Fact check: Murkowski ads against Kelly Tshibaka tell lies about her position on birth control pills through the mail



A super PAC supporting Sen. Lisa Murkowski claims in several TV ads that her top challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, “wants to ban birth control in the mail.” Tshibaka has said she would ban the sale of the morning-after pill via the mail, but the ads leave the misleading impression she would ban all forms of birth control.

The ads attacking Tshibaka come from Alaskans for L.I.S.A. (Leadership in a Strong Alaska), a super PAC that backs Murkowski. The first two 30-second ads each feature a different woman who says some version of, “I’ve seen the video. Kelly Tshibaka says she wants to ban birth control in the mail. That’s nuts.”

The issue of contraceptives by mail is particularly crucial in Alaska, where many of the “communities are located off the road system,” another video states.

third ad follows the same script, but includes a clip of Tshibaka saying, “I would want to make it illegal to send those pills at all.” A woman in that ad then says, “Kelly Tshibaka says she wants to ban birth control in the mail. That’s nuts.” 

The video of Tshibaka is from a small campaign event on March 12. The quality of the audio in the video is not great. We could not make out the entirety of the question Tshibaka was asked, but the gist of it was about making it illegal to order abortion pills by mail, not birth control pills.

“So, yeah, I need to think about that more,” Tshibaka said. “I would want to make it illegal to send those pills at all, so you can’t order those pills. And I know from my time working at Postal Service that we can actually stop sending those pills through the mail. We can actually block them in the mail. If we were to pass that kind of act, the Postal Service can block them using data because I was on the team that developed those models. Creating, so a criminal act of a recipient, the drugmaker, the sender, there’s a whole chain there, right, that we would have to prosecute. It’s an interesting question that I’ll need to think through.”

That clearly marks Tshibaka’s support for banning the distribution via the mail of what is commonly referred to as “the abortion pill,” which is mifepristone taken in conjunction with misoprostol. The Food and Drug Administration approved the medication to end a pregnancy through 10 weeks of gestation.

A man in the audience at the March 12 campaign event then asked Tshibaka if “birth control fall[s] underneath that same category.”

Tshibaka says “it would.” Tshibaka then mentioned abortifacients (drugs that induce abortions), but due to the poor quality of the video, it was unclear to us which forms of birth control she was saying that she believes fall into that category. We reached out to the Tshibaka campaign for clarification, but we got no response.

However, a video posted on Tshibaka’s campaign website makes clear that she considers the Plan B pill, and similar medication known as morning-after pills, to be a pill “that cause[s] abortions” and therefore one that she favors banning via mail. A morning-after pill is taken within five days of unprotected sex to reduce the chance of pregnancy.

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  1. Murkowski is a sleezeball as is Cocaine Mitch! The corrupt Washington elite is rallying around one of their own.

  2. I told Nancy that if there was a pill that she could take, it sure would resolve some future problems for us, and the future of the state of Alaska. Instead, we got Lisa.

  3. I don’t have much respect for FactCheck.org, but some people do so I guess this is a good thing.

    I just checked out the article about “Misleading Attack on Murkowski’s Gun Vote”, saying basically that Murkowski never voted in favor of red flag laws because the bill she passed won’t apply to Alaska. These factcheck websites are the worst about spin. She did indeed vote in favor of red-flag laws. The bill provides federal funds to states for implementing and enforcing red flag laws. How is that not voting in favor of federal support for red flag laws? I guess you could argue that the measure was to incentivize states from not going crazy with their red flag laws because there are strings attached to the funding, but come on now. That’s like offering cookies to kids for wanting to punch a kid, but as long it is not that hard and then saying “I don’t support punching”.

  4. Lisa murkowski is a active card carrying member of the deep state, and they a dumping millions into her campaign. McConnell is the main source for that money, think about that….

  5. The real issue is if you want your Senator to protect a woman’s privacy and the woman’s relationship with her doctor over a Senator that wants to dictate women’s reproductive rights.

    • Lisa Murkowski was raised Catholic, to respect human life, even in embryonic form. Instead, she turns out to be Nancy Pelosi’s best friend, with tweezers, snippers, sissors, and scalpel in hand ready to assist in partial birth and late term executions. Lisa Murkowski is the devil’s incarnate assistant.

