Alaska and in popular culture politics, is playing up the role of the political outsider while at CPAC, saying she will fight crony capitalism and corrupt Republicans.

Meanwhile, for Palin voters waiting for their ballots to arrive by mail, following her advice could mean missing out on the opportunity to vote for their candidate.

Voters can visit to see a list of polling places or use this interactive map to search for their polling place by their address.

The deadline to request an absentee by mail ballot is Aug. 6. If applying online, you must do so by 11:59 pm on Aug. 6 at this link. If mailing your application, it must arrive at Election offices on or before Aug 6. You can also apply in person at regional Election offices Aug 5: 8 am to 5 pm and Aug 6, 10 am-4 pm (But if you’re going in person to request an absentee ballot, you may as well just vote at that regional center, which is open for early voting.)

To date, more than 19,700 Alaskans have applied for absentee-by-mail ballots.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. When I listened to the CPAC interview with the gentleman who is VP of the pac it sounded like Palin said she already won the primary and that she was set for the mid-terms which I thought odd.

    • “When I listened to the CPAC interview with the gentleman who is VP of the pac it sounded like Palin said she already won the primary………”
      She DID already win the (first) primary. See my post below. Don’t feel bad. Before all this is over, everybody is going to be dizzy.

      • If this was like last year’s Primary, she would be the Winner, and Nick would be history. And on Aug 16 the election would be between Sarah the Republican and Mary the Democrat See how quickly they have imposed a new reality on us. Like Gender Bender Swimmers, or no knock bathrooms. Trump, Sarah, Kelly MAGA + ALASKA.

        • Sarge, that isn’t necessarily true. If it had been a regular primary, then it would have been just Republicans running against each other for the right to move on to the general election, not this RCV “jungle primary” with 49 names to sort thru. The outcome might have been different if Republicans could have chosen their candidate without having the vote divided between so many candidates. One thing for sure, we MUST get rid of this RCV nightmare ASAP!

  2. Exhibit A….. Dumbsh*t Sarah. So detached from Alaska at this point, anyone who still votes for her is also a dumbsh*t.

    • It’s not that she is not all there. It is that she is not very bright and never has been. She gave us ACES, she gave us Walker, she gave 1/2 a billion $ Canada to build a gas pipeline that was never even started. The list goes on and on. She is charismatic and talks a good talk. But she has no core beliefs and could easily be a disaster for Alaska.

  3. You betcha,oofta! Dis whole darn things gotta goofy system nobody can understand, by gash. I’m tellin ya fer Pete’s sakes I’m done with dis hooey. Cowl me da winner Stevie, yer darn tootin.

  4. Is it possible that Sarah Palin is bipolar? Watching these two clips really makes it clear she is off not just by a bubble.

  5. Yet we’re gonna send her to Congress. At this point we’d be lucky to get Mary P.

    Lie down with Queen Sarah, get her fleas.

  6. Give her this: nobody else not part of the Walker mafia understands ranked choice.

    Why should she?

  7. I guess we can count out the ADN, MRAK, Alaska Public Media, etc. as the other sources of news for Sarah Palin–all of these groups have spent considerable time explaining the general and special elections, including multiple pieces about how ranked choice voting works. Maybe Katie Couric’s question wasn’t really the “gotcha” politics that Republicans described it as during the 2008 presidential campaign.

  8. No National Microphones in Nick Begich’s face cuz he’s a 19% percent Nobody. Sarah is helping New Republicans take the Party. In many States—It is CRUNCH Time a mistake can happen.—Like some people voting for Berkowitz, Or running as a RINO in 2016 against Amy Domboski. Vote Trump, Vote Sarah, Vote Kelly. Make America and Alaska Great again.

    • Sarge, Exactly… Sarah should be out their on the National Stage Representing” MERICA” not messing up running for the only Congressional Seat that Alaska has. Her thing is 20 second sound bites not contemplative reasoning. We all have a gift and Sarah has Hers. She is one Hell of a Cheerleader! Not a Center or Point Guard. Go Team!
      Vote Nick #1 Sarah #2! and let’s keep Sarah outside!

