District 30 Republicans endorse Ron Gillham, shun Rep. Knopp once again


Ron Gillham has won the unanimous support of the District 30 Republicans, who also unanimously censured incumbent Rep. Gary Knopp — again — for his aligning himself with House Democrats to take over leadership with a bipartisan working group.

The group reaffirmed its censure of Knopp, after he had written a letter to the Republicans saying that their censure was invalid since it did not follow a correct procedure.

The pre-primary endorsement of Gillham came after consideration of whether both Gillham and another Republican, Kelly Wolfe, should receive endorsements. But after discussion, the vote went entirely for Gillham, who has good name recognition on the Kenai after coming close to ousting Sen. Peter Micciche during the 2018 primary..

The district also voted to provide funding to the Gillham campaign¬†as well as for the district to do its own “position” advertising.

Earlier, the District had formally requested that Rep. Knopp not run as a Republican.


  1. Hopefully District 30 will elect a conservative candidate, because in the November Primary Election candidate James Baisden has filed as nonpartisan Fiscally Conservative Candidate for District 30. James is a life long Republican, and the current Chief of Staff for the Kenai Peninsula Borough. 35 years in public safety, retired fire chief, and a 12 year USAF veteran.

  2. Looks like a case of GOP railroading to me. Open primaries would do away with that kind of undemocratic nonsense.

  3. This is disgusting. Gilham turned on the Alaska Republican Party. Following a primary loss to Senator Peter Micciche, he turned away from the results and ran a write in campaign against the Senator. Where are the ethics? To support someone with no respect for the will of the people shows poor judgement. No wonder the republicans cannot get a majority.

  4. Damn gary for getting things done, how dare he consider Dems as people. they only live here we know what’s best for everybody ( us ), we know who should be in charge ( us ), etc, etc..

    • Not hard to see why he is scorned – His undoing is that he ran deceptively to gain electoral support by pledging to represent the people of one perspective, but once elected, simply did whatever he wanted, versus what the electorate wanted. In short, he lied and hid his true intentions just to get elected. Once elected, he turned on those who elected him and went against their wishes on practically ever position they stood for.

  5. To the people that call names, use terms to debase and demonize a persons’ comments it’s an example of why some people are quite happy with Gary Knopp and others like him that are willing to work with others and have all the best intentions of doing good for “everyone”. Not just one party.

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