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Election dysfunction: Alaska’s vulnerabilities detailed

Seth Keshel, who travels the country giving presentations on election integrity, did a deep dive and found several flaws in Alaska’s election systems. On Saturday at a meeting in Palmer, Keshel detailed a few of the problems that have developed in Alaska over the past few years that indicate the state is being taken over by Democrat election manipulation:

The first is the Permanent Fund Dividend automatic registration. In 2016, voters approved Ballot Measure 1, which allows the Division of Elections to automatically register to vote every person over the age of 18 who applies for a Permanent Fund dividend. There are far more people registered to vote in Alaska than are eligible because it’s easier to register people than it is to legally remove them from the voter lists.

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Ranked Choice Voting is the second problem. In 2020, voters approved the use of ranked choice voting, which will be first used during the special election to find someone to fill out the remaining term of Congressman Don Young. The RCV voting method favors incumbents in Democrat strongholds, Keshel said, allowing extremists who market themselves as moderates to win.

Experiments in mail-in voting are the third danger for Alaska. In 2020, ballot applications were mailed to every Alaskan over the age of 65. Now, mail-in voting will be the method for the U.S. House special election now underway. There is no signature verification or witness verification process in place with this election, making it ripe for fraud.

Must Read Alaska has heard from several people who live out of state and are not residents of Alaska any longer, have not applied for dividends, and are now voting residents in other states, yet they are still getting ballots from the Division of Elections for this election.

Ballots mailed to former Alaska residents now living in Idaho.

The experiment in mail-in voting with its ballot harvesting hazards will open the door to groups like Alaskans for Better Elections, which brought ranked choice voting to the state, to push for all-mail-in elections.

Only one of these five ballots is for a resident who is still eligible to vote in Alaska, yet all five were mailed to an address in Soldotna for the special election being conducted by mail.

Keshel recommends that mail-in voting be eliminated except for certain circumstances, that Alaska cleans up its voter lists and ends automatic PFD registration, and that electronic voting be replaced with paper ballots.

Keshel is a retired Army intelligence veteran and analytics expert who served in Alaska with the 1/25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. His areas of expertise are foreign policy, elections, and America first. Based in Texas, Keshel was to give a similar presentation in Juneau on May 1. His Palmer presentation can be seen at this Must Read Alaska Facebook link:

Seth Keshel presentation on Alaska voting vulnerability.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Interesting that voters who have moved out of State are getting ballots for this election. We live in Nikiski and have never missed voting in any election for 16 years but we have not received our ballots. I tried to check our registrations through the State site. They ask for name and address. We don’t have mail delivery here so we have a Post Office Box and that is where we have always gotten our absentee ballots. The Box on that site does not recognize a PO Box and states that we cannot get the information because we refuse to publish our address. There is no way to enter a physical address. Really frustrating.

      • Ours is a bit more confusing. Our physical address is Kenai and no one has ever been able to tell us why. But we do live in Nikiski, miles North of the entering Nikiski sign.

    • Have you tried Ballottrax? It indicates that mine has been sent and I have not received. My wifer received hers Friday, I am usually a day or two behind. You have a month, everyone in the US has mail delivery, apparently you choose not to use it

  2. How about this:
    1. On Saturday my neighbor said that a ballot was mailed to his friend’s residence. Problem is, his friend has been dead for five years.
    2. On Saturday I went to the post office to check my mail and I saw a young man going through one of the trash cans in the lobby, pulling out two ballots that had been thrown away by some box holder.
    Is this going to be a big problem? Hello Election Division. Are you reading this?

    • Sign with street panhandler outside Anchorage Fred Meyers:
      “Need gas money. Have fresh ballot. Highest bidder.”
      Lol .. …..

    • This is the same crew that ran the 2010 election. This will be just as corrupt if not more so.

  3. Ground zero for 2020 election fraud was the Vilages in Florida, Keshel is at the wrong end of America

  4. Michael Dukes and a few others I know say that in 2020 when they mailed out ballots people would just leave them laying all over the counters at Post Offices. Also, Alaska is number one in yet another thing; we have a higher percentage of people registered to vote than people over 18 than any other State.

    For myself, I agree with Senator Showers about supporting a Constitutional Convention for Alaska. It may be a real mess but it’s probably the only way to wrench control of our elections back from the fascist Democrats, to every get our PFD’s (before they steal all of it) and it could solve a lot of other issue, too.

    • Please be watching for shady Democrats hanging out at the post offices near the garbage cans. This is where they steal ballots. It’s better than a bargain hunt at Value Village

    • Speaking of fraud, did you forget Mark Meadows and his triple voting registrations in North and South Carolina as well as Virginia?
      And what about Virginia Governor Youngkin’s underage son who twice attempted to vote?
      Even the former Attorney General Barr stated the 2020 elections were among the most secure with no election fraud!
      Stop spreading conspiracy idiocies about election fraud just because you prefer autocracy rather than democracy!

