Sen. J.D. Vance plans to force vote on congressional ban on mask mandates



U.S. Sen. J.D. Vance says he plans to ask for unanimous passage today of his bill banning federal mask mandates until the end of next year.

If the move fails, Vance, R-Ohio, said it shows Democrats plan to bring back masks.

“Democrats insist they have no plans to mandate masking again. So, let’s hold them to their words and end the specter of Covid-19 tyranny for good,” Vance said in a news release. “Today, I will go to the Senate floor to request unanimous consent on my ‘Freedom to Breathe Act.’ That means if no one objects, the bill passes automatically. But if Senate Democrats block my legislation, they must be planning to reinstate mask mandates once again.”

On Tuesday, Vance announced the proposed legislation that would stop any federal official, including the president, from implementing a mask mandate through the end of 2024.

It would stop mandates for domestic air travel, public transit systems or primary and secondary schools, along with colleges and universities.

It would also stop airlines, transit authorities and educational institutions from refusing to serve anyone not wearing a mask.

Thursday morning, the freshman senator said Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN that Covid-19 cases are spiking and people should again begin wearing masks.

“We all know how this goes. It starts with mask mandates, then social distancing, and then forced lockdowns to ‘slow the spread,’” Vance said. “None of it works, but it costs us dearly. It robbed us of our basic freedoms and shattered our national unity amid a crisis. We cannot let it happen again.”

The most recent numbers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control show hospital admissions related to Covid-19 rose 15.7% from July 28 to Aug. 26.

In Ohio, those numbers increased 15%.

Ohio lifted its statewide mask mandate in June 2021, nearly a year after Gov. Mike DeWine issued it.


  1. Isn’t it interesting that for about 2 years you barely heard a peep about Covid, as if it went away. It didn’t! Covid variants have been around all this time and low and behold the “mass deaths of the unvaccinated” some here predicted, did not come to pass during that time. Now we are again into election season with a guy, who’d rather spend it in his basement than actually campaign. So Covid reappears with a new shot that is already outpaced by the mutation of the virus and another useless mask hysteria. What a farce! Good on Senator Vance. Let’s see what Lisa does with that one!

  2. The Chinese have been busy stockpiling masks in anticipation of our upcoming election. It is so obvious that another pandemic is planned since it worked out so well last time. How much more of this will people take. The only thing less effective than the shots were the masks, at least towards fighting the actual sickness.

  3. Thank you, Senator Vance.
    To Alaska’s Senators Murkowski and Sullivan, may we respectfully request you support and co-sponsor Senator Vance’s “Freedom to Breathe Act”.

  4. Congress will not pass this. All Dems are unequivocally in favor of tyrannical policies like this, and half

  5. Technically, the survivability rate of C-19 was approximately 98%. So, given the statistical facts and blatant – egregious political morass, why would we comply with and/or even entertain any Guv’ment mandates – lockdowns – jabs – etc? Seems as if the ‘Burden of Proof’ is astronomically high for any reasonable person to fall for any of these types of malfeasance actions.

    • Because it removes masking as a political weapon for the 2024 election. Permanently banning masks could be a problem if another airborne pathogen appears for which (very unlikely…) masking proves effective. Having an end date on the bill proves that the motive for a mask mandate now is just political.

  6. Properly fit N-95 masks reduce the risk of spreading Covid, despite the misinformation Vance is attempting to spread. Masks WILL become a commonplace mandatory practice in hospitals once again. This is like the faux claim that human activity has nothing to contribute to global warming. You may find a small percent of so-called experts in the various fields arguing the minority side, but the vast majority of scientists and experts know better. “Bebest” and get the Trump vax.

    • Properly inserting tour head into your a** also prevents the spread of covid and also protects you from hearing or seeing Vances “misinformation”.
      Do us all a favor and follow Fauci’s science aka the “mad scientist” who brought us this virus as a gift from Wuhan where our tax dollars were working for us per Obamas orders from headquarters.

    • B4, having to quantify your claim as in “properly fitted/ reduce (note not eliminate) the risk” invalidates your demand for mandatory masking, as by your own admission it really doesn’t accomplish what you claim. This is especially true for hospitals using those flimsy paper or heaven forbid cloth masks. You want to wear a mask? Knock your self out, as the law proposed isn’t limiting you in that regard. However most of us realize that we have been exposed to iteration of this virus now for years and have pretty good natural immunity. Oh and for your information it has long ceased to be the Trump vax, it is now wholly own by Fauci and the Biden guys, as they made it mandatory in the face of abject failure!

  7. You ain’t seen nothin’ – you be blind. But I support your freedom to open your device and make a fool of yourself.

  8. I find the notion hilarious that the radial left would force masks again AFTER their god Fauci has publicly stated that they weren’t so effective after all. They have admitted they don’t work, so why force them again? To find out who is the obedient good little fear-controlled slave.

  9. I will have nothing to do with a stupid mask mandate. The catastrophe will be on businesses. These frigging idiots wanted you to wear a mask in a restaurant to eat. Good god. The spoon or fork will not transfer the food through the mask. It makes a horrible mess..

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