Department of Defense mask mandate put into effect for indoor areas on some bases


First, it was Veterans Administration requiring the vaccines of all employees who deal with clients. Then it was the Department of Homeland Security mask mandate, which went into effect Wednesday.

Now it’s the Department of Defense, arguably the most vaccinated population in the federal workforce, requiring all personnel, regardless of their Covid-19 vaccination status, to wear masks while indoors on Defense property. The instructions from the Deputy Secretary of Defense makes no allowance for children or infants in base housing.

Media reports from Washington, D.C. also advise that on Thursday President Joe Biden will widen the mask mandates to all federal agencies.

“In accordance with the updated guidance released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on ‘Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People,’ issued July 27, 2021 , the Pentagon memo reads, beginning July 28:

  • In areas of substantial or high community transmission, DoD requires all service members, federal employees, onsite contractor employees, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask in an indoor setting in installations and other facilities owned, leased ,or controlled by DoD.
  • Service members, federal employees, onsite contractor employees, and visitors who are not fully vaccinated also need to continue to physically distance consistent with applicable CDC and DoD Force Health Protection guidance.
  • DoD installations, other facilities, and worksites shall, as soon as possible, post signs and post information on their websites clarifying what masking requirements apply in each installation, other facility, and worksite.

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Statistics released by the Air Force show that as of July 26, the Air Force has had 58,214 case of Covid-19, including military, civilian, dependents, and contractors. There have been 93 deaths attributed to Covid-19, and 56,528 have recovered from it. Only one was the death of a military member.

Air Force has about an 81 percent vaccination rate, the highest of any branch, followed by the Navy at 79% vaccinated, Army at 71 percent, and the Marines with the lowest percent of vaccinated — 57 percent.

The U.S. Navy reports that 10 sailors have died from Covid-19, the most of any branch.


  1. The mask does absolutely nothing but increase your chances of getting infected.
    It’s a filthy disgusting attempt at medical hygiene.
    The military should and does no better.

  2. The Left is shaping the battlefield for the November 2022 elections. There will be increased crime, violence in the streets, increased Covid cases, etc. This will lead to a type of martial law which will implement the mandate of Vote By Mail ONLY so the Left can control the election outcomes. The Left cannot stand to lose the election and will do everything in its power (which is great at this point) to determine the results.

  3. REALLY? What a ridiculous situation the Biden admin is making in our country! The CDC makes decissions based on which way the wind is blowing and how much power they think they can wield and for how long. Fear, fear and more fear. They can all go pound sand!

  4. So the masks, and the Covid shot clearly have failed. The CDC doesn’t know which way it is going to flip flop, and we have a senile implanted president puppet that is being told what to do by outside sources. People are sick of this obvious power play to muzzle the entire nation again. I feel sorry for our military.. This is absolute insanity! This is not about Covid. It’s about CONTROL

  5. Once the bureaucrats got the power, they went positively giddy that so much of the population would fall on their knees and kiss the ass of the politicians. They are going to ride this horse as long as possible to retain that power. This is no longer about the possibility of falling ill, this is about money redistribution and power.

  6. Madness. Go woke go broke is fine for left wing business and personalities, but the military is no place to mess around with feel good policies that have no data to support them. These are supposed to be the killers. The war fighters. The cutting edge. They are teaching them to hate themselves, (based on race) to deny the physical and biological reality of the nature of combat, and now to fear a disease who’s “vaccine” has killed more of them than it has.

  7. The ‘mask’ spectacle is nothing but a diversion. Many people are so worried about leftist dictatorship, racism and destruction (see how those words fit together?), they do not see what is happening right in plain sight. The ‘Delta’ variant will soon or already be followed by another and another mutation/variant, with none responding to the espoused benefits of said ‘vaccine’ in it’s current ‘speculative’ form. “Boosters” will be the word of the pharma and medical crowd. One for every variant/mutation of the wuhan v, with none covering the full spectrum of infection and every ‘variant’ increasing in lethality and contagion. Fear is currently the most abundant emotion being generated by the left. Fear of succumbing to the propagandized ‘pandemic’. Fear of being American and speaking up about being free. Fear of our “government”. Three months ago there were 37 mutations of the original virus identified by Indian virology scientists. What can Americans expect? Forever lockdowns, solitary confinement ‘until the curve flattens’? Revocation of citizenship and arrest for anyone who dares complain or speak with common sense and support of the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Like they used to tell the knights going into battle: “Gird your loins” (and bury your treasure). We haven’t seen the worst they have to offer and demand yet. Destruction of America’s and our Alaska’s economy, one way or another, will be increasingly attempted with harsher measures than masks. Government paying citizens with ‘free money’ to do nothing except vote left, as if it seemingly matters how one votes now. Incentive, ambition, work ethic, independence and freedom being destroyed. The fight to remain Alaska and America intensifies. The entire free way of life for generations to come is at stake.

    • Everything you say is 100% correct, Ben, sad as that is to say.
      This quote from H.L. Mencken comes to mind:
      ““The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

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