GOP Alaska Chair Ann Brown bows out, will not run for reelection this spring

Ann Brown

Ann Brown, who has been the chairwoman of the Alaska Republican Party for since 2021, is stepping down. The party chair position comes up at the next State Convention for the Alaska Republican Party, which will be in Anchorage April 19-21.

Brown sent her top committee officers a letter today, in which she explained she and her husband wanted to do other things besides party business in the coming years.

“I have tried to serve faithfully, always giving my best to the Party I love. Now the time has come for Fred and me to do the things we enjoy together. 

“Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Chairman. There is plenty of time for those who wish to run for state party office to throw their hats in the ring, so to speak. For now, let’s put our noses to the grindstone and work for successful events such as the PPP, district conventions and state convention,” Brown wrote.

Brown took over as chair after former Party Chairman Glenn Clary resigned after being offered a job at Liberty University in May of 2021.

At this point, only Nikki Rose has announced that she is running for party chairwoman, although others are considering throwing their name in the hat.

The Alaska Republican Party has 142,955 registered voters, while the Alaska Democratic Party has 74,961 registered voters in Alaska. The Alaska GOP is the largest organized political group in the state.

During the April GOP convention, the delegates will also choose people to be delegates to the National Republican Nominating Convention, which will be in Milwaukee, Wisc. July 15-18, 2024. That is when the party will formally nominate its candidate for president.

Must Read Alaska Show featuring Nikki Rose at this link.


  1. EXCELLENT, the Alaskan GOP is a mess. We have “Republicans” joining the democrats in Juneau fighting against the real Republicans. I’m sick of a weak spineless GOP.

  2. What I could find doing a quick search on Nikki Rose does not look like a candidate that would work for ALL Alaskans. She has a history of working in Juneau, prior recommendations from people who do not support ALL Alaskans; and I hate to say this, but have to – she is an Alaskan Native and if she has any ties to Lisa Mercowski, our AK GOP will be no better than it is now.





  3. Hopefully, the next GOP chair will not be afraid to call a spade a spade, as there too many Dems claiming to be Rep’s to get elected. Kelly Merrick in Eagle River is one such union backed senator who just voted to bankrupt the state with the defined benefit bill SB88. The GOP should have come out strong and called a Democrat pretending to be a conservative.

  4. I think a young trusted man would be better. With women leaders there always distractions. Or the threat of something coming up as a distraction. Men leaders are better at keeping their foot on the gas flooring it without let up.

  5. If they’re not made ready any better man for a position to unify and build a splinting party THEN a woman would have to do since she is an helpmate afterall until a man is made ready.

  6. We are Americans – all of us. Not Republican or Independent. Americans. What we need is esprit de corps again or unanimity, pride and mutuality of loyalty shared by ALL – camaraderie.

  7. Can’t hardly blame her considering that the Republican Party has become the rudderless and morally bankrupt wing of Trump Inc. and the Christian Fascists.

    May God Save Us

    • WHC, Christian Facist? Huh, interesting observation. I’ll have to be on the lookout for these ” Onward Christian Soldiers”.

      As for moral bankruptcy filling a rudderless ship of State, one cannot help but note the course of the ship under Capt. Obama, excuse me Midshipman Biden these last 3 years and one month vs the course that the Devil, Admiral Trump placed us on…

  8. The next GOP Chairman needs to be able to vet the Republican candidates and advance forward only the best potential winners, ensuring that they completely believe-in and support the Party Platform. Then, the GOP Chairman needs to be able to ensure the 142,995 registered Republicans show up to vote for Republicans on a consistent basis. Finally, the GOP Chairman needs to be a compelling voice of “Truth and Honesty” to voters, that this continued path we’re currently on, recklessly travelling along the highway of Sodom & Gomorrah, will only lead to Despair, Disfunction, Debt and ultimately Self-Destruction.

    • Nathan, Pity that you were not around to see me defeat Samuel Adams, ( the Donald Tump of his day) in that Congressional race. I bucked the current by rounding up all of the Black Vote and British Sailor vote. Yes Sir, getting voters to the polls IS the secret. My guess is the Republicans could do something similar in Alaska. You seem to strike a defeatist tone, this is regrettable. After all it is the future of your country that is at stake.

      • Whatever. All the positivity in the world plus $5 gets a cup of coffee at Starbucks. In political battles the stock and trade is reality. If Republicans are too stupid to organize behind one candidate then they will continue to be the losers they are. Look at our congressional team: 1 Republican (Sullivan), 2 Democrats (Murkowski and Peltola); despite Republicans outnumbering Dems 2 to 1 in our state.

  9. Snipers on full attack… I’d throw my own hat in the ring if I had the money and time to to do the position justice. We need an enthusiastic leader with vision – we’re not the Titanic, we’re the most important political force in the State of Alaska. A few ideas:
    GOTV – we need to be better organized right down to block workers, and we need to offer rides to all our conservative neighbors – not just talk about it, DO IT.
    Vetting – we already have a process – let’s use it.
    Educating new voters – even knocking on doors. Mailers are helpful. We have creative talent, let’s use it. We have strong principles and a great platform, but who outside our core knows what they are?
    We need insight on using social media and combating the alt-left msm – someone(s) in our Party needs to step up.
    Four reasons the GOP exists:
    1. Recruit and elect candidates
    2. Grow the Party
    3. Raise money
    4. Have fun doing it! This is an exciting time to be a Republican! Snipers go home.

  10. The growing influence of MRAK is a great start on combating the msm, thank you Suzanne for your dedication to this work. We need to dominate with our message.

    • ‘Gina Swoboda’ has just assumed the AZGOP Chair with the background, guts, and vision of what to do with the timeline at hand…SHE WEARS THE ARMOUR OF GOD, and determination WITHOUT FEAR to succeed. Let’s pray for her success, and for the new leader of the AKGOP to listen and successfully support WE THE PEOPLE!
      We have a strong field of replacements, Kelly Tshibaka, Joe Miller and other fighters with TRUE GRIT!

  11. Fact from the article: “The Alaska GOP is the largest organized political group in the state.” Fact from reality: The Alaska GOP is the most undisciplined, ineffective political group in the state.

    The strength and effectiveness of the Democrat party comes only from the weakness, disarray, and in-fighting within the Republican party. The Democrat party never truly wins elections on the merit of its platform; rather, it wins by technical knock-out (TKO) as Republicans self-destruct. The whole idea of a political party is to have cohesion behind an ideology; but the Republicans cannot do that like the Democrats.

    Republicans: the party of losers.


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