Passing: That time Henry Kissinger visited Alaska on his way to a secret trip to China

Henry Kissinger in 2014. Photo credit: Center for Strategic & International Studies

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who turned 100 in May, died Wednesday. He helped the country get out of the Vietnam War, which was started by President Lyndon Johnson, and he helped create a new, more peaceful relationship with China, which lasted until recently.

All this, while working under a complicated and flawed President Richard Nixon, whose second term came to a collapse and resignation in 1974, and President Gerald Ford, who succeeded Nixon.

After fleeing Nazi Germany with his parents in 1938, Kissinger arrived in America, joined the U.S. Army, fought the Nazis back in Europe, and was an intelligence analyst during the Battle of the Bulge.

He graduated from Harvard with advanced degrees and eventually joined President Nixon’s inner circle, rising to become U.S. Secretary of State. He was one of the only men who the notoriously suspicious Nixon trusted — to the bitter end.

During the time he served Nixon, Kissinger was the president’s assistant for National Security Affairs when he visited Alaska. During some particularly tense negotiations with Chinese Premier Zhou En-Lai, Kissinger was frustrated by then-Secretary of State William Rogers, with whom he had a competitive relationship.

It was in the summer of 1971 that Kissinger made a secret trip to China while on his way to Pakistan. While on his way, he ordered his jet to stop in Anchorage, Alaska, under the pretense of it needing “some repairs.” While his goal was to establish relations with China to set the stage for Nixon’s historic seven-day visit to China, there were many geopolitical complications over the growing Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. U.S. foreign policy under Nixon was heavily engaged in that conflict, during which the Pakistani military and Islamist militias killed between 300,000 and 3 million civilians in Bangladesh and as many as 10 million others fled Bangladesh as refugees to India.

To give sensitive events time to unfold, Kissinger, who was enroute to Pakistan with the secret China stop on his itinerary, made up a story about the plane needing repairs, thus stopping in Anchorage.


In China, Kissinger is still revered for his role in bringing that country out of its isolation under Chairman Mao. Kissinger visited China more than 100 times in both his official capacity and as a retired statesman, as recently as in July, when he spoke with President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

“During his life, Dr. Kissinger attached great importance to China-US relations and believed that they were vital to the peace and prosperity of the two countries and the world,” said foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin, who called the elderly statesman an “old and good friend of the Chinese people.”

Kissinger was not universally admired, for he played a role in the carpet bombing of Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Rolling Stone magazine writer Spencer Ackerman, in a story about Kissinger’s death, called him a “notorious war criminal” and inventoried the less-noble aspects of the diplomat.

In 1975, Kissinger toured the Trans Alaska Pipeline with Sen. Ted Stevens and Congressman Don Young. In 2008, he met with then-Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, who was being given a crash course in U.S. foreign policy to during her role as vice presidential nominee for Sen. John McCain’s bid for the presidency.

One of the most well-traveled and well-connected people of his generation, Kissinger’s diplomatic visits and the leaders he met with are chronicled at the Office of the Historian at this link.


  1. The hyper-Machiavellian Dr. Strangelove finally releases his desperate hold on life, and on power.
    He won’t be missed.

    PS: You’re next, George “Dorian Grey” Soros.
    And please take Klaus Schwab, China Joe, and a few Rothschilds with you.

    • On Kissinger we are in total agreement. He was a war-mongering, nation meddling criminal who escaped justice. His role in helping to overthrow Allende in Chile alone would be enough to send him to a supermax. The number of people who died as a result of that little misadventure and all of the disappeared that happened under Pinochet would be enough to keep anyone but the most callous and evil people awake at night. I bet Kissinger slept like a baby. I’m glad he finally took the room temperature challenge.

  2. “”Military Men Are Dumb, Stupid Animals To Be Used As Pawns For Foreign Policy.” Henry Kissinger. May he rot in Hell.

    • That was a mean thing for Kissinger to speak. However we are all guilty to speaking a mean thing during our lives. I wonder what the context and scene when he first spoke it and who was leading the militaries. Leaders especially the really smart ones are known to speak frankly and bluntly. They have to around one another so the other leaders don’t lead them too, since they are all in the business of leadership.

  3. Your missing out on his relationship with the Rockefellers, the Deep State, the CFR, Trilateral Commission and the bewildering multitude of globalist organizations. Nixon was forced to cooperate with them to satisfy his own ambitions. It fed him and later destroyed him. Ford was a doltish puppet for Kissinger, who himself was merely the dutiful and public face of these evil people.

  4. Suzanne: you are quite incorrect in stating that President Lyndon Johnson started the Vietnam war. That war and our involvement in it predated Johnson and in fact our involvement in it can be blamed on either Eisenhower or Kennedy or even on both Eisenhower and Kennedy. In fact shortly after the CIA and State Department backed assassination of Diem, The U.S. ambassador to South Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge, invited the coup leaders to the embassy and congratulated them. Ambassador Lodge informed Kennedy that “the prospects now are for a shorter war”. Kennedy wrote Lodge a letter congratulating him for “a fine job”.

