Meet Anthony Pitcher, new school board member appointed in Mat-Su Borough School District


Filling out the remaining term of departing member Jacob Butcher, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District Board appointed Anthony Pitcher, a conservative and father of nine.

Pitcher has lived in Alaska for 21 years, having moved north to work on a dairy farm, and later getting involved in electrical work, he told the board during his introductory remarks. He has children who have graduated from high school, some who attend charter school, one who home schools, and two who are not yet school age. He has been a volunteer with Boy Scouts and in his church youth programs.

“I was raised by a very patriotic father who instilled in me that education is very important, not just for career paths, but also for history,” Pitcher said to the board, adding, “if we don’t learn from history, then we are destined to go through some hard times.”

Pitcher attended Pasco High School in Eastern Washington and has been an electrician for over 20 years. Since 2007, he has run Pitcher Electric.

The school board held a special meeting to hear from each of the applicants for the seat, which will come up for reelection in November of 2025. After the vote was taken and Pitcher was chosen, Superintendent Randy Trani swore in the newest member and a regularly scheduled meeting began to take up normal business.

The board has retained its conservative character with the choice of Pitcher to replace Butcher in the District 5 vacancy. During the most recent election, conservative candidates prevailed. The board has one member considered liberal: Ted Swanson.


  1. Nine kids!! Wonder if he’s an OINK (‘

    Seriously though, glad he’s there.

  2. It’s encouraging to see he is representing conservatism out of the younger generation not only another boomer. Even though the state still needing our boomers leadership, even while they are still aging and can’t lead forever. GenX and Millennials leaders still need Boomer leaders to not only train but also REtrain and Redirect GenX and Millennials how to work and lead. Hopefully this guy has good thinking elders around him to continue his training so he can be a good trainer to his generation and GenZ.

  3. Congratulations Matsu voters for taking the time to save your district from the ASD communist takeover.
    They are working 24-7 on their attack of those who choose the path for their children to actually thrive through education and not be herded out the gate and put to pasture without the basic tools needed to navigate life.
    Thriving education systems make ASD look bad so they must destroy it as well.

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