He’s back: Alex Jones reinstated on X


Liberals on X/Twitter may be grabbing their preferred pronouns and heading for the exits at X in even greater numbers, now that Elon Musk has reinstated Alex Jones, the wildly unpredictable owner of the Infowars website.

Jones, when told of the news, said he had been banned for so long, he wasn’t even sure how to get back on X. The previous owner team of X/Twitter, under Jack Dorsey, permanently banned Jones in 2018, calling him a right-wing conspiracy theorist and accusing him of “abusive behavior.”

Back then, Twitter said Jones posted a video violating Twitter’s policy against “abusive behavior.” The video showed Jones berating CNN journalist Oliver Darcy for several minutes in between two congressional hearings on social media and its bias against conservative users. Dorsey had testified at both hearings.

Here is the 2018 video that was the final straw for “old” Twitter, which prompted the banishment of Jones:

Dorsey punished not only Jones, but said he would take action against any account that was even potentially associated with Jones or Infowars.

At the time that Twitter banned Jones, he had some 900,000 followers; Infowars had about 430,000. Today, even though his account had been frozen for five years, Jones has 946.9K followers. Last week, Musk ran a survey asking X users if they wanted Jones reinstated and approximately 70% of those who responded were in favor. By Sunday morning, Musk posted on his account, “The people have spoken and so it shall be.”

Jones declared bankruptcy recently after a court ordered that he must pay $1.1 billion in defamation damages stemming from his claims about the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. A bankruptcy judge has since said he will have to pay that personally, and that his bankruptcy declaration won’t protect him. Courts in both Connecticut and Texas ruled that Jones intentionally defamed relatives of the children killed in the shooting when he accused them of being actors in a hoax.

The following video is classic Alex Jones, posted just before he was banned by Dorsey in 2018, where he rants about the globalist agenda. In it, he talks about how the federal government was conspiring with the media, which in 2023 is the subject of congressional hearings. It is the also type of discourse that had mainstream media calling Jones a conspiracy theorist:

Musk’s X platform has taken financial hits for providing a free speech rodeo, complete with skilled riders, political steer wrestlers, bucking broncos, cheering sections, rodeo queens, and commentary clowns, all provided as news and entertainment that has few sideboards. And X is also used by those who only follow nonpolitical accounts, such as sports, arts, books, and science. Many X users are not using the platform for debate, but for cooking tips and weather reports.

Musk has chosen to push back against the threats of advertisers against the platform, including the likes of Disney and Walmart, which have pulled their ads from X and moved their promotion money to Chinese-owned TikTok and to the Meta universe, which owns Facebook and Instagram. Musk responded to that threat by telling any advertiser who wanted to try to blackmail him with ad dollars to “Go f*ck yourself.”

One year ago, just after Musk took over majority ownership, X had 368 million monthly users. As of October, 2023, X has approximately 556 million active monthly users, and receives 6.14 billion visits per month.

But liberals, including PBS/NPR, have been fleeing the platform for a smattering of alternatives, such as Threads, owned by leftwing propagandist Mark Zuckerberg, and Blue Sky, which looks very much like X, which is majority owned by Jack Dorsey. Mainstream media outlets have been publishing a slew of news stories about alternatives to X in an attempt to drain users from the X platform. Mastodon, started by a Russian-born programmer, is favored by liberal U.S. journalists.


  1. A most deplorable being (note the omission of the word “human”). Happily, Twitter/X is becoming increasingly irrelevant, which will limit his exposure.

    • Hans do tell us how great you are.

      Very first amendment-
      Congress shall make no law that abridges free speech.

      Abridge = cut short, curtail , limit, reduce ect.

      This implies free speech must be the law of the land

      This means the federal government must never make a law that assists cutting speech short .

      If the feds cannot make a law that cuts speech short then they cannot make a law that supports any law that supports suppression of free speech.

      Which means free speech is reserved for the people as it implies speech is to be beyond governmental control.

      This means the federal Supreme Court must always side with free speech or else it’s violating the constitution.

      No where does the constitution say corporations or businesses have any rights or the right to enslave anyone or to cut their speech short.

      In the future the Supreme Court will side with the constitution and clarify that no one , government business or otherwise may curtail free speech. ( freedom of expression)

      It took almost 100 years to give slaves justice and their equal rights of freedom.

