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Downing: Biden and his sock puppets shouldn’t stop in Alaska for jet fuel



The Biden Administration has been flying cabinet and subcabinet members to and from Alaska all summer. From Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg to Interior Sec. Deb Haaland, EPA Administrator Michael Regan, and Health Assistant Sec. Rachel Levine, it’s been an impressive parade of diversity, equity, and inclusion sock puppets who regurgitate the party line. 

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The Big Guy himself arrives in state on Monday to – oddly enough – commemorate the anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Biden’s trip through Alaska is merely an afterthought that is also a travel convenience for him, as he fits in a short wreath-laying ceremony on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson because Air Force One needs to top off on its way back from communist Vietnam. 

JBER has little-to-no actual connection to the events of Sept. 11, 2001, other than the fact that our military members were put on high alert, as were all military personnel across the nation. His plans are being criticized for being tone deaf. 

While Biden is making nice with the new president of Vietnam, who is a Communist Party apparatchik, it’s worth remembering for a moment that the first firefighter to enter the burning Pentagon was a Vietnam War veteran, Alan Wallace, who had served as a medic during the Tet Offensive, working 24-hour shifts saving lives of the wounded as rockets fell around him on top of the hospital. Biden could not be bothered to return on time to honor the heroism of those like Wallace who rushed into the fire at the Pentagon to save lives, and to mourn the losses of the sons and daughters of America that day.

Biden’s visit to Alaska is also awkward for another reason. After this week’s latest economic attack by Biden on Alaska, he will not be warmly welcomed by most leaders of the 49th state. As far as elected and civic leaders are concerned, Biden should ride a dog-faced pony back to D.C. and leave the jet fuel to those who appreciate how it gets made in this world.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration drove a knife into the state’s fragile economy and its future hopes by yanking back already-signed leases for oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s 1002 area. He’s bound and determined to shore up his environmentalist, one-issue-voter base, which has been threatening to leave him over an earlier decision this year to approve the ConocoPhillips’ Willow Project. 

He also ordered no more oil and gas in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. 

The Biden cancellation of these required leases brings the total to 55 executive orders and actions that have targeted Alaska’s economy since Biden took office. 

Then, to make the slap sting even harder, the Interior Department announced it will hold a new ANWR lease sale … Insert your own laugh track here.

The Biden Administration is pretending to hold another lease in order to pretend to be meeting the letter of laws that require the federal government to hold lease sales. Joe Biden doesn’t intend to honor those lease sales any more than he did the last one. It’s Kabuki theater.

As Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan has asked: What investor in their right mind would invest in such a playacting lease, with the federal government jerking leaseholders around, like it does?

Rep. Mary Peltola, who won the right to represent Alaska after the death of Congressman Don Young, says she is “deeply frustrated” by the reversal of the lease agreements. This has been her modus operandi whenever the Biden Administration goes against Alaska’s best interests: She’s frustrated. Or sad. Or disappointed. But she backs Biden nonetheless in his bid for reelection.

What did Peltola do on the very day that Biden canceled Alaska’s economy? She held a Juneau fundraiser for her reelection campaign that featured special guests California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell and Michigan Democrat Rep. Dan Kildee, who co-sponsored a bill in 2021 to permanently ban energy development in the portion of Alaska’s Arctic set aside for oil and gas.

Biden and Peltola are two peas in a pod. While Biden is pleading with OPEC to produce more oil, and a few months ago gave Chevron permission to restart Venezuela oil sales, he’s destroying American energy independence with each passing day.

This is how you would bring America to its knees if you were bent on destroying free markets and prosperity, says Rick Whitbeck, Alaska director for Power the Future.

“You damage the ability for the country to respond to international changes in supply,” says Whitbeck. “Sudden geopolitical power plays create emergencies that will bite us hard if we don’t have a solid domestic energy solution.”

Biden, Peltola and the Democrats are playing games with Alaska and America’s future. They are advancing policies that run up the national debt, run down the private sector economy, weaken the military, and destroy our energy independence. 

They are playing right into the hands of despots abroad in China, Russia and across the Middle East who cheer on these sock puppets who determined to erode America from within.

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • he’ll kill be the Sword those not believers, since they will be judged by the 10 commandments. The righteous or those who taken up Christ’s gift of salvation will be judged by our works, thoughts, actions, and mouth desperate from the unbelievers Thank God! For his perfect judgement He won’t humiliate his children like me and Masked Avenger in front of those who refused his Son’s gift. I’m glad to see Fire is getting into the Bible to quote scripture. I doubt saw this before even got into the Bible seriously, all he learned of Christians he more likely got it from media like an anchorage candidate I talked to misquoted a verse not even in the Bible him thinking that God only helps those who help himself. No. God through-out the bible as well as in life as demonstrated He shown mercy on individuals who didn’t deserve it. Like the candidate, seenthisbefore needs a bible, a good devotional book, and regular attendance in a good Bible teaching and reading church and bible study before he claims he knows the Christian way and how he thinks we should be acting.

