Harvard University poll says 56 percent of Alaskans support mandatory Covid vaccinations


A poll conducted by Harvard University and other major research universities says that Alaskans, while not the most supportive in the “mandate” department among the 50 states, still has a significant majority of people who support mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations.

According to the survey results, 56.1 percent of Alaskans support mandatory Covid-19 vaccines. The highest state for supporting a vaccine mandate was Massachusetts, at 81.1 percent, followed by New York at 76.8, while the lowest support for a mandatory vaccine was Wyoming, at 45.7 percent.

The study took place between June 9 and July 7, 2021, when the universities surveyed 20,669 individuals across all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

The survey was conducted by PureSpectrum via an online, nonprobability sample, with state-level representative quotas for race/ethnicity, age, and gender (for methodological details, see covidstates.org).

The results for Alaska seem unlikely, even when this data is backed by the nation’s most prestigious university, Harvard.

In Alaska, Donald Trump won 53 percent of the votes for president, and another 3 percent of the vote went for the Constitution Party and Libertarian Party candidates, for a total of about 56 percent.

Republicans in general have opposed vaccine mandates, and Libertarians and Constitution Party members are likely to feel even more strongly against mandates. In a survey done in Australia, even Green Party members were reluctant to support the “Jab or No Job” mandates, due to their skepticism of “Big Pharma.” Yet Harvard says Alaskans largely support mandates.

Must Read Alaska polled readers on Facebook with the question last month: Do you support vaccine passports to travel. Over 1,000 people answered the question — and the result was a resounding 100 percent “No.”

Harvard’s poll was the latest in a series of surveys the universities have been conducting since April 2020, examining attitudes and behaviors regarding COVID-19 in the United States. The repeat poll appears to have the intent of discovering pockets of resistance to help policymakers find ways to overcome them.

The survey work is supported by the National Science Foundation grants, and funds from the Knight Foundation,  Russell Sage Foundation, and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Data collection was supported in part by Amazon.

About 70 percent of all U.S. adults are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, but many of those who have not agreed to the vaccine have dug in their heels, as government and business mandates now are showing up repeatedly.

“The more worrisome news is that a persistent 20% – 30% of the public, depending on the poll, say they are either uncertain or will not get the vaccine. In our most recent surveywave (fielded from June 9 to July 7, 2021), 14.9% of respondents who claim to currently be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine and say they are not already vaccinated indicate that they are extremely unlikely to get it. Another 4.5% are “somewhat” unlikely to seek the vaccine,” the Harvard report said. 

“As the remaining unvaccinated population becomes increasingly difficult to reach, persistent questions emerge regarding whether vaccines should be mandatory in some or all circumstances. In our April/May survey wave, six in ten respondents approved of the government mandating vaccines for everyone.”

In the July report, the participating universities came away with a few bold conclusions:

  • Overall, public support for federal, state, and local governments requiring that everyone be vaccinated remains very strong, ranging from 61% to 70%, depending on the specific type of mandate.
  • Public support for such mandates has increased since April/May, both overall and in specific circumstances, like for getting on an airplane and returning to school or a university. 
  • These over-time increases in support emerge across nearly all partisan and demographic subgroups the study investigated. 

Majorities of respondents in nearly all (45+) or all states and the District of Columbia approve of all four types of vaccine mandates the researchers suggested.

There remains a persistent gender gap in support for requiring Americans to get vaccinated, researchers noted, with men 9 percentage points more supportive than women (69% vs. 60%). This is about the same gender gap as the researchers found in April/May, when men were 8 points more likely than women to support mandatory vaccines for everyone (66% to 58%). That said, both genders are more supportive in June/July than they were in April/May (by 3 points for men and 2 points for women), the researchers said.

Asian Americans were the most likely to agree to vaccine mandates, while white Americans were the least likely. Whites were 18 points less likely to agree to mandates than Asian Americans.

“The partisan gap in support for vaccine mandates remains vast, with Democrats nearly twice as likely as Republicans to approve (84% vs. 45%). Interestingly, both Democrats and Republicans increased their support for vaccine mandates by 3 points from April/May, when we observed an identical 39 point gap. Independents, however, did not change their support level (57% in both survey waves),” the researchers said.

The Biden Administration said it will not impose national mandates, but has given the nod to private employers to create jab-for-job mandates for workers.


What are your thoughts about this poll? Add them in the comment section below.


