Notes from the trail: Registered voters in Alaska now exceed 600,000, according to Division of Elections


That’s a lot of registered voters: According to the Division of Elections, there are 600,894 registered voters in a state that has 732,000 residents. It’s never been so high, but this is because everyone who files for a Permanent Fund dividend is automatically registered. For the record, for the 2021 dividend, there were 674,454 dividend applications and 636,895 were paid. The population last year was, according to the state, 732,670.

10 days until early & absentee in-person voting: The Division of Elections started mailing absentee ballots out today. Early and absentee in-person voting starts Monday, Oct. 24, 2022.

Knocking for Nick: Americans for Prosperity crews will be out in Kenai, Anchorage, and Wasilla on Saturday. They’ve been knocking on doors in Anchorage for weeks, but have enough volunteers to branch out.

Dunleavy and Dahlstrom: Friday night Mike Dunleavy will be at a Young Republicans event at 49th Street Brewery. Young Republicans are knocking doors and making calls to support his campaign. Tomorrow he’ll be at the Alaska Outdoor Council banquet. Will they endorse him like they did last time? The last fundraiser scheduled for Dunleavy is at the Petroleum Club on Tuesday. Dunleavy gives a keynote address on the opening day of AFN convention in Anchorage on Oct. 20.

Debates: The televised KTUU Debate for the State starts Oct. 19 at 7 pm. This event is in cooperation with KTOO and Alaska Public Media:

  • Oct. 19: Gubernatorial candidates
  • Oct. 26: U.S. House candidates
  • Oct. 27: U.S. Senate candidates

Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) forums are next Saturday, Oct. 22, from 9:45 to 11:45 am, according to the following schedule (watch for a story about this later next week).

U.S. House of Representatives

  • U.S. Representative Mary Sattler Peltola
  • Nick Begich
  • Sarah Palin (Invited)

U.S. Senate

  • U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski
  • Kelly Tshibaka
  • Patricia Chesbro

Alaska Governor

  • Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy
  • Bill Walker
  • Les Gara
  • Charlie Pierce

Konnech, which leaked voter data to China, exhibited its software in Alaska in 2013: Konnech exhibited at the annual conference of the National Association of State Election Directors in Anchorage in 2013. Now this from the New York Times: “the company, Konnech, transferred personal data on thousands of the election workers to developers in China who were writing and troubleshooting software, according to a court filing that Los Angeles County prosecutors made on Thursday.

“The filing adds new details about the arrest last week of Mr. Yu, whose company has been the focus of groups challenging the validity of the 2020 presidential election. Some of those groups have accused the company of storing information about poll workers on servers in China. Before the arrest, the company repeatedly denied keeping data outside the United States, including in statements to The New York Times.

“Los Angeles prosecutors initially accused Mr. Yu of embezzling public money by knowingly violating the terms of the company’s contract. Since searching Konnech’s offices and Mr. Yu’s home, the prosecutors have also accused him of conspiring with others to commit a crime, according to the new legal filing. It is rare for an executive to face criminal charges for potentially mishandling data. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday.” More behind the paywall at the New York Times.

Josiah Patkotak big day: Rep. Josiah Patkotak’s wife Flora gave birth to what the representative describes as his “chunkiest bundle,” 9 pounds 7 ounces on Wednesday morning. She’s a she.

District 30 Republicans meet: The GOP district meeting is scheduled for Oct. 17 at Sheep Creek Lodge at 7 pm. Will they send a message to Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky over his nasty attacks on Kelly Tshibaka?

Endorsement gold: Here’s an endorsement that you don’t see every day: The Alaskan Independence Party endorsed Republican Kevin McCabe for House District 30 for Big Lake.

Birthday Events:

On Fox & Friends: Sarah Palin said Alaska is handling Putin’s nuke threats: “That’s why we need to keep are eye on Putin. That’s why Alaska, our strategic location, we’re keeping him in check. Putin and his guys trying to get in our air space. It’s our responders who are shooing him away.”

