Fourth indictment a charm? Trump accused by Georgia grand jury


On Monday, Donald Trump faced his fourth indictment, this time concerning the 2020 Georgia election.

A grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia, charged the former president with 10 counts, alleging he tried to reverse the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia, which Joe Biden won by a slim margin.

The grand jury alleges Trump violated an anti-Mafia crime law similar to RICO, which stands for Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. It’s a passed by Congress in 1970 to battle organized crime. Most states, including Georgia, also have their own anti-racketeering laws.

Reuters reported that the Fulton County court’s website showed a document Monday prior to the official announcement of the indictment, which listed several criminal charges against Trump, “before taking the document down without explanation.” 

The document was dated Aug. 14, Reuters service said, adding that the document named Trump and listed the case as still open.

“Reuters was not immediately able to determine why the item was posted or removed,” Reuters wrote.

Eighteen other Trump World individuals were charged, including Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff; Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s former attorney and former New York City mayor; and several attorneys from the Trump Administration.

The investigation leading to the indictments began in February 2021, spearheaded by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Willis, a Democrat, had promised to indict Trump when she ran for office in 2020.

Trump had a statement ready today: “Fulton County, GA’s radical Democrat DA Fani Willis is a rabid partisan who is campaigning and fundraising on a platform of prosecuting President Trump through these bogus indictments,” the statement read. “Ripping a page from Crooked Joe Biden’s playbook, Willis has strategically stalled her investigation to try and maximally interfere with the 2024 presidential race and damage the dominant Trump campaign. All of these corrupt Democrat attempts will fail.”

The charges Trump and his associates face include conspiracy to commit impersonation of a public officer, solicitation of violation of oath by public office, and false statements and writings. Read the indictment here:

On Monday night, Willis set a deadline of Aug. 25 for Trump and the 18 codefendants to voluntarily turn themselves in. Willis said she wants to begin trials of the 19 defendants within six months, and she has insisted that she is not motivated by politics.

Trump has also been charged in a New York State Supreme Court indictment with 34 counts of Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree. He surrendered to New York authorities in April for alleged “hush money” payment to a stripper. He was also charted in Washington, D.C. by federal prosecutors who say he attempted to interfere with the 2020 presidential election during the transfer of power.


  1. How about an article detailing how almost everyone on both sides of this case are receiving money from AIPAC and less than 1% of federal candidates refuse money from AIPAC? You’d win the pulitzer prize if the award committee didn’t have dual citizenship with the “I” in AIPAC

  2. Once again, Biden is in trouble and Trump gets indicted.

    Once again, the indictment is vapid, taking advantage of Georgia’s expansive RICO law.

    Once again, it’s a wild mix of wishing and hoping with very little chance of doing more than wasting time and money.

      • Let’s watch the video of the poll workers pulling out hidden ballots and the dominion machines 3 times. You are an old fool. Nothing sticks to 45.

          • He’s never gonna spent a day in jail. No matter what.

            You have a better chance of a romantic weekend with Sarah Palin, paid for by Nick Begich.

            Wishin and hopin will not get you your hearts desire.

          • Trump is dirty? You mean like Biden, Hillary and Obama are pure as wind-driven snow?

        • There is some genuine merit to some of the issues in Fla., especially if he did attempt to circumvent the grand jury instruction to return documents.

          The rest are all junk designed to bleed him dry financially and tie him up in court.

    • And once again, Trump apologists like yourself won’t even think about looking at the actual indictment with a sober mind and see if there is actually any merit to it. All you do is go on with “but what about Biden?!”

      Maybe he’s guilty and maybe he isn’t. That’s for a jury to decide.

      • OK, I looked at the indictment.
        It is speculative at best. They sort of had something with the meetings on Dec 10th and 30th, but that is “false statements” which they do not elaborate on. And, at best, that means Trump’s representatives may have perjured themselves. But, there is no indication that they were under oath at the time.
        The RICO charge is laughable at best. Saying that Trump and his team of lawyers and advisors constitutes a conspiracy? Com’n! Even a dedicated Trump hater like yourself can see the ridiculousness of that.
        At best, and having read the indictment several times, at best it is speculative. The DA is speculating at that intent behind the actions of Trump and his team. There is no real solid demonstration of criminal intent, or even action, demonstrated. For all intents and purposes, the indictment says that Trump and his team should be put in jail because they questioned the integrity of the 2020 elections. And, if that is the test of reasonableness being applied, pretty much half the US should be indicted.

