Dunleavy appoints Ryan Anderson to Permanent Fund Board of Trustees


Gov. Mike Dunleavy appointed Department of Transportation and Public Facilities Commissioner Ryan Anderson to the Board of Trustees of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. The appointment is effective immediately.

Mr. Anderson is a 24-year employee of the department. He was its Northern Region Director, overseeing design, construction, maintenance and operations of a transportation system that serve communities in a geographically and culturally diverse region that extends from the Gulf of Alaska to the Arctic Ocean, and from the Bering Sea to the Canadian Border. He earned a B.S. degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1997. He and family are from Fairbanks.


  1. There is more to this than meets the eye. Betchya Ryan Anderson is all-in on opening an UNneeded PF office in Anchorage. A physical PF office in Anchorage is not “needed to recruit new employees”. Former PF head Angela Rodell testified in a deposition, she believed it would be a waste of state funds to have two offices in Alaska, because if a 2nd office would be needed, it should definitely be located in a major financial center such as New York City, Chicago or Toronto. Unfortunately, the PF under Dunleavy has become another political football of his that he keeps fumbling on almost every possession.

    • Seen this: past events indicate that anything Ms Rodell said or did as head of the permanent fund should be looked at with some suspicion.

    • Mr. Anderson is going to need more than luck. Half of Fairbanks is coming after him because as DOT Commissioner, he supports Dunleavy’s plan to allow 100′ long industrial-sized trucks to pass right through town, delivering ore to Fort Knox Gold processing facility. Fairbanks roads are not industrial highways for transporting unprocessed ore. This is one of the dumbest moves ever by Dunleavy (and Commissioner Anderson).

  2. Good Luck to Ryan. It is interesting times. A $2 Trillion deficit this year. Stocks will be quite stagnant for a while. The populace will need to scrimp and save. And the un-entitled Dividend will eat at our soul.
    When will it ever end?…thx……Chris

  3. Please explain whom is by law allowable, which department heads are required by law. Before Ryan it was Jason from DEC, Adam Crum from Finance . Now DOT Ryan what is going on?

    • apparently all you need to do is make multiple contributions to the Dunleavy campaign. I do not know Ryan he may be qualified but appears to be lacking a finance background.

  4. The same DOT that wants our opinion on how we can reduce our carbon emissions? Now he is going to be involved with the Permanent Fund?

  5. It doesn’t matter who is appointed to the board, or how much money the PF earns, if the legislature is allowed to continue to steal the earnings from the residents of Alaska…….

  6. I talked to Ryan about the Whittier tunnel and the commercial vehicles getting special treatment by allowing them to go first. I stated that this increases the risk on the highway as these slower vehicles are passed by vehicles in bad spots causing accidents and risks. This is careless practice by the state catering to commercial vehicles. He did not care about the risk and I was told they are professional drivers. Seams like somebody is in his pocket.

    • Anderson is over his head and beholden to Dunleavy in a master/slave arrangement. Engineering and logic is outside of much of Dunleavy’s bailiwick. Anderson, who is an engineer, is showing a severe lack of independent
      thinking. He should be advising Dunleavy much better than he is doing. The Fairbanks ore-hauling quagmire is not going to end well for Anderson.

  7. Can’t be manipulated by PFD politics if you don’t collect the PFD.

    Puff Daddy once said “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

  8. What does a geologist know about finance? For that matter, what did he know about transportation. Just saying….

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