Downing: Season’s greetings, or as Elon Musk says, ‘Go f— yourself’



At a time when free speech is under increasing attack by liberals and a government colluding with private companies to suppress the views of Americans, Elon Musk has emerged as a defender of this fundamental constitutional right.

He’s become the target of the mainstream media mafia, which sees X, formerly known as Twitter, as its fiercest competition. Indeed, Musk is now allowing entire news stories to be seen on people’s feeds, which is a departure from the original 140-character limit in those early years when the company was a social media upstart built for quick quips.

In order to take out X as a competitor, the media must first take down the man standing in the gap for free speech: Elon Musk.

Musk’s 2022 acquisition of X ignited debate about the importance of open dialogue and the stifling of conservative voices on all major social media platforms. The X platform became filled with a more diverse range of views, causing some liberal journalists to simply quit (we’re talking about you, NPR and Keith Olbermann), and drift to one or another boutique platform, where they could enjoy their echo chamber in peace.

Twitter had been become blatantly bold in how its content moderators made conservative voices simply disappear in advance of the 2020 election. The company, under the direction of Jack Dorsey, even canceled the Twitter account of President Donald J. Trump.

It is not far-fetched to suggest that Twitter played a significant role in shaping the 2020 presidential election, and this week’s hearings in the House Judiciary Committee on the weaponization of the federal government in social media have shed light on what was suspected, but until recently has not been proven.

The evidence presented in the Twitter Files reveals a pattern of partisan moderation aimed at controlling the narrative of the news cycle. None of this would have been known if not for Musk purchasing a majority share and revealing what was going on behind the curtain.

Within a few weeks of taking over the company, he laid off some 80% of the workforce, cutting costs dramatically. And, voila: Free speech was back, nearly overnight. The mainstream media, like the Grinch who stole Christmas, was not amused.

As the cancel culture resorted to the usual playbook of calling Musk antisemitic, even the White House got in on the fun. And in 3-2-1….that scared some of the advertisers.

In an interview at the 2023 New York Times DealBook Summit, Musk was unapologetic when questioned by Andrew Ross Sorkin about advertisers fleeing his platform. Musk boldly responded, “If somebody’s going to try to blackmail me with advertising, go f— yourself.”

Musk also took legal action against the biased news-vetting organization Media Matters for manipulating algorithms to drive away advertisers. Media Matters is a 501c(3) nonprofit progressive group that describes itself as “comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”

Musk is not going down without a fight.

The sacrifices Musk has made in pursuit of defending this free speech platform are significant. According to Reuters, monthly U.S. ad revenue at X has plummeted by at least 55% year-over-year since Musk became the majority shareholder. The platform could lose up to $75 million in advertising revenue by the end of the year due to companies pulling out, some sources say.

 “Go f— yourself,” while not original to Musk, will become one of his more memorable quotes. But he’s had others:

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” 

“’Never. I don’t ever give up. I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated. For my part, I will never give up, and I mean never.” 

Take risks now. Do something bold. You won’t regret it.”

“A source of strength, hm. That’s really not how I think about things. For me it’s simply: This is something that is important to get done, and we … we should just keep doing it or die trying. I don’t need a source of strength. [Quitting] is not in my nature, and I don’t care about optimism or pessimism. F— that, we’re gonna get it done.”

What’s remarkable is that these are not that profound – except that most business leaders in America have become such lily-livered cowards, that these ideas sound big. Too many CEOS are even loathing capitalism itself.

Then there’s Musk — a guy whose trying to land a rocket on Mars. A guy who has rewritten the history of satellites and broadband. A guy who built electric cars before electric cars were cool. He doesn’t care what Disney says.

Musk’s unwavering fight to provide a platform for open dialogue is a bit of good cheer at a time when we sorely need some. This may be the year that “You’re trying to blackmail me? Go f— yourself” is the happiest, most joyful season’s greeting of the day in America, along with “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” Happy Hanukkah,” and “Have a Happy Kwanzaa.” 

Suzanne Downing is the editor of Must Read Alaska.