      It will take more than 200 to give Americans their due right of speech freedom.

      Make no mistake. It is not justice when a corporation, business, state or government abridges speech.

      Twitter broke the highest law in the land when it deprived Alex jones his due right to free speech.

      Set those voices free ! Break the chains of restriction!!
      May freedom ring!

      • You will note that I have not called for his silencing, but have only pointed out what a despicable person he is. So please save your pontification for someone who does not support the First Amendment, as that is not me.

        • Masked

          Twitter was a publicly traded corporation governed under federal laws.

          It was no longer private/ owned by one individual. It was a corporation when musk and his associates bought it .

          Since it falls under federal jurisdiction there can be no laws on it that limit speech period . Thats the constitutional fact regardless of how the current regulations are set up . Even regardless of how the supremes currently rule.
          Slavery was never constitutional yet it was illegally still there and amendments had to be added so idiots could get clarification.

          There is absolutely no question that Alex jones had his rights violated.

          Now, must read ak is a private entity for the most part so it can be considered her private property possibly an extension of herself though she opens it up as a public forum so free speech must rule there also . The internet is public. Governed by public federal laws. Therefore speach must not be infringed on mrak either.
          Now its possible there is gray area regarding constitutional interpretation for free speech protection on mrak because she privately owns the site but its governed by feds on internet a public related network.
          someday it’s likely speech will be protected here also .
          As private people can’t keep slaves either.

          Very different than twitter pre musk . Twitter was Publicly traded under federal jurisdiction therefore to follow the constitution speech is fully protected. Any thing less is anti constitutional.

          Masked it’s your opinion only that it’s idiotic. Many people thought abolishing slavery was idiotic. They thought abolitionists didn’t understand the constitution.
          Your understanding of the constitution is considered backwards.
          Attacking me personally won’t help prove your point. Please be polite and discuss this as a team.
          I don’t mind a little razzing when im clearly making a mistake but making assumptions about me doesn’t help any thing.
          For goodness sake im standing up for your right to speak regardless of where you are and for everyone’s rights to be informed in case you have something important to pass on .

      • That’s idiotic and shows a profound lack of understanding of the Constitution.

        But hyperbole with an odd side of faux moral outrage seems to be your stock in trade.

        Congress shall makes no laws. Your argument falls to pieces after that point.

        Twitter was a private entity. Still is. No one has a right to be there, and they can ban or unban whoever they wish for whatever reason suits them.

        Further: in the places free speech is protected, there is no protection from civil consequences. Only the guarantee the government won’t punish you.

        Try an experiment. Go to work tomorrow and tell your boss he is an inbred crack head who has relations with small animals. See how fast that experiment in “free speech” gets you fired.

        • Main problem with the ‘private company’ argument is that we already know that the old Twitter 1.0 was working directly with the FBI and other US Government entities to ban users and censor content. Did Twitter ban Alex Jones because they ‘wanted to’ or because they were pressured to?

          Remember – Musk exposed this corruption (Twitter Files) after he purchased the company, and its quite clear this same cozy arrangement likely exists with all the other major tech/social media companies. US Government was not pleased and Biden’s DOJ is now waging war on Musk’s enterprises via EEOC lawfare. Of all things, because he screens out illegal immigrant job applicants at Space X.

          That makes this a 1st Amendment issue, because “Congress shall make no laws….”
          If a social media company is accepting any form of US government funding, its arguable that they should be required to adhere to 1st Amendment principles, otherwise its arguable that the censorship could be tied to fear of losing that government funding.

          • Apu

            You are especially right with feds pressuring.

            Also because twitter was not private.
            It was a publicly traded corporation
            Governed by federal laws .

            It also uses the internet which is not soley private.
            Internet is governed by the feds

            Im glad you have a clear mind

            Jones rights were beyond a reasonable doubt violated.

    • Whether you like it or not, the 1st Amendment is vitally important because of people like Alex Jones.
      It does not exist to protect speech you agree with.

  2. It is ironic that MRAK would even now report on a free-speech related topic such as Alex Jones’ persecution by the power establishment, given that this website now appears to be censoring “politically unapproved” comments in a wholesale manner, in a radical break from its past. How sad to see.

    • You been spending time in moderation jail? I’ve only had a couple comments actually pulled, but I spend a lot of time in moderation limbo.