      • Don Young was a Cheerleader for Alaska, and spent most his time outside. Looks like she Is On The Job Training. God Bless Amigo

    • No National Microphones in Nick Begich’s face because he’s not a self-indulgent, narcissistic, reality tv star who likes to play dress up and pretend they know something about leadership.

      Can we not move past the whole Real Housewives of Wasilla schtick and just let the adults be in charge for once?

      Depending on your politics both Nick and Mary are respectable choices. Sarah is an absolute train wreck. We just can’t afford that right now.

  9. Give my gal a go: she might not be able to get us to where we'd like to go, but she'd definitely give us all a good show!

    We can’t say that Sarah isn’t scatterbrained, but we do know that she “thinks” outside the box. Regardless of where you stand on political issues, why not encourage those who can look at old problems from “different” perspectives? Give my gal a go: she might not be able to get us to where we’d like to go, but she’d definitely give us all a good show!

  10. “Most voters in Alaska know they won’t be getting ballots in the mail for the Aug. 16 primary and special general election…….”
    Probably not. In fact, I’d love to wager money against that claim. Do you have any poll data to back up that statement? I’m the most informed voter in my extended Alaska family, and this cluster foxtrot has me hallucinating. In fact, here’s my bet; a very high percentage (more than ever before) of ballots cast will be disqualified because the voters will mark them improperly, and the public will likely have to sue to get the actual percentage out of the government, because government will know how infuriated people are going to be. I voted the primary ballot yesterday because I’m going to be caribou hunting on election day, knew that the U.S. House seat would be on the ballot twice, and was still rather surprised at it, being both a straight one vote on one side and ranked on the other, and only three names to be ranked rather than four like everybody is being primed to expect. Let’s face it; this is a goat rope, and we’re being issued pink yarn.

  11. With ranked choice…
    Actually, the Moderate holds the cards.
    It robs the ends to pay the middle.

    • …….soon, you’ll be stuck in ice up to your knees, Ronnie. Your cute little blonde gal friend will be bringing you a ice pick.

  12. I wonder how much Lisa Murkowski paid all these media companies to do hit pieces on the Palins ?

    I am voting for her just because Trump endorsed her, and you all tell me not too. Must be a reason.

    And I wont be shocked if mail in ballots show up in my mail un-ordered like they did last election.

      • Jeff, I believe ALL comments “await moderation”. Even mine as a writer for MRAK. So be patient. Election time is a very busy period for Suzanne. BTW, this comment will also “await moderation”.

      • The 1st Amendment prevents your government from over-regulating your free speech; it does not apply to private entities regulating speech on their own private premises. Your neighbor can regulate what you say in her living room; just as a private hotel can regulate what you say in its hallways; just as the owner of this website can regulate what you say here.

        • Are you familiar with the US Constitution? When a business invites “the public”, has a reception area, accepts payments at the advertised address, has an open and closed sign, accepts subsidies from any agency the entity has become directly liable to the US Constitution and must apply it. Print media may not in lawfully shut down opposing political speech just prior to an election like ADN does. Thanking MRAK for holding to the US Constition 🇺🇸.

    • I love Trump’s leadership skills, audacity, understanding of economics, and his business instincts (ergo: negotiating with foreign adversaries rather than saber-rattling). That said, like the rest of us, he has flaws; his narcissism and low-tolerance for criticism are examples. However, his positive attributes far outweigh his faults to the benefit of our nation. Trump failed to see the blindingly obvious fact that Begich’s is far more qualified than Palin before endorsing her; there is no comparison between the two. We can certainly support Trump without supporting Palin. After all, we realize its in our best interest to overlook his other flaws.

    • I love Trump’s leadership skills, audacity, understanding of economics, and his business instincts (ergo: negotiating with foreign adversaries rather than saber-rattling). That said, like the rest of us, he has flaws; his narcissism and low-tolerance for criticism are examples. However, his positive attributes far outweigh his faults to the benefit of our nation. Trump failed to see the blindingly obvious fact that Begich is far more qualified than Palin before endorsing her; there is no comparison between the two. We can certainly support Trump without supporting Palin. After all, we realize its in our best interest to overlook his other flaws.