  1. I have a great deal of skepticism of Musk (M)elon, and of ANY billionaire, but I am glad that he is tackling the insidious, perverse and anti-human coordinated campaign against free speech by the entire power establishment and its sycophants — and yes, that means YOU, every radical leftist and establishment lackey. The fundamental right of free speech is absolute, it does NOT mean protecting only that speech with which you happen to agree.

    • The man is problematic to be sure. But considering how badly sanity is losing the culture war, our choices of allies is limited.

  2. Suzanne, I applaud Elon Musk for his endeavors in supporting freedom of speech. I also applaud you Suzanne for fearlessly reporting stories that the others would not.

  3. Ms Downing, Im impressed with your clear vision. Your understanding of Musk and the situation. You also are freedom fighter. Much needed in this era.
    Encore , happy holidays soldier of truth.

  4. Atleast for me, those that seek to censor political speech are just about the most reprehensible people imaginable. Censorship of political speech is the antithesis of freedom.

    • JMark, for those who hate freedom — as does every radical leftist, and virtually everyone in today’s establishment power structure — there is no possible attack on freedom, any freedom, that is not only out of bounds, but that is not positively demanded by their totalitarian agenda.

      We are living in the midst of growing evil, and evil has been winning.

      • Jeff,

        Weren’t you just threatening to try and have me banned because you disagree with what I say, well mainly due to your hatred of freedom? Typical leftist do as I say not as I do. Self-awareness be damned, heh Jeff? How many different people post under your handle, you should really try and keep notes on these things.

          • Just to be clear, on an article about censorship, an article that you commented on bemoaning the evils of censorship…you are readily admitting to try and censor me.

            Just making sure that the level of self-awareness is out in the open.

          • Your arrogant and egregious bullying and trolling of my every comment (which has been clearly on display for every MRAK reader to see) is NOT going t work on me or intimidate me, Steve, nor do I suspect that Suzanne is going to tolerate it for much longer.
            Be forewarned.

          • Oh please Jeff, you really have absolutely no self-awareness do you?

            My “arrogant and egregious bullying and trolling of (your) every comment” if you had any self-awareness at all you’d notice that the vast majority of your comments, and there are a lot of them, do not have replies from me. On the few comments of yours that I respond to the majority have been comments wherein you are attacking other commentators and accusing them of doing quite literally the exact same things that you are doing…just like you are doing now. I’m not arrogantly and egregiously trolling you I’m pointing out the absurdity that you’re putting on full display in a comment section that you are trying to ban me from because you want to have fertile ground to berate others you disagree with. You are quite literally trying to shout others down, limit their speech, and ban those you disagree with…on an article that you are at the sametime extolling the virtues of free speech!

            It’s so beyond completely absurd, it’s laughable.

          • How many times have attempted to do the same to me, or anyone else you disagree with? More than there are stars in the sky. All this from someone who never has lived in Alaska. If I’m wrong, prove it!

          • Steve, I think that the readers of MRAK can clearly see who is in the right here, and I doubt that many if any of them believe it to be the consistent quisling and shill for the warmongering neocon establishment, or for the propaganda and profit-driven medical-industrial-pharmaceutical establishment.

            Your attempted bullying, and your dishonesty and arrogant condescension, are simply off the charts. And your attempts to project your own sins onto me are laughable and contemptible.

          • Jeff,
            Herein lies the difference between you and I, on an article discussing censorship you are the only one calling for the censorship and banning of other with whom you disagree. Your accusing me of being a bully is hysterical nonsense from the biggest bully that comments here, what’s a matter Jeff you can dish it out but you can’t take it when a mirror is placed in front of you to show your true self? Is that what you call bullying, while post after post you berate and accuse others of all sorts of things simply because you disagree with them?

            Introspection Jeff, you really need some of it.

          • Steve the only thing absurd is your equating government censorship and private censorship. In your comments on jefferson .

            Especially as you definitely know the difference.
            They are different legally and ethically yet you pretend jefferson has no self awareness when he differentiates the two . A clear lie you attempt.

            Steve is the greatest purveyor of Disinformation and confusion on this mrak platform.

            Steve may as well be a disinformation spokesperson.