Palin on Tulsi Gabbard: Palin said she thinks Tulsi Gabbard should remain independent. “She is independent. She is what this country needs when it comes to not allowing partisanship to get in the way of just doing what’s right. If she’s start, she’ll stay independent because the Republican Party has problems of its own too, within the establishment.” Palin did not welcome the former Democrat representative from Hawaii to join the Republican Party. “I’m for independence. I’m for commonsense constitutional conservative and values and planks in a platform, and not letting the machinery on either side get in the way of doing what’s right for the people.”

Mary Peltola sighting: Peltola had lunch with Ben Stevens last week, just a few days before he died on Thursday, she noted on Twitter, saying she will miss him. Tonight she is in Ketchikan after a long weather delay and spending that time campaigning in Sitka. She will attend the Ketchikan Filipino-American Festival on Saturday.


  1. That being said: Who is your favorite lobbyist and for what industry? Think real hard. I’ll help you: large pharma. YES? OR, NO? CV, anyone? Anyone?

  2. Begich is pounding the pavement here. Queen Sarah is doing TV appearances.

    One wants to win, the other wants more exposure.

  3. Registered voters: The state reported 133,000 enrolled students for school year 2016-17, the last year of the report. I assume most of those were not eligible to vote, leaving the number of Alaskans not registered to vote to be very small. Not logical.

    • Illegal process on its face. If legislators DO anything (and lately it’s better/safer if they don’t) they write “enactments”. This behavior is directed by the US Constitution. The enactments perfectly state within its title exactly what the enactment is “doing”. When one is registering to vote is that a “thing”? An Act? That act must be stated in the title “An Act – Process Of Voter Registration”. Secondly and singularly “Application for PFD”. Are these the identical “things”? No, one is meeting voter status, qualifying to participate in politica due process is a singular thing. To attempt meld these two “things” shows ignorance of the US Constitution in Alaska and willingness to break the US Constitution which is I believe treasonous.

  4. So are kids who sign up for Pfd registered to vote? What is the eligible population to vote? Isn’t twenty to fifty percent under 18 in ak?

  5. Dang! Is that a Pot Shop in the background in the lead photo of this story? I looked it up on Google and discovered that there was indeed a recreational Marijuana dispensary in Wasilla with the same name out on KGB road. I applaud these hearty republicans in their choice of getting right in front of a Pot Shop!
    As old Bobby Dylan once sang, “if it ain’t right, it’s wrong”

    • It’s at an intersection with traffic lights. Lots of traffic right there on KGB. They were probably up towards the street and just got the pot shop in the background ha.

  6. I got my official election pamphlet in the mail. Did you see Murkowski’s photo in there? When was that thing taken, 1982? Even her pamphlet pic is a misleading half-truth and false misrepresentation.

  7. I don’t believe that everybody who filed for the PFD is registered to vote. My sister filed the PFD and assumed she was registered to vote, however, she was never registered.

  8. > state that has 732,000 residents

    > there are 600,894 registered voters

    Yup. Sure. Makes total sense that only 18% of the residents of AK are children under 18 years of age. All those large families with children must just living around me. No rotten voter rolls at all here to see…

    • Exactly.
      The math doesn’t add up.
      No way are the children in Alaska – 17 and under – just 17.9% of the population.
      Our electoral process has been compromised and is corrupt.

  9. According to the 2020 census there were only 554,003 adults over 18.
    Our voter rolls are oversubscribed and have been for years. Our state was sued by Judicial Watch and lost and has still failed to clean up the rolls. Our state uses ERIC a leftist voter roll maintenance software system that has failed i ,every other stafe using it. Then we get unsolicited mail in ballots with no witness verification and questionable signature verification foisted on us by a Supreme Court appointed by the leftist BAR association. What could possibly go wrong? Wait there is more. Inmthe most populated borough the election supervisor does not allow unfettered observation of the vote count.

  10. ERIC is not cleaning up elections – it’s padding the registered voter list so there are names to backfill the corrupt machine manipulation for the installation of the chosen scum that are leading us to destruction. Then we have Rank Choice Manipulation to cover the steal !
    Both ERIC and ranked choice voting need to go.

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