    • “I wonder how much Lisa Murkowski paid all these media companies to do hit pieces on the Palins?……”
      Pretty much 100% of all campaign money of all candidates go to media and lawyers, the other two legs of the Stool of Manipulation (Politicians, Lawyers, and Journalists).

  13. Does anyone else here remember ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ faux reality show and the ‘Caribou Hunt’ episode?

    The one where her father had to literally put her finger into the trigger guard before she attempted to shoot?

    That is how I see Sarah.

    She puts herself within a situation that she has no business being within, and yet spouts off about her expertise and knowledge within any given situation where she obviously has none.

    And yes, I know that many here shall state that Trump is the same.

    I suppose the difference is of results, whereas Trump had many meaningful results that positively affected a Nation, and Sarah, well Sarah still needs her finger guided unto a trigger that when pulled, still fails many times.

  14. Leave it to Suzanne to slam Sarah every chance she gets.
    NOBODY understands ranked choice voting.
    Why is this suddenly surprising to you? Are you that far out of touch?

    • Frank, you realize that in Congress the laws are a lot more complicated than this 27 page bill. The bills there reach into the thousands of pages. Do you think Sarah will bother to read or even understand any of this??

      • Senators and Congressman have teams of lawyers to read the bill and the legislator gets a very condensed version of what was given to them to vote on. Usually budget bills have a thousand or more pages and voted on in a few days. Fact. Legislators Have to spend most of their time raising money to get reelected. It’s the Nature of The Beast—How the game is played. Those who contribute the most money usually get the most attention as long as it is in the realm of what legislator stands for.. I’m voting for Sarah.

      • “…….The bills there reach into the thousands of pages. Do you think Sarah will bother to read or even understand any of this??”
        Bob, do any of them read these monstrosities?
        Answer: No. Not one. Their aides read most of it, but pretty much nobody reads all of it.

    • Frank, Damn… I want to thank Suzanne for making the effort to listen to Sarah and translating her babel for me. My hat is off to Suzanne, I couldn’t do that. You see Frank being old and hard of hearing I find listening to Sarah’s screech very annoying.
      As for Rank Choice voting, it occurs to me that if you’ re a candidate running under such a system, wouldn’t it behoove you to educate yourself, at least just a little as to how that program works?
      Please , even if you are a confirmed Sarah supporter, at least Vote Nick as your #2.
      Thanks Frank!

    • Why wasn’t Nick invited. He’s the heir apparent . He’s so much smarter, so much more qualified, so much more conservative. Why didn’t Trump invite him. Trump said he invited Sarah because he Owed HER. He Owed her for all the help she gave him when he left New York on the National Campaign Trail. She was one of his advisors. I told a friend from New York, Wow—She’s teaching him to be an American instead of a New York Bloomberg Republican. Trump said He Owed Her. Why wasn’t 19% Nick Begich invited..Compare Sarah’s National Media Time to Nick’s. He barely has any Alaska Media Time. We don’t Know if he will choke, cuz he hasn’t been vetted. Most of his campaign has been spent trying convince everyone He’s Not A Begich. Vote Trump, Vote Sarah, Vote Kelly, Make America and Alaska Great Again.

  15. Sarah’s BLATANT MISTAKE about mail-in voting SHOWS HOW LITTLE SHE CAMPAIGNS, unlike Nick who campaigns every single day, starting last year. If Sarah had said this on the campaign trail just one time, she would have been corrected, and would know better.

    And when Sarah promises to be at events, she’s often been a no-show, just like she often was when governor.

    “Getting Sarah to meetings and events was like nailing Jell-O to a tree,” [Frank] Bailey wrote [in his book, “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years”]. “On the campaign trail and as governor, Sarah went through at least ten schedulers, with few lasting more than months. Nobody wanted the job because Sarah might fail to honor, at the last minute, the smallest commitments, and making excuses for her became a painful burden.” (Huffington Post, 2011)

    Sarah is dysfunctional.

    • The Huffington Post is who you are quoting. Who here reads The Huffington Post. You must be a RINO Handler for the Begich Campaign. Vote Trump, Sarah, and Kelly. Make America and Alaska Great Again.

