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Murkowski, Sullivan buck GOP, vote to confirm Democrat control of labor relations board

On a 51-48 vote, the U.S. Senate confirmed Democrat Gwynne Wilcox to her second five-year term on the National Labor Relations Board. Both Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska, were the only Republicans to vote in favor. In a separate procedural vote, her confirmation was sealed 51-48, with only Murkowski and Sullivan voting with democrats, as West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, voted against Wilcox, and Democrat Sen. Cory Booker was absent.

The vote gives 15 more months to the board’s Democratic majority that hears unfair labor practice cases brought by unions, and also has oversight for union elections.

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Wilcox’s confirmation maintains a 3-1 advantage that Democrats have on the board. President Joe Biden has not named a Republican to fill the Republican seat that has been vacant since last year, and he appears to be in no hurry to do so.

Murkowski told Bloomberg News that she had assurances from the White House that a candidate to fill the Republican vacancy at the NLRB has been sent to the White House and will receive Senate consideration.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


      • There is no such thing as leverage over a dictator.
        Lisa voted to maintain her cushy lifestyle with the democrats showering her with gifts. (Sammy Freid)
        Dan voted in favor because He needs a favor when his reselection comes due.
        Danny backed Lisa…Lisa backs Danny.
        Its hard to cross a swamp without gettin muddy.

        • Oh, I see now, I’ll be darned, an educated man now I am., Criss Cross, that’s what it was, Criss Cross, silly me, why didn’t I think of that 😉

  1. Well. Until God’s Word is being read on every Alaskan’s kitchen table like the song “family bible”-YouTube *hint hint , Sullivan has to please those not conservatives and Christians voters and not alienate himself from democrat moderates.

  2. Did they get anything in return, i.e. ANWR or NPR-A? This would have been the perfect set up, whether by the Biden Admin or by the Senators, to negotiate a deal.

    • Excellent reason to support the open primary. These two didn’t vote this way because Alaskans told them. They voted this way bc the repub leadership told them too. Just like all the other times….

      • No Republican leadership – neither State nor National – told them to vote demo’rat on this or any other issue. They have some explaining to do… truth, not spin.

  3. They both have helped Biden and the democrats destroy our economy, oil industry and security, by their uninformed vote for the Biden nominees.

  4. “Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska were the only Republicans to vote in favor. West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, voted against.”

    Two vile democrats not even pretending to be RINOs anymore and a rare Democrat.

  5. Maybe these two morons still think if the play nice Alaska will be tossed a few crumbs from the Biden regime they so like!! Even Lisa’s work Husband Joe Manchin voted against Her. The dynamic duo strikes again. Lol

  6. RINOS will be RINOS. If anyone in Alaska thinks Sullivan is a conservative, think again. He and the communist Murkowski are much alike on many issues. They play good cop, bad cop sometimes trying to look like their different, but the establishment controls them. They are controlled opposition; all talk and no action as far as stopping the destruction of our America. Alaska’s manipulated elections will keep them in their seats. Until we have honest elections, we will never see a Senator or Congressman that will uphold their oath to the Constitution and the people. We will see only installed dictators that will never vote in the Senate for helping America be great again. How absolutely pathetic!

  7. Who cares if the nominated Republicans name is Jesus — 2 Republicans and 3 Democrats still works against the republicans? Maybe Murky has not figured that part out yet.

    So how come Danny Boy rolled over? What two-bit assurance did he get or just maybe he does what “The Princess” tells him to do.

    I hope Mike Porcaro asks Danny Boy that very question.

  8. I could believe that out of Murky. But Sully? He’s cut the lifeline as far as I’m concerned. Elmer Fudd would get my vote the next time!!!

  9. even after Biden attempts to destroy Alaska by banning north slope crude these two clowns give him whatever he wants all the time.

  10. If Lisa believes any “promise” from brandon, she’s stupider than we thought. If the hair sniffer says he has a Republican he would nominate to the NLRB, you can bet that “nominee” is either so RINO he makes Lisa look conservative or he’s just blowing smoke at her. Dan my friend, even I can’t defend you on this one. What were you thinking? You know enough history to know that appeasing the enemy never works. No amount of submission will gain any favor from one who has vowed to kill the US oil and gas production and anything to do with the Alaska economy. What other excuse could there be? Did brandon cow a US Marine Colonel into submission? What were you thinking?

    • One would think He learned his lesson from the whippin He got for voting for Haaland.
      Repeating mistakes like this makes him very unpopular at his home state but He just outranked many Republican Senators by stepping on their heads to catch a few rungs on the Rino ladder which will gain him many dollars of support from everywhere but Alaska.
      We just dont have enough willing voters to compete with the Democrat outside dark money machine.
      He is taking lessons from his freshman colleague scary Peltola.

    • Nice statement Rich. But where was your steadfast opposition to lil lisa in the past? Or was your under the table support of her just another example of what you have called ‘being careful’. Seems a staunch member of the inner circle of the Alaska republican party would go to the mat to stop the endorsement/re election of scum like lisa. And now lip service to dan being just like lisa.

