For the win: Hardest hitting political mailer of season?


A campaign mailer pointing out the weakness of House candidate Justin Ruffridge, who is running against Republican Rep. Ron Gillham for District 7, goes for the throat.

The mailer, from Alaska Family Action, reminds voters of the controversy that Ruffridge, who serves on the Soldotna City Council, refused to tackle last summer, when Anchorage drag queens took over a public park in the city and put on a show for children, wagging their naked-appearing butts at the numerous children invited to the sexually charged performance.

The mailer takes a shot at Ruffridge for his inaction as a council member and his apparent disinterest in the topic of drag queen performances for children; the incident created a huge uproar in Soldotna from parents and pastors who were shocked that the city would allow burlesque shows to target children in the community.

Pictured on the mailer is the cheerful face of the candidate, with a big lipstick smooch photoshopped on his cheek, and there’s a picture of the show itself, and a grotesque depiction of a drag queen smiling at the camera, creepily.

Incumbent Gillham and challenger Ruffridge are running for what used to be known as District 30, representing Kenai and Soldotna.

While Gillham is a conservative, Ruffridge is viewed as a liberal or moderate in the vein of former late Rep. Gary Knopp, but the district he is running in is one of the most conservative in the state. He raised the ire of some voters when he voted in favor of mask mandates in Soldotna in 2021 and irritated other voters by his vote on the Board of Pharmacy to make it difficult for Covid patients to get their Ivermectin prescriptions filled. He is a pharmacist who opposes the use of Ivermectin to treat Covid symptoms, even if it is prescribed by a physician or nurse practitioner.

Even Facebook agrees: Soldotna’s burlesque drag queen show was ‘adult content’

Soldotna permits drag queen shows for kids at outdoor stage next to park built for kids



  1. Remember president trump gave us the space force and oath integrity, Jesus is in charge of the OATH INTEGRITY FORCE. Oath breakers beware so help you GOD you swore. Abolish the democrat party vote Christian republican Jesus expects us to back his team his kind.

  2. This has all been known for some time, particularly his branch covidian tendencies. I’m wondering what took so long, it’s really too late to make a difference, now that early voting is already well underway.

    Count on this guy to caucus with the Dems when he gets to Juneau.

  3. Justin Ruffridge is the Democrat’s key to holding the state house. Guaranteed comrade of the “coalition.”

    • The voters are stupid. I see Ruffridge signs every 30 ft driving through Soldotna (he’s getting serious funding from somewhere). They’ll just see the name they recognize and “Registered Republican” and vote for him.

  4. I also question his financial disclosures. More signs than dead sockeye heads on the Kenai Beach during dipnetting. Was surprised that his latest disclosure was only $42K

  5. Sorry, but I laughed out loud when I saw that photo. The mutilation of our children is a very serious subject.

  6. This mailer exposed more children to drag queens than the event at the park did. Don’t think it’s so? Sit in the soldotna post office on a late afternoon and watch how many children pick up the mail while their mom or dad sits in the vehicle staring at their phone.

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