      • Actually Sarge it was Frank Bailey who was being quoted by the Huffington Post. Remember Bailey, one of the many Sarah acolytes who worked hard on her campaigns and ended up getting thrown under the bus to cover for her disfunctional, self absorbed, solipsistic incompetency..

    • Did Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden ever really campaign?? Nobody went to Listen to Joe, and Hillary hardly Campaigned and there was an email that told Huma Abedin to go sober her up so she could get out on the campaign trail. They just wanted to keep Joe out of the limelight because of what he might say and bumbled through. Unless you don’t remember, the press was totally down on Sarah Palin like it has been on Donald Trump mainly because Sarah is against abortion and she’s normal she’s a middle-class woman and they don’t want her to make it because she believes in normal things. (Like not killing our babies. “Dysfunctional” is that congressman Richard Blumenthal that said he was in Vietnam when wasn’t. We could talk about Maxine waters who said to attack Republicans in public places or Nancy Pelosi that’s done very well in the stock market because she obviously has information middle-class Americans don’t have, I don’t think Sarah is that dysfunctional when I look at the people that are making decisions for our country that are only in it for their own pocketbook. And the mail-in voting that’s happening in Anchorage I think it’s a big mistake because I don’t believe in Mail-in-voting which is happening in Anchorage. The machines and mail-in voting are totally wrecking our voting system in America. My idea on what DYSFUNCTIONAl people are is so much different than yours!

      • Gretta Grunt,
        Good point above, you are on to something here. I mean to say, if the Democrats have their A.O.C.’s why cannot we have our S.P?
        Some might contend however that we deserve adult leadership, but then 🤷 what fun is that? While Sarah is so cute and entertaining and adored by many of her devotees , let’s remember that our votes are important. Please go with your brain before your heart and vote Nick #1 and Sarah #2.

  16. Sarah has a low-cut top on again, while often bending forward; though, she still openly calls herself a Christian to gain people’s trust and votes. And she knows exactly what she’s doing with her body TO “GET WHAT SHE WANTS”:

    [2010 Vanity Fair quote] She has a horrible temper, but she has gotten away with it *because she is a pretty woman*.” (The friend elaborated on this last point: “Once, while Sarah was preparing for a city-council meeting, she said, ‘I’m gonna put on one of my push-up bras *so I can get what I want* tonight.’ That’s how she rolls.”)

    • Sarah lives in a world of delusion. She believes that Trump will pick her to be VP in 2024. Sarah is the most self absorbed, and low IQ person to ever be elected to office in the state of Alaska. I would rather have Stubbs the Cat in the position than Sarah Palin.

      • Your analysis makes sense, Ryan, including wanting to be VP with Trump. It’s obvious she’ll find it difficult to sit through the long meetings in Congress, unless she’s able to surf the net on her cellphone, protecting her image on social media, using aliases — a more sophisticated method of what Frank Bailey demonstrated in his book of what she and they (her staff) were focused on while she was governor.

        She does have a good enough memory to flawlessly rap “I like big butts” on the ‘Masked Singer’ on national TV, two years ago, but she’s very simple minded, and definitely “self absorbed,” not considering fully through the consequences of her decisions — what Nick Begich calls “first order thinking,” which is common among many leftists too, like especially AOC.

        Sarah craves attention: “Look at me,” instead of being serious about the work.

        Instead of her goal to be a public servant, it seems to me she wants us to *serve her* by putting her in the limelight, where she thinks she’ll finally be happy.

        But happiness doesn’t work that way.

      • You must not watch the Congress and senate hearings where supposed intelligent “educated people” are questioned about normal simple things in life —and they can’t even answer straight questions with a straight answer because they’re so stupid and woke —Both Donald Trump and Sarah think way out of the box they don’t think like stupid people they are both successful in normal life and have not lived off the system —like Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff or Dianne Feinstein or Joe Biden need I go on! You mentioned delusion and low IQ?

    • The Vanity Fair 2010. Really. RINO Begich handler number 2 shows up. Is there a stable full of these guys. When your at 19% you will scrap the bottom of the barrel. I’ll keep it short this time—Vote Sarah .