      So, like the old line from a past conflict says ‘What did YOU do during the war?’

  11. The National Labor Relations Act (also known as the Wagner act) ensured the right of Americans to form unions. It was passed in 1935.

    If you think unions should be illegal, (and union members should be arrested and proscecuted like they used to be), there is a simple solution: lobby one of the right-leaning boroughs such as Mat-Su or Kenai to ban unions. The case will go all the way up to the Supreme Court. They will 6-3 or 5-4 make unions illegal.

    Don’t believe me? Locals in Mississippi got Roe overturned.

    • No one dies (legally) whenever a union is formed or works together for a mutual cause. EVERY abortion kills a human being. Roe un-Constitutionally took rights away from the States that were not delegated to the federal government. SCOTUS will not overturn the NLRA, definitely not using your analogy.

  12. There goes Princess being “honorable” again.

    It’s past time to end the GOP and replace it with damn near anything else.

    • MA, you’re blaming the Party for the poorly thought out actions of two individuals. The GOP had nothing to do with this! – your hatred here is misplaced. You don’t like what the GOP is doing? Get off your butt and get involved in the GOP.

      • RINO Richey- “blame the party for the actions of these two…” Really? I can only name a handful of conservatives in the entire party. I HAVE been involved in the Republican party trying to get rid of turncoats like these two halfwits.

      • 1-You have zero knowledge of my level of involvement in anything.

        2-Apparently you’ve slept through the last several years of GOP failures, especially in Alaska.

        But please, keep sniffing the GOP jock. It seems to suit you.

      • The ONLY reason these two half wits hold office is because the ‘party’ has enabled them! If you are still defending the party and saying that the party actions and the candidates actions are two separate events, then YOU are also enabling these two miscreants.

        Lets put it another way Rich, if, after the primaries, we are still stuck with lisa or dan, the correct answer is NOT to throw up our hands and just accept what the party has dealt us! It means we have to fight even harder to get people like you out of our party in order for the party to start backing candidates that represent American values.

  13. OF COURSE THEY VOTED FOR BIDEN’S LACKY ! Alaksa’s Politicians sent to Washington ALWAYS trade their votes for “Bringing Home The Bacon For Alaska ! Even if it destroys our whole Country. It’s the Alaskan way and we all are supposed to believe it is Good for Alaska. It’s a bunch of Horse Dukey. I vaguely remember a nursery rhyme that was kinda about Killing The Goose That Layed The Golden Eggs. HMMM!

  14. Y’all responses sounding too sad. It makes me sadder. We shouldn’t be surprised, disheartened, and calloused when Alaska’s chosen DC delegation act out the way they do. We elected our leaders. Our Alaskan leaders whether or not one is libertarian, Republican, democrat, independent they reflect very well how Alaskans act. I like what synonym Steve uses to describes Sullivan and Murkowski cause that’s how I feel in an ordinary day encountering Alaskans I either watch or encounter one who fugitively destroys their neighbors around them by their actions, attitudes, and slander or I come across one who holds a helpless and fearful attitude just goes along. If Alaskans were raised up being stronger people todays community’s leaders could be leaders who follow God and fear Him instead of fearing and serving Man. Scripture says “ If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.-2nd chronicles 7:14.” I see it he not just talking to his Church like I seen leaders not living right not repentant not changed they always run to the Church leaders and congregants for prayer when they need it like carrying a good luck rabbit foot charm. But I question will God really act on the prayer for one not living right? I think the scripture talking to a whole nation in that scripture. But like Judah and Samaria God doesn’t want America to face his wrath he tarries so we have many chances to turn away from our own destruction and victim helplessness.

    • If you question will God act on the prayer of one “not living right”, you are the truly spiritual fraud I’ve suspected you to be.

      Let me say it again. You are a Fraud.

      God answers all sincere prayers. Period. Maybe not in the way hoped for, or even recognizable by mortal man, but all prayers.

      Especially if sincerely offered by people who have lost their way.

    • Community leaders? Who said We the People want or need to be led anywhere? I don’t vote for leaders. I vote for constitutional representation. Not getting that either. Stop referring to politicians as “leaders”. They are not our leaders. We the People!!

      • Too few people have studied anything about the US Constitution. They attended very lightweight classes they were uninterested in so they are completely ignorant of the US Constitution are completely content and ven self righteous about their ignorance.

  15. I thought republicans were for “right to work”. And against most unions.
    Makes no sense.
    I know murkowski is a Democrat I saw her booth at the fair and they were having a drawing for Alaska Airlines miles or tickets using taxpayers (our) money! Refused to participate in that illegal scheme. Sullivan is no better in my book

    • This Republican likes collective bargaining and structured discipline and grievance. It’s the union demand for communist control and other lefty politicking that drives me nuts. It’s very important that the GOP engage with unions and be represented on the NLRB.

