Fairbanks Sen. Kawasaki puts a crown on Pride Month by promoting ‘BE GAY DO CRIME’ anarchy

Photo credit Scott Kawasaki campaign

Fairbanks state Sen. Scott Kawasaki polished off Pride Month celebrations with one final campaign message on June 30:

“Be Gay Do Crimes” and an image of a man wearing the “A” anarchy symbol on his wife-beater shirt.

Kawasaki, a Democrat who represents urban Fairbanks, mixed in the messages of abortion and sex education in his mishmash of leftist thoughts on Sunday, writing:

🏳️‍🌈 Happy Pride Month Alaska!🏳️‍🌈 As Alaska ends pride month, I wanted to remind friends and allies this year was challenging because of the anti-choice/abortion bans, legislative attacks on transgender neighbors and bills to allow discrimination in housing and employment. I am running against a well-funded, extremely conservative Republican who will upend the Senate Bipartisan Majority. My campaign needs your support and contributions today and your vote in the future! Please check out www.AlaskaScott.com or contact me directly at 907.590.0315 today! #akleg”

Kawasaki, after stringing together the phrases that identify him as part of the far left, thanked the Klondike Drag, which describes itself as “Fairbanks’ Queer Performers Group.”

The “Be Gay Do Crimes” meme, as described by a Reddit contributor named “Queer Satanic,” means “When your very existence is a crime, everything else about society and the so-called ‘social contract’ ought to be called into question, too, especially when the things society calls law are at odds with your literal survival.”

Crime in Kawasaki’s district is a growing concern, as this photo of lawlessness on Lackloy Drive in his district shows:

Junk piles up in Sen. Scott Kawasaki’s “Do Crime” Senate District P, along Lackloy Drive.

Running to replace Kawasaki is Leslie Wien Hadjukovich, a former aide to U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, former school board member, and a commonsense Republican who may not join the bipartisan caucus that put nine Democrats in power in the Alaska Senate, even though the Senate has a majority of Republican members.


  1. Scott Kawasaki’s official coming out may not bode well for his secret “companion,” a retired UA employee. But wife beater advocate? I guess Little Scottie must not be the wife?

  2. Fairbanks people really need to put in the work to ‘un-woke’ the Alaska interior. They need to go door-to-door, hold fundraisers, have rallies, put political signs up around the borough, and talk with their neighbors and families. Real Alaskans need to vote. When the Railbelt sends people to Juneau who see the world from the leftist, woke, drag queen perspective then the results from Juneau are all too predictable and very unsatisfactory. Planned Parenthood, the NEA, LGBTQ, dark money from Outside, and the public employee unions will run this state if we allow it.

    • Oh no… the Woke crowd are doing just fine all by themselves… I wasn’t going to bother but this is too much… As long as the opposition doesn’t sabotage itself like this dude just did… I’m all in… +++

  3. “When your very existence is a crime, everything else about society and the so-called ‘social contract’ ought to be called into question, too, especially when the things society calls law are at odds with your literal survival.” Um, nobody’s existence is a crime, although people engage in criminal behavior. Nobody is saying you can’t be a homosexual, just that it is probably a poor choice. And nobody is killing anybody over their sexual preference. Methinks the drama queens protest too much.

    • Their existence was a crime up until the 90s in some states so they actually have a point. Google the stonewall riots if you need info.

      • “………Their existence was a crime………”
        Is one a criminal before one actually commits a crime? Is the temptation the crime, or the act? In U.S.law, no. But………:
        Matthew 5: 27-30
        “……..You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one of your members than to have your whole body thrown into Gehenna. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one of your members than to have your whole body go into Gehenna……..”
        Lose (‘cut it off’) the pornography, temptation, and ‘pride’, and the crime can be resisted. Welcome it, and your existence will be a crime.

        • “Is the temptation the crime, or the act? In U.S.law, no. …”
          Unless your last name is Trump. Then you do not even need to be tempted in order to be guilty of a crime.

      • ….and no they do not have a point.
        To apply the standard of decades ago while basking in the limelight you supposedly get “killed for” is disingenuous at best. Are we still in the ’90s? No the culture and people have moved on and this “crime” narrative is self-serving and aggrandizing to pretend to be “revolutionary hero and victim” at the same time in the utter safety afforded by law to all.