      • Sarge: From your frequent posts here about Sarah the Screeching Banshee, it sounds like you are either infatuated with her or are one of the cult members. Either way, seek help.

        • She doesn’t deserve the hatred shown against her. She doesn’t strike back, she just keeps moving forward. I’ve never seen anything like it until Trump—That guy can take a beating. I guess that is why they like each other.. I’m not the one who needs help, It’s the Sarah Haters who are hurting themselves. If she pulls off 51% on the 16th there’s going to be a lot of exploding heads. If she looses it’s not the end of the world for us Sarah supporter’s, we just won’t care. Till then we’ll root for the underdog,. The little Engine that could. Like my name, we don’t leave the wounded behind, we support each other with all we got and we FIGHT TO WIN. Vote Trump, Sarah, and Kelly. Make America and Alaska Great Again.

          • Perhaps Ms. Andree McLeod should wish to visit the issue of Palin and cause her to quit again.

            Oh, I am so sorry, Sarah!

            Does that name bring up too many sad memories?

      • Just curious. Is it possible in your world for someone to not like Sarah and not be a RINO?

        For that matter, is everyone who doesn’t agree with you a RINO?

      • Sarge Rudd,

        I’ve posted on my ToBeFree site the truth about Sarah Palin (including this Vanity Fair article in 2010) since I learned the truth about her in 2008 from someone who knew her personally, after having enthusiastically voted for her for governor.

        Sarah is a false Christian, and uses sex and giddiness to sell her name, to get what she wants. She’s dysfunctional, and is not who we need to represent us in Washington.

        And you say below that Sarah does not strike back. That’s because you don’t know how Sarah operates, which Frank Bailey’s book proved with her own emails.

        She would write articles and comments using fake names to protect her image and get back at those who told the truth about her.

        It’s likely she either is some of the bots with fake sites that keep pushing herself and lie about Nick on Facebook, or she’s behind them somehow.

        This is from one of the reviews of Bailey’s book, which he wrote after being her personal staffer for almost 4 years, before and during her governorship. Bailey wrote the book because “If she made it to the White House and I had stayed silent I could never forgive myself.” Sarah ran for president in 2012, and quit right after the documents of her husband’s sex scandal were released, and hasn’t run for anything again until now that they’re no longer together.

        “Frank Bailey formerly had a key role in Palin’s campaigns and while she was governor. His prior background includes two degrees from different Bible colleges. Early on Bailey tells readers that COUNTERATTACKING ANYONE WHO OPPOSED HER WAS TOP PRIORITY for those working for her. Early on SHE CAME UP WITH THE IDEAS OF PREPARING GHOSTWRITTEN OP-EDS (SOME SHE WROTE HERSELF), RIGGED MEDIA POLLS, CHARACTER ASSASSINATIONS, using ‘Fox News’ surrogates and friendly blogs, etc. His motivation for writing “Blind Allegiance” – Bailey was CONVINCED THAT HER PRIORITIES AND PERSONALITY WOULD LEAD TO A MAJOR DISASTER IF ELECTED to the presidency. Bailey also tells readers that he has no doubt DESIRE FOR GREATER RICHES WAS THE PRIMARY, possibly only cause, for PALIN RESIGNING as Alaska governor.”

        That’s the truth about Sarah, written by someone who knows.

        And Sarah fully demonstrated her reverse-Christianity when she rapped about liking big butts on ‘The Masked Singer’ two years ago on national TV — what Jesus and many New Testament verses warn about.

        And regarding your second comment, if both Sarah and Nick lose in this election to Peltola, the main reason may be Palin supporters who refuse to list Nick as their second choice because their dedication to Sarah is almost like a cult.

        Nick had been running, campaigning every day for almost a year, while Sarah jumped in at the last minute, suddenly seeing this opportunity for fame, and being so detached from Alaska that she didn’t even know we had ranked choice voting.

    • Did you personally hear Sarah say that? The Democrat party was and is so down on her mainly because she doesn’t believe in killing babies!