  1. They are not playing into anyone’s hands, they are working WITH these people to destroy our economy. Meanwhile, Deb Haaland’s home state of New Mexico is #1 in rig count and oil production for the US.

    • Irony is stunning sometimes! That Permian Basin in the southeast supports all the welfare of NM in the rest of the state. Haaland knows where her bread gets buttered. And it ain’t Alaska!!

  2. Hillary said it first. Trump IS Putin’s puppet, as proven too many times to list here. Nonetheless, facts are facts; truth is truth; the 2021 lease sale generated ZERO bids from major oil companies. Time to deal with what is already on the table, before desecrating more virgin wilderness. It’s way past time to bring north slope gas at least to Fairbanks. Too bad Palin’s & Parnell’s, Walker’s and Dunleavy’s incompetence has put us back a decade or more on getting north slope gas to the rail belt. We could have had that bullet line built by now.

  3. Nice commentary Suzanne. You forgot to mention his destruction of the middle class – a necessary precursor to the communist takeover of the U.S. That is where the hair sniffer and his boot lickers are heading – but they have to make us all slaves first. Killing energy independence is part of that effort. Brandon doesn’t care about people. He doesn’t care about the environment, or the economy, or freedom, or even where the next potty stop is. All he cares about is setting us up to be subjugated by China.

  4. It is incredulous to imagine Biden would think it goodwill or courteous to stop in Alaska after he declared to all energy developers again that America cannot be trusted to keep its promises by cancelling ANWR and related leases.
    He might have forgotten about that by the time he lands though. Hopefully, we won’t forget, or forget that Peltola hates her people more than she lets on. Her actions lead to economic struggle for all. Her talk is getting old.

  5. “This is how you would bring America to its knees if you were bent on destroying free markets and prosperity”


    Biden is the CCP’s plaything, and Xi Jinping wants America on its knees.

    Biden is a disgrace and should be impeached for his continuing crimes against America!

  6. Thanks Suzanne for pretty much summing up the pathetic leader bought and paid for by George Soros and Sammy”The Bankman” Freid. Those two degenerates are getting more than their moneys worth as the top two donors of his campaign in which one is in jail for stealing the money to fund a corrupt crime boss.
    Our very own Lisa was also bought and paid for by the same thief who is in jail which is where she belongs for not returning the stolen money to its rightful owner. She is just as guilty as “The Bankman” for trying to hide the stolen loot in her relatives Hippie Hideout” in Homer

    Biden’s plan to lock up our resources is part of his total commitment to China.
    He has to pay them back somehow for the millions his degenerate son and brother Jimmy collected from them and passed on a healthy share to Obamas right hand puppet.
    There is no way any leader in his right mind would do what Joe has done to America.
    He will undoubtedly go down in history as the most destructive and hated president in history by anyone with a lick of brains and common sense.
    Suzanne I love the suggestion He ride back to DC on a dog-faced pony which is the term he used addressing a young lady when asked a question about his ridiculous policy during his primary and they still chose that clown.
    Then after the primary Obama was overheard telling one of his comrades “leave it to Joe Biden…He really knows how to F**K S**T up. Obama obviously know him best and that is the only statement out of his mouth that ever had any real credibility.

  7. Here’s a thought. How’s about we secede, have an equal justice system for everybody, become a part of BRIX, become a gold based economy & manage all our own resources. We could be good trading partners w/ the Pacific rim nations & you know that country named America or whatever is left of it.

  8. ANWR is only subterfuge and has been for 40 years ! That oil will get produced when needed . Meanwhile it’s like a political football , probably more like ping pong game , back and forth .

    When there is 500,000 barrels of producible oil each and every day that just sits in the ground with no roads , no financing and no investment once found , is the much bigger question?

    Blame the administration in DC , I blame BlackRock , WellsFargo , Carlyle Group and Vanguard as they will not fund or loan money for North Slope oil production . That’s right and these monstrous funds freely loan money all over the world for oil and gas extraction . Oh and I might mention that our permanent fund is invested with these wealth funds as well that don’t want oil produced in Alaska ? Does anyone care or connect the dots ! Labor unions are invested in these funds ?

    If the production of oil doubled to 1,000,000 barrels per day , the residents permanent fund check would double ! Seems like a pretty simple solution to me ?

    What do say Governor Dunleavy ?

  9. How about when he stops to refuel, they tell him that we are now having to ration because of the loss of production. 50 gallons per customer. Or we can top you off at a quarter tank. You know, supply and demand! And the military comes first. Protection to us is better than deception.

  10. Do we know what time he’ll be here in AK? I’d like to organize a prayer chain for him.

    Joseph Biden’s parents brought him to the baptismal font as an infant and he was claimed for Christ. Our Lord wants him to turn from his wicked ways and seek His Face, as much as He wants you and I. Let’s PRAY FOR HIM!!

  11. Aw shucks, Suzanne you are being too hard on Joey. Joey has very little idea what is going on around him. He signs stuff that he is told to sign. He reads from the teleprompter. Beyond that he is thinking about ice cream and a nappy-poo. It is a clear case of elder abuse.