            Steve when you lie repeatedly and twist every ones words there is nothing ethically wrong if you were banished from a private platform by a private person.

            Your twisting of facts to suit your narrative deprives citizens opportunity for accurate understanding.

            If you are associated with the government this is even more important regarding ethics and legality.

            Stating your opinion is one thing. Every individual is entitled to their point of view. Leftist, right wing, liberals who ever.

            Twisting other people’s words to suit your narrative is not ethically sound. Its not honorable nor is it fully protected by law . Under certain public circumstances you can be sued in court for slander ect.
            ( im definitely not suggesting this occur with you im just bringing up the interesting subtleties of free speech)
            Your misrepresentation of jeffersons comments is glaring and absurd.

            Government censorship versus private censorship is different under the law .
            Im for free speech even your twisted speech so i tend towards absolutism yet i
            I understand the difference and so do you so your convolutions of the two was disinformation at its best.

            Some day we can discuss whether even private people and privately owned businesses sole proprietor should censor or not.

          • “American”,

            You are wholly incapable of providing anything to support your false claims that you have “documented” however you have actually been documented having issues with honesty ‘’

            Honestly I think it’s hilarious that you keep at it under the name “American”, you continue to try and gaslight me and every reader here while digging the hole you are in deeper and deeper. If you want to talk about censorship then talk about it, you don’t need to call me a liar without anything to support it. You’ve thoroughly discredited yourself here, might as well choose a new nom de plume and move on.

            “A clear lie you attempt.” Now that’s a funny Yoda impersonation!

      • Steve
        What is your point? Trolling 101 ?
        I thought this was an article about elon musk?
        Your obsession with Jefferson is creeeepy.
        Can you stop twisting his words and lying about him?
        Lying about everyone you disagree with?

        what can we count on it life ?

        Steve lies.

        Steves support for mrna vaccines masks and government censorship.

        Steve as you know,there is difference between government censorship and private business choices regarding who is allowed to interact on their platforms?
        Especially a private owned company like mrak .
        It’s apples and oranges.
        You saying Jefferson has no self awareness is a factual lie and disinformation once you look at the difference between government and private businesses.
        Legally and ethically.
        You knew that and lied and twisted his words anyway just to confuse the issue like a good government agent.
        You should rename your handle —

        “Steves disinformation service”

        Now open to the highest bidder!

        Btw steve you forgot to mention how you are a libertarian! Lmao

        Steve try and stay on topic.
        What do you think of elon musk?

        Oh btw your paranoia shows when you try to claim others are posting under jeffs handle. Or maybe you’re spreading more disinformation.
        Steve you are the one with a lack of self awareness
        You tried to equate government censorship with private censorship. You posted the greatest absurdity on this whole thread by anyone.
        You are the only one here who supports government censorship

        Mr Steve aka as Niki Haley “The real question is how many posters here are foreign agents” lmao 🤣

        Btw if mrak bans you it will be a service to the world but personally I like you posting because
        you are so transparently government funded.

        Tell us what you think of elon musk?

        • Wow am I ever sorry I missed this total meltdown earlier!

          This is some seriously hilarious bag of…I have no idea what this is??? I am at a loss for words on just how to process this post. Amazing, truly and frighteningly amazing.

          • Yeah it’s frighteningly amazing because,

            Your own words convict yourself.

            I don’t even have to provide documents.

            Its all right here on MRAK

            Yep , under steves absurdities as he insinuates government censorship is the same as private censorship. Steves caught lying that jeff isn’t self aware.
            Steve you knew the truth and lied anyway.

            As Steve channels niki haley and globalist leader Klaus schwab
            Steve says “the only question is how many posters are foreign agents” when trying to tarnish jeffersons and others online reputation so people don’t trust them.

            Department of government Disinformation service ,here to add another layer of lies – how may i help you?”
            Sept 26 2021 at 3:31 am on Mrak
            Steve o says
            “Vaccine mandates are constitutional”

            Personally I think that tells us everything we need to know about steve and his intent .

