Must Read Alaska Show: Joelle Hall of AFL-CIO


Joelle Hall, president of the AFL-CIO in Alaska, explained today on the Must Read Alaska Show that Joey Merrick, Business Manager for Laborers’ Local 341 has started a company to invest in the Alaska LNG project.

The company, Alaska Gasline & LNG, is working with two firms — a labor insurance and investment company and an asset management business — to take control of the long-awaited LNG project.

Join host John Quick to hear the discussion with Hall. In this episode, Hall opens up about her journey to Alaska, her experiences in the U.S. Army, and her ascent to leading the state’s largest union federation.

She addresses conservative criticisms of public sector unions, offering her viewpoints to bring context to the debate.

Hall also highlights the importance of the LNG project for Alaska, detailing its potential benefits for the workforce and the economy, providing a well-rounded exploration of pressing labor issues in the state.

The Must Read Alaska Show can be accessed anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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To find out more about the Alaska AFL-CIO at this link.


  1. Honestly, nothing smells good about this business adventure. Joey Merrick, Business Manager for Laborers’ Local 341 has started a company to invest in the Alaska LNG project. A union employee starting a company? Who is the labor insurance and investment company and an asset management business companies that Joey is wheeling and dealing with? Blackrock and Van Guard in there anywhere? More than likely. They’ll control the little people since they will have jumped in and saved the day by providing natural gas for the little people. Sounds like a globalist gaming tactic to me. Hit the little people below the belt and make it hurt. Then, come in solutions that have dire stipulations.

  2. Working union people are natural conservatives.
    It’s their, big bottomed, union reps that are the problem (they insist on holding hands w/ greenies)
    Most guys I worked w/ voted GOP or didn’t vote, despite the union “endorsements”
    Even in the belly of the beast, where i finished my career (a Muni IBEW shop) there were solid conservative people, who liked guns & freedom.
    When Obama ran, the IBEW had a shitload of flyers at the union hall, telling the electricians that Obama wouldn’t touch their guns.

  3. It is a US Constitutional duty of every able bodied man (defined as 18-35 years old) to prepare to defend himself and family and the boundaries of his republic nation as defined by metes and bounds (= “boundaries” though now diluted/disputed by admittedly now unconforming digital errors placed purposefully even by judges and courts, and by enemies, of the people i.e domestic enemies, flip it where it needs to go; are there any /agencies in our town) through the organized (by state authorization I.e. National Guard) and through unorganized private militia with absolute right to bear arms defending absolutely one’s security, home and nationally if required in order to survive; part of how our republic form of government is kept and why Congress shall make no law impinging this right.

    • Hmm. Through all the disjointed, poorly written, pseudo-technical language, I think you’re trying to say we need to be ready to fight for our land? If so, I agree.
      That the AFL-CIO wants to join in a capitalist venture, I say great! It’ll teach ’em how to be reasonable and how not, how businesses are run and how to make a profit, and how to take advantage crookedly. Let’s hope they stay true to their principles for everyone’s benefit… or hold on to your wallet!

      • Not sure to whom you are speaking perhaps a response to the precedingcomment – mine. There are two Constitutional militia authorized by the Constitituion for each of the fifty states. One is the National Guard. it is the state organized one. The other otherwise one is the private one where American able bodied men between ages specified as 18-35 should be prepared (by baring arms proficiently to absolutely defend himself absolutely, his home described by survey metes and boundswith bounds being the root word of the word boundary. Also it is the means of land measurement.

        The surveys recorded now are digital and are recorded sometimes even upside down and backwards and the state of AK servants have said in private meetings the responsibility for correcting them to the correct meter and bounds accuracy must be carried by the private land owner. The process they made up is to rent a jet and pilot and surveyor and cause a conformation to o=Iginla meters and bounds orientation and measurement so that you may be sure which land you have a right to absolutely defend since there morevthan likely be disparities. Be that technicality be as it may.

        The still standing 1776 Republic still stands and its territories should not be invaded per the Law of Nations alluded to directly by and in the US Constitution itself.

        Keeping the republic if we can keep it involves the unimpingable militia obligation in times hostile to the form of governance in America by consent of the inhabitants we the people only.

        If we refrain from this militia will the republic stand. Communists and embedded bureaucrats may be very much against keeping our republic form of government. They may want to add world health organizations as coequal branches thus creating a new four legged or four branches form of government. At that point what is the “form” of government of the US Republic?

        If the word militia can be made naughty that makes the take over or invasion as defined and international law of Nations or by Congress moot. The founders had an idea that we the people would love their liberty and justice for all and they would keep it regardless of international health research agents working to relinquish America’s assets to foreign forms of government.

  4. President Trump is actually the only candidate to espouse an America First platform. The others put Paris first or monarchs first, WEF collective first, or Jesuits first, or private clubs first, or oligarchs first. Or yacht owners first, or globalists wishes first You pick.


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