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Hesitancy contagion? A measurable drop in flu shots administered in Alaska this year revealed in state charts

The Alaska Department of Health data dashboard shows an 8% drop in influenza vaccinations administered to Alaskans this flu season compared with the 2021-2022’s flu season.

The data shows a consistently lower number of vaccinations throughout the timeline measured, starting in August. To date, 151,600 Alaskans have been vaccinated, down from 154,600 last flu season. This, in spite of a robust public health campaign encouraging everyone to get the flu vaccination this year, and warnings in the fall about the harsh flu season expected.

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Juneau has the highest number of overall residents vaccinated for the seasonal flu, at 32%, followed by the rest of Southeast at 29%. The lowest vaccinated borough in Alaska is the Matanuska Susitna Borough, at 14%, followed by Kenai at 17%, the Northwest Arctic at 17%, and Fairbanks North Star Borough at 18%.

Roughly 24% of Anchorage residents are vaccinated for flu.

Alaskans are not getting flu vaccinations at the rate they got them in the 2021-2022 flu season.

As for ethnic breakdown, Alaska Natives and Asian ethnicities were the most likely to get the flu vaccine, and Blacks and Pacific Islanders were least likely, according to the Department of health data. Whites fell into the middle of the chart.

While still not “all in” for the flu vaccine, older Alaskans are getting vaccinated the most this season, according to the data. In Juneau, 52% of those 65 or older are vaccinated, followed by the seniors of Anchorage, at 51%.

Mat-Su’s seniors are at the bottom of the flu vaccine chart at 36%.

A call to the Alaska Department of Health for an explanation for the drop in flu vaccine acceptance went unanswered.

The 2021-2022 flu season was relatively mild, possibly due to more people avoiding social situations that could expose them to the also-concerning Covid-19 virus. But with this change in social behavior, some Alaskans may have gauged their risk of catching the flu to be reduced. Others may believe that if they lived through Covid they can live through a bout with the seasonal flu.

This year, there’s been a dramatic spike in people being admitted to the hospital for flu, compared with the 21-22 season.

There’s also the government trust factor: Some Americans feel they have been misled by the same health agencies and pharmaceutical companies that people previously felt had told them the truth on other important topics. The discovery that politics entered medicine and science may have shaken Americans’ confidence in medical advice.

In 2021, 29% of U.S. adults said they have a great deal of confidence in medical scientists to act in the best interests of the public, down from 40% who were surveyed the previous year, according to a poll conducted by Pew Research.

“Similarly, the share with a great deal of confidence in scientists to act in the public’s best interests is down by 10 percentage points (from 39% to 29%),” the group reported. “The new findings represent a shift in the recent trajectory of attitudes toward medical scientists and scientists. Public confidence in both groups had increased shortly after the start of the coronavirus outbreak, according to an April 2020 survey. Current ratings of medical scientists and scientists have now fallen below where they were in January 2019, before the emergence of the coronavirus.”

Gallup released a poll last summer with similar results, showing a growing mistrust by Americans in their basic institutions.

The release of the Twitter Files by Elon Musk revealed over recent weeks isn’t reversing that suspicion. Those files demonstrate how government pressured social media companies to suppress certain information about Covid and vaccinations.

Indeed, the official narrative on the Covid vaccines changed through time, with Americans told by their government that the vaccine would absolutely protect them from getting Covid. Later, the government promise was that people would at least get a less severe case of Covid if they got the vaccine and kept up with seasonal booster shots. Throughout the Covid vaccination rollout, Americans were promised the vaccine is safe and effective, although it is still considered an experimental treatment and adverse reactions are concerning.

The journal Clinical Advisor reported in October that fewer than half of all adults planned to get the flu vaccine this season:

“Although more than two-thirds of US adults believe that annual influenza (flu) vaccination is the best protection against infection, 41% said they are unsure or do not plan to get an influenza vaccine during the 2022-2023 season, according to results from a national survey by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID). The key reason cited was the belief that flu vaccines do not work well, infectious disease experts said at a news conference,”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that during the 2021-2022 flu season, 51% of Americans 6 months and older received a flu vaccine, similar to coverage during the 2020-2021 season. But this flu season, 49% of surveyed Americans said they plan to get vaccinated against flu, according to the NFID findings. That is a 4% drop nationally.

Alaskans appear to be anchoring the more reluctant end of the spectrum, with an 8% drop in Alaskans going in for what used to be an annual flu shot.

More information about Alaska flu and the seasonal data is at this link.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. The “party of science” bastardized health care to the point where even something as basic as simple as the flu shot is suspect.

    We will be dealing with the aftermath of the “party of science” politicization of basic health care for years.