            Interestingly steve the purveyor of misinformation states
            oct 3 2021 on Mrak
            Strongly states regarding covid vaccines “because vaccinated person has a much smaller likelihood of becoming infected than an unvaccinated person”

            Didn’t age well did it steve ?
            Hilarious in the post right underneath yours Jefferson says
            “ again steve-o you are either lying here or ignorant”
            Jeff goes on to present data which steve characteristically ignored.
            Wonder why jeff quit presenting you data ? Because you treat people really poorly , lie and twist their words.

            Im going to make it really simple for you steve-o
            To quit being called a liar you have to quit lying.
            It’s really that simple.
            Oh and quit twisting people’s words to suit your personal narrative because thats a form of lying also.
            Pretty simple stuff.
            Oh yeah- you are free to speak freely and dishonestly but it comes with repercussions.

            Your own words convicted yourself. Pretty cool.

          • Wow, what a wonderful display of gaslighting. You’ve literally just done everything you are accusing me of in that post.

            Twisting words…check. If you don’t think vaccine mandates are constitutional then you should take that up with the Supreme Court, there are centuries of established case law to support that…now obviously you and a few others here have been stuck on covid vaccines and that’s what you’ve been harping on. Yet you simply disregard what I’ve actually said specifically regarding covid vaccines and mask mandates.

            September 13, 2021 At 7:32 am
            “The Federal government does not have the authority to mandate vaccines”

            November 5, 2021 At 3:15 pm
            “The reason this mandate is unconstitutional has a lot to do with the separation of powers”

            November 4, 2021 At 6:21 pm
            “This (vaccine mandate) will quickly make it’s way through the courts and be ruled unconstitutional.”

            November 16, 2021 At 7:56 pm
            “It’s pretty bad that the RNC waited until after the “red wave swept state and local elections across the nation” to denounce this unconstitutional mandate. It’s pretty bad that the RNC waited until after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals announced the stay on this mandate.
            Thankfully the 6th Circuit won the lottery and will hear this case that will ultimately be heard by SCOTUS, and if it won’t be heard by SCOTUS it will be because they concur with the findings of the 6th Circuit.”

            December 5, 2020 At 1:39 pm
            “Masks shouldn’t be mandated by government”

            Please, keep trying to gaslight me and others all because you are upset that not everyone agrees with you.

      • Way back in the day, Hi Bob was a drinking game. Watch the Bob Newhart show and chug a beer every time someone said “hi Bob”.

        It was often worth a full six pack.

    • Really?
      The original, which turned into PayPal was funded by the American Taxpayers? That is where Musk made his first billions.
      And, if the US taxpayers are purchasing rides on SpaceX rockets, it is business, not some kind of payoff.

  5. Elon will just provoke and enrage the angry crowd using his angry words. Last thing they need to see is their anger is getting attention and bothering others. You ever seen an agitator escalating someone’s temper? And the agitator looked like he was enjoying receiving the angry reaction? That’s all the crowd Elon is angry at are, they are agitators. If you live in Alaska then you will had seen an agitator however didn’t know they were torturing the poor victim with conflict resolution and communication issues. I think he don’t have much discernment and thoughtful consideration which for someone like him he should. For one Elon’s Isreal plan what they should do first time displayed he knows very little.

    • “You ever seen an agitator escalating someone’s temper?”
      I sure have. Every time the left has a protest because someone’s feelings were hurt. Want to see serious escalation of violence, get involved in whatever movement is going on now. What is it? Support ham ass? What will it be next year? Not sure, but you can bet your bottom dollar the people who claim they are the most tolerant will be the first to react with anger.

  6. I am glad we have Elon on the correct side of free speech.
    If you really want to stop all the lies and misinformation then shut up the politicians.

  7. Yet many folks like Kayne West have been cancelled / censored by Musk who kowtows to the Netenyahu and just returned from Israel with his new set of IDF dogtags.
    There is still the US gov i.e. NSA with a complete open back door into our online existence that includes Twitter / X.
    Ed Snowden showed us this many yrs ago and Thomas Massie is the only person in Congress addressing it.
    A wise man once said actions speak louder than words.
    Musk can have his H.S. screed…I don’t believe a word.

    • Imagine cheering for an as*hat that makes fun of people with a disability, no matter how slight that disability may be? Not LMAO.

