Democrats take stand, vote against a ban on federal mask mandates



Democrats objected Thursday afternoon to unanimous passage of Sen. J.D. Vance’s proposed legislation that would ban federal mask mandates through the end of 2024.

Without unanimous passage, Vance’s bill must work through Senate committees before possibly being returned to the floor for a vote.

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts, objected on the Senate floor, saying the bill is a distraction and misleading, saying every health care option should be available to officials at the local level.

“This bill is a red herring. It’s a distraction. It’s misleading and it’s meant to distract what the GOP stands for right now, which is gimmicks,” Markey said. “They will make us less safe because they will be tying the hands of health care professionals.”

Vance, R-Ohio, said the legislation does not stop anyone from wearing a mask and allows local communities to make their own mask decisions. It would prevent a federal mandate.

“The legislation doesn’t prevent anyone from wearing a mask,” Vance said. “What I would like is for the freedom of a school child to not be thrown out of class because he doesn’t wear a mask. We are about to have some serious respiratory problems. We always do in the fall, and maybe it will be worse this fall and this winter than before. I think that what our children need is for us not to be chicken little about every single little respiratory problem. We cannot repeat the anxiety, the stress and the nonstop panic of the last couple of years.”

On Tuesday, Vance announced the proposed legislation that would stop any federal official, including the president, from implementing a mask mandate through the end of next year.

It would stop mandates for domestic air travel, public transit systems or primary and secondary schools, along with colleges and universities.

It would also stop airlines, transit authorities and educational institutions from refusing to serve anyone not wearing a mask.

Co-sponsors include Sens. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming; Josh Hawley, R-Missouri; Eric Schmitt, R-Missouri; Mike Braun, R-Indiana; Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyoming; Roger Marshall, R-Kansas; Ted Budd, R-North Carolina; Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee; and Katie Britt, R-Alabama.


    • Busy funneling tax payer money to their favorite kickback country Ukraine
      And voting to enable the deep state overreach through the PATRIOT act

    • Lisa was too busy to vote delivering milk and cookies to her financier “Mr.Moneybags Freid” so he doesnt get too depressed and hang himself….Epstein style.
      She has a HUGE favor to repay.

  1. Here we go again. They can all pound salt. This is America. Fool me once, shame on you. Twice, shame on me. Electioneering is for third world countries.

    • Who is banning masks?
      Do you even bother to read the article, or actually pretend that you have a clue what it is about?

    • I’ll tell you what, SawThisB4 (and thank you for parading your ignorance in your very handle here), let’s put into effect more generally the (hypocritical) radical leftist mantra of “My body, my choice”, and let YOU where the obedience diaper if you chose to do so, and let the rest of us laugh at you for trumpeting your paranoia, hysteria and medical know-nothingism.

    • You should be happy then that the bill is not about banning the use of masks. Nowhere does the bill state that a person can’t wear a mask.

    • Guess you didn’t read. It didn’t ban any idiot from wearing one, only made it a choice. Certainly if I were to visit someone in the hospital and it made them more comfortable, I would wear a mask. But in a free country, it should be a choice. They may choose to not accept me if I didn’t.

  2. Be a good little fear-controlled slave and mask up! It’s for your safety… I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.

    They have literally stated that masks don’t work. The mental gymnastics are beyond gold-medal and have reached platinum.

  3. Federal mask mandates are unconstitutional…read about it here: HEALTH FREEDOM DEFENSE FUND, INC. v. BIDEN. There are other recent decisions striking down federal vaccine mandates including at the U.S. Supreme Court. States and even municipalities have the authority to impose these mandates but not the federal government. That is well established and long standing constitutional law going back over 100 years that recently reaffirmed by the Supreme Court.

  4. And now the Democrats’ agenda is revealed: Central control, individual rights be damned. Don’t let them tell you any different. This was their chance to prove it. They proved something else.

    • Has always been the case. They are adoration of the All-Powerful-State. Well, they are when they get to call the shots…

  5. Just wait for the most virulent, contagious, malignant, untreatable mutation of WuHan Flu.

    Pre election Covid. So deadly elections must be managed by the Democrats to keep us all safe.