  1. That’s because those who voted for a mandatory vaccination care about their fellow Alaskans. They’re willing to protect themselves and the ones they love and put away their petty political libertarian beliefs that even as hypocritical as they are where they think they should be able to do anything they want to, they decide that not necessarily is anybody else able to do what they have decided to do. Supposedly this goes against their beliefs, but you know how hypocrisy goes?!.

    • That’s what the German people said when the army loaded the Jews into boxcars heading to camps. It was “for their safety”. Your level of stupidity rises to a higher pillar every time you post here. You really should quit preaching the politics and try real logic and common sense sometime.

      • Herman, are you under the impression Nazis were trying to help the Jews during the holocaust?

        Maybe refrain from the insults, and try to develop a coherent and critical thought to begin with. Take a history class, even.

        • Yes the omnipotent government running the biggest propaganda campaign in world history is definitely just nice uncle joe, auntie kamala and daddy trump here to help us little people whenever government,universities and the corporate media are all in lockstep with each other is most definitely the time to be especially skeptical of what they’re soft ordering you to do.
          Perhaps you should take a history class.


        • No, I’m under the impression that our current government is going “der reich” way. Germany 1936- Jews were singled out and ostracized because of their religion. Today U.S.- people who choose not to vaccinate with a non-approved vaccination are being singled out and ostracized. Germany 1938- Krystal Nacht happened, Jews were being victimized and no recourse or justice from the reich. U.S. today- we’re not there yet, but it’s happening. Germany 1941- first camp (Dachau) opened up, Jews were forced to pack up at gun point and taken to rail yards for transport. U.S. today- politicians are already making noise that people who choose not to vaccinate to be rounded up and put into camps. Now… You were saying…?

      • Mandating untested, unproven and to date, ineffective injections with experimental DNA manipulating Rnma and other proprietary chemicals into all breathing people?
        The scope of the SARS-2 laboratory created viral based bio weapon, a joint venture of the US and Chinese Communist Party military outsourced from Chapel Hill North Carolina to Wuhan in the illegally CCP controlled Chinese mainland, is not quantifiable due to the testing conducted to date. The threshold of the PCR tests has resulted in inability to differentiate SARS-2 from influenza A and B.
        The so called viral breakthroughs from “fully” vaccinated people is likely ADE, antibody dependent enhancement. In which case the mishandling of SARS-2 is creating a far worse problem.
        Simply treating symptoms promptly with known, safe and effective medications would have alleviated the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths.
        Pfizer, Moderna and the other vaccine patent holders thankyou all for creating a fantastic return on their investments and use of your federal tax dollars in researching and enhancing SARS-2.
        Protected by comprehensive liability protection granted by congress, there is no down side for big pharma. The same industry that created the opiate crisis, including the participation of majority of physicians, create so much confidence.
        Mandating 100% vaccines is their business model, with secured revenues following from necessary 6 month booster injections, indefinitely.
        Corporations, in the old, old days, would create products that became popular because they worked and became popular, building a loyal consumer base. Now the interests of corporations and government have merged, eliminating need to compete for revenues.

        • I could not get past your first sentence. “DNA manipulating Rnma “. First it’s mRNA (messenger rna) and it has absolutely nothing to do with DNA. The mRNA never enters the part of the muscle cell where your DNA is located. Where are you getting your information? Glad I didn’t waste any time reading the remainder of your comment.

          • RG Geiger, Sir, what is the m-RNA jabs comprised of? Do you know? Are there any clinical trials? What about long term effects? Why doesn’t this jab work to bolster your immune system and create anti-bodies and yet they call it a “vaccine”? Why have so many perished from this spike infused concoction? Why are so many “Jabbed” still spreading Covid? Yes, please don’t waste time on reading or understanding.

    • Huh?
      I’m certain most people who are against the vaccine has more to do with the fact that it’s NOT FDA APPROVED rather than their political beliefs.
      It’s hypocrisy that you left leaning Dems accuse others of being hypocrites. There’s more hypocrisy and double standards coming from that political party than any other. But yes, continue to follow blindly like sheep being led to slaughter.

