Former supporter of eco-terrorism, Tracy Stone-Manning, confirmed to run BLM


Elections have consequences. On Thursday, the Biden Administration got its pick of Tracy Stone-Manning for the director of the Bureau of Land Management at the Department of Interior. She was confirmed 50-45, along party lines. Republicans had argued against her due to her work as an environmentalist who supported the driving of spikes into trees in order to discourage logging, with the idea that the spikes would do deadly harm to loggers working in the forest.

Tracking Biden’s picks to fill the top roles in his administration

Alaska’s senators voted against her.

“Senate Democrats are on the verge of confirming several truly unprecedented nominees—including Tracy Stone-Manning, a former member of the ecoterrorist group Earth First, who President Biden chose to lead the Bureau of Land Management. I’m speaking live on the Senate floor, calling on my Democratic colleagues to reject the radical nominees this president has put forward for some of the most powerful and important posts in the federal government,” Sullivan wrote.

What’s the fuss about Stone-Manning? In 1989, she sent an anonymous letter to the U.S. Forest serve about the spikes she said were nailed into trees in a tract of timber set for harvest.

Her letter resulted in a federal law enforcement investigation at student housing at the Universe of Montana, where she attended school. Two people were arrested and, in part based on her testimony, were found guilty and went to federal prison.

She now leads the agency that has the power to shut down much land in the West for resource development or grazing.

In July, Sen. Lisa Murkowski signed a letter sent by Republican members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to President Joe Biden objecting to the nomination, to no avail.


    • She got the requisite training in the BLM (Black Lives Matter) last year. The transition to BLM (Interior Department under Biden) was easy.

  1. If there is a more effective way to destroy America, I’m not aware of its existence – the evil Biden and the dems are perpetrating is horrifying and sickening. And I thought the previous three democrat presidents were bad…

      • Ya, I know if Trump was re-elected, the left would be working even harder to destroy civility in America with even more radicalism and terrorism and propaganda and lies and hysterics and then blame all of their behavior on Trump. LIke burning down a building and saying “Trump made me do it because I think he’s racist.” Like killing sawmill workers and saying “loggers made me do it”. Can’t believe you would defend such a person.

    • You got the right word: effective. Democrats are EFFECTIVE at destroying America, while Republicans (not Trump) are INEFFECTIVE at making America great again

      • What’s wrong HE? Did the liberal websites, that rarely let you post comments, cancel you because of your stupid “trigger” postings?

      • Ah, the fantasy of the “Capitol Insurrection” once again.
        Your radical authoritarian extremist leftists do love living in your fantasies and mental paradigms that are divorced from all reality.

      • Real talk here. What happened from that? Pelosi’s laptop was stolen and a woman was wrongfully killed by police officers. And some officers were beat up by some zealots or provocateurs or whatever that are now in solitary confinement for months on end without trial. Then 4 police officers “died by suicide”, whatever that means. None of the people involved in that were put into positions of power in the White House. I know you are capable of rational thought, tribal Homo Erectus. Give it some thought to what you are saying and defending here.
        And really none of that would have happened if courts and the media would have allowed trust to be restored in the elections.

  2. Here’s another tip

    This is another example of the Biden administration giving the finger to western red states – 240 million acres now managed by this zealot

    Major companies in Alaska with $ invested on BLM lands will run like hell away from their projects

    Welcome to Biden’s America

  3. At first I thought Black Lives Matter. They hijacked the abbreviation for the REAL BLM – the federal Bureau of Land Management.

  4. If your job or livelihood is anyhow, in anyway, dependent upon and.or associated with resource development in Alaska, you’ll soon discover the real intent of these ECONOMIC TERRORISTS, all of which, is ultimately turning Alaska into a parkland, devoid of any real and thriving private industry.

  5. And, if you’re a potential investor in Alaska resource development, new or existing, why would you do so with Haaland @ DOI and now this Eco-Terrorist at the helm???
    Answer: You most likely won’t see any desire, interest and/or appetite for investment in Alaska resource development. Hence, as a foreseeable result … good-bye to meaningful jobs now and in the future.