  6. 1- The Bill is “not” misleading and “distracting’ but rather, clear and concise.
    2- The Health Care options during // after C-19 were non-existent for citizens.
    3- The Health Care Professionals were lying to us all along, as it’s been proven.
    4- This Bill is not a gimmick rather, it identifies elected leaders of treasonous character.
    5- Maybe, tying the hands (and other useful rope techniques) of the Health Care Professionals at the CDC // NIH is exactly what is warranted?

  7. “Sen. Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts, objected on the Senate floor, saying the bill is a distraction and misleading, saying every health care option should be available to officials at the local level.”
    UUhhh…. seriously? Is Markey that stupid?
    A bill that prohibits the Federal Government from doing something will not stop local governments in any way.
    This type of thinking is to be expected from leftists. They worship at the altar of the All-Powerful State. Anything that restricts the Federal Government cannot be allowed.

  8. “This bill is a red herring. It’s a distraction. It’s misleading and it’s meant to distract what the GOP stands for right now, which is gimmicks,” Markey said. “They will make us less safe because they will be tying the hands of health care professionals.”

    The bill is NOT a red herring, nor a distraction.

    It is UNTYING the hands of the individual that have been bound by the ‘supposedly’ health care professionals so as to allow them to live their individual lives as they see fit.

    Within that supposed ‘vaccinations’ and ‘boosters’ were supposed to prevent said infections of Covid but are now supposed to lessen the symptoms of said infection, rather than actually prevent said infection, as what a ‘vaccination’ is SUPPOSED to do, the ‘masking’ situation is even more ridiculous, as it has been shown, not only ‘scientifically’, but even by the liberal rags such as MSNBC, that said masking mandates not only makes no difference regarding the spread of COVID, or of any other air borne disease, but what said masking mandates DOES cause, is detrimentally negative health issues of those that continually wear masks due to lack of free breathing, especially amongst children.

    ANY formulation or advancement of another ‘masking enforcement’ should be met with not only a NO, but a HELL NO, from each and every individual and parent.

    • It is obvious to the casual observer.
      There are entirely too many members of the electorate that will vote against their own best interests. They will vote themselves into servitude. They will always look to the all-powerful State for instructions on how to live their lives. Every utterance out of the government is equivalent to a commandment from God.
      And, that is how we get people like Biden, AOC, Pelosi, Newsome, Whitmer, etc… in office. (And, re-elected as well)

  9. There’s also talk about mandatory shots for everyone. According to the president, the new ones work. Even though they have not been tested.

  10. Just don’t do it. Don’t let your family do it. Encourage others to no do it. Do not patronize businesses that require them. Make them feel the pain of noncompliance, that is the American way and has been since the revolution.

  11. So this is where the wheels come off?
    “Democrats take a stand…”
    Looks like we’re about to see what happens when otherwise peace-loving non Democrats feel cornered into taking the opposite stand.
    Only one side wins, don’t see any “tie”, any kiss and make up, coming out of this one.
    Seems reasonable to expect mask and vaccine mandates will be imposed under a sort of martial law: defy the mandates, lose your stuff and your freedoms.
    Why martial law? To avoid issues with jury nullification, what happens when jurors look with forbearnce on fellow citizens caught defying, disrupting, defeating the mandates.
    Look for vigorous state and local government mandate enforcement because federal revenue sharing will be tied to compliance rates. No? Remember why the 55-mph speed limit was enforced during Mr. Carter’s fake oil embargo?
    Look for popular pushback like strikes, tax rebellions, work slowdowns, trade-union walkouts, personal confrontations.
    Imagine who wins the mask war if, for example, sanitation workers strike while Anchorage is overrun by bums, if IBEW leadership says they’re not playing this stupid game again, if policemen and code enforcement officials refuse to enforce mask mandates, if lots of business and private property owners refuse to pay taxes until mandates go away.
    Couldn’t happen here? Some one ready to vex people enough to find out?

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