    • Your argument makes no sense You still get and spread covid even with the “ vaccine” further more body autonomy and property right aren’t petty libertarian beliefs. Next thing you know this guy will start calling for a nation wide gun ban or a national 5mph speed limit because this would protect yourself and the ones you love
      Nuts to that noise


    • It’s not about “petty libertarian” beliefs. It’s about setting a precedent granting total authority to the state (i.e. others) regarding choices for your body; I think if you put it in that context over other issues you’d have responses all over the board. I ask you this, are you willing to give up your freedoms to protect someone who may or may not contract a treatable illness with an actual less than one-third of one percent mortality rate? Now imagine the stricture someone could dream up to protect the masses from cancers, car wrecks, lightning strikes, depression, poor self-esteem…

      • If the vaccine is about “protecting others”, then why don’t the others just get the vax? My getting vaxxed is about protecting me. As it is, my village is 98% vaxxed. I think the vaccine, as “experimental” as it is, is a good idea – but don’t MANDATE that I get it. If I don’t take the jab and I get sick, that’s on me – if the vax works, no one else around me who has already been jabbed will get sick, and if there is someone else who hasn’t been and they get sick, that is on them. Let’s stop pretending that it is for the benefit of others that we take the vax. The govt propaganda here is illogical. Don’t tread on me.

    • I’m more likely to have complications from the vaccine because of my health issues. I’m actually in more danger from those who have had the vaccine, than I am from the actual COVID virus itself. So you can get off your holier-than-thou horse and examine your own hypocrisy! My body, my health, my choice!

      • Agreed, Karen! Many people don’t want or need an experimental injection which poses considerably more risk than benefit for various reasons. Some are Covid-recovered with natural immunity who report higher-than-average adverse reactions, or they are previously vaccine-injured, or their medical doctor (60% of whom have chosen NOT to partake in the Covid Medical Experiment) has advised them of the NON-experimental, successful early treatment options which greatly improve their odds above the 99.96% recovery rate. Do Alaskans REALLY want government bureaucrats to control their health care decisions with a one-size-fits-all approach for themselves and their neighbors?

    • Gregory, I care for you too. I insist and mandate that you hand over your guns to protect the greater good.

  2. Oh this one is easy to call bs on

    By the way , where oh where is the Alaska Delegation , Governor and Legislature on these mandatory experimental , non FDA approved , have to sign a liability waiver to receive one injections ?

    You bet I want to drive into a parking lot somewhere and get injected with God knows what by a non Medical professional

    • If you’re looking for our cowardly Lion governor, try hiding under his desk.

      If you’re looking for our delegation, try the DC swamp.

      Our legislature is hiding in plain sight, stealing our money and dictating our lives.

      • Coward – got to try another gotcha with no logic or reason… You could at least have the courage to tell us who you are – so I know who definitely not to vote for… But you are too much of a coward to ever try to run for office… Your post here is even more off topic than my reply to you…

    • Jim, they are all vaccinated. Because let’s be honest: only hippies and cult followers are anti vaxx

    • A Harvard poll means nothing. Libs polling Libs. Harvard poll also shows Byron Mallott as being the most moral and ethical politician ever, in Alaska. Why else would Bill Walker choose him?

  3. Also too over 65 percent of Alaskans can’t think for themselves when over half of Alaska’s population fail reading proficiency tests.
    Did the Harvard poll ever account for that! If more Alaskans were more proficient readers, the people they polled would be more hesitant.

    • my, my, my, I’m not sure, but I believe we just got hit smack in the face by the contempt of a narcissist. Of course, since no doubt I’m unable to think for myself I need someone desperately to tell me how…Jen? Jen? Jen?!

  4. If you are pro mandatory vax, why don’t you instead just get your vax, and not worry about those who don’t get it?
    Or could it be that you do not actually believe that your vax will protect you….hmmm?

    • I did get my shot in fact two of them. It was some idiot who wasn’t vaccinated that spread the variant that got me my current situation which I am beating by the way with the help of doctors. Why don’t you start talking about something you know or about something that you’ve actually experienced instead of pissing in to a strong wind?

      • Gregory, I only hope that the Wuhan Virus claims you as its next victim. That would be your just reward for being so virulently unprincipled, statist and authoritarian. But sadly, being that the Wuhan Virus is NOT very virulent at all, you will probably survive it (assuming that you are telling the truth in having it, which I question.)

      • Support how you identified whom allegedly shed the virus for which you claim you contracted. Contact tracing ended with the implementation of opening borders and the organized mass importation and organized transportation of hundreds of thousands of foreigners into the US and dispersing to all states.
        Any order, comment or policy of a federal government that imports >million and escalating volume of individuals carrying an alleged pandemic deadly virus is lying.