          • Oh… and?
            I am guessing you have little to no knowledge of the grand jury process based on that statement. But, OK.
            By the way, I was not on the jury, so I admit, I do not have inside knowledge. However, even with my limited knowledge of criminal law, I can craft numerous defenses against the charges, and poke such large holes in them that no trial jury will convict. The “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard is in play now.

        • A little bit of info.

          The RICO charge is a wild stretch, but Georgia has such a vague RICO statute it’s plausible on paper.

          The DA is running for reelection of this.

          The bit they hang their hat on regarding the alleged demand for votes didn’t happen. It’s easy to disprove by a simple YouTube search. Trump said “I want to find”, not “you find me”. Subtle but makes all the difference in the world.

      • Cman you need to practice what you’re selling. I hope some day soon your eyes will open if not you are not an American patriot.

      • Typical liberal – blame Trump by claiming he did the very thing they are doing… brandon gets in trouble, “look over there, nothing to see here” – each indictment has been timed to distract from revelations of biden and demo’rat wrongdoing. Come on man! Open your eyes.

      • OK, took a further look at the indictment, benefitted by analysis from criminal lawyers/experts.
        First of all the RICO charge. That one is back up by something like 161 “acts.” which is supposed to comprise a conspiracy. However, none of the “acts” are illegal. I do not care how many statements/claims/actions you compile, if they are all legal, there is no basis for RICO. Claiming the statements were false does not make them criminal. The statements made at the hearings on Dec 10th and 30th may rise to the level of perjury, but that requires the person providing testimony to be under oath (not normally a requirement for a hearing, but I do not know), and it would require the prosecution to prove the defendant knew what they were saying is false. And… two false statements do not constitute a RICO conspiracy, no matter how weak the State’s RICO laws are.
        It does not matter how many perfectly legal items you compile, it does not add up to a crime.
        And, sorry leftists. Trump saying the election was stolen from him is perfectly legal. Bummer if you do not like it.

      • This latest indictment of Trump is a desperate Hail Mary pass by the Left. A State DA is charging him with crimes that allegedly occurred while he was President of the United States. Only Congress has that power. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if this became a legal precedent. It would effectively neuter the POTUS from effectively carrying out his/her duties, whether Republican or Democrat. The Georgia DA, despite the fact that she flunked the GA Bar Exam several times, knows that even if the case prevails in Georgia it almost certainly will be struck down by the Supreme Court. This is a feeble & obvious attempt at election meddling!

  3. Trump could have gone quietly after the last election and come back triumphantly for the next. Had he done so, he’s be well ahead now. But instead he had to throw a fit, so now he’s tied with Biden, and indicted far and wide.

    I guess the Beautiful Mind maybe isn’t so beautiful after all.

    Roy Cohn did him no favors.

    • Yes, throwing a fit and questioning election results (in an election year, I might add, where all the rules suddenly changed due to Covid), is such a horrific crime! How DARE he question the establishment! How DARE he have attorneys that did their jobs!

      Those m’f’krs might as well be arresting half of the US.

      Not necessarily yelling at you, Whidbey. I just can’t abide the blatant BS by the DNC, et. al. anymore.

      The more they abuse the system and Trump, the more people will vote for him in order to stand up for our country and our laws and work to shut down their abuse of everything.

        • Apparently, if you do try to steal an election, they will not come after you at all.
          Or, have you forgotten the Meuller investigation/report?

        • Then why aren’t “they” going after China Joe and the DNC?

          Hypocrisy (and lies), thy name is radical leftist extremist.
          (and “RINO” = radical leftist extremist)

          The typical mindlessness, hatred, intolerance, insanity and emotion-driven political agenda of the radical leftist extremist literally knows no bounds.

      • In fairness. Many of the ill advised election alterations were put in motion by Trump.

        The main failing was not anticipating how (not if) the progressives would use it against him. That more than anything else is why he lost. He was playing a bad defense when he should have been on offense.

        When dealing with unscrupulous people who hate you simply because you exist, you gotta be smarter.

    • Questioning odd things that happened on election night is not “throwing a fit.”
      If you see something that does not make sense, you question it, and you investigate it. But, not the 2020 elections. Nope, nothing to see here. Covering up windows so people could not watch the count? Nothing there. Stopping counts for… reasons, but having a few dedicated folks stay late after the count observers left, what could be the issue.
      Questioning something is not a “fit” it is a requirement. There may very well be reasons for the oddity, but condemning the question is only going to result in more suspicion.
      Additional note. If Joe Briben actually got 81 Million votes, I would think he would want every possible investigation to take place and to prove it beyond any reasonable doubt. But instead everyone even remotely to the left of the political aisle is doing everything they can to squash any investigation. Weird…

      • If Trump had clearly won, he wouldn’t have “questioned” anything…

        Trump’s intention from the outset was to plant seeds of doubt in order to undermine confidence in the election when there was no good reason for doing so. I know it, you know it, and everyone else knows it. So please stop trying to gaslight us all.

