Assembly buys building for Alaska Black Caucus with American Rescue Plan monies


To prevent Mayor-elect Dave Bronson from having input on how American Rescue Plan funds are used, the Anchorage Assembly approved $51.1 million in spending during a special meeting on Tuesday, including a last-minute amendment from Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, to buy a building for the Alaska Black Caucus.

The American Rescue Plan Act poured trillions of dollars into communities across the country, and the Anchorage Assembly split much of the funds off for nonprofit groups. The funds for the Alaska Black Caucus building were stripped from an allocation for the University of Alaska Anchorage.

The nonprofit will get $437,000 to purchase office space, with the justification that the minority communities have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Alaska Black Caucus will provide service in the areas of economic recovery, education, and community action to address systemic challenges. There do not appear to be any deliverables associated with the expenditure.

Another $500,000 has been appropriated to a building that will be purchased for Choosing Our Roots, a nonprofit that wants to provide congregate housing center for 10 or more gay or transgendered people from ages 18-24. The group is run by a board of directors who have various gender pronouns associated with themselves, including being referred to as “au/auto,” “they/them,” “He/Xe/Fae/Faer,” “Kin,” and a confusing assortment of other identifiers that describe their sexuality interests.

Assemblywoman Jamie Allard said she wanted to delay the $51.1 million in appropriations until the mayor-elect had a chance to take part in the discussion. The bulk of the expenditures were set by Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson, who will return to her empty Assembly seat in July.

Assemblywoman Crystal Kennedy also asked for a delay to allow more review of the amendments, a sentiment echoed by several people who testified that the amendments had not been vetted by the public process. But Assemblyman Pete Peterson said that no matter what they do, the Assembly gets criticism.

“We’re just gonna do it our way. Sorry folks,” he said in exasperation with the public. Peterson is in his last term on the Assembly.

A partial list of the appropriations is at this link, but does not include the amendments from Tuesday.


  1. “Au/auto”? Seriously? With every possible combination, that’s the pick? Better hope Auto Zone has good emergency care. Call a tow truck instead of an ambulance, I guess.

  2. Case will be brought to Court for illegal race preference. District 4 needs to pay attention to what they got.

  3. “We’re just gonna do it our way. Sorry folks,” he said in exasperation with the public. — “Pete” Peterson is not on our side… No one should be surprised by this, this is typical behavior from the Liberal Members of the Anchorage Ruling Class (aka Anchorage Assembly). Maybe this is why ole’ Run Forrest Run is (apparently) going down to defeat. Hopefully enough voters in Anchorage have finally had enough of this behavior from the people elected to serve us… not rule over us…

  4. No problem. Put the building on the market for sale. No buyers? Demolish it and turn the lot into a park.

  5. The Acting Mayor was appointed rather then being elected, and then no election was held to fill her Vacant Seat on The Assembly. Has the State Attorney General or any Judicial Body Adjudicated these actions as Legal and in accordance with Municipal Code and The State of Alaska Constitution? If the answer is no, then the question that needs to be asked is are these appropriations of Federal Relief Funds by the Municipal Assembly even Legal under the law?

  6. All of that money should be going to restaurants and businesses and landlords and people who couldn’t open their businesses or pay their rents, etc.

  7. Might I suggest everyone get their ANCHORAGE-OVID 21 vaccination shots before that virus spreads to the whole state.

  8. As of 2019, there are 15,207 black people in Anchorage, Alaska out of 293,531 people. I couldn’t find 2019 numbers for Alaskan Natives, but another source states there are twice as many Native Alaskans in Anchorage as black people.

  9. The Anchorage assembly requires dissolution today; they’re actions and motives are adolescent at best.
    I’m orange in colour, where’s my housing, food and free stuff? Well I choose to give it to the businesses for whom it IS intended.
    Please citizens, impeach the assembly, In Toto.

  10. Quite a few last minute amendments last night with no time for public review and discussion.
    This was a blatant move on the part of the unelected Mayor and Assembly to ram through their wish list. The numbers proportioned out per recipient did not always make sense and there where others not on the gift list that should have been.
    The MOA does not yet have the money from the Feds, but has already decided to spend it.
    Why does any political group need the MOA to spend “rescue money” on office space? Adding insult to injury is that the money was taken from the UAA! Once again education is not a priority!
    Assembly member Petersen was tired of the public complaining about the way the Assembly did their jobs, so, tough you know what, we’re doing it once again without the consent of the governed! Mr Petersen is in his last term and obviously tired of public “interference.” How about early retirement?
    Various members of the Assembly said it was urgent to pass this immediately. The only immediacy here was to deny an elected Mayor the ability to weigh in on what the MOA really needs!

  11. Ross Perrine makes an excellent point. Legally, she is not the mayor. “Acting” is the key word in acting mayor. She’s only playing a mayor. She’s no more a mayor than Clint Eastwood is a San Francisco detective or Tom Hanks is an airline pilot.

    If she’s not legally the mayor are her actions legal?

  12. This is what happens when people have their eyes on themselves and what others think of them THAN concerned what God thinks of them. This Assembly and their collegues are are just living for themselves.