        • I agree. You can tell that the authorities are not interested in controlling COVID spread when this inane administration has basically opened the border up to whosoever wants to cross (except for Cubans, because they might hate communism too much). These people are bringing a whole lot more than COVID with them, by the way.
          The masks and the vaccine are about control not ending a virus, and since they have tasted the heady exhilaration of controlling a society through fear, and they ain’t backing off now. For them it is masks and pokes forever.
          As for the Harvard poll, consider the source.

      • So….your double vax did in fact…..not protect you?
        Color me shocked.
        And yet you still want to to use the full weight and force of the government to take away a free person’s right to decide for themselves.

  5. Depends on who you ask, and where they live.

    Ask in the Spenard district, you’ll get near 100% agreement in forced vaccinations. Ask in Delta and you’ll get nearly 100% objection.

    Lie, damned lies, and statistics.

    • The shot works pretty good at saving your life. It doesn’t necessarily stop you from getting the variant it’s currently going around and will infect Alaska soon. If you haven’t had the shot then the Delta variant is just as deadly as it was the first time around. If you aren’t protected can you get any form of the covid get to your doctor soon for treatment with steroids. It will stop your body and it’s immune response from overwhelming and having massive inflammation which isn’t fixable in most cases.

      • Greg, you can take your Delta scariant and shove it! Obviously, you are an unthinking, spineless, amoral coward who can only regurgitate the talking points of the corporate media and the self-serving and corrupt political establishment, who do NOT have either your or my best interests at heart, despite your wildly gullible apparent belief to the contrary.

      • Well said Greg. Looks like if we’re lucky the curve in Anchorage has flatten at a little over 100 positives a day. Got to believe most of these were sick people who got tested, why would someone with no symptoms get a test? With 4 out of 10 Alaskans not inclined to get vaccinated we may stay at this level until it gets cold and we stay inside our homes more. This looks like something which will always be around kinda like influenza only worst if you’ve never got it (and survived) or never get your yearly shot.

      • Super scary death virus, for sure…not…

        CDC’s new IFR survivability estimates after contracting the virus are broken down by age as part of the agency’s “COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios” Scenario 5: Current Best Estimate are as follows:

        0-19 years old survivability rate is 99.997%
        20-49 years old survivability rate is 99.98%
        50-69 years old survivability rate is 99.5%
        70 years old or older survivability rate is 94.6%
        To put that in a different perspective the CDC’s new estimate for the death rate after contracting COVID-19 by age are:

        0-19 years old death rate is .003% or .00003
        20-49 years old death rate is .02% or .0002
        50-69 years old death rate is .5%% or .005
        70 years old or older death rate is 5.4% or .054

  6. The anti-vaxxers started out strong. But now that Republicans have abandoned that avenue, the anti-vaxxers only have Jenny McCarthy to lead them. And well… we can all guess where that will end up.

    • Mostly the people against vaccinations can’t separate from getting the shot and then getting a milder case of the Delta variant versus not getting the shot and dying. They’re Gene pools it seems is just too shallow to comprehend the two scenarios. I got both shots of Pfizer in April and it kept me alive until I got the Delta variant just the other day. Now with the help of doctors and steroids and antibiotics it’s keeping me out of the hospital. I call that a win since I’m still drawing breath rather than just pissing into a strong wind like the libertarians on here.

      • None so blind as he who will not see. Keep talking GF, maybe you’ll convince yourself, eventually.
        Have you actually read the actual statistics numbering the total number of deaths, injuries, hospitalizations, and other complications directly attributed to the vaccine? Consider that most vaccines, such as polio, were suspended after as few as 3 deaths. Have you read any of the expert medical opinions stating the extreme possibility of future reactions as yet unseen for these mrna concoctions. I am 75, very healthy and active, and you couldn’t run fast enough to give me an untested, unproven needle stick that could severely limit or end my life. I am quite capable of making major decisions such as this, without your emotionally charged fear mongering. Bottom line to me: you got the vaccine, then you got Covid. Case closed.

      • Ha,ha Forkner – you got the prick and now you’re sick. Folks with healthy immune systems are pretty safe against Covid. If you are fat, lazy & sick all the time then take your chances with the experimental vaccine.