    • Registered Democrats are less than 10% of registered voters in Alaska, did you write this for Putin? It appears that you have issues beyond State politics

      • No Frank, it’s around 14%. But of those with party affiliation, 32% are Dem or lean Dem while Republicans are only a little higher; 39% are Rep or lean R. And why wouldn’t I write it for Putin, he pays well—though in rubles and I’m having a heck of a time trying to spend them.

        BTW Artfull of it, I was in Denver in ’08 and every street person for 100 miles knows they can take ballots to any Dem office and get cash. Just like here, the Dems are easy to spot as they just came out of the sewer.

  5. If we were to allow independent international election observers to watch our election process they would not be impressed. While there may or may not be massive wholesale fraud, there are certainly numerous points in the process that are open to and invite fraud, the fact that these exist is a problem that goes to the core of election integrity.

    • You insinuate possible fraud without offering precise examples and/or undeniable proof.
      Following the 2020 elections, over 60 lawsuits failed to prove election fraud.
      I wish you were as upset about the irregular, unethical attempts by the former Republican president to remain in power as you are about imaginary voter fraud.

      • Catherine, your gullible and obsequious repetition of establishment propaganda and talking points proves nothing except for your profound lack of intelligence and critical thinking ability, as well as your intellectual and moral cowardice.
        All those lawsuits were thrown out of court by a corrupt judiciary desperate to hide the truth of the massive electoral fraud in the 2020 election. They failed to prove that fraud because THEY WERE NEVER ALLOWED TO BE PRESENTED!
        Please take your head out of your posterior already. The blatantly servile and craven acquiescence to corrupt authority that people like you demonstrate makes me literally sick.

  6. Sounds about right. In between the two last elections, I moved to a new address, just a few miles down the road. What I didn’t know at the time is that that put me into a slightly different precinct. The ballots were identical in both precincts, and I reasoned that because I had made the address change to my PFD, I would be updated on the voter roll. INCORRECT. The change was not made, and my ballot was then placed in the “questioned” category. Was my vote properly counted? I don’t know.
    The other day, I found the Special Primary Election post card in my P.O. Box. Conveniently (wink wink), the ink was smeared on a few key words…”Voters will SMEAR receive absentee ballots.” “You must return your ballot by SMEAR.” Your ballot must include your signature, an identifier, and a SMEAR signature.” Coincidence? I don’t know.
    Lastly, that abomination ballot measure 2. Many people I have spoken to are so confused by it, they have decided not to vote. Others are not voting in protest, as they sense the diabolical nature of the rigged game. Will election integrity ever be re-established, will my voice ever be heard, will I ever be able to trust a politician? I don’t know, I don’t know, I DON’T KNOW.

    • Being a politician is a thankless job because it is impossible to please everyone all the time.
      If you are so dissatisfied with those in office, why don’t you present your candidacy for the job??

  7. Can you imagine its your last breath on earth and you have this sin awaiting you. Hand on our Bible so help you GOD these oath takers swore. For the people of the people by the people NOT. The citizens have ousted them long ago. But the evil vote counter un monitored how they love the cameras till it’s time to count the votes. Seth, Suzanne thank you exposing evil does. GOD we need your help immediately on earth sir.

  8. There’s good legislation right now that would pass and become law, but thanks to Stutes, Merrick and the other turn coats it’s all stuck in committee and held hostage by the Dems. With the political winds blowing AWAY from authoritarian statist solutions, you can bet they know the only way to hang on to power is to cheat. It’ll be a cold day in hell before they’ll let the Gov sign any bill into law that makes it harder to cheat.

    Beyond that, even if they did, this judiciary has already proven it will overturn any measures put into place to make cheating and lying within the voting process harder. They know without the Bar essentially appointing them, they’d be out of jobs as well.

    In short, we are screwed.

  9. If conservatives were winning, I have do doubt the leftists on the Assembly and in the Legislature would be eager to get rid of mail in voting and RCV. But, those methods favor the left side of the political aisle, so not only will they stay, the leftists will likely make them stronger.
    And, how long before the Ministry of Disinformation Prevention removes this bit???

  10. I don’t vote in foreign elections and am not registered to vote. And no one else should be registering on my behalf and using my Name/NAME to do it. I don’t get the dividend either because of the strings attached even though I’m indigenous to Alaska. These are “benefits” of entrapment.

    • Good for you, and I know of several others who refuse the PFD, (they consider it socialism). Personally, I accept it and then give it away, because I think I can better decide a place for it than the state can. Also, it keeps that much out of the hands of the state, which will only do mischief with it.

  11. Sadly I didn’t need someone from outside to tell me what I already know. Our electoral process is terminally sick

  12. ‘

  13. No matter what. We must vote doing our best to sort through it. The major blatent public corruption, the backroom deals, the collusion happening, well! The last time the world saw these happenings we crucified jesus. So the near end must be very close when our LORD returns which i think up to his return the world won’t be peace, love, and roses. The events leading up to the catastrophic event be the same as the time of the crusifixation lot’s of corruption and collusion . Above the corruptions and collusions we must keep voting( the democrats are banking on conservatives, republicans, and non democrats not vote); as well as those called into leadership positions must accept the call to stand for righteousness, your work skills, your aquired education, your spouse, your church attendance as prepared them for such as a last time as this last event.