    • Correct Jefferson. The new owner and his help will be very masterful with uppity minorities and the lower tiered in social value comments.

      • I’m just guessing here but it has been a long Alaskan experience for me as a lower social tier contributor myself that my comments are less welcomed by the It S Constitution. Sad.

    • Jefferson
      What difference did you see ?
      How do you know you got censored?
      What was it for ?
      I think we should give suzane a lot of credit for being independent alaska media and even putting up with commentators.
      What a pain we must all be .
      Im surprised she doesn’t ban us all so she doesn’t have to deal with discussions.
      She must be tough and dedicated:

      • American, I will refrain from providing the full information that you are requesting here, as I hate to further antagonize our host Suzanne here. I do in fact give her a lot of credit for dealing with us, and especially as well as she has! But suffice it to say that I felt unjustifiably censored in trying to respond to the egregious disinformation and outright lies of one particularly shrill and arrogant poster in this forum, particularly when Suzanne appeared to be taking his side and not the side of myself and others whom that poster has regularly bullied and browbeat with BS on a regular basis.

        • With all due respect, you are getting more and more unhinged, Jefferson. Why not just leave Steve-O be? YOu seem obsessed with him in these forums and you are getting more shrill by the day. Are you okay?

          • Celeste, if you want to see “unhinged”, I suggest you read the recent comments by the poster in question. His wholesale and verbose condemnations of anyone who questions the unhealthy and one-sided relationship between the governments of the USA and Israeli, in particular, were wildly uncalled-for and abusive. It is also disturbing to me how so many MRAK posters do not recognize this, and seem to implicitly support him in his egregious trolling. And I do NOT use the word “trolling” here lightly.

          • Celeste,

            This whole conversation is very disturbing. This ^ is the reason people use nom de plumes on the internet, it’s troubling to say the least. Seriously why am I being talked about on a story about Alex Jones that I didn’t comment on? That tells you everything you need to know.

          • Steve O

            Since you chose to enter the show and Celeste and you Clarified it was you that that was being spoke of ( note jefferson didn’t mention your name)

            I will answer your question as to why you are being spoken of in the same thread as Alex Jones.

            # 1 you spread a type of government disinformation worse and more harmful than Alex Jones misinformation. You aggressively bolstered the government’s propaganda. So its par for the course to include you.

            # 2 Alex Jones was banned and apparently Jeff thinks he was partially banned possibly for discussing topics you are involved in . ( IDK – he wasn’t clear)

            #3 you are being discussed because you won’t quit trolling and bullying Jefferson.
            You even had to take this moment to expose yourself and throw shade at nondepumes and at Jefferson . A touch vindictive? No ?

            #4 your lies on covid and other subjects follow you around the internet.

            Does this answer why you’re name is brought up ? You are famous Steve O !

            Also We know you supported censorship because you basically paraphrased Niki Haley “the real question is how many posters here are foreign agents”

            So when you traffic in mistruths and conspiracy theories similar to Alex Jones its a logical step to bring your name into play Steve O

            Does this answer your question?

            Steve O , thank you for helping us with this intellectual discussion.

          • “American”,

            I must have really hit a nerve with that foreign agent comment huh, seems like all your foreign agents have been on attack mode ever since!

            What was it that Nikki Haley said that you keep claiming I “basically paraphrased”? What exactly is “basically paraphrasing” anyways, do you think I paraphrased something or did I just kinda sort say something that somebody else maybe kinda sorta mighta said?

            #1 Which government disinformation and propaganda are you accusing me of spreading? We know that you are comfortable spreading the disinformation and propaganda of Hamas, that is documented, so please inform me which government disinformation and propaganda you think I’m spreading.
            #2 Jeff attempted to get me banned and in a hysterically ironic way showing a total and complete lack of selfawareness did so on an article about censorship.
            #3 The nom de plume conversation is had all over the internet all the time and is nothing new. Some people think that people should use only their real names, others cite instances like this where there is a disturbing obsession and inability to properly process what is happening as a reason to remain anonymous.
            #4 Seriously the covid horse has been beat to death, I know you think you are right about everything but that just does not make it so. I don’t want to rehash how you are wrong on everything related to covid anymore than you want to rehash how I am wrong with everything related to covid. But you’re stuck on step 13 of Rules for Radicals “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” So you do you, but if you come at me I will respond…that much should be clear by now.