  6. Tree spiking is a horrible crime. Spiking has maimed and killed mill workers. As a former sawmill owner, it was always a worry.

    This woman has no backbone. She is sneaky. She ratted out her fellow EarthFirsters. She was even a failure as a terrorist.

  7. I am confident that all the other eco-terrorists she places on the federal payroll at BLM will be balanced and reasonable, not to mention completely fair.

  8. Stone-Manning used to work for Montana Senator Tester. The politicians are totally out of control and close to 100% unaccountable. Will Tester ask the President to pardon the Unabomber, a former Montana resident, so he can head up the Forest Service? Must Read Alaska is also read by Montana residents.

  9. Now that a majority in the US Senate view domestic terrorism as a prerequisite for their nominees, how soon before all the Jan 6 arrestees have their charges dropped and are released?

    crickets …..

    Cheers –

  10. If an Eco Terrorist is good enough to run BLM (the irony is amazing) then my college age drinking to excess should put me in charge of ATF

  11. I can look at that vacuous face and just see the destructive extremism, leftist virtue-signaling, intolerance and authoritarianism oozing from every pore.

  12. Every one please keep being civil and respectful – we wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings – like wearing Yellow Stars on our chests when addressing the Maoist Anchorage City Council.

    Extremism in Defense of Liberty is no Vice.
    Moderation in Defense of Liberty is no Virtue.

    Time is running out…

  13. ….. so goes the MRAK echo chamber with mostly anonymous name tags. Even when chortling to their own choir most of these self-described conservatives lack the courage to reveal their actual name. And they have the gall to wonder why our country is being taken over by communist totalitarianism. Hiding behind screen-names does not qualify as boldly facing our enemies.

    • Wayne, your bizarre and agenda-laden objection to anonymity, and to the truly free speech which it fosters, only showcases your own intolerance, your contempt for privacy, and your general ignorance.

    • Much of your post is spot on Wayne, however the bit about the country “being taken over by communist totalitarianism” misses any mark. We just got out of an administration that bordered on outright fascism and only because “you can’t fool all the people all of the time.”
      Oh wait, are you one of those that still thinks DT was cheated out of his victory??

  14. It would be detrimental to you reputation if let’s say, hypothetically, someone on here started making accusations of you being a drug dealer that had been charged in the past for dealing drugs in Juneau to minors that ended up killing an 8 year old. Not saying that’s true but nobody here knows you personally. Or maybe, hypothetically, you are a child molester which probably is not true but what does truth have to do with your reputation. All that is needed is the accusation anymore. Guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Maybe in your 64 years of life, you haven’t noticed how diabolical and cruel people have become. Say it once and every time you come on this site someone else’s repeats it, context known or not. And then one day someone who has seen the post and recognize your name in town and then verbal rumors start amongst people you don’t know that lead back to people you do know. The more the lie grows, the more people believe it’s the truth. How boldly would you feel being accused of something you did not do? Most people wouldn’t do that, but most wouldn’t have a problem spreading it like wild fire if the heard it. There are people in here that would drag a mayor out of his house and cause his death. If you think those people would have a problem ruining your good name you are ignorant. Every battle field has its defenses and anonymity on the internet is one that protects families, careers and lives in a world of growing hatred and violence created by the current state of division. Besides how do you even know the name you see that looks legitimate is even that person’s real name. Get over the messenger’s name and listen to the message.

  15. This vote is especially offensive to me as my father was a career forester with USFS. Your story characterized the vote as “along party lines”. What I found when researching the final tally of 50-45 was that 5 Republicans did not vote. Why? I saw many of them on TV discussing other subjects. Kudos to our Senator Sullivan for his efforts to show the dangers with this nominee. Why didn’t the following senators vote? Blackburn (TN), Cornyn (TX), Moran (KS), Paul (KY), Tuberville (AL). My Dad worked not only on the Chugach National Forest but also the Huron-Manistee, Chippewa & Hiawatha. He so appreciated the forests in Senator Blackburn & Paul’s states and volunteered to fight forest fires in our western states. My nephew & grandson hope to follow in his footsteps. Even they know that putting stakes in trees is not good stewardship of our resource.

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