Providence has full slate of elective surgeries on the calendar for today


A medical doctor in Anchorage has provided Must Read Alaska with the list of surgeries scheduled for today at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. They include:

Spine x 3
Gyn x 1 hyst
Endo x 12
Dx lap
Bil Mastectomy
Port placement x2
Cysto with Turp
Full mouth dental
AV shunts x 3
CV stents Cor Angio x 3
Multiple Loop recorders
Gastric sleeve
Gastric bypass
Cochlear device
Emerg sternotomy
EP Ablation x 3

Providence was featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal this weekend saying the hospital is in the position of having to decide which patients live and which die, because it doesn’t have have enough ICU beds or staff.

Others have disputed that characterization, saying that Providence is firing all of its unvaccinated workers and replacing them with hundreds of workers whose salaries will be paid by taxpayers through FEMA, creating an extraordinary profit motive for the company, whose CEO Rod Hochman makes over $10 million a year for what is said to be a nonprofit organization.


    • How sad. The Providence Sisters must be rolling in their graves. And the past 3 archbishops and the current one should have removed the name “Catholic” from the hospital long ago. “Early indications” (abortions) and tubal ligations should not be performed at a Catholic hospital. Not to mention medical kidnapping and psyche drug experimentation, but who’s paying attention?

  1. Providence is lying about the depth of the problem. Just that simple.

    The CEO and a large chunk of the medical staff are making this political, not healthcare.

    Figure out their voting or donation history, plus how much they get from big pharma and govt handouts. That will fill in all the gaps.

    This is fascism with a healthy does of Oligarchy. Period.

  2. Strange timing, hmmmmm. I guess the schedulers had assumed that the assembly overreach would already have been accomplished by now so they went on with business as usual. Oops…Pesky little narrative is slipping away now.

  3. All public lands will be designated “wilderness.” Hike in only, no campfires or pets. Have fun with this one.

  4. We the People of Alaska demand actual leadership from our Alaskan leaders. Time to follow India’s lead! Time to stop all of the gaslighting, censorship, lies, tricks and illegal mandates and dangerous PCR “test” with false positives to push the case narrative. When President Trump declared the Emergency last year he indicated the “test” was to be used only if you have symptoms. There was supposed to be a website to determine if the test is warranted or not! President Trump indicated we don’t want everyone taking the test. Only if necessary. (Go back and watch the video, lying Fauci was standing there) Share this information and make it go viral. Let’s do this and stop the madness!

    Uttar Pradesh, India with a population of 230 million cured this Plandemic using the following with a very very low rate of vaccination:

    Each home kit contained the following: Paracetamol tablets [tylenol], Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [quantity #10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [quantity #10 tablets]. Other non-medication components included face masks, sanitizer, gloves and alcohol wipes, a digital thermometer, and a pulse oximeter.

    See the full article at https:// www. covid-19/India’s-ivermectin-blackout-secret-revealed

    As a side note: The Indian Bar Association has a lawsuit against Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist at WHO for her act of spreading disinformation and misguiding the people of India, in order to fulfill her agenda. Maybe we need to do the same here in Anchorage, Alaska. Any good attorney in Alaska willing to take this on?

    • Zero Hedge is such an extremist right wing site. It’s not like this is reported in more mainstream media like MSN, Trial Site News, The Times Of India, South China Morning Post and many other places. Except that it is! This has been known since early 2020 but our politicians and mainstream media (but I repeat myself) refuse to acknowledge that $7 worth of well known, safe medications treat COVID. But above all we must Protect Pfizer Profits! And Dr. Soumya Swaminathan could potentially face life life in prison or even the death penalty for her part in the deaths on hundreds of thousands (like that will happen, politicians are rarely punished for their criminal actions-Ted Kennedy was rewarded with life in the Senate for killing Mary Jo). Anyone see Dr. Makary’s comments about the FDA this morning?

      • But for those like Sophie believing only the voice from the magic box, you just keep tuned to MSNBC. Hillary is really president too.

    • This is an amazing article about what has been happening in India for the last several months! It’s very unfortunate that doctors in the US are ostracized for prescribing the items listed in this article. We know that it works!!!

    • Very good summary especially of the experience in India. NB that the little home care kit cost by one source $2.65.

      I actually have ‘this home kit as described with USA products’. USA cost a little more but surely our government could provide free home kits and still save morbidity, mortality and money. A truly win win situation for the patient. Otherwise follow the guidelines until you are short of breath, go to the ER at Providence, have your blood gases check…etc. Surely the extra $1,000 the Medicare allows for coding a covid emergency room visit might just help with cost of a ‘ Made in the Alaska USA, home covid outpatient treatment kit’ to avoid the costly hospitalization. The experience in largest Indian state of Uttar Pasdech (241 million in 2021) speaks loud and clear. This is the type ‘real world experience’ that the CDC references to be used in where randomized controlled studies are not readily available.

      Be alert. There must be medical care for the patient before they are deathly ill with oxygen saturation in the 80’s.

      We no longer have faith in our government -entrenched lifers or our once great pharmaceutical companies.

      • It is not only not available, the great propaganda machine is in panic mode to prohibit it. Try getting components from a pharmacy. The pandemic is too lucrative to too many, in both money and power, to allow anything simple which might ameliorate it, even at the cost of many innocent lives.

  5. Does ANYONE today really believe that our corporate media is any more honest and truthful than the Izvestia and Pravda propaganda organs of the old Soviet Union? If so, that person is woefully misinformed and dangerously naive.

  6. Wow! 10 million!!?? I guess if you make that much money a little smoke and mirror’s for the news is ok? I think our entire medical system needs a serious overhaul its run like Bernie Madoff is in charge.