        And BTW, categorically claiming victory and “questioning” the election are two completely different things.

        • Really, it is some kind of “revelation” that the winner would not call for an audit? Call me surprised. However, if the winner really won, and by the margin which he did, and the loser called for an audit, why take every step possible to prevent it?
          Now, determining “intention” is rather a bold move. How do you know Trump’s intention was to “undermine confidence?” You just “know it.” Hardly going to stand up to any real scrutiny, is it? Com’n Dog. You can, and have done better.
          Finally, “…categorically claiming victory and “questioning” the election are two completely different things.”
          And? Apples and automatic transmissions are two very different things as well. Where is the issue? Is there some problem with claiming victory? Is there some problem with questioning the events that happened on election night? Aside from wasting bandwidth, what exactly was your point in posting that statement?

        • Those seeds of doubt already existed based on what we saw happening with our own eyes. Trump merely confirmed it. It amazes me that you would rather see your own country and your fellow citizens struggle and suffer just so you can live the comfort of establishment lies and propaganda.

    • they’ve been investigating him since 2019 these ideolog’s were gonna stop at nothing until they manufactured something. hildog is still talking about how 2020 was illegitimate

      • You are absolutely incorrect.
        They have been investigating Trump since 2015.
        No need to thank me, I am glad to help.

  4. Lol, wow 4 indictments , These people are so mentally disturbed and out of control, it’s kinda hard to believe we have so many severely mentally ill people in these positions of power all over the country, these psychopaths really do need some serious meds or put in a funny farm, anyone who can’t see thru this total political witch hunt of Trump is equally as mentally unstable as the lunatics behind it all. It’s really Crazy how pathetic some are in our Country!

  5. Obama corrupted the legal system when he was in office throughout the US at every level. Couple that with the funding of radical Prosecutors. The result is You have indictments on charges that have never been applied in the manner that they are against Trump. Targeting the front runner in a U.S. Presidential election.
    Obama is the only former President NOT to leave Washington DC.
    The man behind the curtain is Obama.

  6. These Democrat crooks could care less about how absurd the charges are or whether any or all of them are thrown out. Their goal is to tie up Trump by forcing him to defend himself against so many false and ridiculous charges that he won’t have time to mount a successful run for office. Trump is the biggest threat of taking down these political con artists, and they will break laws to keep him from being elected again. They despise the American Voters and will not allow them to elect someone that is a threat to their power. These Democrat crooks will decide who the American Voters are allowed to vote for and not who the American Voters actually want. Welcome to the NEW AMERICA!

  7. The white house has never been as openly filthy as this.
    The Biden Crime Family must drag the rest of America through the sewage pit they created to divert attention from all the criminal investigations into his and Obamas scam party they had for 8 years and then was counting on crooked Hillary to run cover for them.
    Along comes DJT and a huge surprise from voters that wasnt as fond of the dirt road they were taking America.
    Their hate for Trump AND America will NEVER fade for not following the dirty path they and their crowd of Elitests and their loyal followers desire and will stop at nothing that gets in their way.

  8. Trump is going to prison…yes wrongly. Even if, by some miracle, he wins the general, they will impeach and convict before he is even sworn in.
    His only real hope of not spending the rest of his, now very short, life in prison is a pardon by DeSantis.
    But ego and grifting always get in the way of sanity.

    • In what universe does he go to jail?

      Totally putting a pin in the Secret Service will never allow it, he’ll likely die of old age before the appeals run out.

      If he wins while under a cloud, the impeachment will go nowhere. Just like the last 21 dozen.

  9. Most, if not all, of the other named co-defendants are attorneys or Constitutional legal scholars. The Fascists on the Left are taking a page out of the Soviet playbook by persecuting political rivals & intellectuals. The Republic & Constitution are under full blown attack by Democrat Party fanatics.

  10. When four different entities at two different levels of government, perhaps there is concrete evidence of criminal activity. Note that in the Georgia case, ordinary citizens decided there was enough evidence to recommend charges. Perhaps Mr.Trump is being held responsive for his actions. Perhaps we should respect the law and the legal process. Mr. Trump’s posts indicate panic as his loser sweat drips on his phone. He knows he’s guilty.