        • A–The saying, “be gay, do crimes” is meant as a global statement, and is not particular to the US. Many countries prohibit homosexuality and punishes the crime through imprisonment, torture, and/or capital punishment. Homosexuality was illegal in much of the US until the 2003 SCOTUS decision that legalized same sex sexuality among consenting adults in privacy. Through the end of the 1960s, gay people in the US were arrested, imprisoned, tortured through conversion therapy, committed to mental hospitals, etc. in addition to being denied jobs, education, housing, etc. Even now, gay people are targeted for harassment, mocked and ridiculed, and threatened with violence by organized groups and random vigilantes.

          • Nice try SA, my comment was clearly responding to JM’s original comment, in which he references US laws in all 50 states. It is no longer the 1960’s either.

            It should be pointed out that strutting about in an “Anarchy” or ” Be Gay do crimes” shirt isn’t doing anything for individuals in those countries you mentioned, especially with such a convoluted message. Instead I see it as pure virtue signaling.

            We are also very far beyond “consenting adults in private”. You try to bend the basic structure of society to accommodated and celebrate your lifestyle, you get legitimate push back. That’s not mockery, especially when you demand that all make special accommodations for your way of living (ask that baker in Colorado) without the ability to exercise their own belief system (which is guaranteed in law). That is even more true when you decide to “educate” other peoples’ children.

            Sadly in any society there are always individuals, who think it appropriate to shout you down to shut you up. Ironically even on this comment thread someone made it clear that conservatives need not bother to come to Fairbanks, as they are not welcome!
            Do those conservatives need to look out for organized groups and vigilantes while visiting the Golden Heart city? Asking for a friend!

  4. Leslie is a breath of fresh air . In these confusing times , Fairbanks needs her approach and drive in Juneau and it’s time to sack that stupid commie !

  5. Watching his comments and actions over the years this should be no surprise to anyone. He’s reaching low and appears to be running scared of losing this election. What would he do? He’s been a government employee/official throughout his life. He’s got little to no skills outside of government. Perhaps it’s time for someone with a broader experience and skill set to represent us in Juneau from Fairbanks.

  6. I think I will send some support funds to Hadjukovich. Kawasaki seems very messed up and certainly not a leader.

  7. I wonder if the queers for Palestine are aware that “Be Gay Do Crimes” means “When your very existence is a crime, everything else about society and the so-called ‘social contract’ ought to be called into question, too, especially when the things society calls law are at odds with your literal survival.” In areas under Palestinian rule being queer is actually a crime punishable by death. I wonder how many queers for Palestine were at this event.

    • They are referring to the US, try and Google the stonewall riots. Being gay has been illegal in all 50 states, some up until the 90s. Kind of crazy how many red hats don’t know that.

      As for Palestine, it’s hard to judge an apartheid state? Like we’re you also bitching about Soweto being homophobic? Very ignorant.

      • stop forcing Stonewall into every comment. It’s pedantic and pointless.

        You assume much, incorrectly.

        I’m assuming you are a public school graduate since you don’t understand what Apartheid is.

        Probably not a good idea for you calling anyone ignorant until you get your own house in order

      • “……..it’s hard to judge an apartheid state?……..”
        It’s pretty difficult for somebody as sick as a sexual deviant to judge anything, even something as morally bankrupt as religious and/or racial apartheid.

      • What apartheid state?
        First of all, there is no “state” of palestine. Secondly, if there is any apartheid is in Gaza and being enforced by hamass.
        And, last time I checked, muslims kill gays.

      • Jake,

        I’m glad to hear that you agree that homosexuality isn’t, and hasn’t been, a crime in the United States for many decades.

        I don’t know what South African apartheid has to do with Palestinians killing gays, but you clearly don’t knoww either.

  8. Fairbanks has always been a very progressive town. More people come to the drag shows at the Cabin than any event any of the sows running for office had.

    Conservatives aren’t fun, they aren’t welcome in most spaces, and it’s nice they’ve figured out Fairbanks is one of them!

    • Hey, you made a profanity free post. Now that you’ve accomplished this, try getting your head on straight.