    • Frank, there is literally nothing and nobody proposing to “dictate a women’s reproductive rights”. But the last time I checked, having an abortion was in no way part of the act of reproduction — quite the opposite, in fact.
      But of course facts, truth, honesty and critical thinking were never part of the radical leftist extremist program.

    • That’s because Lisa is dumber than a box of rocks. And if you don’t believe me, ask Nancy and Frankie, who are still hiding out in Petersburg.

  6. Penny,
    Lisa was at the Kodiak fisheries debate tuesday. Kelly was in texas, drumming up outside money. If you support this snake oil salesman and her husband nikki, who have already bilked alaska for hundreds of thousands of dollars,then you are extremely misguided.

    • Of course Kelly has to drum up outside money.
      Unlike Murkowski that is getting it whether she wants it or not. How many millions is McConnell’s PAC dumping into Lisa ads?
      If you want to compete, you have to get outside money to do so. The swamp wants Murkowski back, so they are funding her campaign, and the attack ads.

    • There is something in this election for everybody. Ignorance and outright stupidity have always factored into our elections: you must admit that Trump played to these characteristics of the electorate.

      In America, every charlatan has a right to play to the ignorance and stupidity of the people—the swarming hordes! Kick back, Gunnar, this is as good as it gets! The people are on the loose.

    • Gunner-Well said, Kelly is getting zero commercial or sport fish support. Incredibly likely the reason she skipped out on the Kodiak debate. She probably did not want to embarrassingly answer questions why she thought it appropriate to lie on her residential sports fishing license to save a few bucks when she was NOT an Alaskan resident. Convicted of a Sports Fish Violation Misdemeanor. Kodiak Debate would have been a tough fish crowd for her.

    • Lisa Murkowski is a liar and deceiver that offers gifts for votes and has been in lockstep with Biden in the destruction of this country. That means the high cost of living and destruction of the energy sector, which includes oil exploration and development is on Lisa. Joe Biden and his puppet string handlers have systematically attacked every sector in America to bring us to our knees and people’s pensions and retirement plans are going up in smoke. Don’t forget he has weaponized the FBI and DOJ against American Citizens and issued Executive Order 14067. That order will confiscate your bank accounts and fast track a Central Bank Digital Currency. Once they have that in place and you don’t comply with what the dictator wants, what comes next? They will shut you off from your money! Murkowski and Sullivan have been very quite about the worst things happening under the Biden administration. Murkowski had the gall to defend the FBI for raiding the house of an innocent man and he wasn’t the only one. They both need to go! Anyone that votes for Murkowski at this point is committing financial suicide and shredding the Constitution with her. We have one month folks to help save this country and get it back on track by placing the right people in office. If you still have your head in the sand and are believing the Mass Psychosis brainwashing of the mainstream media, I feel very sorry for you because there is great pain coming the likes of which this nation hasn’t felt since its beginning. Give glory to God for he is good, but the evil that has infiltrated our halls of government is a blackness that only the people with God’s blessing can uproot! Stop voting for your demise and support those that will represent the people. Kelly, Palin, Kurka 2022!

  7. Ya know, with those back-alley abortions they can’t sell fetal tissue so that would hurt the economy. Abortion is all about economic quality of life, right?

  8. This article makes it seem like Kelly wanting to block the morning after pill, by mail or otherwise, is not super crazy invasive into womens personal medical rights. IT IS NUTS! Regardless where you stand on abortion, the morning after pill isn’t an abortion, and her crazy views and ignorance shine bright here. Stay out of womens choices. Either you are for personal privacy and personal medical choices or you aren’t. Clearly she falls in the bucket of more government regulations are better (as long as she agrees with them). The Alaskan in me says leave me and my body alone. Less government is best. Nope to Kelly.

  9. Murkowski’s time is up, she needs to go, she does not have Alaska’s best interest as part of her agenda any longer.
    she has been taken over by the dimlibby folks with money.
    lie lie lie, change the subject, lie lie lie, cheat, lie lie lie, make up something, etc…

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