  7. The media guy at Providence has a he/him pronoun clarification in his e-mail address. And we are supposed to trust these people with ‘science’? Canfield also won’t respond to my requests for COVID cases and deaths broken down by age and vaccination status.

    • Rod is CEO Of all of Providence. Not just Providence Alaska. 52 hospitals and over 1200 clinics nationwide. If you look at his salary in comparison to comparable healthcare networks he is actually on the lower end of the pay scale.

    • I abhor that preferred pronoun crap. Sometimes, when responding to someone who pulls that BS, I put down:
      “Preferred pronouns: Take a guess. I am an adult, I will not get upset if you get it wrong.”

  8. “CEO Rod Hochman makes over $10 million a year” while he presides over firing hundreds of staff who actually work to treat the ill and injured.
    The visceral disgust for corrupt and incompetent individuals like Rod, their only claim is privilege, while they exploit federal and state resources and sacrifice the health and wellbeing of the public and professional employees thrown out on the street.
    Meanwhile the “Republican” Governor Dunleavy is busy kissing up to the feds to replace our fellow Alaskan medical professionals with outsiders, likely foreigners with cracker jack prize medical credentials financed with federal funds adding to the inflation tax.

  9. Wow. That is a sad commentary on what has typically been a great hospital. Greed can be pretty powerful and then add in the politically motivated deception of mis-information.

  10. Dunleavy and Ann Zink need to be indicted on fraud and corruption that has resulted in multiple deaths in this state!
    Promotion of a shot that causes harm and does not stop the disease it’s supposed to target has been all they have done, thus resulting in the deaths of hundreds/ maybe thousands of Alaskans who did not have to die!!!
    Merc the company that ivermectin came from was politically motivated and greedy when it came out against its own cheap medicine (ivermectin) as an effective way to treat c19!!
    All of a sudden they patented an “ effective “
    Pill that works to treat c19 at all stages!?
    Ivermectin with a new name and price tag
    This is bull and our damn leaders know it
    One more person who should be given a one way ticket out of this state is Mike Porcaro
    What an ignorant ass he has been in this whole debacle

    • Totally agree! The cost to treat one person with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, azithromycin, prednisone, and inhalers is less than $92 – before insurance!

      Yes, Mike Porcaro seems to have gone to the dark side along with the doctor from Primary Care who refuses to see anything but the vaccine.

      • Dr Bruce Kiessling said on the show, quite a while back, “if I get a patent who tells me he won’t have a flu shot, I tell him I won’t be his doctor.” He actually said that in all seriousness. That’s the mindset we are dealing with here.
        Yet, Bruce admitted recently, he has employees who refuse to take the COVID shot, working for him at Primary Care, but he does have them wear N95’s. Why not fire them too, or does he only feel comfortable bullying his patents?

  11. Yeah, but Prov is a “non-profit, dontchaknow? Just look at their massive real estate empire… non-profit my behind!

  12. I think this explains why there are no physicians willing to give opposing testimony regarding the ACTUAL situation at providence hospital. I would expect the CEO to shut down ALL operating rooms,if any of Doctors were to publicly dispute HIS “truth”.

    And so we are still to believe this is ALL about patient care and not POLITICAL.???? Of course it is…

  13. “…….CEO Rod Hochman makes over $10 million a year for what is said to be a nonprofit organization………”
    Wow. Is that a common salary for hospital CEOs in Alaska? How about the Native hospital, a public health facility?

      • And is so disconnected from health care that he can’t understand there are people – in Alaska – being victimized by his greed. The fraud being perpetrated here needs prosecuted… Then again, why? He’d just raise prices again figuring no one would notice since third party payers would cover it…

      • It can be elective, and medically necessary at the same time. Elective is not just facelifts and boob jobs.
        Elective really just means it can be scheduled, and/or delayed if needed. That your life is not in immediate danger if you do not get the operation. A coronary bypass is something you want done right away, obviously, but if it waits a day or a week, that is not going to kill you. (Depending on your personal situation, of course.)

  14. The hospital sure is overrun… with profit!

    Look at all that white (lab coat) privilege! Looks like the doctors and nurses no longer identify as human beings, but only as their profession.

    Pity they have to soak themselves in alcohol and anti-depressants just to cope with the career they have chosen.

  15. Providence isn’t the only one profiting from firing our Alaskan healthcare workers…ANMC also is firing employees who do not wish to be part of a drug trial. Shame on the Dunleavy administration they could have stood up to these greedy businesses by adding house bill 175 to the senate session, instead this administration found a way to enrich these companies participating in tyranny with our emergency funds!

  16. I’d try to stay out of that hospital if I could. It has lost its way and is all about money, not patient care. Consider various cases where parents and others have been denied seeing their seriously ill loved ones. Some years back, long before COVID, some parents were kept from taking their child from the hospital even though the child was OK. It is an evil place.

  17. Most of the things listed as “Elective” are actually not elective. Many of the procedures have to do with treating cancer or repairing heart damage. Definitely not elective at all. While there are some elective procedures on the list a majority are not. More fear-mongering reporting. No better than CNN about telling the truth.

  18. Providence developed a reputation for being the most expensive facility in Alaska by vehemently refusing any efforts by insurance companies to reign in charges with network agreements. Many medical providers in Alaska still refuse to accept any insurance network cost controls, which leaves their patients with surprise bills due to their excessive and greedy pricing structures. When a self-insured entity like the State of Alaska is willing to pay 1st class airfare, lodging and 100% coverage (0 copay) to have a procedure performed at a facility outside Alaska, it’s clear we have a medical industry greed problem here. It’s only going to get worse as vaccine mandates make it harder to staff positions with local Alaskan workers. Your Dr. just paid cash for a new 185 on floats and parked it in front of her 8,000 sf lakefront home – why should she care?

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