Equity: California will charge for electricity based on income


As California phases out the use of natural gas, the state government is implementing a significant change to the way electricity bills are calculated, linking them to individuals’ income levels. A law enacted last year summer mandates the California Public Utilities Commission move to a pricing structure that includes a scale based on earnings.

Residents of California now pay for their electricity based on consumption, as well as add ons for grid upgrades, grid failures, wildfire, litigation settlements, and aid provided to low-income customers. These costs are integrated into the per-kilowatt-hour rate.

With the new system, an “income-graduated fixed charges” will be part of the calculation.

California is also implementing new laws banning natural gas in homes. As early as 2027, the state will ban the use of gas-powered water heaters, followed by a ban on gas furnaces in 2029.

These regulations were set in motion as part of California’s comprehensive strategy to combat climate change and reduce pollution. By 2030, no gas-fired furnaces or water heaters will be sold in the state.

In 2019, Berkeley, Calif. passed a ban on gas cooking stoves.

This spring, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals court overturned that ban and said that such a ban violates the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975, which states that only the federal government has authority to set energy-efficiency standards for appliances.

Last week, the Berkeley city attorney requested an “en banc” rehearing, which would convene 11 new judges in the Ninth Circuit to rehear the case. Meanwhile, the natural gas stove ban remains in effect in Berkeley.


    • Communism: a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

      Capitalism: demand and supply freely set prices in markets in a way that can serve the best interests of society. The essential feature of capitalism is the motive to make a profit.

      Profit more from those who can supply and pay more. This is Capitalism not communism.

      • Really, et tu?

        Then who exactly gains the profit within this case?

        The poor, the rich, or the government that publicly owns each of them?

        • The government, yes that is correct. Because of the capitalist structure the government has the motive to make a profit. That’s why conservatives push for cutting spending, because inflated government spending is not profitable. Tax breaks for large corporations to make industry more profitable.

          The profits are made by those with the power to make them. That means the government stands to make the most if it’s not divided among bickering politicians, followed by those with the most capital as they have the most power to gain more capital. Lowest on the rung are those who cannot work or must spend the majority of their funds on living so they cannot accrue wealth. They have the least power to make a profit.

  1. No doubt, those Fascists @ CEA are going to want to implement this in Anchorage, only a matter of time before the “Curse of Soros” kicks in! Rate payers should DEMAND that the calculation take into account the largess on property taxes funneled directly to the homeless and the excessive costs property taxpayers pay for a failed education system. Both of those expenses should be deducted from the gross income as these expenses are nothing but a pass thru ‘penalty’ cost to the property taxpayers. A free benefit to little turd-burners and homeless that property taxpayers receive ‘no’ benefit from.

  2. Look out Idaho and Montana!

    Here comes the second wave of socialists fleeing the policies they created in California.

  3. Equality gives us an equal chance to achieve our best selves.

    Equity uses the saw to conform us to a short measure.

  4. The state government of California sure is innovative. They have made many innovations on how to drive productive residents and companies out of their state.

  5. I wonder how much longer before the Alaskan kooks ban gas heating and establish Climate Cops to respond to the sound of the chainsaws of desperate people trying to cut wood to stay warm?

  6. What is a terrible shame is how quickly every part of the USA that is controlled by these liberal morons is declining.

  7. Let’s see – California wants a ban on use of gas water heaters in 2027, but will permit selling them until 2030. What about all of the people who have late model gas water heaters? Is the state going to buy them new electric ones? Did anyone in that state government think about the cost of replacing all of those gas water heaters? Or did they think at all?

  8. This is called communism. It will end like all communist societies. The rich will leave California. The poor will have cheap electricity, but since the rich aren’t there to pay for it, the electricity will be intermittent. It will be turned on only at the discretion of the state. This is how communist societies work. It isn’t very good for the average working man and woman, but the poor will have cheap electricity and the governor will be hailed as a hero.

  9. What a deal! Now the homeless can move color TV and high speed internet into their tents, while using dryers to dry their clothes and keep the air conditioner on all day and night…….at the expense of their highrise neighbors. Thanks, Newsome.

  10. So everybody here complains when poorer people get a break on the cost of electricity, yet gladly accept energy relief payments from the State of Alaska (even when they can actually get by without it).

    • Whidbey, the commentary above comes from selfish little whiners who lack compassion for the less fortunate amongst us. These same people also feel little or no guilt for the destruction that their worthless and meaningless lives have wrought upon their fellow man, and upon the environment. Perhaps corrective measures and re-education for the selfish should be employed? A “Compassion Czar”?

      • Ah, Oosik, would that you were nearly as wise as you believe yourself to be…

        Do you mean those that lack compassion by contributing their time, money, and energy either through their individual commitments and donations, or through those of said same within their churches or various organizations?

        Do you mean those that plant trees, clean streams, and establish public parks for all to utilize? Those same people?

        What have YOU done, measurably, Oosik?

        Please list your good deeds that outweigh theirs.

    • Another query unto you and Oosik, Whidbey.

      What percentage of your own income do you contribute unto those that are less fortunate than you?

      What percentage of your own time do you contribute unto those that are less fortunate than you?

      What percentage of your own energy do you contribute unto those that are less fortunate than you?

      Better yet.

      What percentage of all three do you expect others that you consider more fortunate than yourself to contribute unto yourself?

      Are you deserved of any percentage at all?

      If so, why?

      • Randy, Oosik here, I was merely taking Dawgs argument to its logical conclusion.

        I guess I was too convincing?
        I suppose parody is lost anymore since the leftist have broken the chain and jumped the fence.

    • Hahaha yeah and collect all that federal money to keep their state running. All those rough and tough Alaskans so independent holding their hands out waiting for the lower 48 to cover their ass

  11. It’s coming to Anchorage. Why do you think the liberals fought so hard to get their people elected on the Chugach Electric Board. When people don’t vote, we get this crap!

    • Yup. Not voting is a de facto approval to status quo.

      Communities get the government they deserve.

  12. Time has come for EV Air Force One, EV Air Force Two, and EV private jets for all the masters of the universe imposing anti-fossile fuels/pro-electric agenda on our world.

    • Seriously what’s wrong with an ev? Things are so fast and have way more power than an internal combustion engine. Don’t hit me with the “oh they only have a six hundred mile range” thing. Because nobody drives 600 miles a day.

  13. Too convincing, indeed, Oosik.

    I misread your intent.

    Mea Culpa.

    There needs to be a ‘sarcastic’ font.

    • Randy, I agree. The Bull Sheet stacks up so fast anymore you need to sprout wings to stay above it!

      Carry on Sir, and may God richly bless you.

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