    As bad as that is, the answer is not seventy-seven year old Donald Trump. Demand better leaders in 2024.

  12. Your assertion that JBER had little to no actual connection to 9-11 other than military members being out in high alert is false, misleading and a disservice to our military and civilian personnel who defend this country each and every day.

    I was in downtown Anchorage that day, working right across the street from the Federal Building, I remember that day clearly.

    You completely neglect to mention Korean Airlines Flight 085.

    NORAD scrambled F-15’s from Elmendorf that day to intercept and shoot down, if necessary, this civilian cargo plane.

    This is nothing more than another cheap political hit piece that denigrates the service of those men and women of Elemendorf AFB, who, on September 11, 2001, faithfully and dutifully carried out their jobs with the utmost professionalism and dedication to this great nation.

    From the Flight 085 wiki:

    After the September 11 attacks, a call went out for all international planes to return to their airports of origin (or if they did not have enough fuel, to land in Canadian territory). While discussing the day’s events with the Korean Air office, the pilot of Flight 085 included the letters “HJK” (the code for “hijacked”) in an airline message.[1] When the pilot sent his message, the text messaging service company, Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC) noticed the “HJK” code.[1] ARINC officials, worried that the South Korean pilots might be sending a coded message for help, notified North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). NORAD scrambled F-15 jets from Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage to intercept the 747, with Alaska Air Traffic Control (ATC) asking the pilots coded questions.

    ATC instructed the flight to change its transponder code to 7500, the universal signal for hijack, expecting that, if they had not been hijacked, the pilots would respond to that same effect. Instead, they simply complied with the instruction, which ATC took as confirmation that the flight had indeed been hijacked.[2][5] Worried that a possible hijacked plane might strike a target in Alaska, Governor Tony Knowles ordered the evacuation of large hotels and government buildings in Anchorage. At nearby Valdez, Alaska, the U.S. Coast Guard ordered all tankers filling up with oil to head out to sea. Lt. Gen. Norton Schwartz, who was in charge of the NORAD planes that scrambled to shadow Flight 085, told reporters in 2001 that he was prepared to order the South Korean airplane to be shot down before it could attack a target in Alaska.[1]

    With NORAD telling Anchorage Air Route Traffic Control Center that it would shoot down the airliner if it came near any potential targets, these controllers informed Flight 085 to avoid all population centers and head out of the U.S. to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. NORAD promptly called Canadian authorities seeking the go-ahead to shoot the plane down over Canada.

    • All bases were on high alert that day. And they made some mistakes, and NORAD, which is Colorado, made a few hasty conclusions, and there were language barriers involved. 085 was just an airline, had nothing to do with any of it. If anything, it was just a knee-jerk situation and it became almost a catastrophe. Wikipedia tells it better: On September 11, 2001, Korean Air Flight 085 (originating from Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea) was en-route to Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, Alaska, when information about the September 11 attacks was relayed to the crew. The pilot in command’s ACARS message reply included the letters “HJK”, a prompt interpreted as a distress signal indicating that the flight had been hijacked. When ordered to squawk 7500 (a “hijack” code), the pilot complied, despite miscommunication that implied he would disregard the instruction.[2][3]

      Flight 085 was ordered to divert to Whitehorse International Airport in Canada’s Yukon territory. U.S. officials and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien authorized the aircraft to be shot down if it did not cooperate.[4] The airliner pilots complied and the 747 landed safely in Whitehorse, with U.S. F-15 military jets escorting it.
      The suspected hijacking turned out to be a false alarm.”

      Be a patriot and take your blood pressure meds, dude. We all remember 9-11. It was bad.

    • As breathless and eager as you were to let everyone know how brave you were working across from the federal building in Anchorage Alaska on 911, (and I hate to disappoint you here) but that’s not going to win you any medals, Gomer.
      Also, the Korean Airlines 911 story isn’t some CIA secret. I’m pretty sure most of us here know that story. I, for one, find that incident to be a quintessential, hilarious Alaskan story.

    • Most Alaskans know that story and in light of the horrible events of that day, it is merely a footnote. The Air Force did their job, as expected and there is no disrespect even implied.
      Instead why don’t you give a little respect to the men and women, who ran into the buildings to safe others, the passengers, who stormed the cockpit and the many others, who rose above and beyond that day to rescue their fellow man.
      It speaks of pure disrespect by the commander in chief NOT to be anywhere those individuals selflessly sacrificed it all. Instead this administration is making a pit-stop and as an afterthought go through the motions and pretend to care. Wonder why you are not upset about that????

  13. ANWR has a lousy ROE and much higher risk than NPRA, one only needs to look at the lease bids by the oil majors. Sen. Sullivan behaves like a petulant child. That is what you get when you elect someone who started life on third base without hitting a triple

  14. Had Downing and her GOPe friends backed Palin over Begich in the election, Alaska would have one Repub and two Dems representing us, instead of the three Dems that are currently representing us …

  15. Every time the Democrat leadership spends time in Alaska, we get screwed. Waiting to find out when, where and how this administration will violate us. With election season upon us, it can’t be long now.


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