        • I got the prick and now I’m still alive. By not getting the shot, you and others will be taking away freedoms as thing shut down. You did it to yourself.

      • Hey Greg old buddy,
        How are things in Florida? Not too good for you, it sounds like. Sorry to hear that. A couple of questions for you. Who said you had ‘delta variant’? When did you get vaccinated ? Now the ‘experts are calling wuhan v Sars-2. There is no scientific test for it. There is no real test for the wuhan covid ‘delta variant’ either. FDA’s own statement. There is no authentic, isolated ‘covid-19’ virus or ‘delta’ variant sample in the world The PCR tests are ‘calibrated’ using human cells and the flu/cold virus because no ‘covid-19’ virus is available to use. Anywhere. The tests are phony. Imaginary, propagandized backup for ‘mandated’ surrender to the gang running the show, globally. The vacines are the threat, in my humble opinion. I know you won’t agree but you may in another month or two of increasing illness, probably with blood problems (clotting), leading to heart problems (inflammation) you never knew you had (before covid vaccination), at the front of the list of your new ailments. Hang in there buddy. Don’t let that vaccine of yours have it’s way.

    • So… You support loading people into box cars because they believe in something you don’t…? I guess it’s “der reich” thing to do. Thank you for showing us your true inner-self.

      • You wear clothes in stores, right? Why do you willingly let the government strip you of your rights?

        The idea that getting vaccinated is like being sent to the gas chambers is silly. Vaccines save lives. The gas chambers were intended to take lives. I suggest you think your way out of this on your own.

        • Vaccines can save lives, Coleman, but they invariably also take some lives. But that is besides the point, as what are currently being administered for the Wuhan Virus are NOT vaccines, are being proven to be ineffective, and the long-term consequences are unknown, although mRNA ‘vaccines’ in animal studies have usually led to the deaths of most of those so treated upon subsequent exposure to the virus against which they had been ‘vaccinated’.

          • Nothing in your response is based in reality. I don’t know where you get this nonsense, but it’s ridiculous.

          • Coleman, everything I said is factual and irrefutable, even if you, and every other unthinking, subservient, spineless sheep who follows blindly the propaganda of the political establishment and their corporate media bedfellows, desperately try their best to censor and suppress such facts.
            The truth is, Coleman, the truth does not need to be fought and censored. Do you ever ask yourself exactly WHY the government and corporations are suddenly fighting so hard to suppress and censor contrary opinions, facts that dispute the official narratives, and open discussion? I don’t have to ask why, the answer to anyone with any critical thinking ability is obvious.

  7. Ask the question the way you want the answer and you’ll get just that. You can make a poll say whatever you want the result to be. Plain and simple the Government should not mandate anything and before anyone responds with yes they should move to another country you are not American or believe in the Bill of Rights. Stay the he double hockey stick out of my business.

  8. Nonsense. Mandatatory = Forced vaccines. No true Alaskan would support that violation of human rights and the Nuremberg Code.

  9. Nonsense. Mandatory = Forced vaccines. No true Alaskan would support that violation of human rights and the Nuremberg Code.

  10. Interesting.. Considering the poll I saw a couple days ago. Workers, if given a choice between vaccination or employment, over 79% said they would quit working over being forced vaccinated to hold the job. I agree with them. It will further the continued breakdown we are experiencing. News cars? Maybe in 2023 when the chip fabrication plants are back in production.

  11. Oh no, this Harvard University. It’s where Kelly Tshibaka and Barack Obama went to law school and so many other of our betters. Everyone associated with Harvard is brilliant, exceptionally moral and oh so correct. Everyone at Harvard always has Alaska’s best interests at heart. Right?

  12. Suspect this is to benefit the Democrats and RINOs continuing quest for power!!! How many people were polled, both Conservatives and Democrats/RINOs? Polls reflect what outcome is required. Fake News and Scams come to mind. Fear and Emotions is no way to govern!

  13. Here’s the science of the Kungflu vaccine as I understand it;
    ?vaccine is safe and effective?vaccine protects one from the Delta variant?vaccine DOES NOT protect one from the D variant?vaccine MIGHT protect against the D variant?vaccinated people can be infectious ?vaccinated people need to wear masks to protect from the D variant?vaccine only works if everyone is vaxxed?this is a pandemic of the unvaxxed ?questioning the effectiveness of the vaxx is a form of murder?people who don’t take the vaxx are murders?unvaxxed people are stoopid?the unvaccinated are to blame?99% of deaths are unvaccinated ?boosters are coming soon
    ?Don’t follow leaders,watch the parkin meters?