    You still think Atheists know a thing of two about life and maintaining order? They know nothing, just look what God deniers have done to this place.

  13. “‘We’re just going to do it our way, sorry folks'” The slogan of all politicians especially those who are in their last years of office.

    He knows Bronson probably wouldn’t have allowed it to get approved.

  14. “We’re just gonna do it our way. Sorry folks,” he said in exasperation with the public. Peterson is in his last term on the Assembly.

    This just says it all for the majority of the assembly members who don’t want any public input to ruin their plans for the American Rescue Plan funds. Nothing to see, move along and we’ll decide what is best for this money without your input.

    “The American Rescue Plan will change the course of the pandemic and deliver immediate and direct relief to families and workers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis through no fault of their own.” Unless the funds are in the hands of the Anchorage Assembly, then all bets are off.

  15. “Assemblyman Pete Peterson said that no matter what they do, the Assembly gets criticism.”
    Well, DUH … everything they’ve been doing has warranted criticism.
    Are Allard and Kennedy the only adults in the room?

  16. The restaurant & hospitality industry has been disproportionately hit by COVID…

    This includes all people of the human race.

    I know, I know them!!

    All nationalities, languages, are in our restaurants & hospitality industry in OUR city.

    So spend money on a specific race?? What about the Latinos, the Dominican, the multitudes of races these assembly people & fake mayor have destroyed??

    It’s just so frustrating!!

  17. Wow, Anchorage residents a very liberal with their leftist socialist anti-American democrat assembly. You all like being told to shut up and sit down.

  18. Andrew Troy dear fellow, I am 88 almost 89 I have always refused vaccinations. It is my choice to live healthy and not depend on big Pharma who refuse to recognize the healthy products the good lord has blessed us with. 1. Elderberry, 2. Hyssop 3. Apples 4. Oranges 5. Hemp 6. Sunshine, (if you don’t get enough, supplement with vitamin D) 6. 10mg Melatonin for sleep.

    With regards to the Mayoral jerk around. The new Mayor can by Executive Order cancel all the forgoing socialist illegal activities. He has been chosen by the people.

  19. Pete Peterson was speaking for the Anchorage Assembly to the people of Anchorage.

    Message received and noted.

    When is the next election?

  20. Just more political pandering trying to keep black people as a whole voting Democrat. Its just as Biden/Harris administration going back on their first their decision stopping the Alaska Native Vietnam veteran land allotments. Murkowski and democrats pandering for the Native vote. Eventually people do get tired of leaders pandering them when very little of their community lives improved.

  21. Here’s an idea. How about giving property tax rebates to businesses who lost revenue because the city forced them to close down?

    The city was responsible for them losing revenue. One could make the case for an eminent domain “taking” without fair market compensation.

    This was the main reason I decided to support Bronson for mayor originally. He understands the consequences of the city’s infringements on our constitutional rights.

  22. How is this not racist and exclusionary. This is exactly how the newly created office of Equity and will operate. They’ll make certain that all things white and hetero are excluded. What a pile of pandering meat the assembly has become.

    Jamie Allard is the only rational mind in the bunch. I held out hope for Weddleton until he publicly backed Dunbar for mayor. Weddleton plays both sides of the fence and needs to go back to selling comic books. As for AQ-D having authority, if it boils down to the State handling this (if they have the authority), don’t count on Lt. Gov. Meyer doing a single thing to right the wrong.

  23. Felix Rivera is no more noble than the rest of them except he tells the truth on purpose from time to time. In an Assembly meeting with camera rolling, he warned that they would not be color blind when they passed out funds. Meg Zaletel is pretty tricky switching large sums of money from the University to a race based political group. Most of this group has been absolutely heartless while destroying people and their livelihoods. They fancy themselves a band of Robin Hoods when they more resemble a band of thieves.

  24. I want an forensic audit on the Nov. 3rd election…I am confident these people cheated and stole the election. They care less about the people they should be serving. Yet, Alaskans may or may not get their own PFD because of these crooks. My precipice has reached the end.

  25. The Juneau Assembly spent some of the CARES Act money for a grant to do drag queen lessons. I don’t know if that should make you feel better or feel worse. I know we have to take Alaska back from the left ASAP.

  26. Well I am sure Dave will be able to cut the budget in equal portions and finally help the people harmed by the madness of Locking Down. Lock downs don’t work with viruses.

  27. Sure the current assembly spent a bit on their pet causes I don’t agree with. But cheer up folks – The attached document describes very reasonable big ticket items – 8 million for small business relief, 2 million for rebuilding small tourism businesses, Money to get the Alaska zoo the PAC etc. out of the COVID hole.

    And the best news Mayor Bronson is restoring the check and balance to our local system. Things are looking up for Anchorage.