          • Jeff/”American”,

            Regarding #4 and nom de plumes, how many of those do you use? I only ask because you’ve apparently been following me “around the internet”, so to whom am I speaking? How many nom de plumes have you used here and on other sites while following me “around the internet”? Yet another reason for people to use nom de plumes, there’s no telling who is stalking you or where they are stalking you.

      • She is tough and dedicated. That said, it has been my perception that I have experienced the same a couple of times now. The justification for not allowing the couple of posts that have been scuttled had to be thin, because they were brief replies to comments with no vulgarity or name calling, just uncomfortable truths.

      • If Suzanne did not allow comments, especially of those by folks with logically different viewpoints, then those of us that hold those different viewpoints would find some irrelevancy in the matter. The importance of any publication is readership, and though I find very little that seems compatible with the ways I’ve been thinking up to this point in my life, her expressed views as well as those of the comments from us in the peanut gallery are just provocative enough to give one pause. (Sometimes, I wonder that she’s going for devil’s advocate, or that comments seem to prod me into a role of a devil’s advocate. Either way, I like to think that she’s poured another cup of coffee somewhere and poked another log in the fire while the wind outside wails and sighs through the windows as she writes these articles.

    • Why don’t you just start your own news outlet Jefferson? That would be a nice, warm safe space for your galactic sized arrogance to reside.

  3. That was a bit harsh Alex Jones. Dorsey he already knows himself. he knows himself is a liar, fraud, and a devil. We can all see Dorsey is a liar after Jone’s confrontation. That was the accomplishment for Jones and Independent Media was the confrontation of him.

    • The leader of the biggest voice in America at one time , Dorsey . He’s was micro dosing. What a nut . Glad Elon got rid of him ! Go Tucker

  4. I’m glad to see free speech is alive and well on X. I’m still not signing up for it, but at least the censorship seems equal on there these days.

  5. There are so many varying aspects of Jones. When I first heard/read abot him, I thought he was a loose nut. I have gone back now with a little research and found that his data was true. For those if you who have not done a little research, you are soouting what you don’t know, but only heard. Try doing research. It does wonders for what you say!

    • Very True Sally . When he was interviewed by Tucker last week , a light came on . They mentioned the X ban . Very good expose’ on what’s really happening America today . I think some of the folks on the other side are starting to wake up . In fact , so are a bunch of conservatives . This paper is really good and allows comments . Anything I read that does not allow comments , is click bait and garbage as far as I am concerned .

  6. I have never felt that Must Read was censoring free speech. I certainly would not be using the app if there was censorship. I have seen comments from people on both sides posted.

    • Kirk, you misunderstand. There is no “free speech” on MustReadAk–rather, it is allowed speech. This is a private platform and its owners decide which speech is allowed to be expressed. And that is precisely the way it should be. The free expression clause in the 1st Amendment applies only to public property, spaces and forums. If MustRead owners provide the appearance of free speech on their private platform that is commendable. However, it remains their choice.

      • Wayne
        I disagree. ( though your statement is accepted as basically true)
        the governments created purpose is to uphold individual rights .
        Part of why we have a Supreme Court.
        When the British government failed to uphold and protect our basic human rights we over threw them it was enshrined in our national history to reform a government if it infringes our rights and doesn’t protect them.
        Therefore part of government’s job is to “further these rights” one of them being free speech.
        I think that implies freedom of speech at all times and all levels public and private as long as it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s stated god given right. At that point it becomes equal.
        At that moment I have a right not to listen. Not to participate. Not to support.
        I also have a right to present alternative views. Regardless of where i am .

        Now its possible im wrong and this would be to chaotic and messy but thats how i read it .

        The constitution clarified its illegal for even private parties to keep slaves .

        I say this carries on and implies speech must be free wherever mankind is . Certainly America. ( the constitution implied human rights which implies wherever mankind is)
        Even to the point that punishment and cancellation for free speech would be deemed unconstitutional.

        Since we no longer have physical Duels to resolve free speech issues we must all treat free speech with responsibility and treat mankind respectfully never using it for abuse if possible.
        ( perhaps to high of expectation but some day our descendants may see free speech and its respectful usage) who knows.

        Trust me I understand I could be wrong but I strongly believe this was our founders intent.
        Respectful liberty.