  14. Polling is just a form of public manipulation and brainwashing, used to herd those mindless sheep in the direction the wolves need them for slaughter.

  15. This poll is as credible as the 2020 election. But if I were to read this polling right, 56% of Alaskans hates their neighbors, grandparents, family, friends and relatives. Because they want them to take an experimental shot that doesn’t prevent you from catching the delta variant covid and you could still carry the delta variant covid and infect the non vax population. How selfish!!!!

  16. Well then, the communist manifesto is working. Convince all the people that government is the all encompassing answer to all problems and allow government to control everything in the name of being “for the people” and the “social collective well being” before individual rights, and their job is done. Done by labeling 95% of “COVID deaths” as if that were the cause when in reality nearly all of the deaths were of people that had severe weight problems, heart disease, diabetes, breathing issues, and elderly, etc. 95% or more of the 500,000 COVID- labeled deaths were severely ill people to begin with. Oh, and the COVID virus has never been truly and properly scientifically isolated. And the PCR tests have been pumping out massive false positives because of over-cycling of the tests. And Dr. Fauci is a lying politician, not a doctor. And he has been funding gain of function research in China no matter what he denies. And yet our school board is making our young people wear masks again this Fall in school. And all these people that are for mandatory vaccinations believe everything they are told.

  17. from Michael Ramirez:
    CDC guidance:

    You put your mask back on
    You take your mask back off
    You put your mask back on
    Until you make the scream and shout
    You got a vaccination now we say it’s not enough
    That’s how we’re sowing doubt.

    Harvard…about 50% of Alaskans are Democrats plus add a few Republicans and you get about 56%. Make sense. (Yes, glittering generalities) I would say many folks are concerned about cytokine storms and long term effects plus those nasty unknown issues with RNA and DNA and blood clots.

    Before you pounce…I am vaccinated.

    • You put your face mask in
      You put your face mask out
      You put your face mask in
      And you shake it all about
      You do the Fauci Pokey and you turn your brain around
      That’s what it’s all about.

      You put your right arm in
      You put your right arm out
      You let the needle go in
      and you get jabbed with a shout
      You do the Fauci Pokey and you turn your brain around
      That’s what it’s all about.

      You do the Fauci Pokey
      You do the Fauci Pokey
      You do the Fauci Pokey
      That’s what it’s all about.

  18. Who cares what Harvard thinks.. You believe some non trial, experimental vaccine is going to save you, then you have bigger problems than this. People who have gotten the dam vaccine are getting sick.. Explain that…. Why are they getting sick? Because the vaccine does nothing for you…. Read the inserts… Its a trial and those who have decided to play Russian roulette with their bodies have no clue what is going to happen down the line. No thank you, keep your stupid vaccine far far away from me. A healthy human let’s the body do its job… Not from a JAB!!

  19. Remember all the Polls showing how Hillary Clinton was going to win the ‘2016 Presidential Election? Sorry, but wrong answer! Deep State Controlled Media and Pollsters aren’t able to do Math without their Dominion Voting Machines to Provide them their Pre-arranged Results! My Grandfather used to say “Figures don’t Lie, by Liars know how to Figure”!

  20. Anything from an institution like Harvard has an ulterior motive.
    A streetwise or shrewder person would take with skepticism. Definitely not to be believed whole cloth.

  21. First, look at who performed the poll and most importantly who funded it. All liberal bastions with one singular belief. What Alaskans did they talk to? They probably interviewed those who only live in downtown Anchorage and Juneau. With enough money, just like scientific studies, you can get any outcome you wish.

  22. “Libertarians and Constitution Party members are likely to feel even more strongly against mandates.”

    Lol, not up to speed on your LP drama? Maybe you don’t recall Jo Jorgensen at all, but you certainly don’t recall her taking a stand against lockdowns or mandates because she absolutely didn’t. A shockingly high percentage of ‘libertarians’ are pro-lockdown and pro-mandate. That’s why the Mises Caucas is sweeping state affiliates across the country kicking out the “pragmatist” beltway lefties from the party leadership. With friends like those, who needs enemies?

