Gov. Youngkin vetoes bill that would have forced Virginia back into ERIC voter registration system


Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin vetoed a bill requiring the state to rejoin a voter-registration consortium known as ERIC — the Electronic Registration Information Center. The multi-state compact to maintain voter rolls has seen nine states leave over the past two years, as Republican-led states lost confidence in the neutrality of the system, designed by partisan Democrats with initial funding from George Soros through the Pew Charitable Trusts.

The Virginia bill passed along party lines. Democrats control the Senate and House and wanted Virginia back in ERIC, which shares data from motor vehicle agencies and voter registries across its 25 remaining member states, which include Alaska. It’s unclear if they have the votes to override his veto.

Last year, the Alaska Division of Elections said it was evaluating its membership in the ERIC database system, but no decision to stay or leave was ever final.

Nine of 33 member states have dropped out of ERIC membership because of concerns about the organization’s partisan origins, current political biases, connections with leftist groups, and various data policies that appear to favor Democrats.

The nine states that pulled out of ERIC are all led by Republicans, including Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi.


  1. Another progressive scheme to undermine representative government. One person, one vote, in person, with identification to prove validity, counted and reported with full public scrutiny. Anything less cannot be trusted. What are democrats so afraid of?

  2. Can you think of one thing Nancy Dahlstrom did for election integrity in Alaska? She didn’t even get us out of ERIC. Do you really want a moderate like that in the US House?

    • Okay, we’ll kinda count that as one thing (although she had no choice). Go ahead and name another.

    • That has nothing to do with her. A lot of people worked hard on that, she isn’t one of them.

    • Did she really have a choice in the matter?

      Having her follow the law is hardly a ringing endorsement of her willingness to uphold election integrity in Alaska (which she has in fact done a piss-poor job of doing).

  3. See that’s what Conservatives, Republicans are supposed to do like the Virginia Democrat legislators. The people diligently work hard in employment and government to gain control over the community. Then when they had moved the people abd government in their control you take possession. You don’t just stop working because the election is over and your conservative or Republican candidate won. You continue working influencing your employment, your neighborhood community council, sbb and calling out and challenging the Democrats.

  4. Can ObamaBiden win in a fair election?
    No way in 7734!!! Except if;
    the communist (woke left) steal the election again!
    Any way they can!! Eric
    And if u own an eye 👁️ phone the mini eye on it is watching u vote! It is the little lens on back of phone on upper left corner!!

  5. Eric! The globalist are bragging about the next election will be the last ever on earth!!
    Yuval Harari!

  6. TDS Republicans are against anything that a certain sexual predator who who has been bankrupt at least 6 times opposes

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