      • Gretta, you have to admit that Sarah is seldom in Alaska, and holds few gatherings here and hasn’t been spotted going door to door like Kelly T. and Nick. Sarah appears to relish the National limelight. The job she seeks it to represent Alaskans, you would think she might want to hang out with them maybe just a little? 🤔
        Please vote Nick #1 and Sarah #2.

    • “Sarah has a low-cut top on again, while often bending forward……..”
      Sure beats a plumbers crack under droopy jeans……..unless you’re from San Francisco, which plumbers abandoned decades ago………

      • Sarah uses sex to be popular on purpose to get what she wants while calling herself a Christian. The SPAM filter wouldn’t let me post another example here in which she’s videoed encouraging her daughter to act “scandalous” during her dance on “Dancing with the Stars” on TV, while Sarah giggled and darted her tongue out.

        Then Sarah told her daughter to just dominate and take over, which her daughter did by shaking it, shimmying, on her knees, arching her back.

        Sarah is on tape telling her daughter to use her body to get what she wants too, which may be working for Sarah in this life to become popular and maybe even win in this race. That’s because America is now so corrupt, becoming Sodom and Gomorrah, first with the sexual revolution that has compromised a large percentage of the left and the right, and now the homosexual revolution is taking it further.

        We need honesty, integrity and uprightness — seriousness, not reverse-Christian show biz designed to titillate people into voting for her.

        • Hey Jeff did you read the book by OMAROSA about Trump. Lot of Scoop stuff in there. Trying to connect dots is like two people looking at a cloud one sees a flower, another sees a hammer. Facts and knowledge are unless without Wisdom.

  17. That’s ridiculous. In this race, the third place person gets eliminated and has no path forward. You can tell she doesn’t spend much time in Alaska.

  18. She doesn’t spend all her time up her arguing with crybaby Sarah Haters. She is busy in the lower 48 campaigning for Trump Republicans. Being productive for Trump. Vote Sarah

    • You do know your crush doesn’t know who you are, doesn’t care, and will never, ever be Mrs Sarge?

      You know that, don’t you?

      If she really cared about Alaska (and you) she’d be up here conning, sorry convincing us to vote for her. Not posing for the cameras down south

  19. I don’t remember any hit pieces like this about others like Byron Mallott and his sexcapades. For some reason, it has always been open season on Palin. It makes me want to donate to her campaign. This article is such an embarrassing hit piece, whether you like Palin or not, this is not journalism.

    • She told the national C-Pak convention, live on TV, that we only vote by mail in Alaska.
      She is that out of it
      I’m glad MRAK pointed this out as I NEVER waste time watching self absorbed politicians on C-Span
      If someone points out that our future Congressperson doesn’t even know our election procedures it’s “an embarrassing hit piece” ? or “open season on Palin”
      Please donate to her and make it a big donation
      And don’t go to the polls on the 16th ….. wait at home for your mail in ballot to arrive like SP told you to

  20. I just voted. You get 1 ballot. Go to the red and white looking booth. Go in, hold pen and check the oval you want. Turn page over vote for 1st choice, 2nd choice and third choice. Write in a fourth choice. Done. Not too hard folks. Go vote in person at your precinct. Ta da! How about we all work together. Rank The Red and move on.

  21. Bottom line, shame on Alaskans for allowing the debacle of Ranked Choice Voting to exist. It is a Murkowski ploy to steal her seat again. They have to run the ballots through the Dominion Machines, which I’m not convinced are unable to be manipulated as much as the Governor’s Office has tried to convince me they are the older models (1998) that are not capable of internet connection. What about a corrupt admin person sticking a USB device into the machine? Yes, I agree Palin needs to do more research before allowing herself to go on air and answer questions. That being said, I still believe she is the best America First candidate running that has a chance of winning. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because of Trump’s endorsement. Trump is no fool, he is purposely keeping away from Nick because he knows something about him. Still waiting for you to post your stances on the issues Nick, your website is silent! I’m done with establishment politicians because they are selling our country out. America First always!
    Alaska’s America First Candidates:
    Tshibaka for Senate
    Palin for Congress
    Kurka for Governor
    Make America Great Again or face the same policies that are destroying our nation right now! Murkowski has sold out to global elites and Sullivan seems to be wishy washy about calling out the left’s tactics. End the lack of representation in Washington!