    And they still can’t tell the difference between boys and girls.

  2. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on you. I never have been blinded to the propaganda that they are there to help you. But you see how many people are just blind to the fact that all vaccines are BS. Did not the plandemic wake up enough of the people/ No, it did not.
    They claim the flu shot does not give you flu. Then why do a lot of people get the flu 2-3 days after being vaxxed? The latest scamdemic adverse events and deaths, were magnified greatly. The buzzwords they use are justified by them, to the sheeple that just bend over or roll up their sleeve and minds.

  3. Kerry: all vaccines are not BS. There is a mountain of scientifically supported evidence to prove that vaccines have saved lives.

  4. The key to staying healthy is eat right and get the proper vitamins. In other words.. be proactive. I’m going on 28 years of retirement and not a single cold or the flu in that time and no flu shots or vaccines. And I don’t listen to the politician or so called “experts” and their propaganda who try to decide what’s best for me. There’s a big difference between being awake and woke. If you’re a sheeple you won’t understand that.

  5. Sorry Medical community, after 2 years of the “safe and effective” lie, the public has lost all faith in you. I doubt you will ever get your credibility back in the lifetime of any critical-thinking adult that went thru the faux Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t get me wrong, the virus is real and deadly to some, it just wasn’t the epidemic that it was made out to be.

  6. EVERY time one receives a vaccine, any vaccine, it is an assault on the immune system, and can have negative repercussions. And the flu vaccine is especially dubious, as at least half the time is it is COMPLETELY ineffective, due to having been based on strains that did not end up constituting that season’s major circulating flu variants. But doctors will rarely if ever tell you that.

    • Hmmm. Comment. Rambling. Non sequitur. Irrational ad hominem. Lucinda: All right-thinking people hold the exact same opinions as myself, because I know better how people should live their lives than they do.

  7. The hesitancy should be among female drinkers and drug users while pregnant who thus addle their children’s brains for generations. Much more hesitancy is needed there. Isn’t it annoying this political tiny potato is dutifully submerged by WHO and CDC directives from Davos WEF?

  8. Within a year my father died after getting covid vaccine and booster. Within a year my neighbor was also dead. For both, the year was filled with illness after illness including multiple bouts of covid. Several strokes for my neighbor and a massive heart attack for my father. I did not get the covid vaccine because the 2 years that I took the flu vaccine I’ve never been so sick so often in my entire life. The trust is completely broken! Remember,,,,,,take the vaccine and you won’t get covid. Complete lie! I wonder why they don’t tell us how many of the people hospitalized have already been vaccinated for the flu???? Let’s see,,,, maybe because it’s big farma. ?get your shots everyone so we can get our money from all the government contracts. Give me a break! Saddest part,,,almost everyone I know has a similar horror story ?

  9. I agree you can not argue with numbers of damaged and dead. I know a bunch of people that suddenly died or are sick, all the same stuff, blood clots legs or lungs, heart attacks, lukemia, cancer, vertigo, any reasonable person would deduct that something was wrong with this poke…

  10. The botched healthcare response to Covid has graphically shown the American public how inept and corrupt the medical community has become. Most folks with an IQ above room temperature are questioning everything nowadays that is coming out of the CDC, NIH, WHO ad nauseum. No wonder the hesitancy over flu shots. As for the Covid shot – one would have to be a drooling imbecile to continue down THAT Trail of Tears!

  11. Never trust the science especially when the science claims they are right and everyone else is wrong, (As young healthy ppl are dropping dead like flies from heart attacks) there’s a new name for it… sudden death syndrome! Are you flipping kidding me?
    There’s rumblings going on that the mRNA is already in the flu shot.



    but when doctors tell ya that you didn’t get the flu from the vaccine after you took it, that’s some serious gaslighting, dude. Why should anyone trust the medical industrial complex? They’re not worthy.

    The powers that be have already stated they want the mRNA in all children’s vaccinations. Guess they haven’t caused enough carnage.
    Run….as fast as you can away from ever taking a shot from these paid off clowns.
    Because, if ya didn’t know, hospitals were given lots of covid money…. With serious strings attached. Noticed how their eyes glazed over when someone had covid and had to go to the hospital only to be put on a vent, then given Fauci remdesivir, only to die. CHA-CHING$$$$$
    I lost a distant relative to moderna. Aortic dissection. It’s an awful way to go.
    I knew a few that got ill and went in the hospital. They were put on the vent. All the Families fought for ivermectin to be used, only to be denied. They all died.

    Ya, I rambled. First time I’ve let my heart out on this subject. I think this year will be a deadly one from the looks of it. It’s always a good idea Get yourself right with God…

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