    • At this point I’d almost prefer Begich. At least he was honest about being a Democrat.

      The two votes I’ve regretted most in my life were done in the last ten years. Both were alleged Republicans who showed their cowardly/left of center stripes after being elected.

      Swampy is one of those.

  16. Lisa’s vote is no surprise. Unfortunately neither is sell-out Dan’s vote for more Marxism in government. But don’t worry, he’ll issue some type of somber statement denouncing the same person he just voted to confirm. Give it a couple of months. Sullivan is as transparent as glass. Sell-out to the Left.

  17. Murclownski: But, but, but I have assurances from lyin Biden.

    They’ve worked so well this far…

    D. Sullivan Murclownski: I voted the same as my twin sister…

    Both don’t care so long as they get to keep spending on their Taxpayer funded credit cards.

  18. “Murkowski told Bloomberg News that she had assurances from the White House that a candidate to fill the Republican vacancy at the NLRB has been sent to the White House and will receive Senate consideration.”

    Consider that a definite lie by the White House

  19. Trump loves Alaska Trump Pushed for more Alaska Oil Development. Sullivan and Lisa wouldn’t support Trump in his Election. Lisa voted for Trump’s Impeachment when he was out of office. Make Alaska Great Again -;– Vote Kelly Thishbaka, or Joe Miller in the Jungle Primary,

  20. Maybe(?), it would be wise for the AK GOP Leadership to encourage Dan and Lisa to explain themselves on their voting records. If the explanations provided help build cohesion and confidence then, great. If the explanations are unsatisfactory then, AK GOP Leadership should request they stand-down. otherwise, we’re going to end up with another Democrat.
    Or(!), we learn how to game – beat the RCV System and get these two booted from the ticket, replacing them with an acceptable “conservative” elected Senator.

    • If they run for reelection and we try to another GOP candidate under bm2/rcv, we’ll wind up with Mary Peltola in the Senate. GOP… coalesce around a single candidate, and stop the circular firing squad! Meanwhile, Dan might listen to the GOP Central Committee. Lisa is a lost cause. In both cases, I believe it is time for fresh Alaskan blood in the US Senate.

  21. Howdy Bob. The GOP Leadership is pro union. 90% of all elected officials from the 2 Senaters, Mary Peltola, the Alaska Legislature, the Anchorage Assembly, the School District and Boards and Utility Boards are all there because Unions put them there. They are the largest campaign contributer and Voting Block in the State. As they vote wage increases, more benefits, and larger retirements for themselves, they need more money, so their Elected Officials vote for smaller PFD Checks for the rest of us. Union people get out and vote, non Union people don’t vote as much. They will become stronger, we will become weaker.

    • So(?), are you saying it’s a complete lost-cause with no prospect of winning command and control of the GOP, we might as well just give up and maybe even move-out to a true Red State, just write-off AK907 taking our assets elsewhere?!?!?!

  22. First and foremost, there is no beating the RCV system. If you believe that, you don’t have the mental capacity to use velcro shoe straps. That system is specifically designed to break up voting blocks.

    While I agree that both lisa and dan should be rejected by the party, the party has no intention of letting that happen. So while we keep voting against them, that circle of friends, deep within the party, will find a way to keep them on the ticket. Just ask Joe Miller about that.

    • I’m not willing to agree RVC is unbeatable, but the odds are extremely long.

      Ot requires a level of commitment, organization, effort, and intelligence not currently common in the AK GOP.

    • Maybe(?), we should at least try to figure-out how to beat the RCV System?
      I believe it’s a worthwhile endeavor and it discourages – prevents Going Nuclear!

      • Absolutely. One of the best ways is to get better at it than the left is.

        If the right can use it to our advantage the left will move the earth to get rid of it.

    • I think Paul is closer to reality.

      The numerous times I have heard outsiders rant and rave about Sarah Palin being Gods gift to Alaskans AND even the nation.
      The notions and false information they believed were so far from reality it made reality TV credible as an information source as to a politicians true character.
      Sarah is not a true Alaskan who actually cares about our path to economic success and well being.
      Sarah is all about Sarah no matter what state she is living/residing in.
      There are way too many voters who think Sarah is our greatest gift but she has way too many skeletons in her closet and now we have her “sister” Mary to deal with.
      I dont know who thought Alaska State Troopers episodes would be so great to reflect the character of Alaskans but every time I heard comments from outsiders regarding life in Alaska it made me think an Alaskan version of Jerry Springer would be more appropriate than the AST episodes highlighting drug and alcohol fueled chaos that Alaska is all about 24/7.

  23. Another week, another disappointment by these two. I’d say it’s unbelievable, but the pattern is set. Dem control of the NLRB is great for unions, bad for America, bad for the economy.

  24. Howdy Rom. A excellent point.. That’s why they chose the Elephant for a mascot—will do tricks for a peanut, will walk trunk to tail, and scared to death of a Democrats Mouse.


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