    • It’s telling how rude and obnoxious progressives are. And so inclusive. Provided they approve of you.

      The Fairbanks I’m from, this kind of behavior gets one an uncomfortable and often physical “attitude adjustment”

    • “……….it’s nice they’ve figured out Fairbanks is one of them!”
      I’ve known it for half a century, and I tend to just pass through. I’ll respect your desire for debauchery, as long as you keep it there, low key, and stop exporting it. Can you please respect our desire for conservative values?

    • Slow down there buttercup!

      Aren’t you the one here, who decries the historical designation of gay behavior as “criminal”?

      So tell me how this sentence then works into your implied demand for tolerance?

      “Conservatives….., they aren’t welcome in most spaces, and it’s nice they’ve figured out Fairbanks is one of them!”

      I suppose you ONLY have respect for people, who agree with you and you are okay to shun and ban those, who have another view and make other life choices. Shame on you!

      Your social studies teacher must be so proud as you show such understanding to what it means to live in a REPUBLIC!(sarc)

  9. All one has to look at is the amount of students leaving Fairbanks public schools and moving to Charter and Homeschooling. Gender bender policies aren’t cutting it with parents,or students…

    The gay parade movement isn’t the hit parade Scott Kawasaki seems to think it is…

    • Willy–Fairbanks charter school ARE public schools, just like they are throughout the state. Most homeschool programs–the ones that allow state allotments–are also public programs operated by the school district. The loss of enrollment in public schools in Fairbanks is mostly due to out-migration, and is not due to “gender bending policies” in Fairbanks schools.

      • SA respectfully I don’t think your out-migration theory works.
        According to the US census estimate the population of Fairbanks declined by 656 individuals from 2020 to 2023. When we further consider that 25%(per the US Census) of the population in Fairbanks are of school age (5-18 y/o) it would statistically put the number of out-migrated school age kids at 164 in 3 years or about 55 per year. That does not seem unusual for any town with a military community and does not explain the loss of 200 enrolled students in one year alone.
        I believe what you are seeing is a migration from public schools to other education venues because public schools have failed to adequately educate children(and have the dismal test results prove that point). The public school agenda driven curriculum in my opinion only accelerated an already present trend.
        As for your assertion that home school programs administered by school districts are “public programs”, I beg to differ. If my memory serves, most parents choose their own curriculum, teach their own children and their children in general do not participate in public school classes taught by a public school employed teacher. The support the school districts provide is generally only administrative assistance for reimbursement via the allotment, for which the state reimburses districts accordingly.

  10. Proud to be a genetic dead end? Is this why the suicide rate is so high for these individuals, because they realized mother nature has decided their DNA isn’t worthy to be passed on?

  11. Senator Kawasaki Hijacked Representative Vance’s Election Bill.

    He gutted Vance’s election bill, and substituted it with provisions that would make it easy to cheat, like same-day, voter registration, with weak ID requirements. Anyone could walk up to a polling place, claim they have lived in district, not be required to show a valid ID, and vote. What could go wrong?

    If his amendments passed, the state would’ve flipped permanently blue. The scary part, is that the house almost concurred with the Senate amendments. Kawasaki and Wielechowski leveraged house members by holding their bills hostage in the Senate Rules Committee, in the most blatant PowerPlay I’ve seen ever seen.

    The credit for stopping the election law train wreck goes to Speaker Tilton and Rep Vance. Vance, who had the tough task of killing her own bill, something only Statesmen do.

    This goes on because they hide in a closed building in an isolated community. Move the legislature so the People can watch what goes on!

  12. If one CHOOSES to be gay then be gay. All I’ve seen for the past 30 plus years is menatlly ill behavior. Back in the 80’s we were warned that this movement would spread into the schools, politics, everywhere and their agenda would make straight people the enemy. It’s not enough to live peacefully, which gays can, if they choose, but it is a constant in our face with parades, drag queens, indoctrination to kids, it goes on and on.
    Well, here we are 2024 . I was told throughout my adult life that we need to be “tolerant”. Look where it’s gotten us, look at Anchorage, newly elected Mayor marching in a Pride Parade with all the assembly gays. This is how the movement moves. Wake up people.


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