  5. Possibly the most intriguing figure in American political history.

    History will take a long time to properly judge him.

  6. Klaus, Soros, Kissinger, Rothschild .. what is it about that special protection group ? Pollard, Rosenthalls, Weinstein, Epstein , Silverstein, Polanski, I could be here all day. Heads up political swamp, the whole world knows the score, and those of you aiding these globalist anti national scum havnt gone unnoticed.

  7. “Brilliant,” perhaps. Evil to the max, definitely! Kissinger was the Illuminati kingpin for many years, doing Satan’s bidding worldwide, manipulating the world into the mess it is now, ready for the one-world government. The Rotchschilds are also kingpins. Pro-war-to-the-max Sarah Palin had to meet with Kissinger when running as VP. Pro-war Nikki Haley also has.

    Kissinger revealed his Machiavellian, psychopathic self in front of Alexander Haig in 1973: “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

    Joel Skousen explained Kissinger’s global machinations in his World Affairs Brief — using crisis as an opportunity to bring in the NWO:

    “Henry Kissinger, who former National Security Advisor James Jones said gives daily marching orders to the National Security Council, is still pushing the concept of crises being the vehicle to furthering the New World Order. Henry Kissinger responds to a question in this video by stating that the main task of Barack Obama will be to create a New World Order, suggesting that the chaos unfolding around the world is an opportunity rather than a crisis.”

    Kissinger’s quote: “I think that his [OBAMA’S] TASK will be to develop an overall STRATEGY for America in this period, when really a “NEW WORLD ORDER” can be created. It’s a GREAT OPPORTUNITY. It isn’t such a CRISIS.”

    Kissinger also was likely the main leader in key secret societies:

    Committee of 300
    Council of Foreign Relations
    Trilateral Commission
    Bilderberg group

    Kissinger opening the door to Communist Red China-US relations is a major factor that will destroy the US.

    We’ve given China the majority of our technology, so we could get cheap goods made there, which they’re going to use to destroy us.

    Already, they may have far surpassed us in nuclear capability, as Russia has for sure. Both are now working together in their plan to EMP and nuke the US.

    MSM, including Fox News has lied to us about how easily we can now be taken out.

    Trump admitted in a recent speech that our nuclear defense system needs upgrading.

    That means it’s not protecting us now, and he knows it, while most Americans don’t have a clue.

    And that’s how arch-globalist Henry Kissinger wants it.

    China even manufacturers some of our military equipment, and key components for our power grid, that they’re planning to take down, as they practice “the art of war,” so they can get living space: America.

    Ever see more of a poker face than Kissinger’s? No expression whatsoever while discussing anything important. He COMPLETELY relaxes his face so people can’t read his true intent at all.

    This was one of the most evil men in our lifetime, who has done major harm to the US and the world to bring about Satan’s globalist New World Order plan.

    • Good summary Jeff. I agree that he was one of the most evil men. It will be interesting to see who he has trained to fill his shoes in the continuing attempt to take down the world.

    • I see kissingers passing is a good thing then. Give his mind a rest and he no longer can speak and share his opinions with todays leaders continuing corrupting them. I wonder what made Kissinger so sour? He had to be a very sour man.

      • A distinction has to be made between being “evil” and “agendized.”
        Kissinger viewed everything from a global perspective and saw a world order as a way to establish peace and control between 180 different countries. Unfortunately, this perspective requires socialism (or communism), mitigation of wealth, and a quasi global police state. The Constitution of the US would be dismantled. Capitalism would be vanished. Order would be established by the few, primarily the super wealthy and elite. American wealth and independence would disappear.
        Evil? Yes, in the sense that 250 years of American freedom and entrepreneurship would be dismantled.
        Republican George HW Bush rolled with this concept of a new world order too, as do many Democrat leaders.
        And this is exactly why Donald John Trump is still so popular today.

  8. Read “The Hundred-Year Marathon, China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower” by Michael Pillsbury AND THEN tell me what a great guy Henry Kissinger was. Because … he wasn’t.

  9. If you like the high price of gas, you can thank Henry Kissinger.
    The price of gas was around 18 to 20 cents a gallon when Kissinger
    got involved in it. NWO you bet!

  10. Kissinger was an evil war criminal with the blood of millions of innocent people on his hands. Thank God he’s dead. And LBJ didn’t start the Vietnam War, it was JFK.

  11. Who listened to him? His protege, Klaus Baby who now thinks of himself as a damned God. Seriously. Thanks Democrats for fundamentally changing America. Now your silly God is Klaus. America last policy? The America First policy of the Trump’s doesn’t quite get it far you, do it. Shame on you.

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