    • Heard of Temple Grandin? Probably not!
      Making fun of people with challenges, instead of treating everyone with respect and celebrate their contributions to mankind, says all about you and your character and really nothing about them. Shame on you!

        • Huh?? Who is “pedoguy”?
          My response was to TI’s snarky comment mocking people with autism.
          Temple Grandin is a doctor of animal science and behavior and a consultant for humane treatment of livestock. She is also autistic and one of the first individuals to document the insights she gained from living with her autism.

          • So Greg what does this have to do with anything???
            Your initial comment is nonsensical and misplaced. I also strongly question your reading comprehension.

  8. Elon Musk! He’s an interesting character! Very brilliant! Has rockets and all kinds of gadgets! I have respect for that! And he has the balls to do so! If he wants to tell someone to F off he can! Who are you to say differently? ?

  9. Go on, try it. Post something especially critical of EM to EM on “X” and see how he responds to your exercise of free speach. Unless he’s changed his behavior his response might well be especially critical. But that’s his right.

  10. Elon Musk saved the right to free speech on Twitter/X. He exposed the rot. Along with the real journalists like Matt Taibbi. He helped conservatives gain their voices back. He deserves praise for having the courage to do this very bold move. Yesterday, he also tweeted that he will now vote Republican. And to now watch their “dirty tricks campaign against me unfold”. His thermonuclear lawsuit against Media Matters is in progress. And I hope he torches them in thermonuclear fashion.

  11. Twitter removes/bans members who post negative narratives about Musk but somehow he is the champion of free speech. Last I checked it’s Dec. 1 not April first. How is this article showing any journalistic integrity?

  12. I laugh when i hear people say they dont trust “billionaires” really…..They are typically shrewd and intelligent. Using a persons wealth as a guide for trust is no different than racism. Use the persons words and more importantly thier actions as your guide. The ENTIRE human race is broken and subject to corrupt behavior. Neither the rich nor the poor have a corner on the market of corruption. Elon is doing some good stuff, more than any other techno nerd. However implanted chips in your head, cobalt mines and ties with communist china…..not a fan of that at all.

  13. Elon taking on the task of defending free speech especially in the political arena is a David and Goliath battle.
    For there are thousands of high caliber power hungry leftists that want to control elections as well as the entire governing structure of the world.

    Just look at what they did to the world with the all important work Dr Fauci did with taxpayer funded research developing a gain of function “super virus”.
    We now see the importance of his work He was bragging about more than ten years ago when Obama was fully supporting the man made “Bat Virus” and lied through their teeth when Senator Rand Paul had him on the hot seat.
    Being an arrogant untouchable old fool like China Joe he simply responded with “I cant remember”.
    Joe positively would not have been installed without the virus.
    He definitely deserves the label of the “46th batvirus President”
    They all deserve a daily session of water boarding at Gitmo.

  14. Elon Musk deep pockets paid $44B for a $20B company. He has now turned X into a $5 B company. Free speech promoting hate has a price

    • Oh “Frank”…

      First you’re doing classic the rich are evil, then following it up with a distaste for free speech.

      Classically bad.

      Is there any part of the Constitution, or liberty you don’t object to?

  15. Thanks for this encouraging piece, Suzanne. I’ll plan on continuing to use this expression throughout 2024 and beyond. Democrats actually understand it.

  16. Too bad every other platform does not have the same response to the crybullies.
    this crap started in the 80s, and has only gotten worse. “I do not like something, so I will bully it into submission!”
    This tactic of pulling advertising, or blackballing entire platforms needs to end.
    Just ask Scott Adams.
    Ask Alice Cooper.
    Ask Joe Rogan.
    Speak your mind, and some self important crybaby will get offended, and have you kicked off whatever platform you are on.
    Whether you like Musk, or hate him, does not matter. He is standing up to the crybullies that are weaponizing the internet to the detriment of all.

  17. alaska strange. His nibs can say what he said but I can’t say “How Darling” because I am a native woman. it might offend someone. alaska is so stupid.

  18. “Go F yourself.”
    That’s what Nancy told me to do last night when I asked her if Lisa’s daddy was still Joe.

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