  23. So let me get this straight….. The vaxxed want the unvaxxed to get vaxxed so the vaxxed don’t give the unvaxxed the virus…..? But everybody has to re-mask regardless….? So if the vaxxed can still get the virus, and spread, what good is the vaxx? And if we all must re-mask, why even get the vaxx? Notwithstanding the evolutionary factor of culling the weak, aren’t we better off taking our chances with the virus and going to herd immunity? It seems that might be a better risk than taking a vaxx that might fester in the body and produce blood clotting in a year or two.

  24. Amazon. Follow the tab, and read the “report.” If I documented a study like this in my Statistics classes or Poli Sci classes years ago, the professors would have been insulted and laughed me off-campus, at least. Seriously, look at the baloney they published and how casually the brushed off the part of methodology, nowhere do I see the noun “population” as used properly in a scientific syntax. I especially love how they express gratitude for the assistance of Amazon. So how about this title “a state by state comparison of Amazon Prime members’ who shop for medical supplies, etc. support for mandatory vaxes”? This is modern Harvard? Really? We used to put out better product than this in high schools at one time!

  25. Sewwww, the tuition at Harvard is over $50,000 per term isn’t it. Like so many Alaskans are sooo going to be in a “Harvard” set-up survey. LOL. HAHAHa…”You can be tooo… ” Ah hahaha.

  26. Mandatory vaccinations…it’s a disturbing concept in a free society founded on individual freedom and autonomy. Authoritarians try to justify it by claiming that our natural rights must yield to their interpretation of the collective good. That’s predictable because those types often justify imposing their own will onto others behind the cloak of false altruism but, in reality, they just want to control us because they think they’re better than us. No one has a right to force someone else to take a vaccine…for any reason…and anyone attempting to do so is a criminal.

  27. Deny the outcome of an election because you don’t like the way it turned out. Deny the outcome of a poll because you don’t like the way it turned out.

    Typical GOP behavior – if you don’t like the facts, just make up your own!

    • Do as I say, not as I do. And if that don’t work make up the science and take control of the narrative. Control the masses with fear and a heavy government hand. Typical communist behavior.

    • More like typical libertarian behavior. Conservatives try to be just that, at the cost of serving jury duty, the driver’s license, selective service and other things that call on the masses to participate in for the good of all. Libertarians just don’t give a crap and crawl back in their hole saying I’m going to take care of me and mine and screw you.

  28. According to a recent article a grand total of 317,000 Alaskans (44%) have been vaccinated as of July 26. Yet the folks at Harvard would have us believe 56% of Alaskans support mandatory vaccines. Common sense says that it is likely nearly everyone who has not yet gotten the jab that is widely available for free, does not favor mandatory vaccines. And it is almost certain a fair percentage of those who got the injection do not insist that everyone else get it. The true percentage is probably well below 40% and my guess would be less than a third. This is a sloppy push poll pure and simple, devised to try to convince the unvaccinated that they are alone or part of a small minority in their beliefs . This is classic gaslighting.

    • There you go again trying to re manipulate the numbers to ice your own cake. Alaskans like most people in the country are all for getting the shot. Your theory isn’t accurate in the bush I can tell you that. Maybe in some pockets of cult activity around the state but not statewide.

      • Who is manipulating the numbers? You mean the Harvard researchers? The 56% is a manipulated number. Dan O’s down-and-dirty estimate is far more accurate.

  29. This poll means nothing and it is highly inaccurate. They are saying that it is 56% of all Alaskans. Well, they did NOT poll ALL Alaskans. Most of us only heard about this poll from this article. Therefore, it is disingenuous to claim that is a percentage of all Alaskans when all Alaskans haven’t been polled. Liar, liar, pants afire!

  30. When I had covid I was grateful I hadn’t taken the SHOT. My immune system was intact and like other health adults I had a 99.7% chance of survival.
    The latest round although more easily transmitted is largely without the very dangerous spike protein. Nature at work!
    Pretending that masks or shots will stop this from going around and around is foolish.
    Demanding accountability for its development and release is were we should be spending our valuable time.
    If the shot makes you feel better please get one. Be informed and be prepared for possible side affects.

  31. This poll is trash. Harvard is a trash and full of idiots. Here is a fact Harvard can not tell the difference between a man and a woman. Immoral liars and idiots.

  32. 56% of what population? Next let’s do a survey of whom, and how many people, actually do the surveys? No consideration of variables or control of test group. Meaningless. 56% of those willing to answer the questions.

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