    • Evidence of innocence or guilt is not determined by how many different administrative processes say there is criminal activity. When a mob screams “She’s a witch!” It does not mean the woman in question is actually a witch.
      And, since you said something about “ordinary citizens” in GA pretty much demonstrates that you know nothing about how the Grand Jury system works, and what an indictment actually means.

      • From the county/district they live in.
        As noted above, Fulton county is such and extremely leftist area that any Republican charged with any crime is likely to be indicted.

    • Like we held Hillary Clinton accountable for smashing cell phones & scrubbing illegal internet servers of incriminating e-mails while under FBI investigation & under court orders to preserve evidence? Yeah, that happened, right? NOT!

  11. Trump does not seem particularly worried. Almost as if he was completely expecting this, even wanting this to happen.

    How do you legally introduce evidence…

  12. “We got him now!”
    For the billionth time.
    How many more before we guarantee a Trump victory in November 2024?

  13. MarknTrail, your a total laugh stick dude, seriously , this is so over the top pathetic,it has been for over 7 years now, and the working people who will decide which way this country goes all see exactly what’s going on now, only the dead beat do nothings and the deep state psychopaths are looking to indict their political opponents , these people are very sick and dangerous people, they are mentally corrupt

  14. I see unAmerican political lawfare by the democrats period. Also criminality by attempting to take rights of communication with elected servants. Servants trying to dictate. I see determined effort by democrats to change our guaranteed form of government from a representative republic to chinese style communism with a one world order directed by foreign continents and a taking of familial, God-given property rights which unhinges the entire nation.

  15. And, let’s not forget, the GA Grand Jury foreman (person? Woman?) did a talk show tour after the jury wrapped up. After reading the “indictment” I now know why. The indictment is so weak it will never fly in court. They needed a “get out of jail free” card, and as soon as Trump’s lawyers drag out the videos of this foreman, they got it. There is no way this will get a fair trial, and even the most adamant Trump hating judge will acknowledge that.

  16. So sorry about my tone of vice but can you answer these questions for the nation? How many felons voted? How many unregistered voted? How many only have a POBox? How many voted after voting day? How many voted in more than one state? How many who voted moved out of the state? Do you know or is it just insurrection to ask now (If you are Donald Trump). Is this all true? If you can’t answer the question do you go to jail or is that a forbidden insurrection question, too?

    • You forgot the old libtard stand-by, the cemetary vote. Also all the vote switching and clandestine vote counting, districts that counted more votes than registered voters, illegal alien votes – this list goes on. No need to apologize AG, I’m pissed, and victimized out of my retirement by brandon and his thieving commie buddies.

  17. Remember the feds have been caught lying numerous times and hiding the truth IE Kennedys death. I do not believe what the Biden crime family and administration is peddling. I hope the normal Americans wake up to what is happening and form a way to return this country to what it was before these world leaders finish us off.

      • Can’t speak for Mark, but:
        “Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team made a startling admission in its case against former President Donald Trump, acknowledging in a new court filing that it failed to turn over all evidence to Mr. Trump’s legal team as required by law while falsely claiming it had.”
        Not only is that the government (as represented by their selected Special Counsel) lying, it is the person pursuing criminal charges against Trump lying. And, curiously, he is still on the case after that admission… weird.

        • Jack Smith tried this before in Virginia. He successfully derailed a GOP gubernatorial candidate.

          His (Smith’s) case was dismissed by SCOTUS 8-0.

          The job wasn’t to enforce the law. The job was to derail opposition.

  18. Affirmative Action prosecutor’s in Atlanta get a LOT of legal assistance from DOJ and Democrat Party. Atlanta is run by idiots who who live on Affirmative Action.

    • The prosecutor has flimsy charges that won’t stand up to scrutiny. She barely got into law school, barely got through law school, barely passed the bar exam (after as many attempts as Lisa Murkowski) and barely found a job in the law. But Affirmative Action saved her bacon, and now Ms. Fannie is paying back the Democrat Party in spades. Oh, with a little help from a full-on Democrat grand jury. Affirmative Action may have been involved there too, teaching them what a True Bill is. Hint: it’s not green.

  19. The prosecutor has flimsy charges that won’t stand up to scrutiny. She barely got into law school, barely got through law school, barely passed the bar exam (after as many attempts as Lisa Murkowski) and barely found a job in the law. But Affirmative Action saved her bacon, and now Ms. Fannie is paying back the Democrat Party in spades. Oh, with a little help from a full-on Democrat grand jury. Affirmative Action may have been involved there too, teaching them what a True Bill is. Hint: it’s not green.

