Who will be running Alaska’s cities and boroughs? Voters decide Tuesday


Organized communities around Alaska hold local elections on Tuesday, Oct. 5. The exceptions are Anchorage and the Mat-Su Borough — Anchorage votes in April, and Mat-Su has moved to align with the November General Election.

People from all walks of life have stepped up to serve their communities. Here’s a sampling of some of the people on the ballots the top seats (mayoral and assembly/council) that are open in their communities:

Aleutians East Borough

Assembly Seat C: Chris Babcock, Glen Gardner Jr.

Assembly Seat D: Dailey J.N. Schaack, Brenda Lee Wilson

Bristol Bay Borough

Assembly: Clyde E. Clark, Mary Swain

Bristol Bay Borough sample ballot at this link

Delta Junction

Seat A:

Seat B: Erin Catterson

Seat D:

Seat E:

Delta Junction election information here

Fairbanks North Star Borough

Mayor: Chris Ludtke, Robert J. Shields, Bryce J. Ward

Assembly Seat A: David Guttenberg, Kevin M. McKinley

Assembly Seat F: Savannah Fletcher, Patricia Silva

Assembly Seat G: Lance Roberts, Kristan Kelly

Fairbanks Borough complete list of candidates at this link

Fairbanks City

City Council: Jerry Cleworth, Jonathan Bagwil

Fairbanks Conservatives have recommended this slate:

Haines Borough

Assembly: Richard Clement, Tyler Huling, Brenda Josephson, Debra Schnabel


City Council Seat C: Ron Bass, Carter Cole, Shanie Heger

City Council Seat D: Tony Kuse, Lance Wilson

City Council Seat G: Mike Adams, David Johnson, Gina Jorgensen

Juneau City and Borough

Mayor: Beth Weldon

Assembly Seat 1: Barbara Blake, Paul Kelly, Troy Wuyts-Smith

Assembly Seat 2: Michelle Bonnet Hale, Kelly Fishler

Juneau sample ballot at this link

Kenai Borough

Assembly Seat 1: Brent Hibbert

Assembly Seat 2: Kenn Carpenter, Cindy L. Eckland

Assembly Seat 9: Ashton Callahan, Dawson Slaughter, Mike Tupper

Kenai Borough candidate information at this link

Kenai City

City Council: Jim Duffield, Alexander Douthit, James Baisden, Deborah Sounart, Victoria Askin

Kenai sample ballot at this link

Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly

Assembly: Jason Button, Darlene d-Svenson, Grant EchoHawk

Ketchikan voter information pamphlet at this link

Ketchikan City

Mayor: Dave Kiffer

City Council: Jai Mahtani, Janalee Gage, Lallette Kistler

Ketchikan City candidate list at this link

Kodiak Borough

Assembly: Scott Smiley, Sarah Sundsten, Eric Sundsten, Dennis Symmons, James Turner

Kodiak Borough sample ballot at this link

Kodiak City

Mayor: Pat Branson

City Council: Rich Walker, Tracy Craig, Terry Haines

Lake and Peninsula Borough

Mayor: Glen R. Alsworth Sr.

Mat-Su Borough

Mayor: Edna DeVries, Matt Beck (Cottle has withdrawn)

Assembly District 7: Ron Bernier, Tamara Boeve

Mat-Su sample ballot at this link

Northwest Arctic Borough

Mayor: Dicki Moto Sr., Lucy S. Nelson, Clement Richards Sr. 

Assembly Seat A: Elmer Armstrong Jr. 

Assembly Seat B: Austin Swan Sr. 

Assembly Seat J: Gia Hanna, Derek B. Haviland, Reid Paaluk Magdanz

Assembly Seat K: Johnson Greene, Walter Sampson


City Council: Julie Berberich, Steve Carrington, Lee Henrickson, Pam Melin

Palmer sample ballot at this link

Petersburg Borough

Assembly (2 seats): Paul Anderson, Lars Christensen, Thomas Fine-Walsh, Bob Lynn, Marc Martinson, Brandi Thynes, Dana Thynes, Jim Vick 

Petersburg sample ballot at this link

Rural Alaska districts – run by State

Very small communities have assistance from the State to run elections. They are known as REAAs — Regional Educational Attendance Areas.

Information on elections in rural areas at this State of Alaska link

Sample ballots here

Sitka City and Borough

Assembly: David E. Miller, Rachel Moreno, Kevin Mosher

Sitka sample ballot at this link


Mayor: Andrew Cremata, Christy Murphy

Assembly: Jay L. Burnham, William F. Lockette II, Deb Potter

Skagway sample ballot at this link


City Council Seat A: Jordan Rausa, Colleen Sullivan-Leonard

City Council Seat B: Stuart Graham, DaJonee Hale

Wrangell City and Borough

Assembly 3-year: Jim DeBord, Bob Dalrymple, David Powell

Assembly 1-year: Donald McConachie Sr, David Powell

Wrangell sample ballot at this link


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  2. Any Conservatives that feel they getting squeezed out of a Blue community like Juneau or Southeast, they all can relocate to Delta Junction and set up a whole new community. Hahaha

  3. I know its hard to encompass all of this type of information statewide, but this is heads up for next time to include the City of Dillingham’s local elections. Thanks.

  4. I’m pretty sure Cordova, Valdez and the Denali Borough also deviate from October elections. North Pole used to have November elections until deciding it made sense to pool ballot-counting resources with the FNSB. Also, REAA elections are conducted by the state Division of Elections because REAAs are subdivisions of the Unorganized Borough, which ostensibly falls under the umbrella of state government rather than a separately incorporated municipality.

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