  22. Michael,

    Trump doesn’t know the truth about Sarah, as do most Republicans in the lower-48. And even many Republicans here don’t want to know the truth about Sarah; though, the truth about Sarah is documented.

    Trump is supporting over 100 candidates. It’s impossible for him to know what they’ve done and what their character is really like. And he probably knows nothing about Nick, like you say, and doesn’t have the time to find out. I don’t see that as wisdom.

    Trump came to Alaska mainly to support Kelly Tshibaka, so Kelly can beat Lisa Murkowski, his arch enemy.

    Trump hardly mentioned Sarah in his speech, but mentioned Kelly a lot.

    Ryan suggests here that Sarah’s goal may actually be to be Trump’s running mate for 2024. Sitting in Congress is not her cup of tea. She has no patience or interest in details. She loves the microphone, but hates the work, Nick’s ad correctly says.

    And Sarah’s track record and character show that she can’t be trusted, but she’s good at selling herself, just like AOC is.

  23. Watching this back and forth, I have had a thought. (God help everyone!)

    Sarge Rudd is actually Sarah!

    And Gretta Grunt is actually Sarge Rudd!


    A lack of imagination upon her part, to be sure, but assimilating military type monikers so as to somehow appear ‘bonified’ seems to me to be her ‘style’.

    Within mine own experience, true warriors utilize their own identity, rather than a foolish nomenclature.

    Ah, well. One cannot expect honesty from one such as her, but rather oblivious and obtuse self-supportive messaging, over and over again.

  24. Hey Jeff did you read the book by OMAROSA about Trump. Lot of Scoop stuff in there. Trying to connect dots is like two people looking at a cloud one sees a flower, another sees a hammer. Facts and knowledge are unless without Wisdom.

  25. Thank you governor Sara. Your accomplishments for my mother will never ever be forgotten. Please keep fighting for the citizens, we will always support you like you did us as governor.

  26. So let me get this straight then.
    The Alaska Election Records,
    Summary for: All Contests, All Districts, All Tabulators, All Counting Groups
    State of Alaska – 2022 SPECIAL PRIMARY ELECTION
    Election Summary Report
    June 11, 2022
    Show >>Peltola, Mary S. DEM with 16,265 10.08% of the “all mailed out ballots”, vote and she came in 4th place (Note: you could ignore your mailed ballot you received and go to a polling place to vote as well for two weeks! wow).
    Now 4th Place Mary S. Pelton Dem., is set to be in the August election and could possible win under this very corrupt system.
    Ballot Measure 2 was passed by a all mail in ballot election, with a early vote as well in person(which most did not realize), it was losing big, many days after the initial counting went on, then miraculously votes from Fairbanks Alaska College areas (my Understanding) that had came in by mail were counted many days after the voting ended, in secrecy to a degree to squeak out a win, then counting stopped….hmmm no signature verification or witnesses signatures needed. (Note who has access to all the voter rolls and can vote for people who do not vote but are registered, answer everyone!)

    We need same day voting AND COUNTING BY HAND, (Like France to stop the (S)Election that’s happing around the country), paper ballots WITH WATER MARKS, PICTURE ID, and no pre-programmed election tabulation machines with MILLIONS of LINES of CODE, that are not understood or accessible by the local citizen overseers of the elections, and the the Dominion Machines are proven hackable.

    Its not who votes in Alaska its who tabulates and counts the votes, for weeks and weeks till they get the (S)Election wanted by the powers that be.

    TRANSPAENCY and Same Day counting of votes at each precinct to stop the theft of our elections and Country!
    We all Know It! The elections are now (S)Elections….but the good news is the public is becoming awakened to these facts that are NOT DEBUNKED!

  27. Great Post and Insight Karma. We should be asking the Candidates in the August 16 election if they will sponsor, co-sponser or vote Repeal of Rank Choice Voting. And get them to pledge to it. Your comment should be copied and hand mailed to all Legislators. When they realize they can be winning in an election, and then very easily losing it to their Opposition. That might get their attention. I will do that Monday Thank You Karma

  28. The only saving graces for Sarah being elected are:

    -she’ll make herself look stupid on a national stage.
    -the real politics of DC will render her moot and expose her for the vacuous creature she is.
    -Dan Fagan’s head will explode.
    -Sean Hannity will have a new crush.
    -the knots the Palinheads will tie themselves into defending her when she becomes the new Murkowski.