    • As soon as the pundits started describing this as a “novel application/interpretation of the law” or similar, you know the entire process is political grandstanding. When you have to twist the conventional application of criminal law to fit a situation where it does not belong, you are doing wrong.
      The prosecutor should be disbarred for this stunt. And, so should Bragg in NYC for doing essentially the same thing.

  20. It’s been interesting to watch the left post here. It’s quickly gone from a righteous “we got him, edition # 862” to angry snark.

    A very telling sign even they know, in the deep recesses of their minds, it’s not gonna get them what they want.

    • it is as predictable as dawn.
      When you get well respected, and proudly Democrat lawyers knocking these indictments as laughable, and a miscarriage of justice, you know they are politically motivated, nothing more. And, so do the leftists.

  21. There will be quite a few out of the nineteen who will not go down for Trump and will testify against him. Trump is not Don Corleone and the lawyer money is drying up.

    • First of all, the charges actually need to have some teeth.
      The indictment is absolutely ludicrous, and the odds of anyone going to jail on this are about zero. First of all, there are something like 161 “acts” cited to support the RICO claim. Of those, there are a whopping two that are even possibly illegal. The remaining 159 are not illegal in any way. Having a cabal of people do things legally is not exactly proof of a conspiracy.
      Of the “co-conspirators” who committed a crime damning enough that they will turn on Trump, rather than face trial? Please name them, and tell us what crime they are charged with under this indictment. I am sure you read it, every word of it.

  22. It’s a curious thing.

    Fulton county released the indictments before they were finished taking testimony.

    Sorta implies their minds were made up.

  23. I’ve been studying Georgia law a bit.
    Not an expert, but I’ve picked up a couple things.

    1-Ga Governor does not have pardon powers. Even if he did, he really doesn’t care for Trump.

    2-This will be a tough case to make. The linchpin issue for RICO is two or more related, proven actions.

    3-No one expects this try will be conducted in less than a year, and could drag for another.

    • Per item #2, the indictment has lots of “related” actions. However, none of them are outright illegal, and only two of the 161 have a possibility of being illegal actions. Now, the GA RICO law is one of the laxest ones in the nation, but I am pretty sure having a bunch of people do a bunch of legal things in a legal manner does not constitute an illegal conspiracy.

      • Some of the alleged offenses are unrelated tweets.


        Imagine the headaches we could have all been saved if somebody took his phone away.

        • By that standard, James Patterson should be arrested for writing about murders that never happened. Obviously, the intent was to kill people…

  24. Fun facts about the grand jury process.

    -The accused gets to offer no defense. -The accused has no representation beyond the most cursory level.
    -While not allowed to discuss the case (most do), they jurors are not sequestered and are open to the news and opinions of others.
    -The prosecution gets to set up a perfect scenario.

    Once it gets to court, a whole new set of rules apply. Most of all, the defense is finally allowed to fight back.

    • You left out:
      The burden of proof in most grand juries is “preponderance of evidence” not “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Not sure what GA’s standard is, but generally a preponderance of evidence means there is better than a 50% chance the defendant committed the crime they are accused of.
      In a criminal trial, the defense can and will dispute the evidence presented. That 50% or better chance could drop to zero percent chance really quickly when the defense gets their say.

      • The real wild card, as always, are the juries.

        As much as the left hates Trump, after all the evidence is eventually aired and both sides have had a turn, can even Fulton county find 12 people willing to potentially send a former president to jail on weak charges?

        • I think they could. Of course, Trump’s defense team has a say in who is put on the jury, that is if, (and that is a BIG if) the judge allows them that luxury. Somehow, I think the judge will do everything they can to limit the ability of Trump’s defense to reject jurors.

  25. The election interference indictments just keep coming, while Trumps poll numbers keep climbing. Why did Trump not show up at the establishments GOP debate? Because he has already wrapped up the GOP nomination! Why show up to a pre-planned attack on him? The people are aware of the criminal syndicate running our government. They are aware of the two-tiered justice system that is trying to stop Trump and his supporters but leaving Biden and his criminal son alone. Folks, if you haven’t figured this whole thing out by now, you need to stop watching fake news and broaden your search for real information. Trump is innocent and they have zero, nada, zilch evidence to back up their charges. Trump has all the evidence collected from the 2020 election steal and will present this to the judge. My guess is the handpicked judge will not allow it making the judge another collaborator and enabler of treason. This will bump it up to the Supreme Court. Of course, the whole thing is to continue the brainwashing of the sheep in this country that can’t think for themselves and buy everything the fake news throws at them. Therefore, the sheep will continue to say orange man bad because that is what their overlords want them to say. The storm is upon us America, a day of judgement is coming. The truth is out and the evidence to back it up is also out. The question is, will you wake up?

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