  7. He’s a fraud, grifter, and overall horrible person.

    But if Musk wants to let him back on, it’s up to Musk.

    • Masked
      Be specific with proof or else you are trafficking in slander .

      Does one mistake make him a fraud?
      Was it intentionally fraudulent?
      Usually you need intent for fraud.

      What makes him worse than other humans?

    • If you do not want to hear from him, great. Do not follow him on X.
      That is the beauty of a free speech environment. People you do not agree with have the right to say what the want, and you have the right to ignore them.

      • Since I’m not on X, it makes no difference to me beyond it’s Musk’s platform and his call to make.

        Me personally, it takes a lot for me to support outright censoring anyone. I prefer people say it (whatever it is) in the public arena so it can be evaluated and judged accordingly.

        I support free speech.

  8. I don’t follow Jones. After he claimed he was denied entry to HAARP when he actually tried to visit while it wasn’t open, I never trusted him. However, if we shut down everyone who lied, who would be in Congress?

    Musk is standing up for free speech, so I’m standing up for Musk.

  9. On Reddit someone is trying to say that Putin is going to take Alaska back. Let ol Alex blast that on his media outlets. Then let’s see what happens. Cough. Hey there Sarah Palin!
    Heard Putin paid you off a long time ago. I guess that’s why you quietly left Alaska. Lol. Hiding out in NYC isn’t going to save you. Why don’t you tell Alex why you resigned and how it’s RELATED to Russia? Lol. Poor Sarah has passed out folks.
    You’ll have to wait until it’s her turn in court.

  10. Good. This will keep the lefties screaming! Elon, Alex and Tucker – will they expose all or are they controlled opposition that will pacify the crowds, but keep the big stuff under wraps?

  11. I did not perceive Alex Jone’s interaction with the CNN reporter as anything other than a confrontational exchange of thoughts in the political arena of a constitutional republic. There was no violence or threats; just free speech. Granted, the speech was provocative; but that’s precisely what the 1st Amendment was written for. It’s what makes America great. When such exchanges are aired in public then voting citizens are given more food for thought and deliberation. Its all for the best in the best of all possible cultures in the world.

  12. Alex Jones is the antidote to CNN. He’s in your face, and a great diversion to sophistry from the Left. Love this guy.

    • Your standards are dangerously low ChrissyB. How can you support him given his false and extremely cruel claims about Sandy Hook?

  13. Alex Jones has every right to say pretty much anything he wants. I do seriously question the basic intelligence of anyone who takes anything he says seriously.

    But then again, his reinstatement to X or twitter or whatever its called did warrant a nice story on this site and we all read it….

    • Yeah, like that outlandish claim polluted water is turning the frickin’ frogs gay……..
      Berkeley News
      Pesticide atrazine can turn male frogs into females
      By Robert Sanders
      March 1, 2010

  14. I say let everyone say what they want to say. If they are looney-tunes, off-base, or whatever, how are you going to know unless you let them speak. You can then go and research to find out the facts and compare it to what they say. If you don’t want to listen to a person, then walk away — don’t shut them down. I may not like what someone says, but they have the right to say what they want. What people don’t have the right to do is to take physical action to shut down someone’s voice. I’m not on any social media, but I don’t think anyone is being forced to listen to anyone else or read their posts on those plaatforms.

  15. Alex Jones deserves his fate. He will help Elon take Twitter down. Soon buy gold will be the only advertisers

  16. This is where we: if the people in this country can swallow Biden and Trump, Alex Jones is just “sweet savour” to the hungry gods of the moguls!

    Can you imagine the People’s Republic of China orchestrating itself as a “democratic” country using the United States of America as its model! As any man might say in jest, “Good luck, Mao!” That would prove to be a real “Chinese fire drill!”

    To get this country back on even keel will take more than the “same ol’ same ol” loud mouth shysters! Good luck to the children who will have to clean up our political debris!

  17. Alex Jones is aggressive and his personality repulsive sometimes. He has been right though about many catastrophes our country has faced. He actually predicted 9/11 in July before it happened because of what was published by DC thinktanks. He follows leads where most Americans don’t want to go. Like him or not, this is why we have the 1st Amendment. Watch Tucker Carlson’s interview with Alex on X recently, it’s eye opening. Follow him or not. I don’t care.

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