  29. One funny thing.

    I grew up around military people. Most of my friends are vets. My family has several consecutive generations of military service.

    None of them, repeat none, ever address themselves by their rank. Others do, and only in appropriate circumstances. And never in civilian life. They deem it insincere, inappropriate, and most of all, a sign of raging insecurity.

    One friend of mine who did two tours in Iraq is more than dismissive. His opinion of people who trumpet their rank in public are people who didn’t amount to much during their service and less in civilian life. He called the Pencil Whip Wonders.

    Just food for thought

  30. I’m only gonna do this once. 1966 19 years old . Drafted into U.S. Army. for two years. Took basic at Fort Campbell Kentucky. Next, went to Fort Polk Louisiana and took Advanced Infantry training.. Sent to Pleiku South Vietnam. Was going to be sent to an Infantry Line Unit when a call went out for a Volunteer to be a Scout Dog Handler. Two short weeks later I was walking point with my dog Jinx—# 8 X 0 9.. We where flown all over Dental Highlands walking ng point for units that had lost their Point -Man. This was all done for The 4th Infantry Division. On exception was when walked point for the 173 Airborne at Dak-To in or around Nov. 1967. I will not elaborate more on that. I completed my 1 year tour Jan. 1968. Volunteered to go back. This time with the 198 th Light Infantry Americanl Division. No Dog . All new guys. No real experience for the whole company. When Mi-Lai occured they pulled the 11th Infantry out of there. We replaced them. We knew nothing about the massace . The Army kept quiet. All the Vietnamese thought we where the ones who did it, and the Revenge they had against was enormous. All new guys dropped into this. I Walked Point about 150 to 200 days. I told my Lieutenant I want a Sergeant’s Stripe and Pay cuz I was doing a Sergeants work. I was a Fire Team leader taking out Recon Patrols and night Patrols. They said No. They don’t like giving Sergeant Stripes to draftees. I said okay, I will take my turn in rotation like every one else. They gave me the Stripe the Guys Referred to me SARGE in front of the Liutenant and Platoon Sargent They hated it. I MADE THEM GIVE ME THAT STRIPE. You don’t deserve to hear anymore. Typical POS Sarah Hater.. To all you Good Readers out there there is a lot more to this but out of respect for myself, I will keep it to myself. There are probably a million typo in this, but I don’t want to proof read it Thank you Suzanne.. To all THE GOOD MEN WHO WALKED WITH ME I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.

    • You offer all of this information, but yet not your name?

      I searched all of the relevant information you offer, but yet cannot locate the name Rudd, Sarge or not.

      Also, two short weeks to be a scout dog handler? Really?

      What were the three stages to be required to do so, Sarge?

      Should you have really served, I respect you for your service, but your story does not add up within reality.

      In or around November 1967?


      You walked point from 150 to 200 days?


      You MADE them give you a sergeant’s stripe?


  31. I did read it once posted. Dental Highlands should be Central Highlands… Sometimes my spell check inserts words not of my choosing. Like some posters around here.

    • Thank you for your service Sarge.
      SP is too Hollywood for me, as Pres. Trump was (I voted for him twice though)
      Difference is Pres. Trump did the correct things in office, that NY showboat, showed us something good.
      Governor Palin did MANY liberal things while in power and she (along w/ Rogoff) stuck us with B. Walker
      Begich 1st …. Palin 2nd …. Peltola 3rd

  32. These are not certified identities. I don’t doubt Sarge but I catch myself when I believe the poster is who they put in the web form. Without relying on a corporate master like Twitter to certify and censor, this discussion could be put on the Hive blockchain or maybe validated from there if you want anonymous posting to remain an option.

    These Sarah-bashing stories are entertaining and open up discussion.. kinda like the trump-bashing CNN appearances enhanced his campaign.

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