Health and Social Services website attacked, services disrupted


The Department of Health and Social Services website has been taken offline due to a malware attack.

The attack comes three weeks after the Alaska Court System was shut down after a cyberattack. The court system website is now apparently functional again and the state didn’t indicate whether the attacks are related.

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The DHSS website was taken offline May 17 while the investigation is being conducted and will be unavailable to the public until further details are known about the incident.

Some services, such as COVID-19 vaccine appointment scheduling and the data dashboards, are hosted by outside sources and can still be accessed through

The list of affected services that are offline include:

  • AKAIMS – Alaska’s Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Management System
  • DHSS public website
  • State of Alaska Vital Records System
  • DHSS Background Check System
  • Find A Childcare Provider
  • Case Management System – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)Work Activities
  • IBIS – Indicator Based Information System for Public Health
  • ILP – Grantee Based System for Infant Learning Program
    • Grantee-based information exchange for the Infant Learning Program
    • Grantee-based reporting for the Infant Learning Program
  • SAGE – System for Schools to Report Vaccine Data to Public Health
  • YODA – Youth Offender Data Application for Youth Courts
  • GEMS – Grantee Portal for Grants Electronic Management System
  • AKVaxMatch – Alaska Provider Vaccine Exchange
  • Developmental Disabilities Waiver Online Form
  • DHSS Epidemiological Bulletins
  • Count of Available Beds in Various Behavioral Health Facilities
  • Review Process for Health Care Construction Projects and Equipment Purchases State Expends for Medicaid
  • Vital Statistics Online Data Request Form

For phone assistance during business hours (8 am – 4:30 pm), contact the department at 907-269-7800. For questions specific to Covid-19, the vaccine helpline is available at 907-646-3322 from 9 am – 6:30 pm on weekdays, and 9 am – 4:30 pm on weekends. You may also email [email protected] for help. 


  1. I think I’m beginning to grasp matters. When Must Read Alaska got hacked by someone using muni computers, they downloaded and used some code that contained more than they bargained for.
    Some opportunistic elements have capitalized on it to fulfill an agenda … of disrupting Alaska’s government, of bleeding Alaska dry.
    Court View first, and now DHSS. These are nuisance targets. Practice runs. Most likely they had been hacked and set for timed release. I’m guessing that the real targets have already been hacked and will get their turn in the barrel soon enough.
    Pipeline … power grid … permanent fund … retirement funds … lots of real targets that can really put a crimp in Alaska’s government.
    We had so much time, so many warnings … but the CBC lining their own pockets, and that of their friends, was more important.

    • Yes, a PDF document from the Muni had some executable code in it and it was malware. Lesson learned.

  2. Sounds like it’s time to stock up on pencils and paper. Do the kids know how to use these tools anymore? If the credit card machines get hacked and go down, we will be in a world of hurt. Most businesses don’t have any kind of backup anymore. Pencils, paper, and cash. Get some NOW!

  3. Can we move to an “Inner-net” where critical systems aren’t connected to the WWW? Seems like these malicious attacks are becoming commonplace.

  4. That’s why I think it is unwise to commit all aspects of our lives to rickety computer systems. If everyone says you can do it all on line…I don’t.

  5. “The agency has said it did not receive a ransomware demand” which suggests that it was a Trojan.
    It following the Courtview attack suggests that it is a Trojan Hybrid.
    My guess is that it’s a RAT, a Remote Access Trojan. The Muni actor was the “social engineering” access to the back-door. This means that it accessed everything the Muni, directly or indirectly is connected to.
    Who knows? It could be some of the CIA’s high-powered stuff floating around the NET. If our traffic lights start spinning themselves to destruction, we will know for sure. Ahahahahahaha!

  6. My guess is that MRAK was the only actual target, and that the Courtview and DHSS attacks are just actor-less unforeseen consequences. Most probable reason for no Ransomware demands.
    Whatever it is could most likely just make it’s mindless rounds until someone manages to pinch it off. Sorta like “Whack-a-mole”. Ahahahahahaha!

  7. The US is under attack and is especially vulnerable due to friendship with China and bad actors. It happened al lot with Obama Administration and will keep on the same track with Biden. Weak presidents are the key. 2 million e personnel files in 2015 from the gov. Now the warm up for the worst to come. Looking at some of the programs the DHSS has I’d say they should go to the troopers. They are inappropriately put in the wrong Department. Dumb legislature and governors allowing it. Its no wonder this state has serious problems. Read what has been thought up as of today….people of the state need to say no to the upcoming legislation just to end this session.

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