    – Glass is half full guy : -)

  28. It looks like we need to inform the U.S. Treasury Office of the Inspector General, the U.S., the General Accounting Office (GAO), and the U.S. Department of Justice about this. The assembly allocated CARES Act funds fraudulently when Forrest Dunbar, Meg Zaletel, Perez-Verdia, and their buddies decided initially to use these funds on homeless hotels/treatment facilities in our neighborhoods. Last night, the same cast of characters did something similar with the ARP funds. There is no way ARP funds should be used to purchase a building for the Alaska Black Caucus or for seriously deficient Jasmin Smith *again*.


    Don’t let the majority assembly members get away with this.

    • It won’t do any good, you forget that the Democrats run the government now and the alphabet agencies do their bidding. Blame the lazy voters who didn’t want to get up off their behinds and vote for this current assortment of loons on the assembly.

  29. Identity politics and claims of racism simply promote more tribalism. Tribalism will, in the end, tear this country completely apart and ruin many, many lives. The Assembly’s action only promotes more tribalism.
    I have decided not to tolerate identity politics and name calling. People that use these tactics now believe that their use is appropriate and justified. They are wrong. I will not quietly stand by any more. I urge others to be much more assertive in opposition to the nonsense.

  30. I wonder what else the ‘liberal’ racist assembly can do to further drive a wedge between people! These assembly members should be driven from civil society.

  31. I’m surprised that the White Caucus didn’t have anything to say about this obviously discriminatory allocation of public funds based on nothing more substantial than skin color…oh, that’s right – when white people get together to form an exclusionary special interest group to push their own agenda it’s racist and a white supremacy thing with deep roots stretching back to colonial days.

  32. Let’s hope that Mayor Bronson quickly disbands the so called “office of equity” as soon as he takes position We don’t need any more racist organizations further dividing us.

  33. @Kevin Rogina – A person properly appointed to an “acting” status has all the same authority as the person/position for which they are in acting status. It is a very common tool in government at all levels. Occupying a position in acting status usually has express conditions and time limits. There are legitimate questions about whether she was or remains properly appointed, but there is no adult supervision in the MOA, so questioning her authority requires an expensive trip to court, and I think it is fair to say that the Anchorage Superior Courts are uniformly hostile to any person or group that challenges Democrat actions.

  34. @MOA is in big trouble – What on Earth would make you think that the Soros Junta, excuse me the Harris-Biden Regime would have any interest in having an investigation of the actions of a bunch of Democrats.

  35. Sir John J. My vaccination comment was just a little play on words, encouraging people who live outside of Anchorage to act with diligence to protect themselves from what I believe to be poor decisions of the current mayor/assembly, and prevent similar actions from being taken by other governing bodies within our great state. I would NEVER encourage anyone to take an ACTUAL vaccination unless and until it had been proven to be both safe and effective, and even then only if they chose to do so by their own free will devoid of coercion and fear.

    I agree that the Good Lord and Mother Nature have given us many medicines that are forgotten, much simpler and better for us than all the man made supplements and concoctions in use today. I try to eat foods that have been processed as little as possible, or not at all. I see some on your list that I would like to research a little more. Thank you so much for your comment!

  36. DIDN’T They learn ANYTHING FROM the lesson from the first time, they tried this gig?.. Remember this is the second time they are misappropriating covid relief funds.. for their personal “pet projects” Many of the projects they listed, some of them were already voted and passed on the Muni bond issues in April.. Much of the money is for project not related to any relief for the businesses.. Didn’t the State of Alaska tell them they couldn’t use the funds for the purposes they had planned for the LAST TIME..?

  37. How varietal and sundry. If only anyone could state literal needs to penetrate the voids. I need ‘$19 million for my road project. I know it’s not girlish and girl power and all. Infrastructure.

  38. Seems so much needs to be questioned here as likely illegal. The appointed not elected ‘faux’ mayor spearheads the spending of money that likely doesn’t match in designation what the faux mayor and her followers are attempting. Then add in the seat vacated by faux mayor that was never filled. Add in also no public input considered so essentially and unelected appointed mayor call shots using money really intended for other purposes. Who has the power to investigate and deal with this mess? The attorney general? Can Bronson have a hand in reversing any of this travesty?

  39. This is the same type of illegal maneuvering with taxpayer money that our illegitimate person in the Whitehouse uses to get their wish list through. It is immoral, illegal and should be investigated by Bronson. This kind of stuff is used to launder money to corrupt causes and I wouldn’t be the least surprised if this so called Black Caucus is affiliated with either Antifa or BLM. The Marxist revolution currently unfolding in our nation is being funded by George Soros to destroy our nation and way of life. They are placing their militia in strategic areas to cause chaos and interfere with our constitutional rule of law. Alaska, please take my words seriously. Our nation is in peril and we must become vigilant at the local level and challenge our elected officials. Many of whom are in the back pocket of George Soros and are willing to sell their soul for a few bucks. These type of individuals , I don’t care what party they are in, must be removed from office.

  40. This is all about the squeaky wheel getting the grease and nothing more. If you scream and cry and throw your temper tantrum and stomp your feet and the checkout line at Walmart, you usually get that candy bar.

  41. Sounds like an illegal diversion,I.e.theft , of funds. Too bad nobody will do anything about it. If only we had real watchdogs enforcing ethics violations.

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