  14. How is automatic voter registration for PFD applicants contributing to fraud? The PFD has some of the most stringent background checks and applicant testaments of any State document. And the penalties for falsifying a PFD application or substantial, decreasing the risk of a fraudulent registration making it to the division of elections.

    “Keshel is a retired Army intelligence veteran and analytics expert who served in Alaska with the 1/25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. His areas of expertise are foreign policy, elections, and America first.” I wasn’t aware DOD intelligence had a division for elections or America first. Interesting way to pad his resume, but I suppose that is just a leftist conspiracy too.

    It seems that Must Read is as paranoid about high voter turnout as the National GOP.

    • Sadly PFD applicants can live anywhere, as long as they are in-state a certain number of hours/year and claim they want to return some day. Why allow people who moved and really live in Ohio, Kentucky or the Philippines and know nothing about AK and its politics a voice in our state? Furthermore not all applicants are US citizens and therefore not eligible. One assumes that these individuals decline to be registered or Division of elections will sort these out, but it is another way to muddy the waters and increase the rolls. From my point of view, if you want to vote you should put in the effort to register with the department of elections directly, instead of automatically having your name added by PFD or at the DMV.

  15. How do you assert that mail in voting or rank choice balloting is a Democratic plot Who voted on the measure to for mail in voting and rank choice balloting? All Alaskans did. And where there are more Republicans than Democrats registered in the state, it would seem to me that a number of Republicans would have had to vote to support rank choice balloting as well as mail in voting.

    It’s also very interesting that in almost all the cases of fraudulent voting that have been prosecuted in the lower 48, the fraudulent voters were registered Republicans. What does that say for Republicans. They enjoy the benefits of the Democratic plot.

    I’m not trying to support Democrats any more than Republicans. I’m just tired of the meritless and unsubstantiated accusations flying around and the Must Read Alaska writers (can’t call them correspondents) only fuel the frenzy.

    • Nice way of distracting:
      “It’s also very interesting that in almost all the cases of fraudulent voting that have been prosecuted in the lower 48, the fraudulent voters were registered Republicans.”
      Operative words here are: “…cases of fraudulent voting that have been prosecuted…”
      Makes your statement almost meaningless. How much voter fraud has been committed, but not prosecuted? (HINT: A lot.) Because the city or state chooses not to pursue complaints of voter fraud, and further chooses not to prosecute does not mean fraud is not happening.

  16. Thank You Frank, I did sign up for that and it says my ballot has been sent and I should receive it soon.

  17. There is no mail delivery in Nikiski. If you want mail delivery and live in Nikiski you have to have a Kenai address.

  18. Why is the special election being run as a mail in ballot election statewide when we do not have mail in voting except in Anchorage? It shouldn’t matter that it is for a federal office, Alaska does not have statewide mail in voting. Add to that, there are also ‘polling places’. So will another ballot be issued at these polling places?

    • I wondered the same. There is no reason why we aren’t returning to in person voting. I have to assume that the only reason that we aren’t going back to in-person voting is because the ones that want mail in ballots are running our election offices and just pushed it through using the momentum they got from Covid. Mail-in voting has been banned in many countries because it proved to make it much easier to cheat. This isn’t rocket science. And people should make an effort to vote. This isn’t American Idol or something. People should vote when they have developed a strong opinion that means enough to them that they will commit the effort to go to the polls and people should cherish the right to vote and enjoy the act. They shouldn’t take it for granted because it’s just another piece of mail buried on their counter. And everyone should go through physical act to be reminded how important that it is that it is secure and trusted.

  19. What drives me nuts is that regardless of how much fraud there is/was, everything should be done in a way that prevents doubt. Tracking my ballot is not securing anything if I know the issue isn’t my vote being counted, but too many being counted. I witnessed ballot harvesting taking place in my neighborhood in West Anchorage. Democrats want to ignore what was taking place in front of my eyes because “no court ruled that there was fraud” I don’t care. Ballot harvesting needs to be outlawed explicitly. Voter registration information should not be public and people should be required to vote in-person unless they request an absentee ballot, not because there is fraud but because there is a massive amount of doubt. I can go on about many more things, such as auditing equipment should be done before, during and after every election by 3rd party trained investigators and by observers from both parties. And counting should stop and ballots should be locked away when election offices say and announce to the press they stopped counting. Real shocker that people get upset and have doubts when election offices continue to count when they say they would stop. And all observers should be allowed to stay in the areas where counting is done and only leave when everyone is leaving… And absentee ballots should be counted right away before election night so that it is very easy to see if someone has already voted when they come to vote in-person. –
    I’ll stop there. This is all common sense crap that should be done but it is not being done or even discussed by our Lt. Gov. as far as I know which only makes people jump to obvious conclusions why none of it is being done. What a bunch of 3rd world flaky crap.

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